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Chan's serious side
Dr Worm1 January 1999
I don't know the background on this one, but it seemed to be based on a true story, and as such there wasn't a lot of room for Jackie Chan's trademark slapstick stuntwork. Not that there aren't any stunts in Crime Story, but they're just lacking the 'fancy' elements from such films as 'Dragons Forever' or the 'Police Story' series.

Nevertheless, this is a good film, if for nothing else than to see a different side of Jackie Chan in a serious role as a haunted cop without the fancy footwork in some of his other films.
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Hardcore Jackie Chan!
Joseph P. Ulibas10 July 2005
Crime Story (1993) was a very different Jackie Chan film. He stars as a tough cop who only cares about getting the job done no matter what the cost. What was the change in Jackie's attitude? He had a different director in charge. Instead of doing the job, he hired bleak and gritty film maker Kirk Wong direct the project. Wong likes to make police procedural films based on true cases. This one was no exception. It was a strange sight to see Jackie Chan so serious throughout an entire film. He was one dude who did not want to let the bad guys get away. But expect to see a lot of crazy stunts and violent gun play.

If you don't think Jackie Chan can get down and dirty in a straight forward action film then don't pass this one up. You wont be disappointed.

Highly recommended.
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Chan is effective in one of his more serious roles.
gridoon17 November 2003
Although the complete lack of comedy may disappoint some of Jackie Chan's fans, I found him quite fascinating to watch in this more serious part; he proves, once and for all, that he CAN act, and he handles his complex relationship with the chief villain (who is not as one-dimensional a character as you might expect) particularly well. Perhaps if you're unaccustomed to Hong Kong action cinema, the frenetic pacing and chaotic storytelling, combined with the (bad, of course, but not unacceptable this time) dubbing, can create a disorienting effect. But the action starts early on and never lets up, and the fight scenes, while not numerous, are AMAZING. (**1/2)
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Wish Jackie Did more such movies like this one.
spacescreamer9 August 2013
Being a fan of Chan's work for about 20 yrs now, i think i have FINALLY got hold of a movie which i can say is my favourite from his line of work. Not that he hasn't impressed with his work earlier, this one kinda stands out. No trademark slapstick/light motif spread all over the movie. The direction is very good for most part and so is Jackie Chan. The action is very much there, and in just the right quantity and 'type' that should have been there. People might say this is offbeat, but according to my humble opinion.. this is JUST THE KIND Jackie really should have attempted majorly. He is def not a bad actor, and such movies would have given him enough chance to exhibit his talent the audiences haven't seen enough of.

Recently Chan has been saying that he would like to concentrate on non action films, films which have more 'acting' in it than action alone.. I think movies like Crime Story would have made him even more popular! It's a shame that nobody recommended/mentioned about this one and it took me so long to reach out to this one, but i am glad i have finally watched it. Def worth treasuring!
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Jackie Chan like you have never seen him before
gorthu18 April 2009
Jackie Chan takes up his usual cop role in this crime thriller and is hired to protect a very wealthy business man. The business man fears that he is going to be kidnapped, and that is exactly what happens. The kidnappers are holding him for ransom and demand 60 million dollars for his safe return. They order his wife to get the money. The cops do a great job of surveillance on the wife and do everything they need to do to catch the criminals, but they don't know that one of their top detectives is one of the kidnappers. Kent Cheng (Butcher Wing AKA "fatso" from Once Upon a Time in China #1) stars as the dirty cop and Jackie gets assigned to work with him. It gets very intense when Jackie suspects that Cheng is helping the kidnappers.

Jackie Chan has had many good acting performances in his career, but this tops them all. His usual slapstick comedy is completely absent, but he still does a few of the other things you have come to expect from him. In one scene he is in a car chase and his car gets tipped onto its side. Well, Jackie just pushes the car back on its wheels and keeps on driving. Jet Li was supposed to play this role which seems like it would have been a good choice, but Jet's acting wasn't as good back then as it is now. Jackie plays this role to perfection, and in my opinion, there is no way that Jet Li could have pulled this role off as well as Jackie. If you have ever doubted Jackie as an actor, then check this movie out to see what he can really do. I would actually recommend this movie more to non Jackie Chan fans, but Jackie's die hard fans will also enjoy it.

