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Mike Myers' best film
The_Void7 July 2004
So, I married an Axe murderer is not the sort of Mike Myers comedy that people have become used to over the years. Myers will, undoubtedly, be most remembered most for his Austin Powers series, but this is a film that certainly should not be forgotten; Myers was never funnier than he is in this movie.

The plot centres around Charlie Mackenzie (Myers), a man who can never have a girlfriend without finding a flaw with her which always leads him to end the relationship. That is until he meets Harriet Michaels. She seems perfect, but the flaw that Charlie finds with this woman, may cost him his neck...

What follows is a tour-de-force of comedy. It is true that a few of the jokes don't really work, but the ones that do REALLY work, and it 's easy to forgive the movie for the ones that don't. In fact, I haven't seen this movie in over a year, but I'm laughing as I type this. This movie features some positively brilliant moments, from Myers' poetry sessions ("Woman! Woah-man, wooaaaaaahhhhh-man"), to the very Scottish father, played to perfection by Myers who has a duel role("Head! Move! Now!") to Charlie's police man friend, who is definitely the man with the most comedy; his conversations with Charlie regarding the song "Only You", the moments with his police chief (a memorable performance by Alan Arkin) and most notably, the parts with the commandeered driver ("No, it's one of my favourite things") are positively hilarious. The entire cast of this movie delivers their lines with a great comic timing; a lot of the quotes I mentioned aren't funny out of the context of the film, but due to the way they are delivered and the context of the movie, the dialogue is side splitting.

There isn't a lot of plot or heart to chew on with this movie, which accounts for the lot of the reason that this is a short review; but when a film is this funny, who cares what it's about? In the face of Myers' more commercially successful movies, such as Wayne's World, Austin Powers and Shrek; So, I Married an Axe Murderer isn't going to win a lot of fans as it's not as outgoing as the other three and a lot of the humour is very wry. However, this is Myers finest hour and this little comedy gem should definitely not be forgotten.
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Underrated Comedy
mystic8026 September 1999
Probably one of Mike Myers' finest films. The film is the story of Charlie MacKenzie, a commitment phobic who performs in a coffeehouse as a poet. Charlie is looking for the right girl of which he finds in Harriet, an attractive butcher whom Charlie falls head over heels for. The two begin to date but Charlie begins questioning his relationship when clues pointing to an serial killer show up and point directly to Harriet. Funny performances from Mike Myers pulling double duty as sarcastic Charlie and his Scottish dad Stuart MacKenzie, Brenda Fricker as Charlie's horny mother who's got the hots for Tony, Anthony LaPaglia as best friend Tony, and Nancy Travis as girlfriend Harriet. Look for a few surprise cameos from the likes of late great Phil Hartman, Michael Richards, Alan Arkin, Charles Grodin, Steven Wright, and Debi Mazar. Definitely a good rent on a Saturday night.
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Myers Rules!
mathewshires13 May 2001
The sad thing is that this is Mike Myers' lowest grossing film, which shows just what most people know. It's absolutely his best one though, with more likeable wit than the 2 Austin Powers pics and better characters and plot than the Waynes World movies.

Myers can only really do about 4 voices (Himself, Wayne, Austin and a Scotsman, which he's doing AGAIN in Shrek now) and he gets to show them all off here, which is actually great. He's great as his miserable dad, and the whole thing is just great fun, a really good film. Nancy Travis and Anthony LaPaglia as his insecure cop buddy support Myers well all the way through. Mike Myers and this movie just rule.
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Better Every Time I Watch
byte_me-128 May 2006
This movie is an unexpected delight. It has the love story aspect most women like, the mystery component that should please the watchers of thrillers and some action sequences that males are sure to enjoy. There was even a nudity scene so this has something for everybody.

Mike Myers is at his talented best playing both Charlie and his father. In fact, it's his father's role that steals the show in both the Harriet meets Parents scene with his comments about his younger brother's "Heed" and also at the wedding with his shouting out "Lets get P*seed" at the end of the ceremony.

Nancy Travis does a great job of looking slightly suspicious throughout the movie. I especially like her appearance in the scene where Charlie drives past whilst she is rolling out the awning wearing Dutch national costume.

Anthony LaPaglia's portrayal of the frustrated undercover policeman is a real hoot. You can't help but love the part where his Captain comes into his office, kicks his feet off the desk and gets stuck into him for nosing into a case belonging to Homicide, particularly, since when he comes back into the office and tells him how much he loved that outburst.

