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18 Jan. 1994
A Woman's Place
Constable Maggie Doyle arrived in Mount Thomas as the first policewoman at the precinct and her first foray in her job brings her into conflict with her boss, Sr. Sgt. Tom Croydon, after she kills an attacking dog belonging to a Mount Thomas citizen.
25 Jan. 1994
Doing It Tough
The Heelers investigate the theft of a harvester on the eve of its repossession by bailiffs. Meanwhile, Nick investigates why a mysterious woman is rifling through a dead man's possessions and Wayne attends his first autopsy.
1 Feb. 1994
Why Give People Rights? They Only Abuse Them
Duck hunting season hits Mount Thomas which incurs the wrath of local school-teacher Brian Shields who is anti-guns. The following day Brian is found dead and suspicion falls on the city duck hunters that he had an altercation with. His wife tells them that he committed suicide as he had terminal cancer but Maggie doesn't believe her story. Did his wife kill him? Meanwhile, Roz buys a new car for her hair & beauty salon business but she neglects the cleaning of the station which doesn't please Tom.
8 Feb. 1994
Roz is none too pleased when Wayne is called out during the night to a breaking and entering. However, later she realizes that one of her beauty clients unknowingly is a recipient of stolen jewelry from the B&E and wonders whether to tell Wayne. Meanwhile, Nick arrests a man who he believes is drunk and who promptly hits Nick but PJ recognizes him as famed hostage negotiator Jack 'Blackjack' Eagan and which makes him curious as to why he's in Mount Thomas.
15 Feb. 1994
Waiting for Apples
The annual Mount Thomas Cup and Picnic Day brings with it a lot of aggravation for Tom. Meanwhile, PJ pursues an elusive criminal due into town for the races and Maggie has her work cut out for her with a stern Sergeant from another precinct on his annual jaunt to Mount Thomas.
22 Feb. 1994
Apprehended Violence
The wedding plans of Len and Joanne are not running smoothly and it takes a lot of work by Tom to get it back on track. Nick finds a young girl locked in a caravan and makes it his mission to charge her father for neglect. Meanwhile, Peter Horton arrives at Mount Thomas police station confessing to a murder committed over ten years previously but is he telling the truth or not? Elsewhere, Roz is stopped for speeding by Nick and loses her license as she has 11 points previously accrued. She begs Wayne to help her out but Nick won't budge. But Roz learns the truth at ...
1 Mar. 1994
Life After Death
The Heelers investigate a serious road traffic accident and PJ tries to avert trouble between two warring neighbours.
8 Mar. 1994
Domino Effect
Wayne and Roz continue to argue about her possible move to Melbourne. Later, whilst out on a routine patrol Wayne stops to help the occupants of a broken down car and is shot by an unknown assailant. Acting on a tip-off of a break and entry at hot shot solicitor Mr. Haley the Heelers arrest Sandra and Larry but on further investigation they find that the relationship between the couple and Mr. Haley runs much deeper.
15 Mar. 1994
Diary Entry
A curious mother uncovers information from her daughter Kym's diary that suggests a drug dealer is operating near the school. Meanwhile, Wayne returns to work after the shooting but is very tense. Is he ready to be back at work?
22 Mar. 1994
Visions Splendid
Vivian Harris, a 70-year-old farmer, complains to the Heelers of harassment. Maggie and Wayne investigate and find that it is not kids that are harassing her but someone closer to home. Meanwhile, Roz interviews for the job as secretary as Mount Thomas station and gets the post but considers turning it down because it would mean being always with Wayne giving them no space.
29 Mar. 1994
A baby boy is found abandoned at Mount Thomas railway station which Nick finds hard to deal with. Maggie and Nick take him to the hospital but later the baby goes missing and The Heelers rush to find the baby and the mother before it is too late. Roz finds out about her new job at the station from Sgt. Croydon but her re-organization of the station and handling of queries gets Tom riled up almost immediately. It takes for Roz to quit for Tom to realize what he could lose.