I have always known Kent Cheng as somewhat of a bumbling idiot on screen, so this movie was a real eye opener for me. He shows that he is a great actor when given the opportunity. He couldn't have played his role any better.

The movie also stars Chung Fa and Ken Lo who are involved in a group fight with Jackie, and Blacky Ko has a nice cameo as a captain of the Taiwan police force.

There is not as much fighting as most Jackie Chan movies, and they keep it more real. The stunt work is top notch and will have you saying ouch, but it is actually the car chases and huge explosions that give the most excitement.

This is almost a perfect movie. Rating- 9/10
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Interesting change of pace
sockii1 October 2000
I thought this movie was an interesting change of pace for a Jackie Chan film--not a joke to be found, just a lot of dark and gritty action. The production values are better than usual (though the US version's dubbing is awful!) and the story kept me interested. If you want to see a more serious side to Jackie Chan's acting, check this movie out. Don't watch it expecting tons of kung fu fighting, though, or you'll likely be disappointed.
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7 out of 10
dragon ma young28 July 2001
I'll tell you what, I was not expecting this! I had never known about Crime Story before I came over it in my local video store. This was about 3 years ago, and I was a big Jackie fan , but I hadnt seen all his films yet. So I rented this, thinking it would be a funny slapstick action flick. Boy, was I ever wrong! This is the most serious Jackie movie ever! Even more serious than pre-Drunken Master movies! This is as dark as Jackie comes. But was it any good? Hell yeah! This movie was awesome! Jackie plays the part of a troubled cop perfectly and the film focuses more on the story than the action. Not a bad thing, and a nice change of pace for Jackie. He should take more roles like this to broaden his horizens, cause this movie ruled!
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Brilliant jackie chan film, hugely under-rated. Amazing action
remixinglife5 November 2006
This has got to be one of Jackie Chans hardest hitting films, and in terms of acting, id personally say its his best. The story is basically about crooked cops etc, an it does have some sad moments in. Its rather powerful from the outset and the action definitely feels raw.

The energy in the fight scenes is once again way up there, this seems to be a film that is not credited enough in my opinion, probably due to the fact that its not Jackie Chan just doing his funny martial arts, comedy routines. But if your a through and through Chan fan like me then definitely pick up this classic film and prepare to be blown away by some of the amazing fight sequences and the end fights which rate high up there with Jackie best work.
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What one expects from a Jackie Chan movie
david-sarkies9 December 2011
This movie rocks. It is about a man who is kidnapped and his wife is forced to pay them millions of dollars. The twist is that one of the kidnappers is a police officer who is constantly causing the hero, Jackie Chan, problems. There is no theme and the plot is pretty shallow, but who cares because we watch Jackie Chan movies not for cool plots or deep themes but purely for the action, and much of the action in a Jackie Chan movie leaves American Cinema for dead. There is very little to say about this movie other than if you love Jackie Chan movies then you are going to like this one because it is just purely Jackie Chan. He does his cool stunts with cool comedy and one of the best police raids I have ever seen. If the Taiwanese Police force is really like that then they are incredibly effective.

What seems strange is that Jackie Chan has a cult following, more so than somebody like Van-Damme. It is interesting how Chan just seems to always deliver the good movies (at least when he was in Hong Kong). We know what we want from Jackie Chan and we usually get it. Van-Damme on the other hand, has his following, but either you love him or hate him. He has no acting skill in my opinion and people only watch him for martial arts. Jackie Chan though seems to just draw people to him. I have not really seen anybody that hates Jackie Chan who does not hate the genre. Even a friend of mine who detests television and movies has a soft spot of Jackie Chan and Hong Kong cinema. What more can I say? Just watch it (but if you can get it on some other release that is not Chinatown then do so because I simply do not like how Chinatown Video do their subtitles).
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Chan proves himself as an actor in realistic actioner
DrLenera6 October 2004
Despite still showing great skill, it's almost a shame that in recent years Jackie Chan has concentrated almost entirely on slapstick martial arts and incessant mugging. Of course, this is Chan's trademark, but in his earlier days he would sometimes attempt a change of pace. Crime Story, based on a true story, is such an example.

