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very enjoyable
MichaelM242 July 2001
Okay, I didn't grow up in the time this film is set (I was born in 1978). But after seeing the film, I've got a pretty good idea of what it was like. My dad likes the film because of how much it reminds him of his own childhood. The story is simple: a new kid moves with his mother and step-father to a brand new neighborhood where he knows no one. So imagine his surprise when he winds up meeting a kid who invites him to play baseball with him and his best friends. Naturally, the other kids don't take to him too well: he's not very good at baseball, and he can't even throw right. But eventually, the kids grow to like him and teach him the ways of the game, and before long they're having a lot of fun during the summer. THE SANDLOT is a great kids film, very family-friendly, unlike the majority of so-called "family" films that are made nowadays. Sure, there's a scene where the kids are throwing up on a carnival ride thanks to some chewing tobacco, but the scene is done more for laughs than as a gross-out. (You can imagine that the scene would be done the opposite way if the film was made more recently). The characters and the young kids playing them are all appealing, and it's nice to see Denis Leary playing a kind sensitive role instead of the over-the-top characters he's used to playing. He's very good, even though the part's not a big one. The few scenes between him and star Tom Guiry are very nice. THE SANDLOT is a very good film. Kids will like the humor, and adults will remember how fun it was to be a kid.
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Who's the Great Bambino?
Pepper Anne17 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The Sandlot is one of the greatest kids movies ever. It is a refreshing break from the family movies of today that mostly concentrate on stories in that upperclass Reiner-esque suburbanite setting of husband and wife and two and a half obnoxious kids. Instead, The Sandlot falls into a line of memorable adventures like 'House Arrest' and 'The Wizard.'

Flashback to the 1960s. Scotty Smalls, newcomer to the neighborhood, narrates (in a Wonder Years way) the hilarious adventure of how he got he and his baseball playing buddies into the biggest pickle ever. Smalls is the shy brainy kid who makes friends with a bunch of baseball fanatics. While learning the sport of baseball, he learns of an exaggerated legend of something called 'The Beast,' otherwise known as Old Mr. Myrtle's junkyard dog, which is chained up in the fence just behind the ballpark. The kids like to play baseball. And the Beast likes to eat them. Not to give too much away, but, "the pickle" that Scotty gets his friends into, involves a pretty valuable baseball, one slobbering beast, and kids who try to do anything they can to save their buddy from being grounded for an eternity. The mess they get into and the junk they try to get themselves out is simply hilarious. That, and the subplots of a clever move on a lifeguard and the determination to show up some very obnoxious rival baseball players.

It's a funny, fantastic film that most kids will likely enjoy--the boys for baseball and the girls for those noteable teen stars like Mike Vitar, Tom Guiry, Chauncey Leopardi, and Will Horneff. It's loaded with laughs and good time adolescents, despite Tom Guiry hamming it up only slightly. Plus, it's got a good theme about friendship and drive and determination to do what you want to do. I highly recommend it, if for nothing else, then the part where Squints tells the story about the history of the beast.

I can see from the message boards as well as other viewer's comments that it still has a rather memorable following, despite it's age. Definitely a must see!
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One of the greatest childhood films ever
MisterWhiplash14 June 2000
The Sandlot is a great childhood film because it examines changes and friendship among a group of pre-teens. It is really just good old fashioned fun (especially James Earl Jones' cameo) in the adventures of their baseball days. Denis leary makes one of his breakthrough films here. Entertainment supreme, and maybe adults will like it too. A
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Capturing time on film.
Peach-218 February 1999
I thought The Sandlot captured the innocence and joy of being young and playing baseball in a small town neighborhood. The film isn't perfect but has great atmosphere. I enjoyed the sub-plot with the dog and James Earl Jones and I loved the scenes when the kids were just being kids and enjoying the summer. The film made me feel good and I sometimes think that's all a film is supposed to do. Check it out.
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The Sandlot
bgf08217 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The main character's name was not Steve... if you have seen this movie more than once, or for more than 30 minutes, you'd realize the protagonist's name was Scotty Smalls. This movie is indeed a classic, a timeless piece accessible by all. If you love or have ever had a deep passion for baseball, this movie will move you like no other film has ever moved you before. I like to have a few too many beers and watch it through myself... the ending scene where the narrator (Scotty Smalls) tells the stories of how everyone eventually left the sandlot, and town for that matter, brings me to tears. One of the greatest movies of our era and a sure classic for not only us, but our kids as well.
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How can you not love this movie?
Adriane17 August 1999
One of the best "kid" movies that I have ever seen. A story about friendship and baseball, and the people in our lives. Great one to watch with your friends to reminisce about the old days. Look for a great cameo by James Earl Jones. Recommended for those of us who had great friends growing up, and never wanted the good times to end.
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wonderful family film that will also entertain the parents
MartinHafer12 May 2006
This is a truly amazing film. It's a very good family film that can be enjoyed by BOTH your kids and yourself! That's rare, as often "family films" have too much smutty language or sexual situations for kids OR are so saccharine sweet that sane adults would prefer suicide over watching the films (think Disney in the 1960s).

