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MPAA Rated R for language, some sexuality and actuality violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Women are forced to strip and enter a shower. During this scene, their breasts, buttocks, and pubic areas (without genital detail due to camera angles and presence of pubic hair) can be seen in this tense and entirely non-sexual moment in the film.
  • Almost all the nudity in this movie are non sexual nudity. Only 1 or 2 scenes that are meant for sexual effect
  • Overall pretty moderate. Some nudity but most of it is quick and not shown in a sexual contenxt. This shouldn't be the main thing to worry about, the violence should.
  • Oskar is seen having sex with his mistress in a darkly lit room. There is moaning, some thrusting and you can see his lover's breast.
  • A woman lies in Goeth's bed. Her breasts are clearly seen in various shots each lasting for 5-10 seconds.
  • A man kisses one woman after another
  • A woman wears a shirt that allows the form of her nipples to be seen at times.
  • A man fondles a woman's clothed breast.
  • A man kisses a woman who does not want to be kissed
  • Many Jewish prisoners are seen being forced to strip, run, and be examined. Full-frontal nudity of both women and men. Most times, the nudity is shown quite briefly.
  • Oskar's mistress is reclining on the bed, and her breasts are seen clearly, including nipples and areola.
  • Jewish women are seen getting into a shower. There is full-frontal nudity.
  • The sexuality and nudity in this film ranges from partial to full-body in both sexual and non sexual settings.

Violence & Gore

  • Lots of scenes of Nazi murders and brutality against innocent people.
  • One of the most realistic and true to life depictions of violence in cinematic history
  • A woman engineer is shot in back of her head after arguing about a building's structure with a Nazi officer. Blood flow is seen on the ground.
  • A Nazi officer and his men confront a group of Jewish prisoners over a stolen chicken. When no one talks, he and one of his men shoot one of them at point blank range in the stomach and shoots the man a second time in the head; blood is seen pooling from his head. As the officer is about to shoot another one, a young boy steps up claiming that the dead man is the culprit.
  • Although this movie doesn't contain a bunch of over-the-top blood and gore its still very disturbing since you see tons of innocent people getting senselessly murdered including children. It's honestly a lot more disturbing than your typical gorefest because of how true-to-life and realistic it is and is one of the most violent movies of all time.
  • The film presents a horrific, stomach-wrenching depiction of the holocaust: many, many people are seen being killed in one form or another. They are shot at point blank range, children are slaughtered, many more are killed in gas chambers. It is the kind of violence that stays with one for a long time. It is VERY, very disturbing because it is not only graphic, but also very realistic.
  • A one-armed man struggles to shovel snow. Two Nazis shoot him; blood is seen pooling on the ground.
  • A woman is shot through the back of the head, shown from a distance. A small bullet wound hole is shown, with blood briefly spurting and pouring on the ground.
  • A man is pulled away from the other Jews leaving their homes, and is shot in the back of the head; the top of his head explodes and tears apart, blood pools and spurts around him.
  • A man with an ill wife tries to tell a Nazi about her condition. Instead, she is shot in the head. Blood splatters on the man's face from the shot, and spurts from the wife's head while the man cries.
  • A group of people hiding in a bedroom are shot (including children), one by one. The shots are offscreen, as a German Nazi official plays a cheery tune on the piano.
  • A man wakes up and and nonchalantly executes Jews through a window with a sniper rifle.
  • When a man deems a worker to be unproductive, he marches him outside and attempts to execute him. However, despite trying two pistols, both mechanisms jam and he ends up beating the worker instead.
  • A pile of bloody bodies is seen outside a building.
  • A group of hospital patients are executed by Nazis with machine guns. The nurses give out cyanide to patients so they don't die from being shot.
  • A man intimidates a young woman; she cries, and then he beats her. He pushes a shelf of wine on top of her, but she is not killed.
  • A soldier shoots a little boy in the chest while two other soldiers hold the boy up. There is no blood: only feathers from his jacket.
  • Dead bodies are dug up to be burned. There is a heap of them already being incinerated.
  • A man is executed by hanging. The entire scene is shown in one shot.


  • 8 uses of f**k, 2 uses of b***h, and 1 use each of h*ll, b*****d, and p***k

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several characters are seen drinking alcoholic beverages. One character is seen drunk in a few scenes. Smoking is frequently shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Multiple nude corpses are shown going up a conveyor belt into a burning pile of other dead bodies. A potentially mentally ill nazi officer fires a pistol into the pile of the corpses.
  • Half of the movie focuses on how people died unexpectedly which can be really sad and emotionally intense
  • The ending can be very emotional for some.
  • This movie isn't particularly scary, just very distrubing, violent, and tragic.
  • Although this movie is very disturbing, anyone in high school should be able to and it is recommended that they see this. Lots of schools show this movie for educational purposes as it relates to the holocaust and its depiction of it is very accurate.
  • One of the most depressing movies of all time.
  • The sequence of the ghetto being liquidated contains continual violence, which viewers could find emotionally disturbing.
  • The sequence of a worker surviving an attempted execution by Amon Goeth is suspenseful.
  • This film is considered to be a significant depiction of the Holocaust, not to mention that it delves deeply into the horrors of war. Because of its subject matter, it can be emotionally taxing and difficult to watch.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Soldiers capture kids and put them on various trucks. being driven to their deaths. They wave to their mothers, as they, in despair, sadness and fear, run to them, but are stopped by the soldiers.
  • The film ends by changing to real-life to depict the Schindlerjuden as well as the actors that played them in the film (all in a tragic instance of a fourth-wall break) honoring the late Oskar Schindler by placing stones on his tomb, culminating with Liam Neeson placing a pair of roses on the grave. This is extremely emotional and will definitely make a lot of people cry.
  • The entire sequence at Auschwitz is extremely disturbing. Especially the shower scene.

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