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Absolutely hilarious
philip_vanderveken17 November 2004
After I've seen this movie I find it hard to understand why so many people seem to hate this movie. I'm not saying it belongs in the top 250 of all times, but in it's genre it is a great movie. I know, not many people find it amusing to see how a legendary story like 'Robin Hood' is turned into a comedy. Many people still seem to believe that some things shouldn't be laughed with ... they are wrong.

Mel Brooks has done an excellent job with Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I have seen the original Robin Hood movies as well, but I never had such a good time when watching them as I had with this one. It's just one continuation of hilarious moments and parodies on famous people and movies (Winston Churchil, The Godfather...).

I recommend everyone who wants to have a good laugh to watch this movie. To those who think Robin Hood shouldn't be messed with, you're wrong, but you better don't watch it because you'll probably be offended by it. I give this movie an 8/10.
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Takes a real man to wear tights!
theawahaid19 January 2004
I remember when I first saw this movie. I was babysitting for a friend of my mums, and one of the kids suggested we watch it. Thinking it was the frankly laughable 'Prince of Thieves' they were slipping into the video recorder, I was prepared for a few hours of boredom, What I got came as a shock, a pleasant one I'll admit, but still a shock.

Now, you all know the Robin Hood legend don't you? I shall explain a little. Robin Hood was a Saxon criminal, nicking money here and there and giving it to people who needed it, all the while seducing the beautiful Maid Marion, and vexing the Sheriff of Nottingham and prince john. That's the basics! Now, on with the review.

This movie was released in 1993, and is a take off of the whole Robin Hood legend and a p--- take of Prince of Thieves in particular.

Loosely following the legend, Robin of Loxley is first encountered in an Arabic prison during the third century crusades, and together with a 'Moor' as they were called in those days, he executes a cunning escape with a cellmate, Asneeze.

After escaping, Asneeze beseeches Robin to find his son Atchoo, a foreign exchange student in England and look out for him. This Robin vows to do! Robin swims back to England.

He returns to his home, Loxley castle to find it being wheeled away on the back of the cart by Bailiffs, and goes through he sorrowful revelation that his father, dog, cat, and even the goldfish are all dead. Desperate for a familiar face, he finds the family's loyal blind servant Blinkin sitting on the toilet with a Jazz mag in Braille. The hilarity continues throughout the movie.

As with all Robin Hood stories, Robin must thwart the evil plans of Prince John and the sheriff of Rottingham, who are wreaking havoc and charging exorbitant taxes on King Richards's kingdom while he's away.

Those familiar with the movies Mel Brooks has previously directed will have some small idea of what to expect. After all, this is the man responsible for Dracula-dead and loving it and young Frankenstein. All the jokes, which range from visual gags to wonderful witty comments are in exactly the right places throughout the movie, with never more than a minute between laughs.

Cary Elwes (incidentally the only English man to play Robin Hood in a movie), who many of you will know from Princess Bride brings his cheeky grinning twinkle eyed presence to this movie, and does a wonderful job. From outlandish heroic posturing, to a wickedly sexy glance, he really is amazingly funny. And the man looks better in tights than I do!

Richard Lewis is hilarious as the whiny, arrogant Prince John with the ever-changing mole. He gets the sissy-boy behaviour down to a tee, and his whinging American vocalisations are great. All the way through the movie, a mole on his face constantly changes position: it starts on his left cheek, then over to his right cheek, then his chin, then his forehead, before going back to it's original place. This is a subtle joke based on the mole on Alan Rickman when he played the sheriff in Prince Of Thieves

Roger Rees as the sleazy sheriff of Rottingham is marvellously slimy and nasty, and has some great lines throughout the film.