5 Apr. 1994
Damaged Goods
Roz is asked to address the Countrywomen's Association about what it is like being married to a rural based cop. Wayne gets grief over the rostering of his fellow staff. An arthritic farmer keeps his son out of school but Nick sees a way to help the farmer and get the son back to school.
12 Apr. 1994
Armed and Dangerous
PJ teams up with the Special Response Force and his old friend Senior Sergeant Col Monroe to investigate a series of aggravated burglaries in Mount Thomas.
19 Apr. 1994
Chris is told by Tom that her ex-husband Terry Kennedy has been killed in a car crash. Chris identifies him from a tattoo but it later turns out that Terry is alive. It turns out that a friend of his with the same tattoo was killed. Tom and PJ find out and try to persuade her to turn Terry in but Terry is very persuasive. What will Chris do?
26 Apr. 1994
Family Lies
The Heelers search for missing five-year-old Zac Hart but find he's been taken on a shop-lifting spree with his step-sister Ginny. Later, their mother Heather is beaten up badly and Ginny swears that Heather's ex Barry beat her up. But when arrested Barry admits to beating up Heather but did not see or take Zac. So leads the Heelers in a frantic search to find his secret hiding place before it is too late.
3 May 1994
Visiting salesman George Patterson's car is stolen and when it's recovered by Wayne he claims that two of his leather jackets are missing from the car. Following his claim nosy neighbor, Graham McCann, calls into the police station and states that he saw Wayne take the jackets. Wayne is investigated and Roz is justifiably annoyed that they are targeting Wayne. Meanwhile, P.J. watches a known criminal who believes stole a safe from a local shop. He doesn't have long to wait when the errant thief injures himself trying to blow open the safe with dynamite. It later ...
10 May 1994
Meat Is Hung, Men Are Hanged
Lee Sutcliffe, the daughter of convicted child killer Clive Royce Ostroff, and her husband Jim become the targets of a terror campaign, both at their home and at work, after Clive is granted early release. Clive had murdered 9-year-old Rebecca Rees fourteen years previously as she walked home from school. The Heelers must try and convince the locals, who swear revenge, that Lee is also a victim and should be left alone. Tom has to convince Clive to take the train away from Mount Thomas to Melbourne for his own safety.
17 May 1994
Conduct Unbecoming
P.J.'s ex-girlfriend Hilary Edmunds arrives back in Mount Thomas and P.J. feels the old spark between them. But has Hilary forgiven him for the last time they were together? Meanwhile, Wayne investigates a claim of molestation by Angela DeVenuto after she is arrested for shop-lifting. But is she telling the truth?
24 May 1994
Good Cop, Bad Cop
Tom goes on leave with a former Blue Heeler and the remaining Blue Heelers are worried when it seems as though he may be transferred back to Melbourne and the dreaded Charlie Glover taking his place. But Tom does not want the transfer to the city and Charlie is equally reluctant so together they have to convince Insp. Ted Faulkner to change his mind. Elsewhere, Wayne has a difficult time trying to serve a summons to Randolph Soames.
31 May 1994
The Final Season
Australian footy legend Big Don Danites arrives in Mount Thomas with his wife Tracey which delights Wayne who asks him to coach the local under-10s. But Big Don shows a different side when his drinking gets out of control and he hits his wife forcing her to throw him out. Elsewhere, the Heelers have their annual District Firearms Trials.
7 Jun. 1994
Nick forms a romantic attachment to Jennifer Willis and a deep bond with her daughter Kate, as he tries to put the tragedy of his wife and child's deaths behind him. But his happiness is short-lived when he finds that she was responsible for the hit-and-run of her former boyfriend Tony McHugh. Meanwhile, the Heelers try to find a peeping tom.