The film isn't quite a comedy, though there are really funny moments in it (such as the evil dog that eats baseballs). And, it's not exactly a drama. It's more like an occasionally surreal slice of life film about the good old days of the late 50s-early 60s. It's about a group of kids that live to play baseball--and that's all they ever seem to want to do! Despite this very simple plot, somehow the excellent acting, direction and writing make you really care about the kids and it engages you from start to finish.
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an all time classic movie.
departed072 April 2004
I grew up watching The Sandlot and what i realized about this movie is that this film doesn't have the players winning or losing, but this is about friendship and how a big dog can make your worst dreams come true. The Sandlot is about a gawky kid named Smalls(Tom Guiry) who just moves into the neighborhood and tries to blend in with the crowd, until he fails. Mike Vitar who plays the neighborhood baseball hero Benny, helps Smalls play baseball and fit him in with the crowd. The team accepts Smalls and what makes the film interesting like i written above is that this film isn't about winning or losing, but about living your days in the summer when you are ten to twelve and realize that there is more to life than winning.

Overall a great movie.
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Awesome movie!!!!
clever_girl31 January 2005
This Movie is the best ever!!!!! It truly is a classic, and I know that because every time I mention the name "The Sandlot", people constantly rave about it.

Also, when it first came out it was my favorite movie, and then I never saw it again until I bought it 2 weeks ago and have watched it approx. 7 times since I got it!!!

"The Sandlot" is a movie I will never get tired of and can literally watch over and over again for sure!!!! This movie keeps me laughing every time and the more you watch it, the more you'll love it!! Definitely one to see!!
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I grew up with gorgeous summers and this movie...
stephane_decker4 April 2008
The Sandlot was my favorite kid movie when I was a kid myself.

I was about 8 when I saw it the first time on German TV, so a couple o' years after the movie's release and man, I loved this one. I saw it during summer and after watching it I felt the energy for new adventures! The best thing is, years after that I saw the movie again during another summer and it reminded me so hard on the good times one can have as a youngster outside... I went for adventures again.

As many other reviewers have noticed, this movie reminds us of what it was like to be a kid, and when dogs were dangerous monsters, and playing outside was just a huge adventure. Everybody of us felt like an Indiana Jones. It felt damn good.

This is one of the movies I will carefully hold on and keep it, lets say to watch it all couple of 6 years just to remind me how cool life can be. The movie captures all our youth so well and packs it in one huge summer so watch and love this one.

An absolute 10/10 for being THE kid movie of my life and guess what? I am an adult but I love watching this one. Your turn now.
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Very enjoyable feel-good movie.
sublime50123 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
THE SANDLOT is quite possibly one of the best "family films" ever made. In it, a young, studious, unpopular boy named Scotty Smalls (Tom Guiry) moves to a suburb just before school lets out for the summer, and concurrently has a hard time making friends. He frequently sees kids playing baseball in a sandlot in his neighborhood, and wants to make friends with them. He figures the best way to do this is to join in on their baseball games--but alas, Scotty has almost no baseball skills, while the other kids are very experienced and good at the game. One day, the neighborhood hero Benny (Mike Vitar) approaches Scotty and asks if he'd like some pointers and to join in on their game. Scotty agrees, and slowly improves, while making friends with the other boys in the neighborhood.