There are some faces here you'll be familiar with from other Brooks films. For instance Robert Ridgely, playing the hangman in this film also played the hangman in Blazing Saddles, another film directed by Brooks. He likes to add subtle references to his earlier films too; with several in this film that die-hard Brooks fans will easily spot. Those who watched History of the World part 1 will recognise the music to the song 'Men in Tights'. Also, when Patrick Stewart arrives and snogs Marion, Mel himself (playing Rabbi Tuckman) utters the line 'it's good to be a king', one of his lines in History of the world.

The whole cast is wonderfully comedic, even those with only a few lines bring a great depth of warmth and humour to them

What makes this film so wonderfully warm and funny in my own opinion are all the improvised scenes. Although there was a script of sorts, some scenes were completely improvised by the actors themselves, such as the scene where Latrine (Tracey Ullman) prays for Rottingham in her bed, and he falls through the ceiling, landing right where she wanted him, which was totally devised and thought out by the two actors.

There are few special effects, and those that are there are small but fun moments of computerised camera trickery.

The soundtrack is memorable, with some very funny songs, and a couple of cheesy love songs. You'll be singing 'Men in tights' or at least humming it to yourself, for weeks.

The rating is Pg, to which I say BAH HUMBUG. There is no bad language in the film, except in the use of double entendre, and one utterance of sh!t, and violence is minimal. In fact I'd go as far as to say non-existent, apart from a few comedy fight scenes.

A great fun film that adults and children alike will enjoy!
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this and Spaceballs are Brooks doing his best "family" films
Quinoa198411 March 2006
Like many a child born in the 1980's, I grew up on the Mel Brooks films that weren't necessarily the 'racier' ones like Blazing Saddles and History of the World part 1 (I saw those, of course, though not as frequently as now), but the ones meant for the "whole family", Spaceballs, and this film. I knew at the time I wasn't seeing great art, but just a campy, goofy, though always laugh-worthy take on Robin Hood and/or adventure movies. But calling it a family movie in quotes means that a) adults really can enjoy it as much as kids, if not more because of the little in-jokes and silly vulgarities, and b) once a kid sees it, when he revisits it, as I have a few times, it's still as fresh but with some things not quite understood the first time around. It's a comedy that is not only filled with jokes at Robin Hood movies and other movies (Godfather of course, as well as little mentions for other movies of modern times), but one that references Brooks's own movies as well; this is a filmmaker who isn't above poking fun at even his own style.

Basic story- Robin Hood (Cary Elwes in one of his best turns) returns home from the crusades to see things are in peril with King Richard gone, and so goes forth to reclaim his land and to, naturally, rob the rich to feed the poor. Along the way he meets Achoo (Dave Chappelle), butts heads with Prince John (Richard Lewis) and the Sheriff, and of course still pines for the love of Maid Marian. This, of course, is the usual clothesline for Brooks to let the comedy run off into the scenes, and while sometimes a joke may not work or might become stale on a repeat viewing, so much of it sticks that it's hard not to chuckle. It also helps that a couple of bits are some of the best in any Brooksfilm, such as the Godfather bit (Dom DeLouise at his very best), Brooks's own cameo as the Rabbbi, Lewis and Chappelle's acting turns, and an endless slew of quotable lines and a couple of tongue-in-cheek songs. Some of it is obvious, yes, some of it just takes right from the pages of Blazing Saddles, sure, but is it a good time for the right crowd? Definitely- and for parents who grew up on the 70's Brooks work, it is a fantastic way to introduce the young ones to his work through this (even the suggestive sex jokes and such are not R-rated, all in good fun).
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Silly but funny
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews24 January 2004
This is definitely one of the better Mel Brooks movies, along with Spaceballs(although I will openly admit to not having watched many others, at least yet). It's very silly and thoroughly funny, there are hardly more than a few minutes throughout the entire two hour run-time, where you aren't entertained. Almost all of the gags have a great comical effect, few of them fall flat. I saw this movie right after seeing and reviewing Spy Hard, and comparing these two spoof movies, I realize exactly of how high quality this movie really is. It's funny from start to finish, none of the comedy is overdone or boring. The music is marvelous, as is the choreography of both dancing and fighting. The acting is pretty much what you would normally expect from this type of movie... Elwes is a great comedian, and makes a good Robin. The plot is typical Robin Hood, more or less everything from the legend is fit into this movie(and spoofed majorly). If you like Mel Brooks, or you're just a fan of silly humor, or you're just dying to watch a good parody of the legend of Robin Hood, this is definitely the film for you. The HBO First Look special on the film is also worth watching, and in that, you may want to keep watching throughout the credits, too. I'd recommend it to any fan of Mel Brooks movies, and to people who enjoy silly humor. 7/10
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Bloody Brilliant
Planty_Pie20 April 2006
Cary Elwes have to say puts on a better performance then Costner did in RHPOT but anyhow.

