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This is a funny, enjoyable comedy that Stanley Tucci walks away with!
Robert Reynolds6 September 2001
A word to those out there who view cinema as either High Art (CAPITALS clearly audible and firmly enunciated) or that it must have Meaning (ditto): This is not your movie, nor was it made with you as its audience. It is light, funny and meant to entertain. It does this fairly well. You may not like this, but, then, you don't have to. Last time I looked, films as art or with meaning exist. Watch them-I do. I also watch movies as well as films. Having both is not a mutually-exclusive proposition. The Bicycle Thief and Rashomon will not spontaneously combust because this film exists-or vice versa. End of sermon.

Dennis Quaid is funny, Kathleen Turner is a scream, the supporting cast is great (the two detectives, Larry Miller and Obba Babatunde are a riot), but Stanley Tucci, as Muerte, steals the movie. I don't care if the plot has more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese! Park your brain at the door and just enjoy. So it's not GWTW. That's okay-we already have one of those. Highly recommended.
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This is one fun movie!
Reel_entertainment27 August 2001
Not many movies keep you wanting to watch, like this one does. The plot is very simple; 2 spies on a vacation are asked to do a job while in New Orleans. The outcome...? One hilarious movie! Dennis Quaid & Kathleen Turner are great as Mr. & Mrs. Blue, the title roles. During the movie while they are fighting the bad guys, they're either bickering over their vacation or what they want to name their daughter. The standout of this movie is Stanley Tucci, who plays street thug Muerte. After a botched mugging of Mr. Blue, which leads to Muerte getting beat up with a stroller, Muerte constantly is following the Blues in the movie to get revenge. You won't be disappointed with this movie!
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music, beauty, sex, comedy, spies and crime, - what more could you want from a movie?
bobsunman26 December 2005
Seen Harry Potter? His aunt, Mrs Dursley? Now see the same woman - Fiona Shaw, as Paulina in Undercover Blues, - all long legs and muddy in a cat fight. But, I guess, Stanley Tucci stole the film in one of the funniest performances I have ever seen. This is an absolute "must see" for anyone who loves to laugh. Buy it rent it, blackmail your local cinema to show it, - but somehow get to see this wonderful movie. From the opening in New Orleans with a happy jazz background, to funeral marches, blues and some of the best music on the planet, this flic will keep your feet tapping. The stunts and fight scenes are witty and great fun, while the husky, sexy voiced Ms Turner in her undies is yet another wonderful bonus! Go See The Movie, - or the boogie man will getcha!
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Okay, so it's not Alfred Hitchcock
jfg130 June 2002
This is not Great Cinema, and it's not supposed to be. It's "I've had a bad day and don't want to think too hard" lighthearted fun. Not only are Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner great as Jeff and Jane Blue, but the supporting cast of Stanley Tucci ("that's 'MUERTE', as in 'DEATH'), Fiona Shaw (now perfect as Harry Potter's Aunt Petunia Dursley), Obba Babatunde and Larry Miller as the outclassed detectives, and Tom Arnold and Park Overall as the "normal" couple for balance make the whole cast shine. Park your brain, relax, enjoy, and remember, even GWTW is NOT "GWTW".
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Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner shine in this comedy set in NewOrleans.
TxMike1 February 2002
Warning: Spoilers
"Undercover Blues" is strictly comedy. You know, the kind where either Quaid or Turner encounter a would-be mugger, and with a few twists and kicks the bad guy is out cold. They have a baby now, and are trying to phase out of the undercover cop business. But bumbling crooks, like hilarious Stan Tucci, force them to juggle career and parenthood.

This was filmed in and around one of my favorite cities, NewOrleans (pronounced 'Noorlins' by the natives). Something about the old world look of the French Quarter and much of Uptown makes this locale ideal for cops'n robbers films. We also see the Audubon zoo, where Tucci gets cornered by alligators (Quaid: "Good afternoon girls, Sister. Don't miss the 'gators!"), St Charles Ave street cars, the cemetaries, the yacht club.

The climax is in a salt mine, where Turner throws her fake baby into the air, it explodes, the bad guys get arrested, and the film closes with the 3 of them sailing off for ... Cuba??