The other winner is Brenda Fricker who portray's Charlie's mother with the hots for his friend (LaPaglia). I loved the way she explained the story of Mrs X from her favorite paper "News of the World" totally ignoring Charlie's depiction of it as a sensationalist rag.

Although there were some dead parts in the movie, they were easy to ignore and more than made up for with the pace of the script. This is a movie you can watch repeatedly, especially when you've seen everything else in your DVD library, it's fun, not meant to be taken serious, the hero gets the girl (somewhat) and nobody get's hurt except the drunken bagpiper at the wedding reception.
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Unappreciated gem
cathyyoung112 May 2000
"So I Married an Axe Murderer" is a delightfully offbeat, inventive comedy I can see again and again, and laugh every time.

Mike Myers, in a dual role as the neurotic but romantic Charlie McKenzie and Charlie's cantankerous father, gives the best performance I've seen from him so far (I've yet to see the "Austin Powers" movies but I didn't especially care for "Wayne's World," maybe because I couldn't stand Dana Carvey or his character). Nancy Travis is quite good as Harriet, the seemingly perfect girlfriend who's got a secret. The supporting cast also does excellent work, especially Anthony LaPaglia as Charlie's policeman buddy Tony.

What makes this movie truly special isn't the principal story line -- the romance-mystery-suspense -- but the many wonderful bits of inspired lunacy/hilarity along the way. Among them: every scene involving the hero's cantankerous dad; Harriet's sister Rose persuading Charlie to stay for breakfast; Phil Hartman's cameo as a very intense tour guide at Alcatraz (this scene gets butchered when the movie is edited for TV, even non-premium cable; make sure you see the uncut version!); Charles Grodin as the surly driver of a vehicle commandeered by a cop; an episode involving a guy who works on the obituary page of a newspaper; the side-splitting scenes between Tony and his precinct captain (a very funny Alan Arkin). There are many such moments throughout the film, turning up in the most unexpected places. The dialogue is witty, and the humor is completely unpredictable and fresh.
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It could happen.......
Bing-186 May 1999
In this greatly under-rated film, Mike Myers plays a man scared of commitment, until that is he meets Harriet and they fall in love, but does she have a rather macabre secret?

This film flows wonderfully, carrying you along before you realise it, right until the end.

Some of the better comedic moments, though, come from the cameos, especially by Steven Wright and Charles Grodin, who is always wonderful, whatever film he is in, although the poetry scenes are quite funny too.

For some reason this film was not as successful as other Mike Myers' efforts such as the Wayne's Worlds, and it does appear that audiences prefer Myers in character than as himself, and indeed you will come out liking Myers better as his father than as his main role, but nevertheless a great movie!
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This may be Mike Myers funniest movie EVER!
marksmac16 January 2005
For a first (and I know it's not his absolute first but close to it) this movie was fantastic. The more I watched, the funnier it got and the best are the small nuances.

After following his work and being a fan of his other films I appreciate the humour he's written into this movie even more.

If there's any doubt that this is a masterpiece, bring up the scene where he visits his parents in any crowd and watch the quotables start flying.

When asked what my favorite movie of all time is (a supremely tough question for a movie buff) this one always pops out first. It's cute, smart, hilarious, and no body gets hurt! Watch it! Love it!
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Did you marry Mrs X?
MovieKing-46 July 2000
Mike Myers gives Waynes World a rest and delivers what I think is a better movie.... well better than Waynes World 2 anyway. It is a truly great movie with Mike playing a duel role, firstly as Charlie MacKenzie a young guy who is scared of commitment to women, then his dad Stuart MacKenzie a very funny Scotsman who could take the lead role in X Files with his ideas on Conspiracy. Nancy Travis stars as a butcher... Harriet, who ends up with Charlie..... A great movie that is very funny in the pre Austin Powers age, a 7 out of 10.
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Quirky and Funny.
falconav467 May 2009
I saw this film on cable not long after its release and remember enjoying it. But like most films, it didn't leave a lasting impression. For some reason I have had a DVD copy of the film in my collection for some time now, probably a b-day gift or some such, and I never watch it…Last night, sixteen years after it first appeared, I watched it again.