Crime Story plays like Police Story with most of the comedy and outlandish elements removed. It's a gripping film with a realistic feel ,although there is still room for plenty of action, including an incredible sequence when Chan runs for his life for real as a wall is demolished right behind him, and a climatic fight which is reminiscent of the brutal Chan action in Heart Of The Dragon.

Chan fell out with the director of the film and added the occasional more typical Chan scene, such as a fight on trampolines. Also, some elements of the story, such as Chan's relationship with his psychiatrist, are introduced and then thrown away. Still, this is a generally well plotted, very tight film in which Chan gives a really strong, serious performance. Maybe, as he gets older ,we will see more of this kind of thing from him.
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An exciting Chan vehicle.
Scott LeBrun21 April 2013
International action film star Jackie Chan teams with director Kirk Wong for this gritty tale that's definitely not the typical Chan film. The martial arts don't come into it very often, and it's played very straight (however, that's not to say that there's NO comedy at all).

It's an incredibly energetic production starring Jackie as Eddie Chan, a police inspector who takes it upon himself to solve the kidnapping of a prominent businessman (Kar-Ying Law), and he takes on all comers, doing anything that he has to do to save the day.

The movie takes the viewer through a myriad of Hong Kong and Taiwan locations, and it's especially commendable the way that Wong and crew maintain a high intensity level. It scarcely takes a breath as it throws one challenge at Chan after another. There's no time to ponder if any of it is implausible; you just go along for the ride and enjoy the mayhem.

There's plenty of gunfire and some extremely impressive explosions and Jackie does get some opportunities to do the sort of risk taking stunt work for which he's famous. He does get to flex some acting muscles here, playing a mentally troubled cop who, near the beginning of the story, has a scene with a psychiatrist. He also has good scenes with the primary villain, who is not portrayed in a one-dimensional, moustache-twirling manner.

"Crime Story" is pretty violent, even gory at times, and benefits from a solid supporting cast including Kent Cheng as Detective Hung, Christine Ng as Lara, and Blackie Ko Shou Liang as Captain Ko. The women are frequently gorgeous and everything is done in style. The finale in a burning building is especially entertaining.

Recommended to fans of Jackie who want to see him in a film with a different sort of tone, this is highly enjoyable every step of the way. Admittedly, the dubbing isn't the greatest, but fortunately it doesn't distract too much from the entertainment value.

Eight out of 10.
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Gritty realism from Jackie Chan? It's true!
Leofwine_draca17 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Swapping the role of the buffoon we all know and love from most of his other movies, Jackie Chan here takes on a more complex and serious part for one of the few times in his lengthy career. Don't worry, though, as the film's total lack of humour isn't a flaw at all; instead, it makes for gritty, realistic and suspenseful viewing, a police thriller with a plot kept simple like other Chan movies, but focused on plot development, characters and action instead of pranks and pitfalls. I loved it. The action sequences are ably staged by director Kirk Wong and there are some wonderful stunts and chases in this movie, which has more explosions and gunplay than martial arts. Highlights to watch out for include an exciting multi-car chase in which a determined Jackie refuses to give up, and some excellent hijinks on the roof of building which eventually blows up.