I found this to be a very entertaining film. Both Quaid and Turner are in good comedic form. No redeeming value, just fun.
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Quaid's got it made..
Benjamin Wolfe1 April 2007
Kathleen Turner has been, since I first remember her, a solid actress that is great in serious and excels too in comedy roles, but this is a little slice of family Heaven! A Government.agent in the field, with a husband and a baby too. Oh, yeah the husband is an operative as well. The fun is just beginning! talk about a super-fun story that is propelled by great actors and actresses, this is carried by firstly, Dennis Quaid and Stanley Tucci, along with the hilarious Larry Miller, a New Orleans Detective, (well known for his college Dean roles in the Nutty Professor I and II).

Stanley is fit to be tied, as a major force for evil. He is 'Death' or in Spanish Matar, but is called Muerte'. He is a seriously dangerous underworld street rat! Very scary!! Muerte' is the eyes and ears of the streets, and in that he operates throughout Orleans. Then there's Dennis Quaid. Mr Blues, he brings so much 'energy' to this part it's amazing!! Johnny on the spot in the spy business is Quaid's 'Blues' Dennis just takes over, surrounding this tale of underworld street rats and spies with his very clever wit and killer humor and speed along with sprite-strength. He is unstoppable in this movie! I laughed and so did the friends that went with me to see this fun-paced undercover action-adventure.

Kathleen Turner and Stanley Tucci and Dennis Quaid make this a real treat. I recommend this as a super comedy, being somewhat hard-to-please I can recommend this without hesitation to any friend with a good sense of comedy!!

Movies like this don't come along often. (*****)
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funny enjoyable movie
clp929218 February 1999
Undercover Blues is a great, enjoyable movie. The plot doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's not supposed to. You just have to go along with it and have a good time. The characters and their entertaining dialog are what make this film great. Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner are great as undercover agents Jeff and Jane Blue. Their interactions with the local police and Muerte are hilarious and the movie flows very nicely despite the fact that the plot is less than realistic. The movie is definitely worth the three bucks to rent at the video store, or in my case, the ten it took to buy it.
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Supporting Cast Adds Spark
ccthemovieman-17 July 2006
As in every comedy, there are things that are very funny and things that are annoying or stupid. You just hope that the "good" outweighs the "bad." I think that's the case here, even though I traded in the tape. However, I did watch it a couple of times, so there are enough laughs to make this worth seeing. There are enough odd characters, too. That's no surprise when you see the supporting cast: Stanley Tucci, Larry Miller, Fiona Shaw and Tom Arnold. All of them put added spark to the film. Tucci, as "Meurte," is most obvious as he continually tries to mug the leading couple, played by Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid. Miller plays a weird cop with a lisp and a very weird accent. I guess you could call this movie "quirky."

Turner and Quaid are so smug as modern-day Nick and Nora Charles, you want to root for "Muerte" to succeed. Frankly, I never found Turner, except perhaps in "Body Heat," to be that alluring. However, I think she is an underrated comedienne.

As a whole, this comedy is a little rough in spots, hence the PG-13 rating which often means more profanity than R-rated films. This is not for the kiddies, but adults will laugh.
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Not a movie to miss!
ltndncr598 November 2007
I could watch this film over and over! Stanley Tucci takes stereotype to hilarious new heights. Quaid is cute and never falters from his role, and Kathleen Turner... what can one say. Her voice alone should be recorded for phone sex lines. The plot is so contrived that it adds to the comedy, and the Eastern European villain is delicious. She affects an accent that is worthy of an academy award (Meryl Streep got one for "Sophia's Choice," didn't she?). Park Overall is under-rated in everything she does, and she is an excellent foil for the Blue's hi-jinx. Even the baby has some great scenes. I loved the backdrop of New Orleans, my favorite city in the US, and I even recognized several spots. If you like goofy, stupid cops (who ultimately serve a purpose), a plot and a script that bow to the gods of humor, and some excellent comedic acting, this is a movie you shouldn't miss. I can only hope that someone realizes the genius of this movie and puts it on DVD, 'cause my video cassette is wearing out!
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Aw, come on!
psycholemming22 January 2001
5.3? This movie deserves better! What on earth is wrong with a movie that's unbelievably funny and doesn't use fart jokes? I mean, that scene with the crocodiles...I just about died laughing! Grow a sense of humor, people! Just because a movie doesn't have some ingenious plot line doesn't mean it can't be worthwhile. This movie is great.
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Still laughing 16 years later
amcalexa23 November 2009
My husband and I were walking along the sidewalk in the New Orleans French Quarter in the summer of 1992, when he turned and looked at a woman walking alongside us in the street and said, "Oh, my god, that's Kathleen Turner." I was just getting ready to tell him I was sure it wasn't when I looked across the street toward a courtyard, and just about fainted. "Oh my god, It's Dennis Quaid!" We stopped for a minute and watched the two of them walk toward each other, and realized they were taking a break in the middle of filming a movie scene. We were on our way somewhere at the time so we didn't stay to watch, but we decided we'd have to find out what movie they were filming and make it a point to go see it. That's how we ended up seeing Undercover Blues the week it was released in 1993.

