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I love it - An underrated solid action fun sequel from my childhood!
ivo-cobra826 February 2016
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III in my opinion it is a underrated solid good sequel to the original flick. Everyone hates this film and going for the second film. This one get's the crap for it and the second one gets the praised. This film was actually the first film in the trilogy that I have watched. As child I wanted so badly to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the original movie it was my biggest childhood wish, I heard that Splinter throw Shredder off the roof, I didn't know in which movie that was, so my mom bought me Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III on VHS in 1993, when this movie come out. The VHS sadly had a terrible picture quality and awful sound but even with all that I still liked the film not seeing the first two films. But after watching the first two films, they both become my favorite films, but I hated this one because there was no Shredder, Rocksteady, Bebop, Foot clan or Krang in this movie, that was than. I was really surprised by this film. They don't use jokes in here, they try too, but they aren't cartoonish like are in the second one. They actually use weapons and swords, nunchakus, not their fists they are Ninja Turtles so they are using weapons which I love that. The only thing that hurt the film are the costumes they aren't Jim Henson's Creature Shop, they are more cheap costumes that were provided by Effects Company the animatronics, that is a minor flaw.

Plot: The four turtles travel back in time to the days of the legendary and deadly samurai in ancient Japan, where they train to perfect the art of becoming one. The turtles also assist a small village in an uprising.

It is my childhood film. I love that the story is original, no one brings back the characters who died back again. Elias Koteas reprise his role back as Casey Jones and he also plays another character Whit a double spy by Walker's army. There is less humor in this film and it is more serious. Turtles are using there weapons. Leonardo is a bad ass. Fighting Japanese Samurai was awesome. I love that Turtles are back in the time in ancient old Japan, where the air was more cleaner, than it is today. I love Stuart Wilson as the villain Walker. A year later he was another villain in Lethal Weapon 3.

Seriously I don't see the hate for this film I love it a lot! I love that Elias Koteas plays two double roles, one as Casey Jones and the second one as Whit. Again a lot of people are complaining because Casey Jones doesn't do anything in the film, just sit around, really? Seriously? Haven't you watched the movie? Whit (Elias Koteas) kills Waalker on the end of the film, when he fires a fire ball on Walker, while he try's to escape. Leonardo defeats Lord Norinaga (Sab Shimono) in a sword fight, even tough the scene was hilarious I still have enjoy it. I love the music score and song Tarzan Boy by Baltimora and of course Rockin' Over The Beat by Technotronic. Paige Turco did outstanding performance as April O'Neil much better than she did in The secret of the Ooze. I grew up with this movie as a child a lot, I have even had Michelangelo and Walker's toy's, I Think I even had a Raphael figure I am not sure.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is a 1993 American action comedy film based on the comic book characters the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is the second sequel to the 1990 live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

