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Makes The Krofft's "Lidsville" Look Like High Art
abbygird2 February 2001
One of the worst films ever made. The fact it was aimed at the pre-teen market doesn't lessen its staggering badness. Make no mistake: allowing a minor to sit through this garbage is a latent form of psychological child abuse.

Zack is a new boy in town who's getting picked on by a child-gang of skateboarders. Zack's dad is too busy to pay attention to his son (and Lord knows where mom is), so Bess Armstrong gives Zack a magic motorized skateboard. A bolt of lightning a la Short Circuit causes the board to become possessed by the spirit of Dom DeLuise. With his new annoying talking skateboard, Zack can fly away from his tormentors and perform rad board tricks, although the price he pays is the loss of his immortal soul (OK ... not really, but DeLuise's jokes are so utterly brain-draining, that's how it feels).

Zack's dad starts falling for Bess Armstrong, although a local used car dealer already has his eye on her. It just so happens that this car dealer sired the leader of the skate gang that hates Zack. A hidden treasure map is thrown into the mix so Zack can bring his father and Bess Armstrong together.

The acting is awful, the writing abysmal, the skateboarding mediocre at best, and the production values are nonexistent. In fact, this whole flick looks as if it was shot in the early 80's despite its 1993 release. The talking skateboard itself is horrendous; it looks like a BROKEN background prop from Far Out Space Nuts. The talking skateboard chit chats an awful lot, but his mouth only barely moves (and it's always out of synch when it does). The board itself seems too clunky to pull the rad stunts Zack achieves. In short, a sock puppet would have been just as effective in the role of the skateboard.

If you are a bad movie fiend, Skateboard Kid is certainly worth a look. You'll find yourself asking, "How did this film ever get made?" rather frequently. It exudes a certain Star Wars Holiday Special trial of endurance quality that some B-movie experts might find quite challenging.

For everyone else: STAY AWAY. YES, it's really THAT BAD!!
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chowyun4513 May 2001
I dont even know why Im writing this.Maybe because this movie so bad.I mean its beyond bad.How the hell can film studios release such crap movies.Its baffling.I can understand it. I doubt anyone will read this review because even the title sounds dumb but if you do avoid like the plague. It has a crappy acting,directing and a talking skateboard.Yes, a talking skateboard.I cant even imagine kids liking this s**t
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Great movie!
purpleduck2028 November 2004
Wow this is the best movie ever! Don't listen to everyone who is saying that it is bad. Most of them have all of the facts wrong which leads me to believe they were on the phone instead of paying attention to the movie.

Yes, there is a talking skateboard. The skateboard is so cool! I have one just like it now. It talks and everything! I found it on ebay.

I really have never seen such a funny, dramatic, and action packed film that was made with a low budget. There is even a love scene between the skateboard and Zack. It's kind of creepy the first time but it's really fun after you've seen it.

Go rent this movie! You will not regret it!
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A Talking Skateboard saves the day !
altaredbeast29 May 2018
Doesnt deserve the 2.9 stars it is currently rank at.

The movie IMO was actually quite entertaining and fun. Not sure what those who ranked it so low were expecting. But Let's be honest here. It's a low budget kids film with a talking skateboard. I have seen a lot of movies and have seen worse movies than this. But I am the kind of movie person who can get into and enjoy cheesy, overacted, silly movies like this. The movie I feel accomplished it's goal and is appealing to it's target audience. So if you like Skateboarding, Metal Music and Slapstick comedy. The movie is a lot of fun! Armchair Critics need not bother.

Please can someone tell me where that dog is ???
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Marvelous Cheesy Fun
nightmarelyre7 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Some movies kinda defies rating it on it's artistic merit. Yes, this movie is a dated artifact of 90's cheese with abysmal editing, special effects, plot, characters and any sort of tonal cohesion. Yes, it looks like somebody's first film school movie if that movie was a family comedy that just so happens to have a animated talking skateboard voiced by Dom DeLuise in it. But really, at the end of the day this is the sort of movie I feel is only fairly rated on it's entertainment value, and this is a laugh out loud romp of ridiculousness.

This is a movie about a kid who creates a magical talking motorized skateboard in his garage, in between being in a rivalry with a local skateboarding gang who does nothing but jump in slow motion to garage Thrash Metal all day, before getting involved in stopping a evil car salesman from marrying a pawnshop owner to steal her family's lost treasure. This is literary the easiest way I can explain the plot of this movie, it's that incredibly weird.

In between this loose resemblance of a plot there is all sorts of goofy things going on. A random slapstick side character goes on to basically break everything, a bumbling cop gets hassled around, there are several chase scenes set to cheesy Hair Metal and the talking skateboard tries and fails to be funny. Everything is also filmed and styled like a bad 90's music video and has major 90's nostalgia value attached to it which makes it even better.

And oh yeah, the talking skateboard can fly.

This is the sort of movie you want to watch with some friends and gander at how weird it is. It has tons of laugh out loud moments, a great soundtrack and is just short enough to not outstay its welcome. A great bad movie night addition to add along Troll 2 and Birdemic.
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A pleasant surprise
dogface9911 May 2001
My nephew picked this one out of the "used" bin at Blockbuster, and while I was hoping that he would have picked "American Beauty" instead (OK, he's only 7, but I can dream, can't I?), I have to admit that I was very entertained by this movie while the young ones watched it 3 times in the same day (and it continues in heavy rotation.) It's a sweet, unpretentious little film that appears to have been made on a shoestring budget, but neither "Blair Witch" nor "Lost In Space" had Titanic-sized budgets and they proved to be a lot of fun. (Heck, don't budget restraints require filmmakers to be MORE creative ... hence the high cheese factor in most Hollywood blockbusters.) But I digress. Catch this on cable or pick up a rental. Besides, Bess Amstrong is a total babe and, according to the IMDB credits, the writer is from "Win Ben Stein
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