Sometimes, a piece of art takes time and multiple exposures for its audience to fully appreciate its quality. This is definitely the case with this film. For me, a film should show me new characters or new settings or give me a new way of looking at a recognizable situation. So often films just give their audience the same tired stereotypical content; Characters that differ in name only from other films and plot lines that so closely follow previous successful productions that I'm surprised there aren't more lawsuits between artists. Such is not the case with "So I Married an Axe Murderer". With the tiny exception of the girlfriend of the chief supporting character, every role can accurately be described as unique. A butcher shop owner/operator (Nancy Travis) for a leading lady that may be wielding her cleaver in the off hours plus her curiously flighty sister (Amanda Plummer). A suburban San Francisco family of intensely Scottish decent that includes the youngest son with an enormous head and a Mother (Brenda Fricker) who has no qualms about French kissing her eldest son's best friend just to assure herself he's good at it. There's a light aircraft charter pilot (Steven Wright) that probably shouldn't have been awarded a license and a slightly embittered, slightly maniacal former Alcatraz guard/now tour guide (Phil Hartman) who makes me laugh just to look at him on screen. There's an undercover cop best friend (Anthony LaPaglia) that wanted to be Starsky or Hutch but instead learns the job really entails filling out a lot of forms and his boss (Alan Arkin) who, if it wasn't for Mike Myer's performance, would have stolen the movie with his portrayal of a Police Chief that can only be described as the antithesis of that character that we've seen so many times in films and TV.

About Mike Myers: Intensely likable. Free and easy on film at a young age he creates two wonderful characters that make us laugh hard throughout. As the lead Charlie McKenzie and as his father Stuart, Myers keeps the film moving with his paranoid yet irresistible charm from Charlie and his Robin Williamsesque quips that flow from his two characters accomplishing the most difficult task for such a performance; namely, entertain without distracting from the story.

I've added this film to my "Favorites" list and recommend it highly. If you liked "You Can't Take it With You" you'll love this more contemporary yet equally quirky film of love and family.
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Underrated Mike Myers comedy
george.schmidt22 April 2003
SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER (1993) *** Mike Myers, Nancy Travis, Anthony La Paglia, Amanda Plummer, Brenda Fricker, Alan Arkin, Michael Richards. Hilarious comedy about a marriage phobia plagued neo-Beat poet (Myers) who finds the girl of his dreams (Travis) may in fact be a psychopathic serial killer.

Impressive supporting cast with absurdly hilarious situations and performances. Myers also plays his ribald Scottish dad and Charles Grodin has a hysterical cameo.
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My favorite movie
mistygwynne2 September 2004
This has been my favorite movie since it came out. I watched it twice and thought it was O.K., then I started to really get it. Every time I watched it, I caught more jokes. I know nearly every line by heart, I have seen it so many times. I am not a nerd, or some crazy person. Just someone who appreciates hilarious movies. The best scene is when Charlie's father (Mike Myers) tells Tony (his best friend) about the "secret society". I laugh to the point of tears at that part. I still can't help but say "Fine. Go. You've stayed your hour." every time someone leaves my home. It's just the perfect, crazy ending to a visit, isn't it? Brilliance, Mike Myers. Brilliance.
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Silly Love Story
funky_cherry8615 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Charlie Mackenzie (Myers) is a San Francisco coffee house poet whose poems are about all of his failed relationships with women and he's scared of commitment. Things change when Charlie meets Harriet Michaels (Travis) a local butcher who isn't just beautiful but has a heart of gold, their relationship is going great until he suspects Harriet of being Mrs. X a woman who kills her husbands on their wedding night. His friend Tony (Lapaglia) thinks he's just being paranoid but the story reaches a climax when the real murderer is revealed and tries to kill Charlie. The cast includes Brenda Fricker, Amanda Plummer, Alan Arkin and a cameo appearance by Charles Grodin. So I Married An Axe Murderer is one of the funniest yet scary romantic comedies of 1993. Mike Myers also plays the role of Stuart Mackenzie Charlie's father. 8/10 Stars
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Hilarious at times, torture at others
va3svd6 January 2003
I'll be the first to admit that I loved Mike Myers on SNL and hated him ever since. So I am more favourably disposed to this movie than I have been the Austin Powers franchise.