But one day, Scotty foolishly takes his stepfather's baseball autographed by Babe Ruth and knocks it into the adjacent backyard. This backyard, as Scotty is informed, is home to The Beast, a monstrous dog that, as legend has it, ate the only other boy who was daring enough to go after a baseball in that yard. The boys devise a plan to get the ball back, one way or another.

I watched THE SANDLOT several times growing up, and remember always loving it. When I watched it again recently, I realized exactly why--it's a great movie. Just the right balance of childhood innocence and experience is captured, and this movie is bound to make any adult remember his childhood and all the different aspects of it. The summertime atmosphere and almost all of the scenes are terrifically nostalgic. Some of the scenes involving The Beast are hilarious, and everything has a nice familiar feel to it. It's a wonderful feel-good film.

All of the actors put in at least average performances. Most of the child actors are just okay, with a few exceptions. Tom Guiry is good as the awkward and naive Scotty, as is Patrick Renna as the outspoken and witty Hamilton. I think the real standout of the actors, though, is Mike Vitar as Benny. He was excellent as the kindhearted, but still very cool hero of the neighborhood, the guy that everyone loved. He showed real promise, and it's a shame that he didn't continue with his acting career. The cameos from James Earl Jones and Denis Leary are also nice.

I always loved watching THE SANDLOT growing up, and now I remember why. It's a great family film that is very entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I'm sure I'll watch it again years from now and remember just why I loved it. 8/10.
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Likable family film with plenty of amusing moments and the young cast are appealing.
Lucien Lessard7 November 2007
Tommy Smalls (Tom Guiry) is the new kid, who moved with his mother (Karen Allen) and his stepfather (Denis Leary) is a suburbans area of Salt Lake City in the summertime. When Smalls becomes curious with a group of kids (Mike Vitar, Patrick Renna, Chauncey Leopardi, Marty York, Brandon Quintin Adams, Grant Gelt, Shane Obedzinski and Victor DiMattia), who plays Baseball all day long in a old baseball field. Smalls is hoping to play with them but he knows nothing about the game. When he tries to play, he's quite bad at all. He can't even throw a ball to the catchers. When he becomes friend with the leader of the game and Smalls starting to like the game. But when his stepfather goes away for business, Smalls take a baseball from his stepfather trophy room. Which without realizing that the ball, he took from the room is actually signed by the Baseball Legend "Babe Ruth". Smalls hits his first home run, the ball went over the fence of a old house. But that old house, it has an mean-spirited junkyard dog. Which the kids called him "The Beast". Now the kids have to help Smalls to get the ball back before his stepfather comes back from the business trip.

Directed by David M. Evans (First Kid) made an likable family comedy that plenty of funny moments, a good cast and a lot of imagination. The narration of the film will certainly make you remember of the late Bob Clark film "A Christmas Story", although the narration of "The Sandlot" is sightly heavy-handed at times. This film has a surprise hit, when it was release in the spring of 1993. Fox had another fantasy film about Baseball, which it was "Rookie of the Year". James Earl Jones, Art LaFleur and a young Marley Shelton have memorable bit parts in this pleasant comedy as well.

DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1) transfer (Also in Pan & Scan) and an good Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD also includes an featurette, trailer and TV spots. This film went on to be an modest classic over the year. All the kids have their moments, especially Renna and Leopardi have their comedic moments. The movie slows down a bit during the second act. But it's well made and this picture pleases everyone as well. It's one of the better family movies of the 1990's. Don't miss it. Co-Written by the director. Arliss Howard appears Unbilled. Followed by Two Direct to DVD's. Joe-Dunton-Camera Scope (J-D-C Scope). (****/*****).
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Fun for everyone
crash2130 July 2008
"The Sandlot" has to be one of, if not the best kids movie ever made. Because this is one of the very few movies that is equally entertaining whether your a kid or an adult. Simply because the movie relates to situations that everyone has at some time in their life; problems making friends, and accidentally getting yourself in a big trouble situation.

This is beautiful proof that the quality of a movie doesn't depend on how many celebrities star in the movie, but how good the story really is. Because "The Sandlot" came out around the same time as the movie "Rookie of the Year". While "Rookie of the Year" got all of the media hype and had all of the big celebrities staring in it, but after you saw both of the movies, you realized that "Rookie of the Year" was nothing but the lame over-hyped move, and "The Sandlot" was the worthwhile movie.

