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A nice, erotic little B-movie.
magnuspy14 April 1999
With a title like "Sex and the Single Alien", no-one should expect the movie to be even remotely serious. And it is not. However, if you find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands one evening and are feeling adventurous, you might gain something out of this movie.

Harry runs a strip joint (check out its name! Hilarious!) His wife is a serious UFO addict. Well, it turns out that one night, an honest-to-god UFO actually abducts Harry and performs experiments on him, giving him the power to induce orgasms in women by just looking at them.

For a movie with this premise, "Sex and the single Alien" features remarkably little nudity. There are a few shots of stock `stripper' footage, but none of the actresses involved in the production remove their clothes. Don't stop reading yet, though. The movie is still worth watching because of a fantastic scene where Harry brings the character played by actress Monique Parent to orgasm by staring purposefully at her. Monique gives a performance which holds its own with masterpieces such as those of Jane Fonda in `Coming Home' and Barbara Hershey in `The Entity'.

The movie also has some creative humor and I really enjoyed it.
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