The sign that a movie's a good comedy is when you remember the plot's running gag, and it still makes you laugh years later.

I was explaining the Latin root "mort-" to my teenage daughter last night, and that reminded me of Muerte/Morty. I started laughing just thinking about Stanley Tucci's brilliant comedic turn in this role. I called to my husband and asked him if he remembered Muerte/Morty, and he said, "Sure, Stanley Tucci!" And then he started to laugh, too. It's pretty much automatic that any time I hear a word that starts with "mort," I think of Muerrrrrrrrrte!" If you haven't seen this movie, do. It's smart, funny, and at times it'll have you laughing so hard you hurt. And I guarantee you'll never hear a "mort-" word again without fondly remembering Stanley Tucci as Muerte, and his alter ego Morty.
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A Very Fun Movie
shawn0029 May 2002
If you're looking for a movie that's just pure fun, rent Undercover Blues. This isn't a deep plot with a serious storyline, it's just an entertaining movie.

Jeff (Dennis Quaid) and Jane (Kathleen Turner) Blue are spies on maternity leave and vacationing in New Orleans. Despite their desire to live "normal lives", they get drawn into a case against an old nemesis while being tormented by a local mugger (Stanley Tucci).

The characters are purely entertaining and the actors look like they are truly having a good time. Dennis Quaid is so casual and relaxed no matter what the situation and Kathleen Turner compliments him so well you wonder why they didn't do more films together. Stanley Tucci truly steals the show as the hapless bully who just chose to pick on the wrong guy.

This movie is full of laughs and just plain fun. You'll be repeating the lines for days afterwards!
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One of my favorite re-watches
RBradAtl1 July 2004
This is one of those flicks that has such fantastic lines and characterizations that you'll want to watch it over and over. The plot's not thick, but it's not the star. The lines are, and boy are they worth it.

Delivered with perfect timing and rhythm, you'll be going back to hear the lines you missed because you were laughing through them. Some of the dialogue is best enjoyed with a knowledge of obscure facts ("Dr. Lotte Lenya...."), it's not required to have a good time. Fiona Shaw's character always makes me howl ("You're having such a wonderful body, Mr. Blue"). And wait until in a moment of passion, KT says "Kill the light".
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10 years later it's still a "10"
barthel12 April 2003
Until I bought the DVD, I'd never seen the trailer for "Undercover Blues". Now that I have, I understand why so many critics and IMDb users have panned this classic: the trailer creates the wrong expectations. (It's either that or they've undergone a severe trauma to the patella...)

Like the fingerpainting that dissolves into the first scene, this is comedy painted with broad strokes. If you love old-fashioned comedy like Abbott and Costello, Lucille Ball, or Carol Burnett, you'll love this. Trust me--even though I speak very little Spanish.

