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Cheesy Entertainment At It's Best!, With(Bad) But Fun Performances And Great Fight Scenes!
callanvass21 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is quite simply cheesy entertainment at it's best with fun performances, and great fight scenes!. Of course it's bad, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it, and while the acting isn't good the performances are a lot of fun to watch, and the finale was pretty cool. The dialog is absolutely terrible,and the story is pretty ludicrous, however it's all a lot of fun, as there are plenty of great fight scenes,and fun performances to keep you entertained!. I'm not saying this is a great movie, i'm saying it's a LOT of fun, and pretty good for a very low budget film, plus the set pieces were not too shabby either!. Billy and Bolo actually have pretty good chemistry together, and while there acting skills may not be that good in this, they are extremely impressive in the fight scenes. This is quite simply cheesy entertainment at it's best with (Bad) but fun performances and great fight scenes!, highly recommended, to action/Martial art fans(like me)!. There is a tiny bit of blood. We get random blood here and there, and some gunshot wounds. The Acting is bad but TONS of fun. Billy Blanks acting needs a bit of improvement, but he is TONS of fun to watch, as he is fantastic at martial arts, extremely likable, had pretty good chemistry with Bolo and Bobbie Phillips, kicked that ass, was actually okay in his emotional scenes, and i said he is tons of fun to watch!. Bolo Yeung is excellent as usual, and is excellent here. he is very likable had pretty good chemistry with Billy Blanks, kicked that ass, and it was great to see him in action again!. Bobbie Phillips is decent as the Cyborg and a human being, she did her job adequately, she is also rather hot too. Matthias Hues looks big and is quite powerful, and that's all that was really needed for this role, he did it well. Rest of the cast are so so. Overall i highly recommend this to people who like low budget cheese!(like me). ***1/2 out of 5
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Lots of cool fights and almost no plot. Just how I like them!
Martin-11010 May 1999
TC 2000 is not a film for the average science fiction fan. This is all about fighting, and lots of it. It seems that almost every single person in this film is a martial artist (which would explain the terrible acting) and no more than ten minutes go by without a fight between at least two people. The fighting is pretty good, Billy Blanks is great and Bolo Yeung kicks some serious behind. A great low budget fighting movie.
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Blanks, Hues, Bolo, and more!
udar557 August 2008
By 2020, the environment is so bad that the rich have moved underground, leaving the poor to fight for survival in the contaminated Surface World. Protecting the underground are cops known as TCs (Tracker Communicators). TC Jason Storm becomes public enemy no. 1 after his partner Zoey (Bobbie Phillips) is murdered by a surface gang known as The Picassos (yeah, The Picassos) and Storm questions who let them into the underground. To escape, Storm heads to Surface World where he runs into Sumai (Bolo Yeung), a freedom fighter who might just know why The Controller wants to go take over Surface World.

This is endlessly complex for a DTV action flick, but I have to say I enjoyed it. Blanks is an excellent martial artist, which helps bypass his stiff acting filled with blank (ha!) expressions. As always, Bolo steals the show. Frequent Blanks co-star Jalal Merhi is the gang leader Niki and I COME IN PEACE alien Matthia Hues, a damn good fighter in his own right, stars as The Controller's right hand man Bigalow. Bobbie Phillips provides the female sidekick, which takes an odd turn about halfway in when she becomes the titular half-robot TC 2000.
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jay-814 January 2002
Warning: Spoilers
TC-2000 is an entertaining futuristic slugfest containing a number of fairly exciting fight sequences involving such action stars as Billy Blanks, Bolo Yeung and B-movie titan Matthias Hues. However, the movie is an absolute must-see for fans of the gorgeous and talented Bobbie Phillips (UPN's Chameleon). (POTENTIAL SPOILER:) The scene where the awesome Ms. P's title character has been brainwashed by the villain and is forced to fight her former partner is one of the best battle-babe scenes ever! Dressed in sexy black leather and spike-heeled boots, Bobbie acrobatically kicks the living crap out of Billy Blanks (and is totally convincing doing it). A total treat for violent-chick flick connoisseurs. Bobbie Phillips rules!
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Non-stop fighting.
martymaster23 September 2001
This movie is all about fighting,and it got some of the greatest martial-artists in the world.Some of them are Bolo Yeung,Matthias Hues and Billy Blanks.They all deliver some great fighting scenes.

