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I was a bit disappointed with this actually!
TheLittleSongbird11 February 2009
The original is one of my favourite Disney movies. This movie isn't terrible, but it is fair to say, it is the worst out of the Aladdin trilogy. If you want a really good DTV sequel, check out Aladdin and the King of Thieves (the best DTV sequel) or Beauty and the Beast:The Enchanted Christmas.

The characters were less appealing here.Most of the voice actors return, but all of them sound different. Aladdin and Jasmine were less mature here, as well as the Sultan. Jafar wasn't as frightening or as humorous as he was in the first movie, and Iago is sometimes annoying, unlike King of Thieves, when he is actually funny. Dan Castellanetta does a serviceable job as the genie(he is funny at times), but it just isn't the same without Robin Williams. The worst character was Abis Mal, I absolutely hate that character. He just grates on my nerves. The animation sometimes looks nice, but at other times, it has a rather nasty quality about it. Almost all the characters look poorly drawn, and I really didn't want to say this. Even the Genie wasn't up to top animation standard. It wasn't the backgrounds as such, some were very nice, it was the character animation that was the problem.

As for the songs, they aren't dreadful, but they are the weakest batch in any Disney movie. Iago's singing made my ears bleed, and "Second Rate" sounded as though Jonathan Freeman was struggling with the song. (No wonder, it is very hard)I don't know about you but the old woman in the chair bit I found creepy as a kid. The best song in my opinion is "there is nothing in the world quite like a Friend" which has a decent melody. Also Liz Callaway has a nice singing voice. I really liked the incidental music though, and the scene of the winged horses.

The story was the biggest problem, it went at such a slow pace. Also the villain back for revenge formula was over-familiar, and has been done so much better before. I also disliked the fact that Iago seemed to be the main character, when he was truly irritating here, and some of the dialogue is very lame, there was one part when Aladdin says something that is meant to be funny and he raises his eyebrows cheekily, but I found myself groaning than laughing. I'm sorry, that's my view. On a positive note, this film actually has one of the best climaxes in a DTV sequel, and the voice acting if different was decent especially Jonathan Freeman as Jafar.

This is a very disappointing sequel, especially when it was released two years after the original. but on the bright side, it isn't as bad as the Cinderella and Jungle Book sequels, which are both thinly plotted. 6/10. Bethany Cox
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Not as good as the first one
Atreyu_II28 January 2008
"The Return of Jafar" isn't as good as "Aladdin" but, to be fair, it isn't that bad for a Disney sequel either. There are much worst Disney sequels than this, made after this.

"The Return of Jafar" continues the story of the original "Aladdin": now Aladdin and Jasmine are married and live together in the palace, the genie returns from his vacations, Iago escapes from Jafar and becomes a «good guy» and Jafar returns with the help of a new villain (a thief called Abis Mal).

Naturally that this movie isn't as good as the first one, like I said. Why? There are many reasons why. The story is more lame. The artwork looks more poor comparing to the first one (which is more refined and more according to Disney's standards). The humor isn't as funny and classic. The colorful imagination, creativity and magic of the first one are gone. The characters seem somehow to have lost their personality.

Speaking of the characters, let me start by Iago. He has the same general sarcasm and I like the idea that he becomes a «good guy», but let's be frank: he's way funnier in the first one. Jafar is now more annoying and not as humorous as in the first one. Aladdin, Jasmine and the Sultan seem to have lost some of their maturity. The Genie is still funny, but without the colorful imagination and brilliant sense of humor he's got on the first one. The whole movie in general doesn't hold a candle to the original, although it is still entertaining enough. Besides, there is no Robin Williams here, which is a deep lost. It also becomes tiring to see Jafar so many times as a Red Genie. The soundtrack itself is nowhere near as impressing and memorable as on the first one - in fact, none of the songs here really capture our attention and hearts.