Have to say this film it just makes me laugh so much mainly because the actors seem really into what their doing and you just sit there and thinking 'what the hell are they on' but in a very very very very good way.The random outbursts of songs were brilliant and well and the musical score used I really really liked.Great casting and as said before everyone seemed so into their roles

10/10 from me defiantly

'Because unlike some other Robin Hoods.I can speak with an English accent'
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Mel Brooks writer, actor and director.
Captain_Couth27 August 2005
Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) was a much needed parody from Mel Brooks. He has the assignment of spoofing the Robin Hood legacy and the couple of movie dealing with the mythical honorable thief of English folklore. Cary Elwes stars as Robin Hood. He's looking for a few good men who'll join him in his quest to topple the evil sheriff of Nottingham (Roger Rees) and win the fair hand of Maid Marian. Robin also has to deal with Prince John (Richard Lewis).as well. Tracey Ullman co-stars as Prince John's personal witch Latrine who has her eyes on the Sheriff.

Will Robin find his merry men? How far will the Prince go to throw his weight around in the absence of his father? Why does the Sheriff hate Robin so much? To find out you'll have to watch ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS!! Check out the hilarious cameo by Dom De Luise who plays the Duke of Jersey.

Highly recommended.
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Excellently funny!
grahamsj33 August 2003
This is a funny film and I like it a lot. Cary Elwes plays Robin Hood to a tee. This is, of course, the usual good vs evil with Robin against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. The humor is sort of in your face stuff for the most part, but still works well. A comedy for a night when you don't want to have to think much, it's well worth a rent!
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Quite funny!
trulinotanother19 December 2004
Robin Hood; Men in Tights is worth watching, I recently watched it because I've just become a Cary Elwes fan, and this is one of of his lead-roles. Some moments really made me crack up so hard! I didn't expect them you know, it was so funny, Even the 2nd time around you'd still fall off your chair The cast is great, of course especially Robin of Locksley himself,Cary, but Blinkin and the Sheriff and Little John (Don't let the name fool you, it's veryy big! lol) and everyone else!

There were some moments of course, the film tried to make a comedic scene out of but you don't necessarily laugh at it,.... but OK.

This is the second time Cary Elwes and Patrick Stewart appeared in a film together by the way, they both worked on "Lady Jane" in 1986, and it was fun to see them, 7 years later, older, awwww.

It's definitely worth watching, quite hilarious indeed!
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Mister-629 September 1999
Actually, Mel's been here before.

Any of you remember a little TV series Mel wrote and created called "When Things were Rotten", starring Dick Gautier as our man Robin? I do, and the series reran in my mind many times while watching Mel's big-screen take.

I guess he had to do this to take a few shots at Kevin Costner's "Prince of Thieves", but this one also takes aim at and makes points of reference to "White Men Can't Jump", Bruce Lee films, Larry King, seders and even brings out the reserves from Mel's projects of yore (McCann, Van Patten, De Luca, De Luise).