Overall: I love this movie it get's 6 by me, I love Ninja Turtles in here, I love how Michelangelo saves a child from a flammable house and Leonardo saves him from dying, by giving him a mouth to mouth and he saves him. So why would I hate this film? when the effects are good and the acting is solid. Turtles saved and they prevented the war, they help people out. I think this film for me personally is better than second one and the reboot. I love this film to death and it is my second favorite film of the three.
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Not the best, but still a laugh
blabbity8 August 2006
Originally when I saw this movie, it had only just come out in theaters and I was just a kid. At the time, I thought the movie was a steaming pile of crap, no where near in comparison tot he first two. Hell, I overlooked the inclusion of Vanilla Ice for YEARS, insisting that even if he was in the second movie, it was still better than the third. However, now that I am older and a touch wiser, I've gone back and watched all three movies (I've been on a serious TMNT-a-Thon ever since I heard a new movie was in the making). While I admit the third is indeed the worst of the three, it is far from the travesty I originally thought (and thought for years). Aside from the silly story and the poor quality turtle costumes, the dialog is given several moments to shine with some surprisingly funny jokes and one-liners and minor giggles. I'm not saying every TMNT fan should go out and buy this. I don't even own it myself. However, I think you should get a few friends together, grab some snacks, some source of caffeine, order a pizza, and rent TMNT III for a night of absurdity and laughs. That's what my friends and I did <3
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Good Family Film
mjp-8598127 November 2018
I remember when this movie came out. I was 9 years old and I really loved this film. Now im watching it again anf I can aee why it didnt get good reviews. But its a family film. Its not as good as the first two but still manages to hold its own. I bought the collection because I love the collection. I highly recommend watching at least once. The graphics are a bit dated on the turtles but still a good film.
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Marshmallow pizza
peterpants663 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Vilified, a film that ponders the wasteland of sequels. It's often hard to make a good follow up to a series of movies, and making a third or fourth or whatever sequel proves to be even harder (hellraiser, lethal weapon). But Hollywood is a place largely dominated by how much money can be squeezed out of an idea, so here we go. This movie get's way more flak then it deserves, the costumes are an improvement, the time travel was cool, April is still hot and the action is dope. The second installment had weird costumes that looked to be heavy on complex mechanical masks and not enough on body movement/fluidity. The third makes up for that, the costumes look the best in the whole live action franchise which helps for any part of the movie driven by dialog or combat. This film saw the return of Corey Feldman, a departure from the Jim Henson prop department and the introduction to an awesome SNES game. But it failed to catch on with fans and was panned by critics. The sequels never managed to capture the gritty aspect of the first film, or find a happy medium between storytelling and action, but for a trilogy i've seen a lot worse.
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KingBrian124 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is a great kids Title. If the other two movies were dark than this one was most certainly light and I am glad. If they were to change the Turtles movies they would have done it in Secret Of The Ooze. That Title all be it an entertaining watch was still dark like the epic original movie.

I cannot be unbiased when it comes to the Turtles movies. I grew up watching it and I loved seeing the departure of the Turtles from the traditional gritty feel of the other two. To have the Turtles out in the open, seeing a less aggressive Raphael. Having Michaelangelo going missing instead was a nice change.

This movie also did a lot more with Leonardo, Donatello, Casey Jones, April O' Neill and Splinter. The absence of a strong Villain meant they story could focus on the Turtles. The enemies were forgettable but you watch the movie to see Turtles in a half shell taking on a bunch of Feudal warriors.
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The least enjoyable of the series
davideo-21 October 2004
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

A magic sceptor transports an ancient warrior from 1603 Japan to present day New York.The heroic foursome in turn learn they must travel back to the warrior's timeframe to battle Lord Norinaga (Sho Shinoba) and his right-hand man Walker (Stuart Wilson) who are enslaving the people.

The only film in the series to be completely absent of Shredder,the desperation begins to seep through at a very early stage.An obviously different,helium voiced actor plays Splinter,whilst we see Raphael adopt a less aggressive nature as events in the film progress.For this,and a fairly engaging script,the film is not a total failure.However,the lack of an engaging story proves to be quite a hindrance.The Turtles were certainly massive in the late 80s and early 90s and in retrospect,you could say good on them for wrangling all they could out of feature film adaptations for the franchise.Lets just say,they were certainly wise to leave it at this.**
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Definitely Not Written By A Kid
byson518622 August 2015
This movie concluded the trilogy of the original TMNT movies, where the turtles were stuntmen in costumes. It wouldn't be until over a decade later where we'd have a new TMNT movie in 2007, which is also called TMNT. I saw the 2007 TMNT movie once, and didn't like it. Then, there'd be a 2014 Michael Bay TMNT movie with Megan Fox as April O' Neil, and a sequel for that movie is in the works. It was a cool action movie, but a lot of us prefer the original TMNT movies.

This movie is probably the most forgotten next to the 2007 movie. I've also seen bad reviews from this movie, both on IMDb and critic reviews. But, despite those bad reviews I love this movie and am going to give it a good review. This movie for one takes us in a different direction than the other two movies. How so, well we are used to seeing the TMNT movies showing the turtles in an urban environment and in sewers. It also looks different to see a TMNT movie without The Foot Clan, Tatsu, and Shredder. In this movie, the turtles and April travel back in time, and rather go back to like the time of the dinosaurs, they go back to Feudal Japan in the 17th Century. The scepter they use to travel back in time was cool.

