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My Favorite Movie
liz_ard8330 June 2006
Everything about this movie is ridiculous. The plot is dumb, the characters are cheesy, as the jokes are lame. It is one of the most hysterical movies I have ever watched.

I saw it first when I was about 10 because my little brother was on a ninja movies kick. I think I liked it better than he did. Of course, back then I thought Johnny was cute.

I'm quite a lot older now, and this movie still makes me laugh as I hard today as I did then. As pathetic as this movie is, it has to be my favorite.

I think everyone on the planet should see this movie at least a dozen times. It's not a cinematic masterpiece, but it's worth every minute.
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I liked it.
michellemybell4 March 2002
I saw this movie a few years ago and I happened to see it again recently. It is definitely not meant to be a super amazing martial arts movie in the sense of Bruce Lee. Rather this movie is supposed to be fun and lighthearted. I think it does its job. You can't judge it and say "Well that was a cheesy line". After all it was made in the early 90s so there is still a little of the 80s in the movie. It would be like watching those great movies of the 50s and mocking the dramatics of the women(ya know the screams with the hands on the face kinda deal.) People today just over think movies. If this movie makes you laugh and leaves you thinking... "I'm happy with the ending" then it served its purpose. It is just entertainment!!!!!!! And I like this movie!
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The only hunch I can surmise as to why people rated this film so low was because they were not the demographic target, but then again, neither am I, and I still enjoyed "Surf Ninjas" immensely.
Vladimir_Grozescu23 September 2001
"Surf Ninjas" is an excellent film. I suppose many people viewed the early 90's American pop-culture references, and dated jargon as off-putting, but to me, they gave the film a sense of nostalgic charm. The only hunch I can surmise as to why people rated this film so low was because they were not the demographic target, but then again, neither am I, and I still enjoyed "Surf Ninjas" immensely. Sure, "Surf Ninjas" is targeted at the teenage crowd, but you don't have to be a teenager to enjoy it. Even now, as an adult, I still enjoy this film. Although, it's a bit difficult pinpointing why exactly I like it so much, but one of the main reasons was because the main characters were so engaging and enjoyable. The most enjoyable characters are Johnny and Iggy, but just about everyone turns out an enjoyable performance here. One of my favourite scenes in this film is when the cast gives a hilarious rendition of the song, "Barbara Ann", right after Johnny liberates his people. Also, there are some wonderful jokes in this film, many of which are very witty. But I won't give any of them away; they're far too funny to spoil. I guess this is the type of film you could call a "guilty pleasure", but I don't really see why. Why anyone would categorize something such as this that's funnier than 90% of the American comedies out there as "guilty" is beyond me.

My rating: 9 stars out of 10
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Not a masterpiece, but it's pretty funny
lifeisnteverything30 June 2005
It never fails to amaze me--no matter how many times I read over the comments about "Surf Ninjas", I'm astounded by the sheer number that are written by people who must look down their noses at any movie that does not fit into the category of "serious film". You would think that an Oscar contender was being reviewed, not a children's movie from the early 90's about surfing ninja-princes.

Come on. How much can a person expect from a movie called "Surf Ninjas"? All you can expect, as far as I'm concerned, are ninjas who surf. This movie has both, therefore it is a complete success.

I have to say, I loved this movie when I was little. I rented it every weekend for three months straight. Last Christmas, I found a VHS of it at Wal-Mart for $3.99, and, of course, I bought it. When I watched it, I was pleasantly surprised that it not only lived up to what I remembered of it, but that it was full of inside jokes and one-liners that my kid's brain couldn't quite get, but that my now-adult brain totally comprehends. And, might I add, finds rather funny.

Few movies could make a running gag out of a line like "Money can't buy knives", but "Surf Ninjas" pulls it off. Don't watch this expecting a masterpiece, but as a slice of good old 1990's nostalgia, it's great.
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A Funny Buddy Movie!
consortpinguin27 February 2001
If you liked "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "Wayne's World," you would like "Surf Ninjas." It didn't get very good reviews, because the reviewers were expecting logic. No, this movie is as zany as the other aforementioned buddy movies, and just as unpredictable.

Two Asian-American brothers, Johnny and Adam along with their crazy sidekick Iggy are living a good life surfing and studying as little as possible in a California coastal town. They are drawn into an adventure when suddenly ninjas start appearing and try to assisinate the two brothers.

Through a series of events the brothers learn they are princes back in their long-lost homeland and must make a journey to help liberate their country from an evil dictator played by Leslie Nielsen.

Their adventures along the way are a riot, especially with the big-talking Iggy who always seems to be waxing his board rather than actually surfing. There are a few scenes along the way when the brothers must defeat groups of Ninjas who mysteriously appear at the worst times. Tone-Loc also joins them as the Police detective assigned to the case. Johnny is very surprised to meet his "intended," Princess Ro-May played by the lovely Kelly Hu, who also makes the journey.