What makes this movie is Myers' rendition of the family patriarch. I still quote the scenes when he riffs on "Heed", which is purely hysterical. The rest of the movie, in comparison, drags and is notoriously unfunny. If you're prepared for a movie that is intermittently funny, then by all means, watch it. If you're looking for a movie with memorable parts, then by all means, watch it. If you hate Austin Powers with a passion, and can't remember why Mike Myers is famous to begin with, watch it. If you're looking for something that's laugh-out-loud funny beginning to end, take a walk past this one.
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One or two good scenes. The father is funniest. LaPaglia is hilarious.
eaglejet988 January 2005
To my mind "...Ax Murderer" is one of those films like "Clerks" or "Swingers". Its plot is fairly pointless but you watch it over and over for the few really cleaver sight gags and one liners it contains.

Anthony LaPaglia is excellent as an undercover police detective who wants his life to be like that of Starsky and Hutch. He constantly begs his mild mannered supervisor, Alan Arkin, to scream and yell at him like their boss did. When he shows up disguised as Huggy Bear I laughed my insides out.

The sequence where Mike Myers introduces Nancy Travis to his family (Myers also plays his own father) is riotous. The sexual undertones of the "big heed (head)" insults to Myers' little brother are great. It takes a little while to grasp the point of why the the old man keeps insulting the boy for his over-sized head as well as to develop the mental image of Dad telling his wife to show Travis the family photo album..."show her the one where he **** his pants in Niagara Falls!" The whole idea of such a photo is so absurd and pointless that its pointlessness becomes humor, like jokes about passing gas in a space suit or a pay toilet in a hospital diarrhea ward. Duh. This scene would make the 3 Stooges proud.

Best seen with the guys, after having a few beers.
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The movie is blast for all to enjoy.
Phil-10518 November 1999
I have wanted to see this film for years.I always seemed to miss it.The story of Charlie and his love life are fun.The story is well laidout.The plot keeps you on your toes.The family is alot of fun to watch.Harriet is very well played by this actress.Further,the story is fresh and differant than most black comedies.The city by the bay is a nice setting for the movie.

I give it 7 out of ten today.
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So We Watched This Movie.
rmax3048239 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The title is kind of emblematic of the entire film. "So I Married An Axe Murderer." We can visualize the minimal shrug that goes with it. It's a statement that befouls any logic. If you marry an axe murderer, you should be anything but casual and resigned. But the title suggests a lot of funny events and assumptions without being in itself funny.

It has an A cast. Mike Myers is a young man in San Francisco, an admirer of the Beat poets, who's always found reasons not to marry any of the girls he dates. Myers plays his own father too, with an outrageous Scottish accent which he uses as an instrument of vituperation. One of his sons has a head of hair so voluminous that it turns his head into "a virtual planetoid. It has its own weather system!"

Myers meets Nancy Travis, a local butcher, and they wind up married. She acts kooky at times, while he comes across more and more hints that she is the notorious axe murderer who has disposed of four husbands by the usual means used by notorious axe murderers. It all leads to a perilous chase across the roof tops of their remote honeymoon motel, which looks like a haunted old mansion.

The writer, Robbie Fox, gets off a lot of cracks about Hollywood conventions, some good, some routine. In some ways, the most impressive of these (and it may have been unwitting) is when Nancy Travis has just taken a bath in the mysterious hotel and wants to check her face in the fogged-up mirror over the sink. So she clears a spot. And do you know who we see standing behind Travis in the reflection? Absolutely nobody.

Travis is oddly beautiful, with a wide face, broad smile, eyebrows that would have to look up the word "curve" in the dictionary, and a sassy figure that, alas, we see too little of. Gee, she looks good. Any normal man would have been proud to be seen standing behind her in that mirror.

There are amusing moments, including Charles Grodin as an uncooperative motorist and Phil Hartman as a self-important Park Service employee. The problem is that the laughs are scattered throughout a screenplay that doesn't itself promote amusing situations and the laughter that should follow. (For an example of a truly well-integrated comedy plot with embedded comic moments, I offer "Some Like It Hot.") Myers is kicked in the family jewels and makes a twisted face. A good five-second laugh, but then what? Nothing much. He has to have the same part of his anatomy assaulted again a minute later. Another five-seconds, and we're back to a frenzied pursuit.

It's not a bad movie, not insulting in any way, and Myers and the other players are quite good, but it would have been nice had more effort been put into blending the jokes into the narrative instead of making them stand-alone gags, like Myers' reading poetry to a jazz group
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Turn Up The Bay City Rollers!
tayster12-57 September 2002
If you're ever driving through Salt Lake City, Utah on a Saturday night, tune your radio into 99.5 FM and you'll hear a DJ named Mike Myers. That's not my real name, but I've always been a big fan of Mike Myers (especially "Wayne's World") and since I didn't want to be sued by NBC for using the name "Wayne Campbell", I decided to go by "Mike Myers". Please don't sue me, Mike.