Overall, this is not a bad movie. For kids it is just as recommendable and entertaining as the first one, but for older people the first one is, without a doubt, the best choice.
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Jafar is back and he's definitely not here for a cup of tea
Smells_Like_Cheese10 February 2004
As rare as it is, Disney will have good sequels that will come out and one of those is Return of Jafar, even though this one you can tell the animation isn't as great as the original and Robin Williams skipped out on this one, I still really enjoyed this Disney sequel. I thought it was pretty cool to see how Jafar would get his revenge as a genie, you thought he was a scary villain just as a sorcerer? Imagine him as a genie with all the powers in the world! It's pretty crazy, but I like how they are continuing the story between Aladdin and Jasmine and how Aladdin's life has been since the Sultan has invited him to stay within the castle and to love his daughter. Plus we have the genie, Abu, and the carpet back, how could you not just fall in love with them again? Return of Jafar is a great sequel and has a very good story.

The story opens with a band of robbers arriving in their hideout with their latest spoils. Just as their incompetent leader, Abis Mal, rouses the ire of his men, Aladdin and Abu steal the treasures back and distribute most of it among the poor of Agrabah, with the exception of a jewel flower, which Aladdin intends to give to Jasmine. Upon their arrival, Jasmine announces to Aladdin a surprise which the Sultan intends to reveal at this evening's dinner. Meanwhile, in the desert, Iago manages to dig himself and Jafar's genie lamp out of the sand, into which the Genie had fired them. Jafar orders Iago to release him at once, but Iago, tired of being treated badly by Jafar, throws the lamp into a nearby well. He returns to Agrabah, hoping to convince Aladdin that he had served Jafar only because he had hypnotized him just like the Sultan. He meets Aladdin and insists that he is innocent, but Aladdin is not fooled and tries to capture him. While chasing Iago, Aladdin has a run-in with Abis Mal and some of his men, but is saved by Iago. Now willing to give Iago a fair chance, Aladdin returns with him to the palace, where they are greeted by Genie, who has returned from seeing the world and is glad to be home in Agrabah. That night, the Sultan announces that he wants to make Aladdin his new grand vizier. Trying to draw on the good mood, Aladdin attempts to persuade the Sultan to forgive Iago, but Iago inadvertently ruins the dinner and the Sultan and Jasmine are furious. With Iago's help, though, Jasmine eventually reconciles with Aladdin. Meanwhile, Jafar, by luck, is found by Abis Mal. As Jafar is a genie, he is handicapped by the incompetence of his new "master". Jafar desires to be free so that he can get revenge on Aladdin and rule Agrabah, but needs Mal's co-operation to do this. Once in the palace, Jafar reveals himself to Iago and forces him to play along with his plans. The next day, Aladdin and the Sultan depart to have a discussion at a place suggested by Iago. After they leave, Jafar confronts the Genie and Abu in the Palace gardens and shows his power, imprisoning the pair. When Aladdin thanks Iago, he is ambushed by Abis Mal, and the sulton is captured.

Even though Iago was a great little villain sidekick, I think I liked him better turning on Aladdin's side and seeing him rescue the gang from Jafar was just awesome. Even though the soundtrack isn't as memorable as the first Aladdin, I still loved Iago's song "I'm looking out for me". I'm a little sad that the same cast didn't return, but these voices did just as well and the story still worked. I really did like this sequel, even if others didn't, I think it was just a great way to continue Aladdin's journey with the genie, Jasmine, Abu and the others. Plus it was cool to see Jafar come back and just defend his title against Aladdin and the genie was awesome, you really don't wanna mess with Jafar. Well even if Aladdin did end up winning the day, I think Jafar is still a pretty cool bad dude. I do recommend that if you get the chance to see this movie, take it, it's a fun sequel and I personally enjoyed it.

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Has its moments, but is still a significant drop in quality from its predecessor
Electrified_Voltage11 November 2007
I was a huge fan of Disney's "Aladdin" during my childhood, so I obviously wanted to see this straight-to-video sequel when it came out in 1994. From what I remember, I was not disappointed at all. However, after discovering that I still liked the popular 1992 Disney flick a lot after many years, I rented "The Return of Jafar" to see what I thought of it after all these years, and while I'm still not one of the haters, I can now understand the criticism!