The photography of their beautiful but mysterious homeland was actually worth seeing on the big screen, with the ocean, the mountains, the jungles, and even an ancient temple. I believe it was filmed in Thailand. To invade the evil empire, the small band led by Johnny surfs into the beach.

If you want a logical movie, Maybe "Titanic" would do. But for an absolutely crazy buddy movie, "Surf Ninjas" will get you laughing.
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Best Movie Ever!
mildcheddarcheese216 July 2003
Okay everybody, now I know you might be saying to yourselves, "This guy is stupid, and needs to be shot very quickly, or his rare strain of stupidness might spread!" And you are entitles to your oppinion, but this time, I think you all are mistaken when you say that Surf Ninjas is a bad movie. It may not have done well at the theatres... or anywhere else for that matter, but if you were a kid, and you didn't watch Surf Ninjas hundreds of times in a row, I don't think your life is really complete. I mean, sure this movie may not have the best plot, or characters, or Ninjas, but if you are the type of person who can love and appreciate this type of movie, then you know that it was probably never meant to have those things. This movie is fun to watch because of the cheezy action sequences and the bad jokes. So maybe it isn't the "Best Movie Ever!" as I stated in my title, but it sure was good enough for me to buy it on DVD. All of you who think that it's not worth it to see his movie anywhere, let alone buy it, are all wrong. You really should do one of those things. Anyway, I'm kind of rabbling on with this, because it is pretty late. Soooooo....yeah. Watch this movie!
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A Must-Have for Any Film Collection
amethystflames8 February 2009
Whenever I see reviews of this movie, they usually include things like "Only boys under the age of nine would actually like it." When this film came out, I was a ten-year-old girl, and fifteen years later it's still my all-time favorite film.

Rob Schneider is beyond hysterical as Iggy; the only truly disappointing performance is that of Leslie Nielsen, which is thankfully overshadowed by the entertainment value of his character. The characters are so likable that it's hard to choose a favorite. The plot is silly, yes, but it's fun and entertaining and it doesn't try to be more than what it is-- a comedic kid's movie about ninjas. It doesn't bother trying to pull off angst like the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or drama like 3 Ninjas, it just sets out to make you laugh, and it succeeds.

Young boys will love it, but so will anyone interested in humor, lighthearted adventure, and fight scenes from before the days of slow motion and Matrix-disbelief.
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Saving face for Surf Ninjas
cwtrex12 November 2002
I believe that a lot of people do not understand how to criticize on a film. People are supposed to grade it for what it is, not for what the actors are doing now, not for how it should have been compared to what it is, and certainly not for the TYPE of film that it is.

Surf Ninjas is a feel good movie that is targeted for kids. Granted I am over 18 and I still love the movie (but I'm also into surfing and martial arts so the film is right up my ally).

Granted that the film could have been put together when compared to films of today. But you must understand that the film was low budget. This wasn't made by a director who could throw away money. This film was made by someone who had an idea and who barely had the capabilities and extensive training ... not to mention the lack of funds for any really cool computer generated effects.

If you grade the movie on what it is (a kid movie) and you understand what kind of budget they had to work with ... you have to give the movie at least a 8 out of 10 stars, even if you don't like martial arts or Rob Schneider!

