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  • Unlike the international movie version of the first three OVAs, the international movie version of OVA four and five neither misses scenes of plot nor has it been censored. At first, it looks like the international movie version is identical to the OVA Version, which has also been released in several countries (as mentioned, e.g. on the US Perfect Collection). Nevertheless, there are some minor differences. Surprisingly, this time, the international movie version is less censored then the OVA Version and should be preferred. This comes from the fact that, as mentioned, some scenes were already blurred for the original Japanese release of the OVA Version. There does not exist any version which has the original and uncensored drawings of those scenes.

    For the UK release the movie version had to be additionally censored to achieve a BBFC-18 classification. When considering the cuts you will notice that the last few frames of the previous scene as well as the first few frames of the following scene were cut out, too. Just as for the censorship of part one, all the scenes that were cut out include sexual content/innuendo. Edit (Coming Soon)


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