Some gags work, some don't but as always, Mel tries. Too bad he's working under the restrictions of that darned PG rating. What Mel could have done in his heyday with an R rated "Robin Hood"! Though admittedly, the finale of Robin's (Elwes') serenade to Maid Marian (Yasbeck) earns big laughs. Loved finding out the first name of the Sheriff of Rottingham (Rees), as well. You will, too.

As I've said before, any Mel is good Mel. If you've seen any Robin Hood movie, good. You'll get a lot of the references here. Even with the Mafia connections, hot tubs, and the new Club for horses.

Five stars. Bless you!
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'Rottingham' will never be the same
ben_mister_s17 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is FUNNY!!!

I remember seeing this movie for the first time when I was about 8 years old. My brother came home with it and told me I should watch along. I must say, what was funny back then is still funny now. The movie gains strength out of the nonsense humor. People who don't like this kind of humor, don't watch. People who want to have a fun night full of laughter en weird jokes with friends (or alone) will surely enjoy this.

Have you ever wanted to see someone swim from Israel to England and once arrived, see the name England written, Hollywood style, right of the beach? Or how about a bunch of men dance and sing to the CanCan? A sheriff who "pronounce can't sentence one correctly single" oh I'm sorry, I meant a sheriff who can't pronounce one single sentence correctly. That's just a couple of the million funny things in this movie.

I'd say, put your mind to sleep, invite people to come watch, make popcorn and have a good time. I know I did!!!

8 out of 10, definitely!!!
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The critic above could NOT be more mistaken!!
Janine088125 February 2005
I thought this film was amazing and I laughed so much that I had to see it twice to catch the bits I missed whilst bending over holding my stomach! The critic who reviewed this film for this site challenged anyone with an IQ over their shoe size to find this film funny, well my IQ is approx:135...I challenge this person to question me and then eat his own words! This film is brilliant and if the critic above wasn't such a boring idiot, he might smile for once in his life and take things as lightly as they're meant!!!

The musical numbers were so imaginative! EVERYONE when watching any film about that period of time will notice men in tights and realise how different it is to today's attire and how funny we would find today's male population if they wore tights day in day out! The idea of dedicating a song to butch men dancing in tights was so fresh how can anyone NOT laugh!!! (Plus also, seeing hip-hop rappers doing ballet is always hysterical-as a dancer also, I've done ballet and hip hop and danced with men who've had to do still cracks me up each time!!!)

I love this film, if anyone hasn't seen it yet, don't listen to the critic it and then decide for yourself!!!
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Not Brooks' best but still hilarious
puttputtk7 October 2010
Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)

Robin Hood: Men in Tights is far from Mel Brooks' best film, but it definitely is hilarious. As far as his films that parody other film franchises go, its no Young Frankenstein but it is better than Dracula: Dead and Loving it.

Not the greatest acting but few comedies ever do. There may not be any great performances but they are funny performances. I don't think I would have thought that Cary Elwes was the right choice to play the lead in this film, but they made the right choice by picking him. He gave a very Princess Bride like performance that worked out well. Dave Chappell gave a good debut performance, though he definitely wasn't as funny as he would become later on. Mark Blankfield as Blinkin I think is probably the most remembered character in the film and its for good reason, he is hilarious.

The film is full of great Mel Brooks style jokes and gags that would make The Marx Brothers proud. Some jokes are misses and are slightly painful due to how unfunny they are but those come rare, its usually consistently funny. It's probably my favorite Mel Brooks movie after Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles. Though it is a little less liked and a little dumber, I think fans of those two films will still like this one.

Before you watch Robin Hood Men in Tights I would suggest you see at least one other version of Robin Hood, to understand the story they are making fun of. Im sure the film would still be funny who didn't know the story but I think some knowledge of the legend would make it better.

Anyone who likes Mel Brooks, anyone who likes Robin Hood and anyone who likes comedies should give it a try. Some people might find it a little annoying and dumb at times but I think most people will at least get enough laughs to like it.