I've read reviews on this film, specifically on Wikipedia where one of the reviews stated that they felt like the movie would only appeal to kids, and not only that but looked like it was written by a kid. I have to say, definitely not. Here are some of the reasons. Well, I feel like most kids are not familiar with Feudal Japan in the 17th Century. This movie takes us back to Japan during that time, and I feel like they do a great job in brining 17th Century Japan back to life. You could watch this movie, including the trailer and in scenes the turtles aren't in, you'd think you were watching some other movie showing ancient Japan as we see the turtles in a different environment. Also, I could easily summarize the plot for the first two movies, but this one is harder to summarize. A kid wouldn't write a plot that was hard to understand for such a productive movie. I also feel like it could appeal more to adults than those other movies for a few reasons. One, I think if you're like me and like history it would be interesting seeing Feudal Japan. Also, this movie seems a little less cheesy, as the way the turtles act can be cheesy at times, but in this movie they seem a little more mature than in the last movie. This movie also seems dark which was a complaint for the first movie and toned down in the second. The turtles finally use their weapons again. This is also the only TMNT movie of the original trilogy with guns. We can ask ourselves, why if the Foot And Shredder intended to kill the turtles, why don't they ever use guns? We also have cannon usage. This movie also includes Casey Jones who wasn't in the second one. He plays two different parts in the movie, so it's great to see him back. Let's not forget about the humor in this movie. Then again, we also see more nature in this movie than any other TMNT movie.

So, I saw this movie yesterday and really enjoyed it, more so than the second. I feel like this movie is underrated. If you think like I do, then this movie will definitely be enjoyable to you. It does a great job in taking the movies in a different direction and making an enjoyable movie different to what we typically see. So if you haven't seen it, I'd definitely recommend it.
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A film that got taken the wrong way!
joshuadrake-3948012 May 2015
Despite the negative critical reception of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE, the film was still a financial success and another TMNT film was announced, but this would be the last film to be released by New Line Cinema.


The plot revolves around the "Sacred Sands of Time", a mystical scepter which transports the Turtles back in time to feudal Japan, where they become embroiled in a conflict between a daimyo and a group of rebellious villagers.

The plot of this movie just drives me crazy a little bit, but the story is a little bit incoherent in a few areas, but it can also get really amazing and this movie should have gotten more praise and acclaim that the first film did and I really don't know why people hate this movie.

The turtles look stupid as hell in this film and the visuals are impressive, and part of the reason why I think the turtles look as bad as they do is because and they are just fantastic and simply amazing.

The music is composed by John Du Prez and it is spectacular. The visuals and designs of this film is just amazing and really cool and spectacular.

The acting is okay and that, along with the music is what keeps me from hating this movie in the worst way I can possibly can. Corey Feldman and the original TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES cast returns to do their voices of their respective turtles and it sounds amazing.

Paige Turco plays the role of April O'Neill and she does a great job once again. Elias Koteas plays the role of Casey Jones once again and he does a great job once again and he is just incredible this time, especially after being absent from the second film.

After this film, another film was in development for a release in 1997 titled "TMNT: The Next Mutation", the film would introduced new turtles, but this project was cancelled after trying to get it made.

So, in 2007, both Warner Bros. Pictures and The Weinstein Company teamed up to bring us the 100% computed generated imagery version of the four heroes, simply titled TMNT.
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Worth a see with fun, puns and a happy ending.
Darkwing-75 April 1999
All in all, this is a fun movie. After the first two TMNT movies, this one breaks with the Shredder theme (fortunately as Shredder seemed about as hard to kill as the first Terminator) and takes the brothers back in time. Warring families in feudal Japan provide the backdrop for teenage Turtle-jinx while Elias Koteas (Casey Jones) displays an enlightening dual role capability. The costumes look more comfortable at the expense of realistic but otherwise, the puns - I mean fun - keeps flowing. If you enjoyed the first two then see this one.
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More like Teenage Mutant Ninja Toilets
mentalcritic28 February 2005
Like a lot of prepubescent children in 1989 or 1990, my imagination was captured by this new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fad. I remember sitting down and watching an interview with the creators, a pair of comic book authors who chose to go the independent route and gamble on their own ability to succeed. They were lucky enough to win against the odds, at least for a time, but in this interview, they also mentioned something about believing the phenomenon would go on forever. Well, the Turtles are still selling on comic book stands, and you can still see some of their adventures on DVD, but as to whether it survived the 1990s is a matter of opinion.

