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Good vehicle for Shepherd
max84312 November 2006
This is the best I have seen of Cybil Shepherd on screen, aside from several episodes of "Cybil" the television show. I haven't seen her in any plays. Her delivery works in this movie, and look in her eyes became quite frightening at times.

This is the 3rd or 4th time I have seen "Telling Secrets" over the years. With digital cable and a large screen this last viewing was the best. All of the casting, including the minor characters, was quite good. I especially liked the interplay between the two detectives, Ken Olin and Gary Grubbs.

I am not particularly "into" television movies, but was interested to see that this was directed by Marvin Chomsky who also directed "The Deliberate Stranger" with Mark Harmon, bringing excellent performances out of that cast as well.
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Hard to tell what it's all about
Nice music and scenery--somewhat portentous from the beginning. The film draws you in and takes itself very seriously. We're constantly waiting for momentous things to happen, but the movie just goes on and on.

The men really seem to have problems in this movie. Is this a new trend: impotent men who don't love their wives, and who are hen-pecked. None of the heavy, masculine, powerful stuff in this movie, and probably that's good: more like real life.

Hard to know what the film is all about. The motivation for the killing is unclear. And why do all the guys fall in love with Cybil? She doesn't seem so appealing to me: kind of cold and not really sexy. Phony baloney to imagine her as so alluring, and presumably that's the core of the movie-- the main character's seductive power.
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lakrasia15 June 2003
It was watchable, but Cybil Shepherd showed here that she really can't act. Every line she spoke sounded wooden and unconvincing, without an ounce of real feeling in it. It took me a while to realise all the guys were falling in love with her, because it seemed so unbelievable as she didn't have a personality.

The other actors were far better and saved it and the plot was quite enjoyable, just a bit too long. Kicked myself afterwards for wasting over two and a half hours on something that neither inspired nor informed.

I very much doubt it was a true story. It's a common ploy for fictional films to have a bit of text at the end saying what happened to the characters. On this occasion, I forgot to check if it was followed by the disclaimer about "not resembling anyone in real life".
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evening119 December 2013
No way should this have been four hours long!

Just tell the story, trim the extraneous characters, and get on with it, guys!

Nevertheless, there's some good buddy-cop work here from Ken Olin and Gary Grubbs, and a decent performance from Cybil Shepherd, still quite stunning at age 43.

I'm glad they added an epilogue to detract from the "Body Heat"-type conclusion. According to what I could gather from the Internet, the Faith character was eventually extradited and is serving out a life term. The killer was executed years ago. (And about that murder scene, why are we allowed to see the guy's face? Er, a little suspense, please?)

I often look up backstories on Wikipedia and was intrigued to learn that Olin, two years my senior, majored in English at Penn State, just like I did. Don't remember the handsome devil in any of my classes, though!
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Time Filler/ Waster
ximdb9001 November 2017
OMG,this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen! The story line this movie is loosely based on is interesting, but the lead detective working this case is one of the most LAZY,UNINQUISITIVE and UNIMAGINATIVE detectives I've ever seen. He's not a rookie investigator. From the beginning of the murder investigation, major clues were overlooked. VERY SLOPPY AND INEPT detective work.This story seemed to drag on indefinitely...
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