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An involving journey down Mexico way.
Victor Field12 July 2002
Made for cable TV, "The Wrong Man" has the setup of a chase movie - Kevin Anderson has to go on the run after a murder he didn't commit - but writer Michael Thoma and director Jim McBride put the emphasis less on the pursuit than on the characters involved, turning it into a road movie with a bit of violence attached. (UK viewers note Anderson playing a character called Alexander Walker - also the name of one of Britain's leading [so I'm told] movie critics.)

The journey through Mexico isn't overflowing with action, but the interplay between Anderson and the couple he hooks up with - Ugly American John Lithgow and Sexy American wife Rosanna Arquette - keeps the attention; interlaced with wit and edge, the acting of all three principals and the refreshingly non-stereotyped Mexican police officers following the trail helps the movie seem like more than it is.

Leisurely paced without being boring, and pretty credible right up to its finale, "The Wrong Man" may not be up there with "Baby, It's You" or "The World According To Garp" in the CVs of Arquette and Lithgow, but it certainly is a long, long way from "Off The Wall" or "Raising Cain." And if all else fails, watch it for Rosanna's topless scenes (the scene in the hotel room makes it a must for Arquette fans, particularly the ones with penises).
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Rosanna Arquette unleashed!
BloodTheTelepathicDog22 March 2005
This is Rosanna Arquette's film, as the box art proudly displays. That is the reason I purchased it, and was not let down. The lead actor, Kevin Anderson, was a dude I had never seen before, but he performed adequately.

John Lithgow helps to save this film from being just another decent T&A flick, but when the T&A is provided by the perfectly proportioned Rosanna Arquette, there isn't much need for assistance.

Kevin Anderson is on the run from being framed for a murder, and tags along with fellow American tourists Arquette and Lithgow, deep in Mexico. As one can expect, Kevin finds that taking his eyes off Rosanna is not easily done. And Rosanna wouldn't mind sampling stud Kevin rather than her underhanded husband Lithgow.

The motel scene where Rosanna spends about five minutes topless, receiving a piggy-back ride from Lithgow made the film for me. Rosanna is all kinds of sexy!!
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A simple story with brilliant characters
Yves-2027 March 1999
The story is basically very simple: innocent man runs away from police who suspect him from murder. The makers of this movie chose not to create another hide and seek movie. Instead, their attention went to the characters, and not only of the protagonists. John Lithgow is brilliant as tha loudmouth doing 'monkey business', Kevin Anderson is great as the introvert suspect and Rosanna Arquette is lovely to watch as the sensual Missy. If look close, you'll notice that also the characters of the Mexican policemen have been drawn nicely. A movie for those who like to watch better movies only.
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Arquette oozes sexuality .................
merklekranz18 September 2012
Rosanna Arquette oozes sexuality. Kevin Anderson plays a sailor wrongly accused of murder. John Lithgow plays a character that seems better suited to Dennis Hopper, drinking and insulting his way through the film. These three are thrown together in an extended road trip along the back roads of rural Mexico, while being pursued by the police. Nothing is certain as half-truths, double deals, and double crosses, unfold. Unfortunately not a lot happens in "The Wrong Man", but the acting is solid, and it is difficult to turn away from Rosanna Arquette in skimpy outfits, or topless. There is not a lot of action and at times things get quite talky, however watching Arquette can quickly make you forget any minor faults the movie may have. - MERK
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good mise-en-scene
merrillb-115 September 2007
A couple of points that haven't been mentioned: Setting aside the plot, this flic has very good Mexican mise-en-scene, at MANY different points. It's up there with "Bring me the head of Alfredo G." for capturing the feel of Mexico. For instance, the wonderful cloudy scenes at the start, of the port city. {Where is this? I think it's supposed to be Veracruz, but does not look at all like the V. city that I recalled, in terms of the geography...) Also, I very much liked that decaying motel in the jungle-- where things really get crazy between our jolly trio.

Second, the soundtrack is by Los Lobos so you have the enjoyable moody "wrong man theme" during these opening shots of the port city. Also a soulful ballad, as the credits roll up, at the end.

