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  • The final scene of the film sees Daisy bursts into the Mario brothers' apartment in combat gear and wielding a flamethrower, exclaiming that they need to return to the parallel world with her.

    While this would imply a hostile threat needing urgent attention, writer Parker Bennett admits that he and partner Terrence Runté wrote the sequel hook as an homage to Back to the Future as a means only to reunite Daisy with Luigi and thus resolve their emotional arc. The threat, whatever it may have been, was never outlined in any form.

  • During the Mario brothers' double date, Luigi mentions that Mario brought him up and has been "my mother my whole life, and my father, my brother, everyone." While the whole backstory is never revealed, this line implies that perhaps their parents either died, ran off or too busy to pay attention to them when Luigi was an infant, and so older brother Mario stepped in to look after him and be like a surrogate father. Therefore, the Mario brothers are BROTHERS, and not father and son. At least not biological father and son.


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