The first feature film, complete with man-sized turtles played by actors in suits, was a low-budget triumph. Indeed, the dominance of Golden Harvest studios in Hong Kong martial arts cinema can easily be traced back to their winning of the rights to do the original film. With a little help from the Jim Henson workshop and some well-cast B-actors in key support roles, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film was a major success that utterly dumbfounded the studio system. What is even more surprising is how the film did not go in the easy "we're primarily marketing to children, so we can be patronising" route that most children's entertainment follows.

That last point is where the first sequel, and this one in particular, went wrong. By the time 1993 rolled around, the Turtles fad had more or less utterly died, replaced by a far longer-lasting fascination with The Simpsons. As a direct result, the budget allocated by Golden Harvest to the third Turtles film was a mere fraction of that allotted to the first film. This is most obvious in the turtles themselves. Sure, they are still portrayed by men in suits, and those suits are still maintained by the Henson workshop, but the overall tone of the turtles' skin and the motion of their mouths indicates that Golden Harvest told the Henson workshop that they just wanted something passable. Given that the first film was dedicated to Jim because it was one of the last things he worked on before he died, this is quite the sad come-down.

Another major problem is in the tone of the story. While the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will never be confused with the likes of RoboCop, the first film went back to the roots of the original comic book and depicted a world that was, for all intents, rather dark. There was a bare hint that being a 5'6" turtle with consciousness was not all it was cracked up to be, unlike the utopia implied by the afternoon cartoon series. There was acrimony, grief, rage, and a million other things that children's entertainment seems to believe we cannot really handle now or ever. That was what turned Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into Golden Harvest's big breakaway hit.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, also known as Turtles In Time, picks up with the turtles milling around their sewer hideout with Splinter (who now looks like a shag carpet with eyes). When April shows up with a bunch of items she found at a garage sale, she happens upon an ancient artifact that transports her back in time to feudal Japan. The turtles, in their usual confused weird-species adolescent fervour, take it upon themselves to go back and rescue her, because we all know how an adolescent turtle would go all bug-eyed at the thought of rescuing a woman who looks anything like Paige Turco.

Elias Koteas, the real star of the original film, gets to jump back in here, but the character he is best known for spends most of his time eating pizza, watching over a bunch of Japanese soldiers who changed places in time with the turtles (don't ask), and sharing conversation with the shag carpet that Splinter turned into. For the rest of the time, he plays one of the English scoundrels who are trading with the Japanese monarchs. Yeah, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Nor does it particularly excite the viewer. In fact, much like the previous film, the fight sequences are so toned-down and PG-fied that the adults in the audience will fall asleep. Or worse yet, just use this film as a kind of artificial babysitter, which I somehow doubt was what Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird had in mind for their original creations. I don't doubt that they were trying to reach the widest possible audience, but as this film proves, the more you try to please everyone, the more you wind up pleasing no one.

I gave Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III a one out of ten. There are moments when it gets bad enough to be funny. The problem is that there are just not enough such moments to justify this film for all but the most hardcore fans of the turtles. And since the most serious fans would all be at least twenty years old by now, well, let us just say this film has its work cut out for it pleasing even that audience.
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Uhhhhhh... wow, this movie's bad.
grandonsqr20 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I was a fan of the first movie. And, embarrassingly enough, I was sort of a fan of the second one. But this one...

Okay, first off, there's NO fluid movement to the Turtles AT ALL. They look about as mechanically-enhanced as those crappy singing robots they used to have at your local Chuck E. Cheese. In several shots, you can actually SEE where the turtle mask ends and the body suit begins, thereby magically creating the illusion that this is a guy in a turtle costume. The Splinter costume/puppet/whatever is SO. BAD. In the first movie, he was nuanced and realistic, but I guess that's why the folks at Jim Henson's Creature Shop make so much. Apparently, New Line couldn't afford them anymore.

The plot is... SO ridiculous. The "writers" send the Turtles BACK IN TIME to ancient Japan(?), a place where they don't have any villains from the comics or the cartoon. Some Japanese guys switch places with them in the present to be baby-sat by Casey Jones, and fish-out-of-water hilarity ensues (HA HA HA kill me). I actually have a theory about this: I think someone dug through a bunch of crappy action movie scripts, found one that would work with the Turtles and wrote the Turtles into it. It's the only thing that makes sense to me.

