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  • One can speak of three different versions that exist. First of all there's the original Hongkong Theatrical Version that was released in several countries. In the States Dimension Films handled the rights for this movie and released the film in a censored version. Here the ending scenes got trimmed, thus the movie lost its original message and was turned into a typical "hero rescues the kidnap victim" flick. You can find a detailed comparison between the old US-Version and the Hongkong Theatrical Version with pictures here. Fortunately the new Dragon Dynasty DVD features the original, uncensored version.

    There's also an extended version around that was released in Thailand (on DVD) and probably some other Asian countries that features three scenes with Pan Ling Ling that can't be found in the original Theatrical Version. On the other hand the Thai DVD is slightly censored in terms of violence and nudity.


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