Jafar, who is now a genie trapped in his lamp, and his parrot, Iago escape from the Cave of Wonders and work their way up to the desert surface. Iago gets out of the lamp, and Jafar expects him to rub it so he can get out and return to Agrabah, where he plans to have his revenge on Aladdin! Instead, Iago turns against the former grand vizier, and drops the lamp in a well, with Jafar trapped inside! However, when a thief named Abis Mal finds the lamp in the well, Jafar is finally out, and is ready for his revenge! To make it worse for Aladdin, Abis Mal wants revenge on him as well, due to a recent encounter in Agrabah! Meanwhile, Iago has returned to the city, and obviously, most people do not trust him, but Aladdin begins to. Is this a good idea?!

There are several things that make "The Return of Jafar" far inferior to its predecessor. First of all, some of the characters are not quite the same. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine seem a bit sillier and less mature than they are in the first movie, and there are some ridiculous scenes involving the two, such as the one where the Sultan praises Aladdin, and Aladdin then looks over to Jasmine with a smug look on his face, and she looks back at him with look of romance (a rather silly one). Another character who is not the same is the Genie. He is responsible for a lot of the humour in 1992's "Aladdin", but isn't usually funny in this film. This time, he is voiced by Dan Castellaneta, instead of Robin Williams, and Castellaneta voices many funny characters on "The Simpsons", but as the Genie, I guess he's not so great. That reminds me, this film is generally a lot less funny than its predecessor. Two other downsides I can think of are the animation (not too bad, but certainly not as good), and the forgettable songs, none of which have ever fully stuck in my head, and some of which still aren't stuck in there at all!

Sequels aren't usually as good or better than their predecessors, but even with that in mind, this one is still disappointing. Since I at least found an occasional laugh in the film, as well as some excitement, I give it a 6/10. Nevertheless, I found the film a bit bland overall, lacking several things that made the classic original so great. For hardcore fans of Disney's "Aladdin", this straight-to-video sequel might be worth checking out, but if you decide to do so, don't be surprised if you find that a lot is missing from the original! Judging by the few episodes of the "Aladdin" TV series I've seen, it seems to have the same problems as "The Return of Jafar", or very similar ones. Fortunately, at least these problems did not persist in "Aladdin and the King of Thieves", the final installment in the franchise, which is definitely somewhat superior to what came in between.
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A pitiful sequel...
raven_blood8824 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Truly a waste of time, money and voice acting; "Return of Jafar" is one of the most banal sequels Disney's dished out.

+ SPOILER ALERT + The story opens with a bunch of thieving morons who want some jeweled flower thingy. But Aladdin (who is suddenly a poor street rat again) stops them.

Then, the main moronic thief escapes from Aladdin and finds Jafar's lamp, sets him free and the "plot" unfolds. If by "plot", you mean, Iago basically deciding if he's a good guy or a bad guy. (Sad "plot", ain't it?) With cheesy half-arsed animation, and dweeby songs, this sequel just is a sappy one hour waste of time. Aladdin and Jasmine are not married in this film, (even though they married at the end of the first movie) and the only really memorable scene is a brief goof, where the Sultan loses his eyebrows for a split second. I truly believe that if poor (late) Mr. Walter Disney had seen this idea, he would've cried.

