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MPAA Rated R for strong horror violence, and for nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, the warlock's penis is briefly visible early on in the film.
  • a woman's breast is shown in full view
  • a woman's buttocks is shown several times.
  • The camera focuses on a woman's cleavage

Violence & Gore

  • It should be noted that the overall effect of the film is rather silly. That being said, there are several gory and messy sequences...
  • In the opening, a group of druid priests are massacred. They are dispatched with blades and arrows. Some blood but no worse than a PG.
  • A woman graphically and quickly becomes pregnant with the warlock and gives birth to it ( it being a black sluggish mass which immediately evolves into the warlock). He is completely nude and covered in slime. The woman crawls in detailed afterbirth agony into the bathroom. The warlock then screams so loud that the woman bleeds out and dies.
  • The warlock drops a woman from high in the sky and she falls through a skylight and the glass shatters her body causing lots of blood to spray all over onlookers.
  • The warlock bleeds out due to a voodoo-esque spell causing a great deal of black blood to spray from his wounds. This is played for black comedy until the warlock is forced to suck an eyeball and lots of blood from a bystander to replenish himself.
  • A zombified taxi driver is seen.
  • A car runs over a bunny in graphic detail.
  • A dwarfish woman is picked up and shoved into an iron maiden.
  • A young boy is shot with a double barrel shotgun. We see a close-up of his bloody screaming face as he is thrown off his feet and to the ground. He is ressurected
  • A woman is stabbed. She is ressurected.
  • A man is completely dissected in an elevator off screen. The door opens and we see various organs an lots of blood.
  • A man's body twists and contorts into a living surreal artistic sculpture. (Meant to be comedic but somewhat hard to watch.)
  • The warlock shoots two men with his finger while using a spell. Played for black comedy as the warlock blows smoke off his finger afterward. The result is still bloody.
  • The warlock tortures an old man by graphically quarturing him with hatchets. A younger man with magic powers sends a hatchet flying into the old man's heart as a mercy killing. This angers the warlock, who the causes the building to explode...
  • ...the resulting explosion sends the young man and lots of debris flying. A metal pipe ends up embeded in the ground and the young man lands on it, leaving him impaled on the pipe. The warlock then interrogates the young man by manipulating the pipe with his fingers. The young man screams and sobs in agony ( I saw this as a child and this scene bothered me because there wasn't the dark humor presented in other sequences).
  • The warlock is impaled on a tree branch an later with a knife.
  • The warlock bleeds out and melts graphically before eventually melting away into nothing.


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