And P.S. -- the "jokes" are... not.

Anyway, avoid this abomination at all costs. If it means anything to ya, it ranks near the very bottom of my Worst Movies Ever list (somewhere below The Cat In The Hat but just above Freddy Got Fingered).
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The third TMNT movie!
Movie Nuttball14 March 2003
This Turtles film is good but the truth is it is My least favorite of the three.Its funny and has action but in My opinion it just doesn't have the same stuff the other two films.If you like the Turtles give it a chance!
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This is acctually really good!
PseudoDonn76 June 2003
The only thing I feel this movie lacked was Jim Hensons Studio's help. It shows by the cheapness of the Turtles (and especially Splinters) New look. Which actually looks great, but it's not the same material used in the first two. Splinter actually looks fine, but his outer appearance lacks the spirit of the original Splinter. People at Jim Henson Studios must put effort and life into anything they create because most puppeteers create their actual puppets -such was the case with Splinter in the first two. But this was taken out of the third movie...and thus the only thing to back it up would've been another return of Shredder and a good plot.

Sadly any return of Shredder would probably be a bad plot. :( As he did die in the comic book... And since the second story pushed away from the Comic's original storyline....(TGRI was really TCRI...and was run by aliens from outer-space) There was no way a plot that furthered the story would be any good...

unless....they chose the script they chose for this movie. The whole side story in Feudal Japan is it's own movie and this works excellently for the film. The Turtles show up to save April, who has been transported to Feudal Japan by a magic scepter. And of course adventure and comedy is bound to ensue.

Another thing I digged was the character development...which is sometimes sped up sometimes on Michaelangelo, Raphael, Whit, April and Casey's relationship, and Kenshin. However April (by herself), Lord Norinaga, Mitzu, Walker, and Donetello's character development works... (Don's character changes throughout the entire trilogy....first smart mouth, then joker who is a whiz with computers (or starting to be.) then finally Turtle Nerd..."I can't possibly exist without one single microchip?")

Which brings me to one another issue..... Corey Feldman's return was awesome! The second Donatello always annoyed me. I think it was mostly because Corey Feldman made Don his own character and not just the smart guy, but rather a smart guy with a smart-ass mouth. :D Corey's Return is highlighted in the credits and with good reason. He does an excellent job of following up on the second Don's attempt to be a Computer Wiz..

The rest of the cast is great, with the exception of Splinter's new voice actor. He tries... but he is no Kevin Clash. I must comment on Robbie Rist and Brian Touchi. They are Michaelangelo and Leonardo..they surpassed the cartoon voice overs from the cartoon series in the first movie...and they continued with their roles until the end and never faltered. Tim Kelleher is excellent as Rapheal, tho' it would've been nice to have the original voicer of Raph from the first or the second...he makes the role his own and that's actually good! Paige Turco return is surprising as she doesn't look herself in this movie at all. (I thought it was a third April) and this could be seen as good or bad for the film. (She looks like she's acting more like Judith Hoag) and this could be because of Elias Koteas, who is the only actor to return from the original movie. (Actor..the others did voices) 'Course I may be wrong. But his presence helps connect this film with the previous two. We get to see how Casey has changed (or hasn't) in this film since we didn't get to in the first. His appearance as Casey is short but good. He also gets a chance to play a secondary character named Whit who may be Casey's great great great great grandfather.