The action is dynamic and exciting and later on we get some hard-hitting, excellent fight sequences which all of Jackie's fans will know and love; Fat Chung and Ken Lo really shine in their villain roles. The choreography is once again perfect. Unlike a lot of action movies, this has exactly the right balance of plot and action and the two factors mingle nicely, and the super-fast pacing makes it incredibly breathless. The fiery climax is especially good and tense and the budget allows for some great shoot-outs and lots of explosions all over the place. The acting is also of a high calibre, especially for Jackie who shines in the role of the weary cop who is totally dedicated to his job. Kent Cheng makes for a great foil as the corrupt detective villain and the scenes which the actors share are great. For the most part this is hard, fast and tremendously gripping stuff. The running time just flies past. Highly recommended.
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Jackie's 1st serious movie and it's pretty good
bcheng937 May 2014
first saw this in the theaters in NYC when it first came out...was actually a little teed off as i was at that time into his slapstick comedy and the crazy hand to hand combat. well...this movie has grown on me over the years. all his stunt-men are still in this movie, you get to see Mars at the start as a terrorist shooting off a ak-47...that was a different sight...never expected to see him as a bad guy.

first off, there is not one funny moment in this movie and it is based on a true story. second off all...Jackies got mad pull in Hong Kong, he is the only one who was able to close off parts of a highway in Hong Kong to shoot the action scenes, that is only happening now and not 20 years ago, when this film was made. the 3rd and last thing i like to mention is that for the longest time in Hong Kong you couldn't do big explosions in movies which were filmed in Hong Kong because the island was so small and people complained...well guess what?-Jackie got his big explosions even though they are still a little tamed compared to Hollywood and the rest of the worlds film industry who are not restricted by that. that use to be one of my main gripes watching Hong Kong action movies back in the day.

this is jackies first serious role as Police Story 1 doesn't count cause that actually had a lot of funny moments in it. he plays it straight up in this one and does a really capable job. the story is about the kidnapping of ultra-rich businessmen in Hong Kong, after which they are held for ransom. it was a big problem then and still is nowadays. what Jackie and the rest of the honest cops don't know is that there are honest cops but there are also corrupt cops and the bad cop in this movie is actually the leader of the kidnappers.

there were some complaints by some of his fans because the action was different to what we were accustomed to seeing from Jackie...but i think those fans were just a little jaded. there was nothing wrong with the action, as a matter of fact this movie had some of his most impressive and crazy stunts ever and there were quite a few. if you are a fan of big explosions...well they blew up the top floor of an apartment building! there were major gunfights and not with just .25 caliber guns, there were a lot of sub-machine guns including Uzis. all i have to say is that the action was pretty insane and not as over the top which i appreciated in time...LOL. the only action that was lacking was the hand to hand combat as there was only 1 such scene in the movie, but boy was it well done!

all in all i still would have to put this one in his top 10 or 12 most enjoyable movies. Jackie should have made more of these types of movies back in the days and i think he would have been even more popular and well rounded actor now! not to be missed if you are a Jackie Chan fan!
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Not a Bad Chan Outing....
tmpj10 November 2010
This action flick, a serious one by Chan ( and some of his earlier vehicles were also quite serious in their subject matter) overcomes some obstacles, and winds up...despite its numerous be somewhat exciting and entertaining. The acting is stiff, the script is rather hokey, and the over-dubbing borders on atrocious, but the film manages to rise above these things by way of really spectacular stunts and special effects. I may watch it again just to study the effects, and I know some of the stunt-persons had to get some real pain making falls from heights onto what seems to be concrete floors. It was pretty impressive. Chan is a bit restrained in his martial arts presentation, preferring to give us just the amount of action required to see him through his tribulations, and that measured response adds to the reality of the film. Not a great film, but it can hold its own with some of the flicks produced here in the states in terms of production values. A worthwhile watch. Not highly recommended, but an entertaining watch for those who would be interested.
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one of the best jackie chan movies ever, brutal,hard boiled and gripping
daworldismine20 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
jackie chan is no mr nice guy in this violent action/thriller from director kirk wong, it is inspired by a true story about a kidnapping that happened in hong kong. he jackie chan plays a cop, but he is a million miles apart from the character he plays in the police story movies, he plays a good cop pushed to the edge as he hunts for the kidnappers and people are not what they seem to be even his own partners. the action is violent and brutal and not for the younger ones, the fight scenes are fantastic and jackie chan has never been better, there are also some breathtaking stunts that are a thrill to watch. i don't just consider crime story one of the best jackie chan movies ever, i consider it one of the best action movies of alltime, jackie chan made a similer movie in 2004 'new police story' but trust me crime story is much better. a must see piece of action cinema
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A Gr8 movie! RENT IT!
Azizur Rahman14 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Folks avoid the American version......if there is one! The HK version is so much better. Jackie Chan plays a very different role in this movie. I think its much better than the one he performs in Heart of the Dragon (1985) and New Police Story (2004).