The biggest liability is Anderson, who is so insipid, has none of the appeal that one would hope from a lead "hero." This leaves a sorry hole at the center of the movie. (On the other hand, I rather liked Lithgow's nutty over-acting.) Definitely recommended for those who'd like a brief Mexican getaway.
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amazing - dazzling - well directed
nicholasdavidjones9 March 2003
a brilliant film, wonderfully directed by Jim McBride: it breaks all the cheesy corny conventions of the "TV movie", the story swerves and moves and lives just as vibrantly as the characters do, this is one of the better movies I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. The movie transcends genre, the acting is believable, the characters are neither good nor bad, moral nor immoral, human or inhuman, there's a clever combination of all these things which makes them complex and frustrating maybe but never boring.

The acting is amazing, the story has real depth: it might not hit you straight away but the characters show their personality traits, and as a result more and more of themselves as the film goes on.
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The Wrong Man (1993) The Good, The Bad, And The Heartbreaker
mgtbltp25 June 2015
This one is way off the radar or "noirdar". Probably because its never seen or has been dismissed or mislabeled as fluff. It's probably forgotten for two reasons, one it was a Showtime film (much like The Last Seduction was originally an HBO film), and two, it had a lot of adult T&A but its all germane to the story, its T*i*t*s & A*s*s with CLASS. It can be done and done well. It's also as noir a tale as you can get.

Kevin Anderson plays a young 30-ish American, Alex Walker, a sailor on the run from a second degree murder charge, whose cargo ship is working the Gulf coast of Mexico, think of the classic Noir roles that went to Steve Cochran, William Holden, Glen Ford etc.

John Lithgow plays the "ne plus ultra" Ugly American John Mills, channeling Henry Fonda and touches of other classic Noir performances you see a bit of Jimmy Stewart a bit of Broderick Crawford, he's so very entertaining in the role, an excellent performance.

Rosanna Arquette plays the Heartbreaker, Mills' young wife/common law friend with benefits, a real lovable Floozy Femme Fatale named Missy. Arquette is playing the exact type of exhibitionist, free spirit role that in the late 50s early 60s would have been given to Brigitte Bardo, Arquette is smoking-ly sultry in this film and beautiful to watch a siren luring men to their fate.

There is also a good policier angle that is nicely fleshed out of a young Mexican Criminal Law graduate Ortega played by Ernesto Laguardia . who will remind you of a young Ricardo Montalban, vs. the old school police chief Diaz played excellently by Jorge Cervera Jr. who gives off a John Wayne/Harry Carey vibe. The cinematography is outstanding, the noir sequences to die for, the Mexican locations humidly hypnotic.

Robert Harper is excellent as the fleece joint operator in Tampico, he has some memorable sequences, I think Dan Duryea or Timothy Carey as I watch him.

I'm starting to believe that what makes Neo Noirs authentic Neo Noirs for me, is not only a heavy dose of Noir stylistic cinematography along with a simple Noir storyline, but also a bit of cinematic memory, when you can picture the stars in these Neos as inheritors of Classic Noir star parts, or see a nod to Classic Noir locations combined with an old school, without bells & whistles, low budget, "B" film artistry you reach the tipping point into full blown Noirsville.

All the action sequences are done very well and all low key, mostly on foot, no automatics, no car chases, no explosions, just good choreography on existing location, Bravo! Watch for the "Duello of the Wrong Man" sequence, "The Death Of Felix" sequence, "The Ballad of the Heartbreaker" and "The Dance of the Siren". You wont be disappointed.

I had to order this off Ebay from Hong Kong, it's worth it. It's equal to the best Neo Noirs of the 90s, a great, great soundtrack by Los Lobos too, enjoy.
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The Wrong Movie
ccthemovieman-120 September 2006
Well, here we go with yet another John Lithgow loser. Man, did this guy make a lot of terrible films and was unlikeable himself in almost every role, or what? In this film he's at profane screaming best! No wonder he did so much better on network television where he could be restrained. (Don't be fooled by the "TV" label on this; it's cable TV and this film is rated "R.")

A good screen partner for him was Rosanna Arquette, who usually treated the male audiences to good glimpses of her ample breasts. She went topless here for at least five minutes. Meanwhile, the lead actor was neither Lithgow or Arquette. It was Kevin Anderson, a young actor who likes to play low-life roles. Maybe he's related to Lithgow.

Wow, does this movie have "class" written all over it or what?!

If you picked this up at the video store, you not only got "The Wrong Man," but you got the wrong movie. Go back and get the one with the same title, but starring Henry Fonda.
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Totally dull and boring s***
bob the moo16 July 2002
In Mexico Alex Walker has his wallet stolen by smuggler Felix Crawley. When he finds his house and goes in to get his money back he finds Felix shot and himself accused of murder. He runs and gets help from Missy and Phillip Mills, however his relationship with Missy begins to affect how cleanly he can get away.