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Unlike other Robin Hoods I do it with an English accent
allenblank15 April 2006
This was a very enjoyable spoof, but when watching it one thing stuck in my mind. It was when Robin said, "Unlike other Robin Hoods I do it with an English accent" which of cause was said as a joke to Kevin Cosner's "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves". But as I was thinking of other past Robin Hoods, I was reminded of two other Robin Hoods without English accents. One was Dick Gutier on a TV show called "When Things Were Rotten" and the other was George Segal in a TV movie called, "The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood". Both projects were produced by a short Jew from Brooklyn born with the name of Melvin Kaminsky. I wonder if Mel Brooks knows of this man.
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I just loved it
morganeleemans3 August 2019
It is just so weird that it is funny I the actors aren't that good but that doesn't matter in this movie
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RainInRivendell11 June 2006
I Love this movie! I know some people might say that it was not a great movie, but I really disagree. The comedy is classic Mel Brooks style and the actors were superbly chosen. This was my first exposure to Cary Elwes, and Dave Chappelle and what a first impression they made. Cary Elwes shines as Robin Hood, the only British Robin Hood mind you. He has great comedic timing and the right attitude for this type of film. Dave Chappelle is obviously much bigger now, but at the time this was his first movie and he did an outstanding job as Achoo. The characters were all very well planned out and all added their own little quirks to the movie. I highly recommend that you rent this movie and enjoy it with a nice bowl of popcorn and some close friends!
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Bottom of the barrel of Brooks Films
stuprince14 October 2011
Mel Brooks may have produced, directed, and starred in some of the funniest movies since the 1960s, but for his final effort, this movie is really sad.

Brooks had fallen into the parity genre by this time and while his earlier effort, Spaceballs, had many memorable moments, this is nothing but a series of worn out and rehashed jokes. The same jokes worked in Blazing Saddles and its successors, but by this time they had lost there way.

I hope that people don't think that this is the best of Brooks, take time to see Saddles, Young Frankenstein, or the Producers.

Skip this one.
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WOW! An absolute gem!
wesleybowd2 November 2019
This movie is an absolute gem! There are lots of movies that try to balance their comedy movies with a more complicated storyline, but this one doesn't need a complicated storyline, that would just ruin the storyline. All sorts of humour, from (slightly cringey) humour to outrageously funny innuendo. This movie is a must see, in my humble opinion.
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Brooks is a tired act
reve-219 April 2000
A very typical Mel Brooks film. Throughout his films it's obvious that he is obsessed on certain things. To wit: He thinks that it is hilarious when men behave in an effeminate manner; His films must contain lots of Jewish humor; His musical numbers must be long, drawn out and boring. I could go on and on but, you get the point. I was surprised that he didn't include his normal flatulence routine but, he spared us that one.
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beresfordjd18 January 2008
I cannot believe that the same filmmaker who made the sublime Blazing Saddles, High Anxiety and Young Frankenstein could have made this piece of unfunny trash! I have tried to watch it in its entirety but have always failed because it is just too depressing. I smiled once at a Mel Brooks piece of shtick towards the end but the rest of it left me stony-faced and I wanted to love it -I truly did.Lame ideas and even lamer execution made it a torture to sit through. Mel Brooks should be ashamed of himself for this it was even worse than History of the World Part 1.It is always disappointing when one's heroes do not live up to expectations and this time Mel Brooks certainly did not.
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What a Godawful film! When Things Were Truly and Utterly Rotten
tavives26 July 2011
This is on Epix right now. GODDAMN what an awful movie. I like Mel Brooks. In a list of the top 10 funniest movies I have ever seen, I would probably place at least 3 of his films: Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and High Anxiety. (Have never seen The Producers - the original with Wilder and Mostel - but I understand it is great, too.) So what happened here? Mel Brooks has simply forgotten how to be funny. I knew something was starting to go very wrong when I saw Spaceballs. It was the beginning of the end. While there were a few chuckles and 1 or 2 inspired bits (the endless ship at the beginning comes to mind) overall, it was a series of really bad puns and humor that few over the age of 12 would laugh at.

