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angelusbites200531 December 2005
Contrary to previous report, 99-1 ran for two seasons, the second being a series of contained one hour episodes, the character was originally a cop sent on an undercover mission into jail, however before her finished the mission the person who sent him was killed (kind of like face off).

The series followed his attempts to clear his name, he was aided by a female companion who never fully trusted him, but she did believe him.

It is a shame that this series wasn't picked up again earlier this year when Leslie was once more available having been so cruelly dismissed from Eastenders, being killed by a cast iron dog? please i thought the daffodils were bad enough.

I wish Mr Grantham the greatest luck in his future projects, whatever they may be, long live Den!
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Good memories of 99-1...
wooodenelephant9 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
...Don't know what I'd think if I saw it now though. I would've been a young adolescent when I saw it, so I wouldn't have noticed a bad script. But I remember it being in a similar vein to Cracker. I noticed from the cast list that Robert Carlyle was in it, don't remember him though. I remember the last episode of the first series (I too remember two series) which featured a hit-man catching up with Grantham at a beach house. I vividly remember Grantham diving from an arm chair in slow motion, as the window behind him shattered from a hail of bullets. Can't put a face to Robert Stephens (unnamed in the cast list here) but seem to remember someone clandestinely meeting Grantham and giving him information etc. Deserves a repeat run if memory serves.
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excellent series
mufdivtwo18 January 2006
i remember "99-1" way back when it was first broad-casted on Carlton back in 1994. i taped it a few times and regret throwing away the episodes i did tape at the time. i remember there was meant to be a second series but i think it was cancelled ? the first series was released on videotape but has since been deleted which i think is a great shame because i am sure there are many people that enjoyed watching "99-1" and would love to own the entire series on tape but finding them for sale is very difficult and although i managed to purchase the first 4 episodes for a reasonable price, i have seen a single tape being offered for £45 which i think is not only extremely greedy but ridiculous. who would buy one videotape with just 2 episodes on it for that amount of money? i wouldn't! i wish the series could be repeated on itv1. I've got only praise for that show, it was good and the characters were good. to say that "leslie Grantham" went over the top in his role as "ex copper Mick Rayner" is like expecting Julian Clary to play a hard nosed bouncer! Mr Grantham was perfect as "Mick Rayner" i cant think of any other male actor who could have done a better job as Rayner.
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99-1? That was one great helluva show..!
smiley-3226 June 1999
99-1 was one of my favourite TV series and still is now. (Because I've recorded most of them on tape)

Basically, it's all to with Mick Raynor a former copper who spends time working for this agency.

He solves crime here and there, going undercover from time to time. It has to be one of the best series...

Great scripts, acting was a bit posh, but it was getting there.. I had great memories watching this and I will remember it for a long time..
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Grantham being dirty den, again.
modius28 November 2000
Leslie Grantham, most famous for playing Dirty Den off the boring tv soap Eastenders, plays a cop in this tv show for some agency.

I can't remember much about this show, most what I saw was Grantham playing a dirty den styled character (I've noticed he plays it way OTT on the crystal maze rip-off Fort Boyard).

The only thing I remember is the last episode where it turns into a semi-action film, where everything seems to explode, and Grantham has to dive out of the way before a huge chimney falls onto of him.

I'm glad it lasted only one season, it was pretty bad, the scripts were bad - I liked the action, its a pity they didn't put way more into it.
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