As far as I'm concerned, this movie will most likely remain in the #1 spot of kids movies for all eternity.
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Melissa (pennilessp0et)21 October 2007
I rate my films in terms of context. This film never aspired to be an Oscar nominated movie of a lifetime. But it did aspire to be a good family film, and that it is. For me, I'll admit nostalgia has a lot to do with it. This is a movie from my childhood, and yes as a girl I had a huge crush on Mike Vitar. But at the same time this reminds me of my childhood because my brother played baseball with all the neighborhood kids in our side yard and we always spent our summers outside or at the neighborhood pool just as the kids in the movie did.

Besides, the nostalgia I'd say this movie is right up there with "A Christmas Story" or "Ferris Buller's Day Off" as far as extremely recognizable quotes go. Nearly anyone will know what movie you're talking about when you say them.

"You're Killing me Smalls!" --- "FOR-EV-ER" --- "THE BEAST" --- "The great Bambino? Oh, I thought you said the great... Bambi." --- "You play ball like a GIRL" --- "Yeah-Yeah the kids a square" --- "Benny 'THE JET' Rodriguez"

I could go on, but I won't. This is a great movie to watch with your kids and to reminisce of your own summers spent as a kid. ENJOY!
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One of Best Sports Movies Ever
Rcwilkinson1238 July 2007
The Sandlot is a fantastic movie because it is appealing to many different age groups and fans: kids, teenagers, adults, seniors, sports fans, and fans of comedy will all love this movie.

"The Sandlot" is loaded with so much genuinely funny dialogue coming from the kids, making it appealing to anyone who likes comedies. Yet it is also full of intrigue and adventure, which comes in the form of a giant dog and the legend behind the "monster." It connects to baseball's hallowed past with the connection to Babe Ruth and the time period of the 1950s Yankees, making it interesting for younger viewers and relatable to older viewers who were around during that time.

Because of its widespread appeal, this movie ranks among the best sports-related films. 3.5/4 stars
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The fact that people are still writing...
jajaswanie17 March 2004
The fact that people are still writing about how wonderful the movie is tells you a lot. As I look at them I am struck that they all seem positive. My son has watched this movie several times, and asked for it for Christmas. Each time he watches it it sparks a new conversation, and questions about real life issues. As a Mom, I think this movie is wonderful. When I watch this with him, I wish he had a group of friends like they are. They all seem to really have respect for each other. It is a "Stand by me" kind of movie, and I would like to see more of them.I seems like the kind of movie that can encourage people to be better people. This is a great movie for young boys and families.
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Absolute Brilliance.
ReaperMan_6417 March 2001
The first time I saw this movie was in about 1995, and even though baseball is not so big in England, I dived into this movie like a starving man into a mountain of mashed potatoes. The best memory is when the story of 'The Beast' is made known. Indeed, when I went camping that summer, I told the story to my tent-mates, and they believed every word of it. (Of course, I changed it a little to make it seem as if 'The Beast' was situated next door to me.)

Memorable Line: YOU PLAY BALL LIKE A GIRL!! *Gasp!!*....(Silence)...