Unfortunately the movie has no plot and is set to a sci-fi enviorment which makes it lame.

So if you are looking for cool fights and nothing else then this movie delivers.
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one of the best sci-fi movies ever
turnipmaster4 May 2005
well what can one say when it comes to tc 2000 only that it gives people a real stark interpretation of what the future holds for mankind. billy blanks (tae bo superstar), in a post apocalyptic future when human society has been forced underground. as part of a tc (tracker communicator)unit(the law keepers of the future)he faces his biggest challenge yet. He must foil the evil machinations of the moustached man. Billys unique take in this role combined with a suitable budget will capture the imagination of any sci-fi enthusiast. Other notable performances come from Bobbi Phillips,Jalal mehri and Bolo yeung(double impact).
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Bobbie Phillips rules
gridoon22 September 2006
After seeing "TC 2000", I'm having a hard time trying to understand why Bobbie Phillips never became a bigger b-movie star. In the beginning of this movie, she is "just" a beautiful woman who can kick some a$$. But later on she is transformed into the title character, a sort of female Robocop ("80% human, 20% machine, 100% dedicated to the job"), and the combination of her sardonic, pleased-with-herself smile, stylized hair, leather outfit, high boots, multiple back flips and even more a$$-kicking make her tremendously sexy. The film is an OK cross between post-apocalyptic sci-fi and martial arts action, though the plot is a little muddled, the editing is off at times and the fighting is of varying quality. Hues (for a guy his size, he sure can throw a kick!), Blanks and Phillips fare best; on the other hand, most of Bolo Yeung's fight scenes are really quite poor. (**)
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The fight scenes save this movie from disaster
sveknu8 February 2006
First:If martial arts and B-grade action is not your thing, then just take my word for it: Stay away from this movie, and don't read any further. Then, for the fans: The story in this movie is bad, bad, BAD!!!!!! It's OK that they don't focus on things like that in a martial arts movie, but they could at least have tried to use more than five minutes to come up with a plot and write the script. Hardcore action guys Matthias Hues, Bolo Yeung and Billy Blanks (plus Jalal Merhi) are absolutely hilarious in this movie. Their acting is just so bad, but that makes it just more fun to watch. We all know that it's the fighting these kind of movies are all about. Everything else is just a lame excuse for these guys to take off their t-shirts, flex their muscles and get into countless fights. They did this very well, and because of that this movie is recommended for martial arts fans.
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warlorde24 March 2002
Great martial arts flick set in the future. Good fight sequences. Bolo Yeung shines in this one, he's unbeatable! I do admit it's campy but what do you expect? Anyway watch it and you won't be disappointed.

10 out of 10. HAH YAAA!
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good fighting, and one hot chick
Adam14 October 2003
I watched this movie when it first came out ten years ago. I have been trying to find it ever since and no one seems to be able to find it. I loved the fighting -- Bolo, Billy, and Bobbie are great as the good guys, and the bad guys are equally impressive with Jalal and Matthias leading the way.

It has all the important ingredients of an action film: non-stop action on film. But most important, it has sex appeal with gorgeous Bobbie Phillips providing a good part of the action.