Personally, I rate it 10 out of 10. If you haven't seen it, and are having doubts, at least go give it a try to see what YOU think. Don't read any more from these silly critics. I bet you'll enjoy the film in full.
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It's a comedy...
mustangboy6629 December 2006
You have to watch this movie realizing that it's a goofy comedy, and that's what it's meant to be. If you are watching it for it martial arts value, then you might be confused at best. Laugh at it, it's funny. If you watch it with kids, it's helpful. The characters are likable, and it is every bit quote-able as a movie like Caddyshack. What's cool is, that people don't know this movie like Caddyshack or Stripes or The Blues Brothers or Spinal Tap. So, you and your friends should watch Surf Ninjas over and over-learn it, know it, live it. Then when you are in public, you can quote it, and people will think that you are clever, and not just guys who sit around watching the same movies over and over so that you can memorize all of the famous lines and quote them word for word. Buy this movie. Trust me.
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Surf's Up!
MaximumCheese16 March 2003
I may be kind of biased toward movies like this, (ie Kickboxing Academy, Bio Dome) but I LOVE this movie. I judge a movie by the way it catches my attention and if I can sit through it and not be bored. This movie definitely meets those requirements. I could sit here and compare the quality of the acting to other movies, but I won't, because Surf Ninjas does exactly what it's supposed to, entertain and get a few lighthearted laughs. Some of my best childhood memories are connected with this movie, and I can still sit through the whole thing and be entertained. Of course, Rob Schneider rocked, if you find his quasi-annoying manner funny. All in all, I heavily recommend this movie to anyone who needs to be "emotionally moved" by a movie and just wants some good entertainment.
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Its not a real movie, its a parody!
dcohen72610 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Heres the thing you need to remember, this movie was made around the time of the TMNT series and 3 Ninjas. If anything this movie is a parody of those movies. Casting Rob Schneider, who was on Saturday Night Live at the time, makes it pretty evident that they had no intentions of making this a serious kids ninja movie. If that doesn't do it for you, how about the casting of Leslie Neilson who no doubt, before this movie, had done a ton of comedy movies. I'm sure the people who casted this movie has to ask everyone if they wanted to be in it, and explain it was a parody, otherwise they would have used people who weren't comedians. As a parody, I'd definitely would give this a great score, cause I have viewed and loved Ninja Turtles and 3 Ninja's when I was a kid. However, if for some crazy reason they wanted to make this a serious movie. They did a awful job. But like I said it was a comedy.
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ben0jamin2 January 2003
This movie is one of my all time favs. Iggys cheesy anecdotes are so histerical. It blows my mind how so many people have not given good ratings to this movie. I don't know what you expect when you rent a movie called surfninjas made in the early 90s... but even as a grownup I find the movie funny. It may not be very good for action but who cares when you have the "money can't buy knives" speech. peace out rent this movie and be in the right mind set y-all!
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I couldn't get enough!
johngreviewcentercom29 July 2002
I am so tired of people just blatantly trashing movies. I loved Surf Ninjas, not because it had good filmography or because it had good literary or social value. The movie MADE ME LAUGH.<br> Seriously, folks, some movies are BAD, that's a given, but you don't put hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars into making and releasing a movie unless you are proud to have your name appear in the credits. <p>Surf Ninjas was the second movie that Rob Schneider ever appeared in and his performance was excellent and on par with his ability to wisecrack and make the audience laugh. Ernie Reyes Jr. (who was the Pizza boy in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II) played a decent lead role alongside his father, Ernie Reyes Sr. who played the shadowy protector of the wouldbe princes. Tone Loc adds another good role as the comedic police officer who joins the rag-tag group of adventurers. <p> All in all, the movie was made for kids. But I recently purchased it and it still makes me laugh.
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The stealth bomber of cult comedy classics...
grilledweasel7 June 2002
I saw this film and was totally amazed, at first glance it appeared to be a kids film. A cheesy ninja action film with lots of bad humor and hokey acting. However, if anyone has ever seen the cult classic The Kentucky Fried Movie, they will immediately recognize that a large part of Surf Ninjas is based on the short film, A Fistful Of Yen, which was part of The Kentucky Fried Movie. The character of Colonel Chi, played by Leslie Nielsen was based almost exactly on the character of Khlan from A Fistful Of Yen. Including the joke about the evil one handed dictator having an answering machine. For all those who hated Surf Ninjas, I would recommend seeing The Kentucky Fried Movie, and after watching the short film contained in it, A Fistful Of Yen, to watch Surf Ninjas again. I guarantee the film will make more sense and be much funnier. By the way, Abrahams and Zucker, who made The Kentucky Fried Movie, also made Airplane, with Leslie Nielsen playing a part. I don't think it is a coincidence that Nielsen reprised the Abrahams and Zucker role of Khlan in the Neal Israel film, Surf Ninjas. Surf Ninjas was the stealth bomber of cult comedy classics. Watch it again, with open eyes.
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Great movie
spanktrovision29 April 2001
This movie is one of the few movies today that can make me laugh without resorting to foul language. Don't get me wrong, I love many R-rated comedies, but Surf Ninjas never fails to make me laugh out loud. As to the low ranking, this movie is not trying to take itself seriously. Notice Leslie Nielsen as the villian, definitely not trying to make a serious, or even believable plot. However, this movie does not need a good plot, or even an original one, because it can stand alone on the strength of its excellent one-liners.
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Hey, it's for kids.
Nirvanabreed5944-131 October 2003