Barthel's Top Ten Reasons to watch "Undercover Blues":

10. Nemans: Park Overall-'nuff said. Tom Arnold is obnoxious, but likeable.

9. JFK conspiracy reference: Clay Shaw

8. Turner and Shaw go mud wrestling

7. BB King *does* make children's records

6. Obba Babatundé (Lt. Ted Sawyer) has unexpected depths

5. Dixieland and Jazz

4. Great chemistry between Kathleen Turner (sharpshooter extrordinaire, martial arts expert, brains of the team) and Dennis Quaid (competent smart-aleck [he's just had more training])

3. Fiona Shaw as the "unforgettable" Paulina Novacek: "The colonel will no longer be working with us."

2. Stanley Tucci's over-the-top performance as the self-aggrandizing mugger, Muerte.

1. Fisher-Price barnyard cows really moo
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Pure Entertainment!
William James Harper14 February 2009
Don't pay attention to the ratings. The numbers should be at least an 8 not a mere 5+. This movie is pure entertainment with enough funny lines to fill a book. All the characters are memorable and lots of fun to watch. Read the Quotes section under FUN STUFF to get a preview of what you will enjoy. I don't think I've laughed so often and so hard in a long time watching a movie. This one is a must see.

Turner and Quaid as Mr. and Mrs. Blue, a happily married spy couple, is as much fun as the Thin Man series was. And the Blues have a baby which the bring along on most of their escapades. I have seen this movie two times and it got better the second time around because I was able to catch some of the fast throw away lines which are real gems.
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so funny it hurts(in every good way)
disdressed126 June 2007
if there is ever movie that is underrated and unappreciated,it's this one.basically,it's about a retired husband and wife spy team,who take a vacation in New Orleans with their baby girl.what should be a relaxing time,is anything but.Jane(Kathleen Turner)and Jeff(Denis Quaid)soon find themselves the target of muggers,and being harassed by the local police.what's worse is their boss enters the picture and pleads with them to do one more job for the FBI.of Jane and Jeff just want time to relax and have time to themselves.Stanley Tuuci is hysterical as a hapless,incompetent mugger who tussles with both Jane and Jeff and=d always ends up on the losing end.the dialogue is simply brilliant in this movie.the banter between Jane and Jeff when they should be in danger(but never are)is priceless.no matter what happens,both never lose their cool,and never miss a beat.they are simply unflappable.of course the fact that they never takes themselves seriously make things even funnier.in fact,the movie does not take itself seriously at all which is its appeal.despite its light hearted approach to things,this movie succeeds on all levels.credit that to the performances of Turner,Quaid,Tucci,and the rest of the supporting cast.there's no way i could give "Undercover Blues" any less than 10/10
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if you like nick and Nora Charles - you will enjoy this movie
jeff23 July 2006
an awful lot of fun. it is a shame they did not make a sequel the chemistry of quaid and turner reminds me of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepard in moonlighting and nick and Nora Charles as played my William Powell and Myrna Loy in " the thin man" series of classic husband and wife comedy romance and danger.

quaid always delivers a good performance but he excels in this with a comedic flair that is delivered with superb and appearing effortless timing. turner is solid. Stanley tucci is excellent as a local hoodlum and even the chief spy is well cast. a great romp.*******enjoy. this is a fun movie.
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Surprisingly good
Boyo-224 April 2001
I did not expect much when I decided to watch this, but in point of fact its a very funny and clever movie with a lot going for it. Quaid and Turner have some real chemistry. This is easily Turner's best movie in the last eight years but that's not saying much I guess. Dennis Quaid's easy-going manner and joyful grin are perfect for the part.

Stanley Tucci is a riot as "Muerte", a bumbling wanna-be gangster who appears to have seen Al Pacino's "Scarface" once too many times. In many ways, its Tucci's movie and he makes the most of it.

Fiona Shaw is also appropriately over the top as a woman/criminal with a crush on Quaid, and there are other familiar faces in the case too.

All in all, a welcome surprise.
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Greatness abounds
MCPAnnie7 May 2005
This movie is hilarious!

Watching the things the one character will go through and keep coming back for more amazes me every time.

I love the character Denis Quaid pulls off so well. The casting was really done well for this film.

All the actors in this film must have had such a time keeping in character with the shenanigans that happen.

This is another film I would love to be able to add to my DVD collection if it ever comes out to DVD.