Not MUCH action but the story is gr8 in my view. I like near the end where Jackie thinks he so close to finding the gangs hideout, only to realise he's in it!!!! OMG!! The music and the tension when he finds out, his eyes go wide and Ur sitting there thinking 'SHIT! Get outer there Jackie, and then u c the fight sequence coming' CLASS!!!!! Unfortunately, no bloopers in this 8( which is a shame. but then again its OK Cos it wouldn't be a very good idea to have outtakes where people make mistakes n laugh it off as this movie is a dark and true story of a wealthy man getting kidnapped! The trivia has made one mistake though! something bout Eddie Chan not having a relationship - i think they misunderstood (or it was probably me! LOL) there were scenes cut where JAckie talks to the nurse while she plays tennis and then he takes ova to take out his frustration. Also at the end where Jackie gives flowers to the nurse, talks to himself in the mirror and goes out with the nurse! Although there's no serious relationship, there were those scenes to build it up, but obviously cut for good reasons! If Ur a die hard Jackie Chan fan, like myself, id get this movie! If Ur new.....maybe this isn't the type of movie to begin with (try Police Story) This movie is a diff Jackie Chan so u wont be used to him in comparison to the other movies! My r8ing 10/10 for acting n exciting build ups! All together - 7.5/10 A MUST SEE!
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the darker side of Jackie Chan
KHayes66620 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
After witnessing The Big Brawl, Twin Dragons, Rumble in the Bronx among other Chan films...stumbling upon this one was a surprise. Crime Story is darker, more serious than other movies he's done.

The plot is he plays a Hong Kong inspector who has to investigate a kidnapping of a wealthy man by a team of hoodlums led by a crooked cop. Jackie has to go through the team one by one to get info on the missing man.

Jackie Chan plays himself and he does a great job with the action scenes but the secondary characters don't react well, or maybe because the whole film is dubbed it takes away from the realism in the voices.

Not a bad movie, not the best Jackie Chan movie but he does a great job playing the serious role.

