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MPAA Rated PG-13 for martial arts action/violence and brief sexuality

Sex & Nudity

    • A man is shown in a bathtub surrounded by women. No nudity is shown though.
    • A man speaks of opening a brothel and to have refugee girls for entertainment.
    • A doctor tells a male patient that he is sick because he is "oversexed" and the shark fin soup he's been eating is what makes him "horny."
    • A female mourns the loss of her husband and says that she must sell herself in order to pay for his funeral.
    • A female kung-fu fighter identifies her fighting style as "virgin" and her opponent makes fun of her in this way. The virgin phrase is repeated a few more times in the movie.
    • Four monks harass a pretty woman and one of them tells her that he wants to have fun with her in a sexual way. The monks later beat the woman down and again, state that they want to have fun with her. They tear off her top, revealing an undergarment. There is no nudity, however.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl gets a metal sphere jammed in her eye. The results are shown, and their is some blood. Lots of bloodless (but intense) martial arts violence.
  • (The original Hong Kong version is a little more graphic and would likely pass for an R rating. For example, one fight scene has a decapitation that is clearly seen.)


  • Profanity is mild compared to many other movies of this genre. In the English dubbed version, there's at least 6 uses of "bastard", 1 use of "bitch", 1 use of "damn", and 2 uses of "hell" in a profane way. In the Chinese language version, there's a few more "bastards", 1 use of "shit", and 1 more use of "bitch" in English subtitles. There are no "F" words in either version.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence gets pretty intense. As far as frightening, nothing really.

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