Robin Hood - Men in Tights just took this drivel to a whole different level with bad writing, excruciatingly bad and embarrassing performances, and is just agony to watch. Retreads of old jokes, ("It's good to be king", "Hey, Abbott!") and truly unfunny parodies of what I'm still trying to get my head around calling a genre. (While the Robin Hood legend has been told and retold countless times, I'm not sure that qualifies it as a "genre") The sad thing is that Brooks himself did the whole Robin Hood thing much better in his mid-70s TV series, "When Things Were Rotten." There should have been an additional qualifier in the title of this waste of celluloid: "Robin Hood - Men in Tights - When Things Were Truly and Utterly Rotten"
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Not even worth a chuckle
KnightsofNi1127 June 2011
There are reasons Mel Brooks gave up his directing career. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is one of them. From the man behind some of the greatest works of spoof comedy ever to grace the screen such as Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs comes one of the stupidest, driest, most pathetically unfunny spoofs I've ever seen. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is a spoof of the typical Robin Hood story, chock full of over the top gags that feel more like someone desperately trying to be as funny as Mel Brooks and failing miserably. It is shocking to see how someone can go from Blazing Saddles to this mess of a spoof. Why Mel Brooks? Why? A Robin Hood spoof from the king of spoofs should have been great. There is a world of possibilities when it comes to spoofing a tale as classic as Robin Hood, but this film picks from the absolute worst possibilities and floods us with terrible gags and ridiculously unfunny jokes. You know it is a problem when I literally can't refrain from voicing my opinion during the movie while I watch it alone. It basically goes like this. Robin Hood addresses a crowd and says to them, "Gentlemen! Lend me your ears!" The crowd then proceeds to remove their ears and throw them at Robin Hood, at which point I hang my head in shame and say out loud, "Oh my God. Really?" And this didn't happen once, or twice, or even three times, it happened over and over again. One bad pun after another led me to feel almost sick by the end of this movie. I laughed maybe once during the entire film, something that should not happen when watching a Mel Brooks spoof.

Another lesson to be learned here is that the fourth wall shtick is only funny for so long. The scene in Spaceballs where Dark Helmet and his crew watch themselves on TV after putting in the Spaceballs VHS is plenty funny. The entire ending of Blazing Saddles where the entire setting becomes an old west sound stage is hysterical. These gags in Robin Hood: Men in Tights don't work at all. Characters running into the cameras and cameras breaking through windows as they zoom in too close to Maid Marion while she bathes are tired, old, and simply not funny. You have to know when to stop and Mel Brooks just got ahead of himself and took his once clever gag to the point where it was just plain miserable.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights is missing one of the essential elements to any comedy and that's the whole being funny thing. It is an underrated element, but in its absence we are treated to an absolutely terrible film. And that is just what this film is. Terrible. I couldn't even force myself to pretend it was funny, much less actually laugh at its idiocracy and puns so terrible they would make cable news anchors cringe. I hope Mel Brooks was ashamed of himself after releasing this movie. I never thought he could so unfunny.
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Hilariously dumb!
bsu_oak53014 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love this film! Although most critics panned it and it didn't do that great at the box office, I honestly think this one of Brooks's best movies. I remember as a kid being a huge Robin Hood Prince of Thieves fan, still am, but I loved the idea of a spoof on the legend of Robin Hood and saw this film for the first time as a kid. I didn't get all the jokes back then, but I thought it was hilarious nonetheless.

I'll admit, this isn't the most intelligent comedy out there (still leagues ahead of American Pie and Superbad though), but it's witty in the sense that Mel Brooks knows how to spoof so good he basically invented it. This spoofs a ton of great movies and actors, and while it's cheesy at times (it's supposed to be) it's also funny. Cary Elwes is a great comedic Robin Hood, but he's got a great supporting cast in Aachoo, Blinkin, the Sheriff of Rottingham, and Prince John.