6 out of 10
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Hard to See Jackie in a drama film
Yrello3 August 2003
Like I said: To see Jackie play in a serious film is hard. Normally a film which contains Jackie Chan is all about kicking and comedy. This has some kicks and no Comedy. A few jokes here maybe. Even though it's hard to see it this film is still worth watching. It's pretty entertaining to se Jackie really use the small part of what he called `Acting'. If your going to watch film you really must be truly a Jackie Chan fan
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Good Stuff...
rutt13-120 June 2001
Yep, another serious Jackie Chan movie. I've got to say I think he's quite good in a dramatic part. I don't think most (American) people realize this, but here he's good as a really intense cop, trying to solve a kidnapping. Kirk Wong's got a good, tough, gritty style that feels a bit like Ringo Lam, actually. More gun action than martial arts, but this adds greatly to the atmosphere. Not really my favorite Jackie Chan movie, but a really good , tight thriller....
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The dark side of Jackie Chan
dworldeater10 March 2017
Crime Story is a departure for Jackie Chan and at this point in his film career, it is one of his darkest, most serious roles. It is also one of my favorites and based off a real kidnapping case in Hong Kong. Jackie plays a stressed out, overworked cop that was recently assigned a kidnapping case. You will find very little comedy here, in fact Jackie does not even smile during the picture. The tone is very gritty and dark. Director Kirk Wong did an excellent job putting this together and the film is solid on every level and looks incredible. While this is a much more dramatic and realistic role for Jackie, Crime Story is packed with tons of action. The action is much grittier and more violent, lots of gunplay and explosions, but also lots of fights and insane stuntwork that one would expect from a Jackie Chan film. Jackie's performance is one of his best and most intense, also Kent Cheng is excellent opposite Jackie as corrupt cop and villain. Kent Cheng is one of the best character actors in Hong Kong and delivers in a wide range of roles. Crime Story was real different for Jackie at the time this came out and proves that he has range and ability as an actor. However, it would be some time until Jackie would do more material like this. Crime Story is still the favorite of these films and one that I highly recommend.
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More Serious than Most Other Jackie Chan Movies
Uriah4329 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
After an especially traumatic shoot-out with some armed thugs "Inspector Eddie Chan" (Jackie Chan) is sent to a police psychologist who recommends that he take some time off to recuperate. Disdaining this advice he goes back to work and is immediately assigned a case involving a wealthy real estate developer who fears that there is a plot to kidnap him. When he is indeed kidnapped Inspector Chan is put in charge of a task force to recover him. What he doesn't know is that his team includes one of the kidnappers who attempts to thwart his every move. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film was quite a bit more serious than most other Jackie Chan movies. While I thought Jackie Chan performed well enough I missed the combination of action and comedy in which he excels. In any case, although I don't consider this movie to be his best by any means, it was still enjoyable enough and I have rated it accordingly. Slightly above average.
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Too many guns, not enough Kung Fu...
Andrew Nixon8 November 2002
I'm usually a big fan of Jackie Chan's movies. They're not horribly deep or meaningful, but they are usually very entertaining with Jackie's nice blend of impressive martial arts and humor. Unfortunately this movie was very lacking in both departments. Instead Jackie mostly uses a gun instead of his normal creative kung fu to deal with the bad guys. It's made worse by the fact that this was a poorly dubbed version of the movie. There are a lot of his movies I still haven't seen, but currently this one ranks lowest on the list. With his highly prolific career, do yourself a favor and choose another one of his movies.

*1/2 (Out of 4)
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Jackie Chan ain't joking this time
Woodyanders27 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Tough and determined police inspector Eddie Chan (a fine serious performance by Jackie Chan) has to work fast to solve a nefarious kidnapping case before things spiral out of control. Matters are complicated considerably after Chan discovers that his corrupt and cynical partner Detective Hung (a nicely slimy portrayal by Kent Cheng) is the mastermind behind the abduction. Director Kirk Wong keeps the gripping story rattling along at a breathless brisk pace, maintains a hard-hitting gritty tone throughout, builds a substantial amount of tension, and stages the assorted fights, shoot outs, car chases, and explosions with rip-roaring gusto. Moreover, the bloody realistic violence packs a fierce kick, the kidnapped rich guy isn't entirely sympathetic (he's a smug wealthy jerk with dubious ethics), and main villain Hung is drawn with a good deal more depth and complexity than one would expect. This movie further benefits from a refreshing dearth of either silly humor or cliché sentiment (Chan goes after the kidnappers because it's his job rather than has some kind of personal vendetta against them). Leu Wai-Keung's dynamic cinematography gives this picture an impressive moody look. The rousing score by James Wong and Mark Lui hits the stirring spot. Naturally, Chan tackles the exciting action set pieces with his trademark breathtaking agility, but it's Chan's able handling of the more demanding moments between him and Hung that make this picture so special and laudable.
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Very nice...
scotty-388 June 2001
This isn't Jackie Chan's worst movie. This movie had quite a deal of action. Jackie really makes this movie better then it could've been. He's really a key element that stores the action for this movie. This Chan movie is definately recommended in my book.
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Not Bad
Nick_Vorobyov20 June 2001
I am a big fan of Jackie Chan for two years and I have 25 movies with him. This film had couple action scenes which were cool to watch. But if you want to see lots of martial arts stuff this movie only has one scene with fighting the rest is gun action and a cool stunt at the end of the movie.
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