All and all... a good Turtle Movie on it's own.
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It Was Panned, But Its Still Good!
killbill_2812 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Some people claim that Turtles 3 was the worst one of the series. But come on it focused more on kids than adults like Turtles 2. In Turtles 3 the turtles get sent back into time by a old Japanese specter to recuse April which was also sent back through time from the specter. The turtles end up in 17th century Japan. The overall result is really entertaining! Some of the original cast members return from the first movie, such as Elias Koteas who plays the funny Casey Jones, Corey Fieldman returns as the voice of Donny. Out of all of the turtles movies this one is properly the best one for young kids. Its violence is more like childish acts and its full of comedy. The bad guy in this movie is a dude named Walker and he uses guns to kill people. The start of the movie starts with the turtles dancing to ZZ Top music and showing off their ninja skills. The special effects aren't as good as the first two movies but they are still convincing. This movie was panned by critic's and people on its release and a written out to be a flop and at one stage it was a rare movie to have because only a few thousand copies were only made world-wide. But thanks to DVD the movie is now part of the Turtles series pack on DVD.
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Were you expecting maybe the Addams Family?
csweetleaf25 May 2003
The turtles are at it again with their 3rd Turtle movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 but unfortunately, it isn't as good as the first two, the first one was a classic and the 2nd one was very good but the 3rd one is fairly dissapointing, the worst thing about this movie is Splinter's voice was awful and going back to time was a cheesy idea, but fortunately Elias Koteas returns as the immortal Casey Jones although he only gets to appear in about 10 minutes of the whole movie and Corey Feldman returns as the voice of Donatello (he couldn't make it to the 2nd one due to heroin addiction).

This movie gets 2 out of 5 stars instead of 1 since this movie does have Casey Jones and it's not a total waste of time.
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manitobaman8123 August 2014
Here the turtles find themselves transported back in time to ancient Japan. It's "Die Hard" for ninjas. I really like this type of film, as it reminds me of French movies where it's more about the characters and their environment. This is a story about a place most people might not be able to conceive. You can predict the whole movie and ending easily. Worse, these characters were walking cardboards. From an artistic standpoint, there were some plot elements and character developments I didn't think were totally needed. They do however drive the story, which seemed to be their purpose, so I can accept them, so it's 7/10 for me.
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Unlike most critics, I like this one better than 2, but less than 1.
FiendishDramaturgy7 March 2007
Our beloved Turtles go back in time to visit Ancient Japan where they must, of course, save ... something. Honestly, the story gets lost amid the cacophony of comedic exploitive attempts, but frankly, I was happy that those idiotic genetically-enhanced snapper turtle and wolf pup weren't back.

This attempt was more fun than the second, which I found entirely puerile, and while this one wasn't aiming at any awards or accolades, it was far superior to the last, but not as good as the original.

Unfortunately, I have to report that the turtles are still 4 feet thick, and are still campy crack-offs.

It rates a 6.9/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Improvement over the silly sequel and this third film is completely different from the first two.
hu6756 September 2005
When April O'Neil (Paige Turco) bought a old magic scepter that accidentally brings April back through time to 17th Century Japan. The Turtles have to save April before the magic scepter closes the gates of time. The Turtles arrived in the middle of a war, they have to battle the Evil Lord Norinaga (Sab Shimono) and an English Pirate (Stuart Wilson) to reclaim the magic scepter that will bring back below the subways of New York City.

Written & Directed by Stuart Gillard (Rocketman) made an enjoyable film that has great action, humour and fun for the whole family. This is the best of the series, this is a well written script and it has a different look to the film. Elias Koteas returns as Casey Jones for the Sequel and He also plays an another role. Corey Feldman reprises the voice of Donatello. Wilson is an entertaining villain. This wasn't a large success at the box office like the first two. The film plays well on Video. Do not miss this entertaining sequel. (****/*****).
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Still great fun
Op_Prime29 June 2000
The Turtles still offer great fun in their third outing on the silver screen. More aimed at children than ever, this movie has an interesting story, action, funny jokes and a happy ending. While not as good as the first two, the third movie is very entertaining. Now bring on another sequel.
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Great Fun, Supercool comedy action.
ZhuLien4 October 1999
The turtles are back in their 3rd motion picture as cool and fun as ever. This is a non-stop action/comedy martial arts turtle movie that shouldn't be missed by turtles fans.
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Tame and sickening kiddie fare
Oh dear, if you're diabetic then I would seriously advise against watching this film. It' so sugary it'll rot the brain right out of your head.

Why on earth Eastman and Laird allowed this to be made is beyond me. It's soooooooo far removed from their black and white comic book. Okay, I know the cartoon series was too but the first movie did have a hard edge to it. I mean, take a look at the cover-the Turtles are smiling and happy. Then look a cover of one of the original comic books. They're almost always gritting their teeth and frowning. THAT'S how it should be. Not like this.