I give it a 1 out of 10.
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Am I the only one that likes it?
minra9030 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
There aren't too many good disney sequels out there, but I think The Return of Jafar is one of them. This movie has a different tone compared to the first one, and that is something I like about this movie unlike other disney sequels. The plot is more interesting since not only Jafar has returned, but he is now a genie, so now a more tougher challenge awaits for Aladdin and his friends. I think it's a fine sequel to Aladdin, and most certainly watchable. So I don't really understand the criticism this movie gets, as I think people are being quite harsh. It's good for what it is, and it's still interesting and watchable if you ask me. Yes, Jafar is one of my favourite disney villains out there, so I would of course rate this movie highly. I think it's one of the best disney sequels there is to offer.
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Not as good as Aladdin, but who cares?
Op_Prime27 September 2000
Rule number one in movie viewing friends: never, ever expect a sequel to be better that the original. because it usually isn't. The Return of Jafar is no where near as good as Aladdin, but it is still generally good. This really wasn't even supposed to be a sequel. It was supposed to be the first five episodes of the animated series, thus explaining the change in animation. The story is fairly good and the movie has some good songs. And in defense of Dan Castellaneta, he does a good job as the Genie and sounds sort of like Robin Williams. Don't judge him just because of Williams' performance. It was not as good as Aladdin, but why would you expect it to be?
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No Robin Williams is a bad thing!
TheMan30515 October 2002
Disney has a reputation of doing bad sequels. And for the most part they are but this movie is an exception. It's actually pretty entertaining but the flaw of the movie is the absence of Robin Williams. "Homer Simpson" does a good job providing the voice but he isn't Robin Williams.

2(**)out of 4(****)stars
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considering other Disney direct-to-video sequels, this one isn't bad!
Quinoa198415 June 2016
I think if you enjoy hearing Gilbert Gottfried's incessant screeching as a performer, as I genuinely do (no, really, for a character like Iago it woks!) then Return to Jafar will be a good effort. Very good, great? Maybe not. I don't even know how necessary it might have been, but as a little kid coming off of Aladdin, which was a triumph for Disney at the time, this was a good way to bridge between the first movie and the animated series that was to come for many years on the Disney channel. It picks up right where the first one left off and follows Iago on his journey from being an awful "I'm looking out for me" kind of stooge and into being, well, semi-heroic.

Of course not having Robin Williams as the Genie, and as a kid as soon as I heard it, it was something of a shock (only once though, during the Genie's first song, does he sound a lot like Homer Simpson). But he does a good enough job and makes it entertaining. I don't know what could have been improved on aside from, you know, the animation (it's not the Hollywood group, it was done overseas), or Williams but... for what it is, I like it. It may not be a strong recommendation, but it's more-so compared to the dirge of ridiculous direct-to-video garbage that Disney pumped out over the next two decades (including things like Bambi 2 and Beauty and the Beast Christmas specials). At least Aladdin, through this sequel and one more and the series, got to be its own thing in continuity and follow arcs and characters in decent timing for children of the period.
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Oh, the things you can live through...
pumishmumi11 December 2011
I thought this was a great sequel. Probably my favorite of the millions of sequels made by Disney.

Jafar is definitely a much better villain in this one than in Aladdin. He has a much stronger motivation and much greater powers on his side. Despite all that, however, Disney can't help but limit themselves as to how good a movie can be. The ending, in my opinion, was cheesy even by kids movie standards.

The genie isn't quite as entertaining as before either, but he still made me laugh a lot.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoyed Aladdin.
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real_kurvos16 June 2010
I am very pleased with this movie. It takes daring turns and it has a charm. Not to mention a pretty cool and dramatic opening. Iago turning good was kinda hilarious, since he is so greedy. And Jafar as the more powerful red Genie was pretty awesome as well. Very well executed. Too bad it wasn't on cinema with a higher budget, though. But regardless, I love it. By the way; another reviewer here named Mary (can probably see her the first review that appears on this article) stated a false fact, embarrassingly enough. She said "It's actually one of my favorite sequels, and not to mention Disney's very FIRST sequel." ... ever heard of The Rescuers Down Under, you schmuck?!
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Good movie, but HORRID animation.
ramteen8924 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I quite actually enjoyed this movie for its plot and characters, but the animation was simply HORRIBLE. The characters in the background were more like paper cut-outs. The makers of "Angelica Anaconda" did a MUCH better job in animation than this cheap, rubbish method.

Story: an excellent way to end Jafar's story. Dramatic, exciting and astounding. Characters: the only disappointment was Robin Williams' absence, but you have to blame Disney for that (they went back on a promise they'd made to Williams regarding the first film just to make more money).