Comedy at its best.
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so funny, my husband fell out of his seat laughing
thomnkiki7 October 2007
This is a great family comedy! Stanley Tucci is wonderfully and comically tragic as a somewhat clumsy street thug. Fiona Shaw shines as the slightly demented Eastern European ex-patriot terrorist leader (and who would have thought that Aunt Petunia could be so HOT!). It is nice to finally see a film couple, Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner, who are actually similar in age (I believe Quaid is only three months older than Turner). I am so tired of seeing a woman twenty years younger than the man as a viable couple in Hollywood films. Because of the age similarity, they have beautiful chemistry and seem so comfortable together that their super spy exploits and comedic timing are seamless and perfectly in sync. This is a great fun family film. My husband and I went to see it in the theatre and he actually fell out of his seat because he was laughing so hard. I had to support him as we left because his sides hurt so badly. I bought this movie for my collection when it came out on VHS and it still cracks me up 14 years later. I have shared it with many friends and family members over the years and it has quickly become a favorite popcorn movie at home.
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Love and ridicule
Warning: Spoilers
Unlike most people who see this movie (including my friend who recommended it to me), the character "Muerte" (or "Morty") was not my very favorite part. He was funny, yes, but I was more impressed by the two quirky main characters, (played by Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner). Quaid's character, especially, had a hilarious dead-pan humor that made me like him and laugh.

"Undercover Blues" simultaneously embraces and ridicules spy-movies. The plot structure is fairly typical, (other than the fact that the protagonist spies have an 8-month-old baby). There are good guys and bad guys, and I was reminded of Ocean's 11 and 12 at the end. The main characters have the typical prowess of professional spies, yet they spend as much time mocking themselves as using their skills. I found this duality unique and refreshing, while the formulaic plot didn't stretch my limited Sunday-evening-lethargic brain-power.

One other thing that impressed me about this movie was the main characters' relationship. It is unusual enough to find movie characters who are married, rather than trying to attract mates, or having affairs, or just sleeping together. This movie has only one romance, and it is a happily married couple who are totally in love with one another! There is no gratuitous sex, but it is clear that this couple enjoys and values their intimacy, and have no desire to stray from it.

If you're looking for a fun, fairly innocent action movie, try this one.

PS: It also has a cute baby!
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Extremely Worthwhile View
skallisjr11 October 2005
Nearly a decade ago, I showed my mother a tape of this film. She was in her high 80s, though she hadn't lost her mental acuity. Her first comment, as it was rewinding was, "When will the sequel be out?" I wish there had been one.

The film starts out lighthearted, and continues that way. Having visited New Orleans, I found it a pleasant reminder of my visits.

The idea is simple. Two married high-powered espionage agents are on leave from their agency when a crisis brings them back into action. But they are a happy-go-lucky couple, and treat their case the same way.

The street hood, Muerte, encounters Mr. Blue, and gets a severe trouncing. So, he plans a vendetta, which gets mixed up in the Blues' real mission. The real mission turns out to be a bit Byzantine, but by the end of the picture, a knotty diplomatic mission has been solved successfully.

This one goes well on repeated viewings. Paying attention, a viewer will spot hints as to forthcoming moves.

I understand that it did only so-so at the box office. A pity.
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Absolutely hilarious! Loved it!!
maybunch@yahoo.com5 September 2005
This movie is hilarious! It isn't dumb humor like several movies. It is so funny that I'm laughing just thinking about the scenes. This movie is a #10 and don't let the rating fool you! Anyone giving this lower than a 9 isn't a comedy fan at all! Give it a chance!!!!

The couple is fun and such a match. The laughter comes at the most unexpected moments.

I loved the New Orleans scenery, along with the music. The actors/actresses were wonderful! They have great chemistry and Morty makes the movie! Surprises at every corner, also! There's romance, mystery, comedy, and action!
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Light comedy fun
Mel J9 March 2006
'Undercover Blues' is a very light-hearted comedy for those who don't always want to take life so seriously; perhaps too jovial for some but I enjoyed it. Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner were very likable as Jeff and Jane Blue, ex-spies who are revelling in family life only to be enticed back for one last job. Larry Miller and Obba Babatunde were humorous as the two New Orleans detectives who know the Blues' are up-to-something but aren't quite sure what exactly but it is Stanley Tucci' hilarious Muerte, the thief who can never get one over on the Blues', who steals the show in his slap-stick performance.

The film does skirt the edge of being a bit silly but is still entertaining with enough action and comedy for a quiet family evening. For those who refuse to just enjoy the innocence of the film, they can still take in the stunning backdrop of New Orleans before the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
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