There aren't very many movies that stick with me for ten years, and this is one of them. I give it a 10!
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Fun, No brainer...
stevenmikado19 June 2002
I enjoyed this movie for what it is...A martial arts,futuristic fight movie. I also personally find it to be a classic as it was Bobbie Phillips'(Chameleon) first martial arts movie. She was always beautiful, but her martial arts and acting have come a long way. It's fun to go back to the beginning. The chemistry between Billy Blanks and Bobbie was fun to watch. It seemed like they were friends off screen which makes it fun to watch them in scenes together. I give it an 8 out of 10 judging it for what it is...I enjoyed it.
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Apparently, guns aren't effective in a post-apocalyptic LA
baskil5 May 2000
This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I kept thinking to myself "They have guns, why are they trying to do Kung-Fu on them?" And there were at least four prominent characters in the film who have no effect on the plot(HA!), but still managed to get at least 10 minutes of screen time. However, if you're a fan of MSTing films, you'll like this one. Just watch to the end of the credits. Trust me.
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junk-monkey12 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is undoubtedly the most moronic movie I watched in a long time. It's not that it is just BAD, there is a lot of entertainment to be had watching bad films this is just moronic. Two lines of exposition followed by five minutes of taking-it-in-turns fighting, followed by two lines of exposition, followed by five minutes of taking-it-in-turns to kick each other into piles of things piled up so people can be kicked into them fighting followed by.... you've got the picture by now. At one point towards the end one of the bad guys actually says "It's my turn now." before attacking the hero for the umpteenth time.

The picture culminates (if that is the right word) in our heroes standing in front of a doomsday device which is about to wipe out all life on Earth. It is going to achieve this by firing small, cheap, bottle-rocket fireworks full of chemicals up a HUGE chimney into the atmosphere where their payloads will mingle into a deadly cloud. The three muscle headed heroes futilely type possible override passwords into the computer keyboard hoping to abort the system. None of them thinks to just push the bloody thing over. It's a short tube firing 75 pence fireworks for crying out loud. Put something over the top of it... what about that handy mirror you guys used to bypass the killer lasers? Put that on the top of the tube - then sit on it; that will do it. Duh? No, Mongo prefer to type with keyboard with one finger, Mongo only know how to type with one finger. There are, at the very least, a quarter of a million distinct English words, excluding inflections, and words from technical and regional vocabularies. What are the chances of muscle bound morons like this hitting the right one hunting and pecking away as the time ticks away? None! And isn't it lucky overrides are always complete words not made up words like 'snoffdingle' or just random strings of digits '5678vhjfrtydj'. I mean, if I was a mad scientist knowing muscle-headed kick-boxers were planning to thwart me that's the sort of password I would use. Wmahahahaha!
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"TC 2000" is a ridiculous movie.
Comeuppance Reviews12 May 2010
"TC 2000" is a ridiculous movie.

What remains of a plot after the end of the world occurs is: In 2020, the world has turned into a post apocalyptic wasteland. Officer Jason Storm (Blanks) is a tough cop who is on the run and has to go to "The Underground" (which in actuality is just a place where he fights crazy bums and there is lots of metal scaffolding...) Storm then meets up with Master Sumai (Bolo) who tells him that there is a conspiracy run by Bigelow (Hues) to bring down the "Surface World", with a "Kill Zone" device, which is a nuclear bomb of sorts.

The low-budget feel of the movie does it no favors. It's a lot harder to make a period piece with no budget. In its sad attempt to ape the then-popular "Demolition Man" (A personal favorite) it fails on all counts and winds up looking chintzy.

If you want to see something direct-to-video with Billy Blanks may I suggest Tae-Bo Volumes 3,7, and 12. In all seriousness, the movie is not kind to Bolo either. He doesn't get to fight until the end and even then it was poorly choreographed and not up to Bolo's usual high standard. If you want some prime-cut Bolo, try the Shootfighter movies. Matthias Hues joins the fray as main villain "Bigelow". His most famous role was in the Dolph Lundgren classic "I Come In Peace". I normally like Hues, but he isn't at his best here, sadly.

Director T.J. Scott also made the Meat Loaf vehicle "Blacktop" and many TV shows. This might explain some of the flat direction. The cast of mainly foreigners ensures the dialogue is even more stilted then you might expect. The best part is the reward you get at the end: The advertisement for TC products. We finally learn what "TC" stands for, which is "Tiger Claw" and the logo is on many jackets and shirts worn in the movie.

2020 isn't very far away, so if want to see a glimpse of what it is going to be like, Shoot "Blanks" with this flick tonight.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty & Brett For more insanity, check out:
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