False advertising! I watched this with the understanding that it was a thriller of some sort. However I'm sad to say that it isn't anything of the sort. The film opens OK and sets us up to have Alex hunt down the killer before the police catch him for the murder. Instead what happens is that he falls in with Missy and Phillip. He screws Missy a lot, Phillip fights and then is calm and over and over again ad nauseam. This continues till the end when the `shock' noir ending turned out to be what I had assumed from the first 10 minutes.

The film has no direction. The love triangle takes the place of the murder – except the occasional scene of the two Mexican police officers chasing Alex. Because it just drifts aimlessly it is very, very dull. I really had to force myself not to just turn it off and do something else instead simply because it is so very dull and boring.

Lithgow is OK but he lacks subtlety – I suspect he hammed it up because he didn't know any better than me what his character was all about. Arquette is annoying – all she does is flop her boobs out every 10 minutes or so, which is fine if you want that with no reason – but why not watch porn if that's all you want? Anderson is a TVM kind of guy and looks out of his depth with Lithgow and Arquette. He thinks all he needs to do is not shave and look moody to fit in – he is terrible and makes this film even more dull just by his presence.

Overall this is dull and aimless. Please – don't waste your time on this. I rarely see a film so poor that I struggle to watch it at all, but this felt to me like it took a year of my life to watch.
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tsd33322 June 2012
Stand by for a remarkable movie, film noirish in its way, especially because John Lithgow's acting is uniformly superb. By way of counterpoint, Rosanna Arquette, his ditsy partner or traveling companion with benefits, it doesn't matter which, throws herself around with such abandon in the hot Mexican locations that Lithgow and she make a delightful study in opposites. Lithgow is a small time crook trying to make dollars without attracting too much attention as the pair motor around. The necessary conflict soon emerges after the pair take on board a much younger American male (played by Kevin Anderson) who's on the lam because he's wanted for questioning in a murder case. The bubbly Rosanna character having become somewhat tired of her older lover, it's not long before she's rocking the springs with the new man who by day is confined to the back seat of the car. Arquette has never been shy about disporting herself, and here her bed-worthy bazongers are frequently on the bounce. Black comedy turns to drama towards the end, with surprising outcomes. The Wrong Man has been the title of several movies, so it's worth quoting the lead actors' names at your local DVD shop. If you understand how and when over-acting can raise the level of professionalism, then make sure you don't miss this one.
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For Rosanna Arquette fans
Philo_Kvetch14 April 2001
In a south of the border setting, Lithgow is the quintessential Ugly American, Arguette his bimbo wife, and Anderson a bland non-entity on the run from the law. If you like seeing Arguette undraped (and it certainly beats being poked in the eye with a sharp stick) this third rate flick merits a look. Other than that, not much to recommend.
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weak lead actor
SnoopyStyle20 May 2015
Merchant sailor Alex Walker (Kevin Anderson) is stranded in Mexico after missing his ship's departure. His wallet is stolen and the man who stole it is killed by somebody. The cops are after him for the murder. He joins up with Phillip Mills (John Lithgow) and his trophy wife Missy (Rosanna Arquette).

Kevin Anderson is a weak actor and his character isn't particularly interesting either. Arquette is broadly sexual. She even sleeps sucking her thumb. She has some fun camping it up. However Anderson is the black hole of charisma. Lithgow is possessive and jealous. The production is not high quality. If they could get a charismatic leading man, this could be an interesting trio.
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barely watchable (sic)
chrissage13 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
...........This contains a spoiler or two................. Alex, a mug on the run, is duped by Felix and finds himself wanted for murder, again. to escape the law he climbs into Arquettes cleavage, sorry, make that convertible, and along with her very annoying husband Lithgow, hits the road. this movie seems to be nothing more than a vehicle for Miss Arquette to parade her body and considerable charms at every opportunity. Lithgow is awful - just plain unbelievable with the mood swings of a metronome. Alex is one dimensional and as blank as his suit. his vision does not extend beyond the end of his nose, or Miss Arquette's cleavage, whichever is closer at the time. for all that, it is strangely watchable until the end, which is laughably so. the getaway vehicle is a train pulling out of the station with the speed of the road roller in Austin Powers. three old ladies with zimmer frames would have time to get on or off without breaking sweat, let alone a limb. yet to the mexican police it is a challenge. ludicrously funny.
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