14 Jun. 1994
Sex, Lies and Videotapes
Tom discovers that his friend Charlie McVie has embezzled the football club's funds but when questioned Charlie admits to Tom that he is being blackmailed by his daughter's former boyfriend. Meanwhile, Maggie and Wayne arrest Gail Hutton for drunk and disorderly and lock her up for the night only to discover that she is underage. Then PJ and Tom make a discovery that links both cases together. Elsewhere, Mount Thomas takes delivery of a new police vehicle which makes Nick happy no end.
21 Jun. 1994
The Men in Her Life
Maggie runs foul of prominent local politician Ken Forbes when she arrests him for driving under the influence. The matter is complicated when her current boyfriend and Forbes's assistant Glenn Ritchie lies to cover up for the politician causing Maggie to be investigated by her superiors. This brings her father Pat into town and who is determined to help despite Maggie's protests. Maggie is forced to leave Chris's lodgings and move into her own place in order to take suspicion away from her.
28 Jun. 1994
A Bird in the Hand
The Heelers go in pursuit of some rare snake smugglers. Roz is asked to tidy up Alan McCubbin's station house but becomes uncomfortable with him when he becomes overly friendly with her and reeking of alcohol and so pretends to have flu to stay away from him. Roz tells Tom but he tells her to put a lid on it but further investigation by Tom uncovers Alan's drink problem and he is suspended.
5 Jul. 1994
Bill Mason, the father of a nineteen-year-old boy who disappeared near Mount Thomas, comes to town on the fourth anniversary of his disappearance. A reenactment of the disappearance on television prompts a number of fresh calls and finally brings the Healers a lead. But will it bring good news to Bill? Elsewhere, PJ, Nick and Wayne play a practical joke on Maggie.
12 Jul. 1994
Day in Court
Traveling magistrate Sgt. Paula Dyson arrives in Mount Thomas for a number of cases which sees most of the Heelers have their day in court. P.J. and Chris's relationship becomes strained when she refuses to testify in the trial of Barry Lambert.
19 Jul. 1994
Nowhere to Run
Sally Lewis is found dead in a shared house where suspicion falls on her room-mates, including her sister Heather, who may have been involved in her death. The team also reunite one of the room-mates with his estranged father.
26 Jul. 1994
Newly promoted Inspector Faulkner visits Mount Thomas to launch the local Safety House Scheme but the chief public supporter Bill Todd, owner of the local meat works, is found to be selling inferior carcasses as quality meat which puts a dent in Inspector Faulkner's plans. But he insists that any action be postponed until after the launch. Meanwhile, PJ pressures young burglar Damien Parker into confessing to a string of burglaries but later Damien is found badly beaten. The Heelers have their work cut out trying to find out who took out their anger on Damien.
2 Aug. 1994
A Matter of Trust
Roz is suspended from her job after passing on classified information to her friend Liz Mooney in the hope she can retain custody of her son from her violent husband. Elsewhere, a young teen comes to Mount Thomas to find his birth mother but is beaten up by his half-brother who assumes he's a burglar
9 Aug. 1994
Necessary Force
After an eventful night where wealthy rural resident Moira Field shoots and kills an intruder, and following her suspension from her job, Roz decides to leave Wayne and return home to Melbourne.
16 Aug. 1994
Bitter Harvest
PJ pursues Joe Furness aka Joe Birch as he believes he is guilty of a series of rapes in St. Davids. Meanwhile, Trish Lowe has a serious infatuation on PJ and invites the Heelers to a party for her birthday. But Trish is raped later than night and PJ is convinced that Joe is the culprit.
23 Aug. 1994
Crazy Like a Fox
Nick pulls over a car for speeding and is bribed by the driver to let him off. Meanwhile, feuding brother and sister Philipa and Greg Sutton make life hell for the Blue Heelers. Elsewhere, an angry man accuses an antique store owner of receiving stolen goods.
30 Aug. 1994
Old Dogs, New Tricks
Nick and Maggie investigate unexplained mishaps in a retiree's home whilst Wayne goes on the search for who is breaking into people's houses without stealing anything.