All I have to say is, bar Blade, this is the greatest movie I have EVER seen. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for?!
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everything it is to be young....
mattzafir25 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The music...the days in the sun playing with your friends(squints at the pool, mini adventures ensuring character building(i.e Hercules) the carefree nostalgia of the night at the carnival. For anyone who every was, and still is a big kid this is a great movie. Personally it rings a special bell for myself, as i was around the same age as the cast when it was first released, and our "gang" were getting into the same sort of mischief in our neighborhood''s a boys film aimed at the kids who were between 7 and 14 at the time...i feel special that i saw it at the right age...i am keeping this movie to show my encourages a healthy sense of adventure and play....ha ha, just love it. Aussie childhood nostalgia guy..
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I love this movie and for one particular reason.
Theoriginaltruebrit11 November 2002
My husband watched it for the first time a few days ago (over the long Veterans Day weekend). He then watched it for a second time the day after. He did not have a happy childhood, in fact some childhood memories for him are downright painful. We have been married 11 years and I know very little about his childhood and what went on. However, after (and during the second viewing), he began a waterfall of childhood memories that I had never heard before. Of long summers of "sandlot" games with him and his cousins (they were known as "the cousins") they could play baseball and football and kicked the butt of most of the teams in town, during the movie his memories spewed forth as if they had been bottled up and just needed to be set free. His friend actually did the "lifeguard" thing, pretended to drown to kiss her, and like the movie they were all banned from the pool. They also had a "scary guy" in the old house that everyone was terrified of (in fact so did I as I recall). He assures me that this movie is as faithful a retelling of a childhood in the 60s as he has ever seen, and he revels in it. I think that is the greatest compliment that anyone can ever pay a movie and I am grateful to the director for uncorking the well of my husbands memories for me to share.
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bobbadger-18 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I've read all the comments that preceded this one. Some folks liked the movie and some folks panned it. However, only one or two posts touched on what I thought was the most adult theme of the movie. After many comedic attempts to outwit The Beast, Scotty Small dreams about a giant baseball pile-driving him into the ground. However, Benny has a dream featuring the "great Bambino." When Babe Ruth visited Benny in his dream, he imparted the advice that Benny had to decide if he were going to face his fear or not. Benny could hardly wait. He was up early, urging Scotty to get dressed and get to the "sandlot." When the gang gathered, all the boys were trying to dissuade Benny from going into the Beast's yard to retrieve the autographed ball, but Benny looked at Scotty and said "I have to," whereupon he attempted and succeeded.

Don't' we all at some point in our lives have to make the decision to try or to give up? I thought the writers and directors made good use of conflict and resolution throughout the movie from Benny's rescue of Scotty Small's angst from being the nerdy "new kid" to the rescue of the Beast from beneath the fence.

We all had friends in our youth who are represented in part by the movie's characters. That's why it is and will remain a "feel good" movie. It reminds all of us of our own youth and of the good memories we have of those times.
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genius made movie
naeemalima27 March 2006
this movie is the best movie i've ever seen. it swept me away. it gave me all the feelings i was looking for after watching a movie. the plot was rocketed out of THIS world unlike its follow up. It's not only a kids movie, but a movie for anyone who is looking for a good comedy and backyard adventure. the actors did an exceptional job which really moved me. i know there will never be another movie like it. if you like the first movie, i suggest you don't watch the sequel. the acting was terrible, the lines, and many of the scenes were stolen from the original with a twist that ruined not only itself but the sandlot. for any girl looking for an attractive boy in action, this is the movie for you. mike vitar was irritatingly beautiful in this movie leaving his audience wanting more. tom guiry or scotty smalls did an excellent job of playing out his character. watching it over and over may get boring for others but wasn't for me. watching it once will leave you in shock. this one's a definite 10.
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What a fun movie...
Janelle-319 July 1999
Having gone through the little league stage with my son and his friends, I thought this was really a touching and wonderful movie about what boys love to do in the summer, organized or not. We could relate to it since we have the quiet athletic one in the family and the other characters we've all known in one fashion or another. The goofy loud one, the pint-sized one with the stand-out ears, and the serious one without much of a father around. Loved it - and loved the James Earl Jones part. What a joyful laugh he has!

If you love kids, love baseball, love summer, and love a nice warm film, see it. It has ended up in our library of films we watch again and again. Makes me smile thinking of it!
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For Baseball fans and fans of childhood
lisafwg0131 July 2008
I have watched this movie every time I have come across really is that good. If you, like me, grew up in that era you simply can't help being caught up in the nostalgia and this simple, but perfectly written movie.

For me, everything about this movie rings true. No, it is not a great theatrical masterpiece or a stunning and thought-provoking commentary, so if you're looking for that, change the channel.

What it is, is simply a glimpse of our country, and our world in the time before political correctness, reality TV and our fast food way of life. A time when all a kid needed for fun was a group of friends, a ball and a space to play in.

Many of the changes of the past few decades have been wonderful, but I must admit I do miss certain aspects of the past; The Sandlot epitomizes all of them.

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. Alone or with your family, old enough to have lived it or younger you'll love it.
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