If I made a review from what I think of the movie now, I'd be doing an injustice. When I saw this movie I was basically in the target audience, 10 year old kid who loved video games and anything to do with ninjas(only thing missing was that I wasn't in to surfing). And this was a FUNNY movie at the time. So now, I enjoy the movie for nostalgia. The acting is horrible(except for Lesie Nielsen of course, and Rob Schneider wasn't too bad), the plot is only slightly better than similar movies, and there's not really a lot of laughter for anyone in their teens or older...without the use of illegal materials.
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This movie was made for MST3K.
Byers18 April 1999
"Surf Ninjas" was made near the peak of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craze and is obviously a blatant attempt to capatalize on the ninja mania. They didn't do a very good job. This movie is such a great candidate for Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) that the producers should have skipped its distribution to theaters and sent it straight to the bots. There "story" is that a couple of kids (brothers), heirs to the throne of an island country that has been overthrown by a tyrant, are living in exile in the U.S. (they don't know they're princes, btw; what an original concept). Suddenly they are informed of their true identity, receive "super powers" (instant kung fu knowledge for one, psychic ability for the other) and must free their homeland. Throw in some stunt doubles doing cheap looking martial arts moves, a few poor attempts at humor, a few feel-good moral messages (freedom over tyranny, everyone has a special gift, blah blah blah), and a commercial tie in (Sega's Game Gear) and you've got yourself one giant waste of money.
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For the kids
gmiller84 February 2005
This is a kids movie. Do not watch it if you are older than the age of ten. I saw this film when i was seven and i loved it. So by all means rent it for the kids but it probably would not entertain any other age group. I used to love all these ninja movies when i was a kid. It is just something about kids kicking butt that makes a child feel empowered. I even used to have a sega genesis like the youngest surf ninja. This is a spin off of the three ninjas movies, which i absolutely used to love. If you have kids and you want to rent them some movies you should get them the three ninja movies first and then maybe surf ninjas.
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Can't Get Much Worse Than This
kgsmith126 April 2003
This movie is a sad, sad attempt to cash in on the Ninja Turtles craze. The tie in with Sega is the most pathetic, sorry attempt at cross promoting I have ever seen. The "plotline" is so overplayed it's sad--not to mention of the 500 movies that have used this very same plotline, 498 of them did it better. It only stays away from a 1 because some (and I stress, SOME) of the ninja moves are decent. Don't rent it, don't watch it, just spend two hours hammering a nail into your hand instead--it'll be more fun and you'll feel like you acomplished something, to boot.
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One of those movies
studhead18216 February 2002
This was one of my favorite movies like in 3rd grade... I loved watching ninja movies as a kid and i still do and this one is still fun to watch... Probably still one of my favorite movies. Has a great cast and it's really funny. The acting wasn't great but it was good. And this movie was pretty predictable. But wouldn't you think it would be cool. If it happened to you?
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Solid, fun feel-good ninja movie
jbdahl120 October 2006
Excellent summer day or break movie, and its not a bad film I was in the target age range when it came out. And it is still not that bad even today, it has some actual fighters in the film, Ernie Reyes Jr, was also in TMNT II and stunt doubled in TMNT I. The younger brother is awful, but Reyes Sr, Jr., and Schneider are good, and John Karlen who plays Mac does give an extra level of fun to feel-good movie. The plot is more imaginative then other children's ninja movies, this in turns adds to the fun of the movie. The color palette, score and mood are cheery, mystical and very exciting, any toddler to even young adolescent will enjoy this movie.
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This movie is great
savestheday17ags22 December 2001
Surf ninjas is a great movie. My friends and I totally disagree with whoever said it was a waste of money and time. You actually have to have a great since of humor to like that movie. Many people as well as myself think this movie is drop dead funny.
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It's cute!
Sprites15 December 1999
Okay, art it isn't, but this movie is rather cute! I don't understand why it wasn't better received. I rented it on video a few months after it was released, mostly because of Ernie Reyes Jr, and I quite enjoyed the film. All right, so maybe the acting wasn't top-notch, maybe the script wasn't Oscar-worthy, but it was great for 90 minutes of entertainment. Upon reading some reviews I wonder what some people expect for a ninja movie? If you want tons of silly laughs then see this movie.
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Fun Childhood movie *extremely minor spoiler*
negative-perspective29 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
It may seem that im repeating most of the comments but truth deserves repetition

I rented surf ninjas as a kid and enjoyed it so much i never got tired of it. My parents had to stop my addiction to it after the fifty-something viewing. It was a fun action movie - ninjas, video games, action, pretty girls and the classic storyline of good vs world domination cyborg old bad guy. It brought the fundamentals of storytelling in a fun, modernized movie to an audience that wasn't worried about the acting nor the special effects. We just wanted to see ninjas kick butt. It's a fun movie for kids but after puberty its crap. But i still don't care - it brings back fond memories. Id still watch it just for the nostalgia. By all means give this movie a shot and, if desired, laugh at its crap.
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Patheticly Funny
kozout25 January 2001
This movie I saw on Showtime this year, and laughed heavily at its stupidity. The whole premise of the movie is absurd, and the commercial tie-ins are very low-brow. But regardless, this movie is worth watching because it is so patheticly funny. The stupid jokes,the silly stereotypical characters, and the horrible music are enough to make a non-overzealous movie fan laugh out loud.
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