6 Sep. 1994
Labour of Love
Whilst attending a training course in Melbourne Wayne attempts to get to see Roz but her mother prevents him. This angers him and he takes his frustration out on newly qualified police cadet, Adam Cooper. Unknown to Wayne he is the new constable in Mount Thomas. Meanwhile, an advertisement for a 'travelling masseuse' in the local newspaper has tongues in Mount Thomas wagging. PJ agrees to go and find information on the masseuse but finds her injured in the motel room and all her cash gone.
13 Sep. 1994
Escape Route
Pina Neilsen, the Filipino victim of a car crash, refuses to tell The Heelers about the accident or her family until her husband Frank Neilson turns up in Mount Thomas. Then, with the help of Yolanda Roberts, she tells them that she is a victim of spousal abuse and doesn't want to see him again. However, Frank doesn't take this news too well and sets out to find Pina before she is moved to a woman's refuge.
20 Sep. 1994
Adverse Possession
P.J. and Tom are caught in the middle of a contentious local land dispute between P.J.'s ex-girlfriend Hilary Edmunds's uncle Stan Horvath and Geoff Lovett who is claiming adverse possession of the land.
27 Sep. 1994
The Folly of Youth
The Heelers investigate the disappearance of Joanne Foster as she made her way to work.
4 Oct. 1994
Face Value
The Heelers try to catch out a married couple who are trying to con parishioners out of their hard-earned cash by stating they are verge of discovering a cure for cancer. When it looks like the local priest may be involved PJ and Tom become determined to catch them.
11 Oct. 1994
A tip-off from a small-time drug user which leads to a drug raid goes wrong when the drug dealers find out about the raid and manage to evade the Heelers. PJ begins to suspect that someone from inside the force tipped off the drug dealers and his suspicions lie with Maggie's boyfriend Sean. Meanwhile, Adam's friend Melissa starts working in the pub and is very popular. However, money and drink go missing from the bar and Chris is convinced that Melissa is involved but Adam isn't willing to believe her.
18 Oct. 1994
Without Intent
Julia Fogarty's late husband Gary's body goes missing from a funeral parlour and Tom believes it is the work of some of the B&S Ball revellers. When the body is found it is sent to Melbourne for an autopsy and it shows that Gary was poisoned and hadn't died from natural causes as originally suspected. Meanwhile, when a carpet shop is ram-raided and then an electronics shop Adam goes on the hunt to find out who the culprits are.
25 Oct. 1994
Family Matters
Jason Campbell, a young security guard hoping to be a police officer, blames a small-time criminal for burglaries which gets PJ on the case. Meanwhile, a young girl is robbed of company funds after she becomes faint in the park and the Heelers investigate as to whether it was an inside job.
1 Nov. 1994
The First Stone
Nick is unwittingly involved in a murder investigation that could spell the end of his career when a rowdy drunk that Nick took home is found dead the next day. PJ's mother gives him some relationship advice in hopes he will get married.
8 Nov. 1994
Skin Deep
Tensions are running high as renovations are underway in the Mt. Thomas station when two Aborigines arrive in town, and Tom is accused of racial prejudice.
15 Nov. 1994
Luck of the Draw
Tom's wife Nell is fatally injured and his daughter Susan is injured when a car driven by drunk teenagers plows into their car also killing the three teenagers. Lou Vicenza, father of one of the dead teenagers, makes a complaint to Chris about her supplying alcohol to underage kids which she vehemently denies. So who supplied the teenagers with booze? And is the crash all that it seems?
22 Nov. 1994
Damage Control
Maggie's hopes of promotion to Detective are thwarted with the arrival of Senior Constable Rose Egan from St. David's who is in line for the same job. Further compounding her woes is the news that her boyfriend Sean is suspected of being on the take when a horse racing ring-in is discovered.

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