Even the animatronics look fake. The first 2 had a rather believable Splinter but now he's juddering and stiff and obviously operated by a couple of technicians loitering a few feet off camera. His voice is also totally different and he seems a touch more upbeat and lively. HARDLY the way Splinter is supposed to be.

The plot itself defies logic and there are massive holes all over the place. With such a dramatic change in locale from New York to Fuedal Japan you'd think the movie would take advantage of that and go nuts with imagination.

But sadly not. It just...goes nowhere. I mean, what is the deal with the character of Whit. Why does he look like the great, great, great grandfather of Casey Jones.

In fact, the return of Casey is the only reason I am not giving this a 1-star rating. It's a pretty wretched movie but Elias Koteas can make it a tiny bit less unbearable.

Hopefully the new cartoon show and the possibility of another (harder) movie will cancel this one out. It's nothing but dated, mindless fodder for under-fives. At the risk of repeating myself; this is NOT how the Turtles should be.

Extras are almost non-existent but the animated menus are cool. The 1.85:1 anamorphic picture is in pretty good shape but the Dolby 5.1 track isn't up to much I'm afraid. The film was originally recorded in Dolby SR so this is obviously a remastering job. It's just adequate is all I'm saying.
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I don't mean to have a cow, dude, but this is totally the worst of the series.
Geeky Randy25 May 2010
The story of the turtles gets even more far-fetched in this inferior installment, with the turtles going back in time to 1603 Japan. The Jim Henson's Creature Shop obviously didn't provide for the turtles, which is a major blow to the overall production. There are a couple of pros that save the film from being a total disaster, including: the return of Casey Jones (Koteas), who's reprisal may make some fans feel that the second installment had a void with his omission; some fun parallels between 1603 Japan and the turtles' life in 1993 New York; wonderful set production for the Japan scenes; and well-developed new characters. While the omission of any references to the Foot Clan may heavily separate this film from the others in the series, it executes an entertaining and solid story. It's also nice to see the turtles and Splinter are still living in the abandoned underground train station from the second film, as well as Turco NOT suffering a recast of April O'Neal like Hoag did; which shows some attempt at continuity despite its major differences from the first two. However, the flaws are too great for its pros to overcome mediocre status. Right from the get-go the movie seems like a lost cause, with the opening credits being accompanied by a ridiculously, terribly unnecessary, spontaneous turtle-dance. Also, couldn't they have found a way to throw Chief Stern (Serra) in for some extra comedic-relief and continuity?

** (out of four)
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skip it
terrorsak19 February 2010
I'm only a fan of this movie for the nostalgia. As a kid, I was obsessed with 1993 ninja turtle Saturday morning cartoon. I distinctly remember getting this movie as a reward for getting good grades in every subject on my report card that term. I must've watched this movie at least a dozen times that summer.

sorry for the tangent. corey feldman does the voice of a lifesize puppet. how can that possibly be a good sign? the heroes of the movie are irritating in every scene. the consistently bad puns will make you want to slam your head against a wall. the portrayal of the fictional early 90's new york that exists in this movie is about as funny as rick moranis's career. avoid avoid avoid.
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Adrenaline pumping comedy that you will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish if you enjoyed the first two
Catherine_Grace_Zeh20 January 2006
Whoa! If you ask me, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE is an adrenaline pumping comedy that you will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish if you enjoyed the first two. I hate to say this, but I like Gloria Estefan's rendition of "Conga" better than the version that was featured here. Also, the martial arts and special effects were very well done. The most fascinating effect was the teleporting back to fifteenth century Japan. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this adrenaline pumping comedy that you will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish if you enjoyed the first two to anyone who hasn't seen it. When you see this movie, prepare for lots of laughs and a good time.
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The Tigris and Euphrates of crap
Quinoa198424 September 2000
When I saw this in the theaters when I was 9 in 1993 (you do the math) and honestly, as a kid, I thought it was OK. But then I saw it again recently (a few years ago), and it made Batman and Robin seem uplifting by comparison. This film is crappy when compared to the first (which was a masterpiece) and the second (which was OK) combined. Maybe kids will like it, but me, I found that just sitting alone with my own thoughts are more creative than watching this sad, pathetic excuse for a TMNT movie. By the way, don't the turtles seem more plastic now than ever before? C-
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