Is it typical Mel Brooks? For sure! That's why I love it. It's got random bits of hilarity. My personal favorite is the spoof of The Godfather where a character very reminiscent of Don Corleone is planning the assassination of Robin Hood with the Sheriff. The actor sounds and acts just like Marlon Brando, it was hilarious. It was random, but hilarious.

This is a silly comedy. That's what it was intended to be. The thing about Men in Tights is that while it's supposed to be a spoof of Robin Hood, it ends up being a great take on the lore while trying to spoof it. It's another story of the classic legend, just with a bit of a comedic twist on it. I recommend it to fans of Robin Hood, Mel Brooks, or fans of spoof movies in general. Some people might not like it because they want sex jokes 24/7, but if you want hilarious stupidity, this is a great movie to watch. I wouldn't put it on par with Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but it's one of my favorite comedies.

Check it out and remember "A mime is a terrible thing to waste."
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Like Watching Old People #!@%
snoopdavidniven2 March 2008
It's my own private theory that the decade between roughly 1966, and roughly 1976, represents not just a sea-change/high-point/Belle Epoque of the arts in this country, but the duration of a force-field imposed by aliens who briefly took over our bodies and spent a long arts and crafts holiday here, giving us 2001 and REVOLVER and BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS and CLOSE TO THE EDGE and CHINATOWN and much more in the process; and when they left at last for their home world, the bodies they inhabited reverted right back to their true selves. In the case of Mel Brooks, through whose corporeal shell the Visitors had crafted THE PRODUCERS, BLAZING SADDLES and YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, that means a pushy, tiresome, obnoxious hack.

Well, it's as good an explanation as any, right? Brooks so totally lost the plot from the latter half of the 70s on that bodysnatching aliens and Faustian bargains spring naturally to mind as reasonable explanations: that's how fast, and far, he fell off the cliff. There isn't a single funny moment in his ROBIN HOOD spoof, but this is far worse than simply "unfunny". Few things in life are as painful to endure as third-rate comedy performed badly, by incompetents incapable of timing a gag or delivering even a throwaway line without stepping on the joke. Not that this is measurably worse than the half-dozen or so lead balloons Brooks made prior to this. On the other hand, it's every bit as wheezingly unfunny as they were. If it wasn't, would Dick van Patten even be in this? Yeah.... when I think of freewheeling, anything-goes absurdist satire, Van Patten's the first name that comes to mind.

Oh, yeah....about those jokes. They're about on the level of a Bob Hope Special from 1971, only with the racier, edgier material cut out.

"And this is my friend Will Scarlet."

"Well, Scarlet's my middle name. (pause) My full name is Will Scarlet O'Hara. (longer pause) We're from Georgia."

That's one of the better ones, folks. And even though the joke as written is terrible, and could never be made funny no matter how it was read, the tortuous Pasadena Playhouse pauses actually make the thing even worse than it already is. Which is pretty much this movie in a nutshell - bad ideas, made worse by terrible writing, further doomed by an unsuitable cast, all of whom flail away helplessly without any sort of competent direction.

If you must see this, see it on basic cable so you'll at least have the cell-phone and diet soda commercials to look forward to. And maybe you, too, will wonder how it was possible anybody ever thought Mel Brooks was a genius, and how in the world did he keep getting money to make these godawful comedies. I can't help you with the second question, but as far as the first goes, trust me; it was the aliens.
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Worst movie of all time!
davepy24 July 1999
This is my certified least favorite movie of all time - bar none! It was almost embarrassing watching the degeneration of Mel Brooks' talent - starting with Spaceballs, continuing with Life Stinks and culminating in a collection of the most pathetic excuse for jokes ever that is Men in Tights. There is not a single funny moment in the entire movie, and more often than not I was left thinking, 'what the hell's supposed to be funny about this scene?'
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