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MPAA Rated R for violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman fondles a man's crotch over a bed blanket. It is then implied that the woman gives oral sex to the man.
  • During a five minute scene where poker is being played, there is a detailed painting of a naked woman on the wall behind the poker players, though that is not the focus of the scene.
  • There are also women with low cut dresses that reveal cleavage on their breasts. They make suggestive movements.
  • It's implied a woman and a man have sex in one scene, though nothing is shown.
  • A woman says she and her husband are going to have 'some fun tonight', and they are seen walking to their house, strongly implying they will have sex that night.
  • An already married character falls for a different, attractive woman.

Violence & Gore

  • Very bloody but no gore.
  • Several people are shot, stabbed or hanged throughout the movie. Each time, blood splatters and we see their bloodied corpses.
  • In one scene, a man is shot several times by a shotgun and handguns, and we can briefly see his very bloody torso.
  • A prominent character is shot in the arm. Blood drenches his arm, and he yells in pain when they treat it. He is told he can no longer use it.
  • A prominent character is shot in the back. Seconds later, two other characters try to dig the bullet out unsuccessfully. The scene is very disturbing and very violent. Blood covers the table, the screaming man, and the men trying to help him. The man's wife screams in horror. The man finally dies. Remember, it's very bloody, and the most graphic scene of the film.
  • A prominent character shoots a bad guy with a shotgun, and then shoots him again with his pistol. Blood splatters.
  • A prominent character shoots a bad guy in the head. A little bit of blood.
  • The main character goes on a rampage, randomly killing several villains as revenge.
  • A prominent character stabs a badguy. No blood.
  • A prominent character slaps a bad guy repeatedly across the face, and blood comes out of his mouth.
  • A bad guy slaps the bartender across the face.
  • A drunk bad guy shoots a character through the chest with his pistol. We see a bloody hole in his chest.
  • A couple of fist fights.
  • A lot of bad guys arrive at wedding ceremony and kill everyone there. They shoot the new-husband in the knee, and he grimaces in pain as his new-wife screams. They then finish him off with a pistol (blood).
  • After everyone in a wedding party is shot and killed, the bride is shown kicking and screaming as she is drug into a church by outlaws, supposedly to be gang raped.


  • 1 use of f--k, used offensively, Chr*st
  • Dozens of s--t, son of a b---h, b-----d, d--n and what the h--l, all used constantly.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Pervasive smoking of cigars and cigarettes
  • Character of Doc Holiday pervasively drinks alcohol and is consistently shown heavily intoxicated
  • Man is shown leaving Asian opium den
  • Woman abuses Laudnum but alters more her mood and tone of speech

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Couple shoot outs are a bit bloody, the opening scene of a ruthless gang shooting up a Mexican wedding could be a bit intense for younger viewers.
  • The scene where they try to dig the bullet out is very intense.
  • a main character who is suffering from lung disease, is very skinny, pale and sickly looking.

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