I mean, think about it. This is the same guy who brought us some of the greatest characters on SNL, including, but not limited to, "Coffee Talk with Linda Richman", "Bill Swersky's Superfans", Dieter on "Sprockets" and of course Wayne Campbell on "Wayne's World".

"Axe Murderer" is really the funniest movie that Mike Myers has starred in. He plays two parts in the movie: Charlie MacKenzie and his father Stuart. From the first notes of "Saturday Night" by the Bay City Rollers and seeing Stuart dancing around his Scottish Hall of Fame, I was laughing out loud.

I was even very impressed with Nancy Travis. When I first heard this casting, I found it kind of weird, but she did a great job.

Add to that a great supporting cast that includes Alan Arkin as the Police Chief (classic role for him), Anthony LaPaglia as Tony "Huggy Bear" Giardino(watch the movie and you'll know what I'm talking about), Phil Hartman as "Vicki", Charles Grodin, Steven Wright and Debi Mazar as Tony's electrocuted date.

I admit, I have never been a fan of the "Austin Powers" movies, so I'm sure a lot of you Austin fans will not find "Axe Murderer" that funny, due to it's lack of bodily functions, but I'm telling you, this is the funniest that Mike Myers has been in a movie.
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Amusing romcom set in San Francisco with Mike Myers and Nancy Travis
Wuchakk28 September 2018
Fresh off his success with "Wayne's World" (1992), Mike Myers stars as a poet/musician in the Bay Area of California, performing in art houses. He takes romantic interest in an adorable local butcher (Nancy Travis) whom he increasingly suspects of (you guessed it) being an axe murderer. Amanda Plummer plays her sister and Anthony LaPaglia a detective pal of the poet. Debi Mazar has a glorified cameo as the cop's girlfriend.

"So I Married an Axe Murderer" (1993) is amusing enough to watch at home, but I wouldn't go out and pay money for it. It's cute & comical and works up some quality suspense regarding the core question (Is she or isn't she?) and the writers came up with a worthwhile climax. Enough said.

The movie runs 1 hour, 33 minutes and was shot in San Francisco, Oakland and Cloverdale, California.

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Geeky Randy's summary
Geeky Randy30 September 2015
After numerous breakups over what his friends and family consider shallow and a way to avoid commitment, the hard-to-please aspiring poet Mike Myers finally finds himself the perfect match in Nancy Travis... there's only one flaw... she might be an axe murderer! Very Mike Myers humor with lots of buddy comedians in supporting roles or cameos, all taking place in a so-very-'90s San Francisco—this film only works because all the pieces fall into the right place. Surprisingly light-hearted given its title, only getting dark in the third act. Killer (pun?) soundtrack. Travis actually cut off the tip of her finger during a scene at the butcher shop.

★★★ (out of four)
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A wonderful and fun romantic comedy
banningdk27 January 2009
I first saw this film when it was fairly new (c. late summer 1993). In fact, the main reason I went to see it was because it was playing at a discount (dollar-type) cinema, having just left the regular theaters. I was also in need of a "pick-me-up" during that period of my life. I had seen the TV ad for the movie, and thought it looked dumb... But after seeing the film, it became one of my all-time favorites (and I even bought the soundtrack album - on cassette). I saw portions of it (on TV) a couple times in following years, and bought the video in 2002. It's unfortunate it was not a critical success, and yes, it does have flaws... but fellow fans will attest to its appeal and "magic". It is, I feel, a genuine funny (and truly fun), "feel-good" movie. Now that I think, it's been perhaps three years since I last saw it... so I'm due to watch it again.
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Not to be taken seriously
jcasetnl29 July 2004
From the start it's clear we're not supposed to take this movie too literally. Anyone that can appreciate Myer's seemless skips between sarcasm and slapstick will enjoy this film immensely. Think of Cameron Crowe with a slightly twisted, yet dryer wit, but with the same kind of whimsy. No, you're not supposed to wonder too hard about how someone can afford such a nice apartment on a butcher's pay. The focus is on the emotions and comedy, which never fail to deliever.

Another great aspect of this film, for those that can keep up, is the incredibly eclectic mix of humor. Whether it comes from Charlie's Scottish father, Anthony Lapaglia's 'Serpico' wannabe attitude or Phil Hartman's twisted alcatraz tour guide speach, the jokes come from all directions and serve to make the film incredibly rewatchable.
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My Favorite Mike Meyers Comedy
andrewsk8s23 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Also, one of my favorite of all comedies. The Scottish family humor is the funniest stuff, I think. It should be a sit-com, or a recurring sketch on SNL. (possible spoilers)

I just love the way Myers says "Gargantuan cranium" and "virtual planetoid" in the Scottish accent, and watching Anthony LaPaglia try to keep from bursting out in laughter through the whole scene. I had hoped for years that Mike Myers would re-visit the Scottish family humor because it was tears in your eyes hilarious. I think we got some of that in Shrek and also the big fat villain in Austin Powers. Great cast with lots of known actors and comedians in minor roles, and great locations in and around SF. Though it was a comedy reality, it rang true for me. I knew a guy just like Charlie McKenzie in college, living the cool "artist" life in the city with no apparent means of support. He just hung out at coffee houses, smoking cigarettes, wearing his worn black jacket with a poetry book in the pocket, and frequenting open mike nights.
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Not Myers' funniest film but more hits than misses
bob the moo17 January 2003
Charlie is a deadbeat poet who's poetry all comes from his failed relationships. This all turns around when he meets a butcher, Harriet, who might just be the girl of his dreams! However Charlie notices little things that begin to suggest that Harriet may be Mrs X, a serial killer who marries and then murders her husbands.

Between striking gold with Wayne's World and then Austin Powers, Myers struck out with this comedy which is never as funny as his better creations but is still enjoyable. The plot is a farce at heart as Charlie runs in fear of his potentially murderous girlfriend – or is it his fear of commitment? It creates a few funny set pieces, but the real humour happens around the edges. For example the climax in a hotel is OK but the funniest bit is Officer Giardino interviewing a suspect while we hear Charlie's screams in the background. Luckily there is just enough stuff round the edges to cover the weaknesses in the middle.

Myers is weak because he is not playing a character. He is best when he has a creation to play – hence his desire to do as many as he can of late. However here Charlie is a `normal' person. Happily, when he is playing his Scottish father, he is hilarious – but that only happens 2 or 3 times and isn't enough. Travis is good but Plummer just does her usual bug-eyed crazy stuff. LaPaglia is funny in his side role, and his relationship with nervous boss Arkin is the funniest stuff. Helping the side jokes be the best is a list of cameos, some of which don't work, but most do. Wright, Hartman, Mazar, Grodin, and Richards all do good to keep the thing feel lively.

Overall this is not Myers at his best and some of it just isn't very funny. However, the majority of the film has regular laughs and there's enough to cover the weaknesses and make this 90 worth seeing. As time goes on the soundtrack gets more and more dated but if you like Myers then you should find much of his sense of humour to enjoy here.
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Best comedy of the 90s
jamiereeves5 November 2018
So much love for this brilliant comedy. Script is funny and inventive and delivered brilliantly by the excellent cast.
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An enjoyable romantic comedy with a murderous twist
Tweekums25 October 2018
Charlie Mackenzie has a problem with commitment; every time he gets close to a woman he creates an excuse to end the relationship before it gets permanent. He is determined to get over this and stop looking for ridiculous excuses. He soon meets Harriet, a delightful woman who works as a butcher. Things go very well till he starts to become convinced that she is 'Mrs X'... a woman who, according to a trash newspaper, has killed three husbands on their honeymoon. He asks his police officer friend, Tony, to look into the case but he finds nothing. It looks as if he was worried about nothing... or perhaps not!

This film manages to combine comedy with a mystery in an entertaining way. The comedy is clearly more important with plenty of good gags... and a slightly tedious one where Mike Myers, who is good as Charlie, plays his father; a faux-Scotsman. Thankfully this character isn't too dominant. Nancy Travis is likable as Harriet; her relationship with Charlie feels real. Anthony LaPaglia also provides some good laughs as Tony; particularly in scenes with Alan Arkin, who plays his boss. The mystery elements are a little weaker with a twist that was far from unexpected... that didn't really bother me though as it was still fun enough. The film also provides to good scenes of San Francisco without locations being used just for the sake of it. Overall I wouldn't say this is a must see but would still recommend watching it if you want a film that includes comedy, romance and mystery.
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