Animation was the only major disappointment here. I'm glad they rectified it with "Aladdin and the King of Thieves" (another excellent Aladdin story).

6/10 stars.
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The worst sequel to anything I've ever seen.
killbill50013 March 2008
You know, this film actually has excellent animation with loads of potential, but every last strand of it's potential is wasted with the film's awful animation direction. It's Saturday morning cartoon standard; for both animation direction and cinematography.

In some scenes, specifically the one in which Iago gets pinned against the wall with a watermelon, the animation is disturbingly unrealistic and fake. The whole film showcases possibly the least realistic animation I've yet to see in a Disney film.

While the backgrounds are very detailed and expressive, some of the characters, even the main characters look noticeably wonky and off-model in some scenes, As for the humour, it's just plain silly for the most part; silly and childish, which instead of making me laugh, just left me rolling my eyes in contempt. In fact, there's basically nothing until the genie's appearance that seems to even try to be funny.

Most of the music is forgettable at best, and when a song is half right decent, what puts me off about it is that it doesn't sound Indian or Aladdin-esquire at all.

The only thing that stops me from either falling asleep, or turning of the TV screen, is the genie, which this time, is voiced by Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson). His voice-work, as an imitation of Williams', isn't particularly great, and I feel it was a bit of a let down, considering how versatile Dan's voice is in real life, and here, he just sounds like a mildly tweaked version of Homer Simpson. But in the end, it really doesn't matter, considering how many other things that absolutely bomb in this film.

This film is worth watching only for Dan's appearance; if you're not a fan of his work, and you are a fan of the original, then seriously, avoid this one if you don't particularly feel like ruining what the first one did to you. This film is only for the Aladdin diehards, and obsessive collectors; everyone else, if you think it might have a chance of living up to the original, think again.

On it's own, this film is awful. In comparison to the stunning original, it's not only terrible, but it's an insult to every thing that made the first film so special. The only way I would, and could ever like this film, is if no-one else on the entire planet liked it. Unfortunately, there are going to be people out there that do, so I see it as nothing more than a bad, pointless sequel that did not need to be made.
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Some good, some bad
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews19 January 2008
Disney's first direct-to-video sequel... a rather dubious honor, surely. It is, apparently(I haven't watched very many of them... this one was given to me), one of the few Disney sequels that is actually a direct sequel, rather than the story of the kids of the main character or characters of the original film. It's a mixed bag. There aren't many songs, and one of them may even just be (some) new lyrics for one from the first... but on the other hand, both Iago and Jafar get a song(each)... the latter was supposed to have one in the first, it just didn't quite work out, and Freeman(Jonathan, not Morgan) certainly does sing well. The pacing isn't too bad, I guess. The plot certainly could have been better. Abis Mal is not that interesting of a character. The themes aren't as good and the developments just don't work as well as those of the first. The animation varies, some bits are downright poor when compared to that of the first. The energy and creativity in no way measures up to that of the first. I realize that the following is not necessarily something they could have fixed... but Castellaneta just does not make as good a Genie as Williams. Sorry, Dan... I like ya, I do(honestly possibly more than Rob), but some parts just suit certain actors better, and, let's face it, Genie is essentially Williams as an animated character. Dan tries, but it just doesn't work. In fact, it seems almost like they changed the character of Genie, either to move it away from the Williams performance or to suit the new guy, and if there was ever a character in fiction best suited for a fast-paced stand-up comedian, rather than an actor perhaps best known for his voice-work portraying one of the slowest, most dim-witted characters in the history of animation(it should be noted that I *love* The Simpsons, the first many years, until it turned sucky)... yeah, that character would have to be Genie. The film is a mere 70 minutes or so long, and only about an hour of it is actual film. There are dramatic parts, but the film is just not the adventure that the first was. It's nowhere near as entertaining... but hey, the actors do return(save for Williams), and at least Freeman does still do well(Gottfried was... not as good as he was in the first, a pity, since his character, Iago, is featured so heavily in this, especially early on... maybe that was the problem, he was overexposed). The DVD... could be better. The menus aren't as attractive as those of the DVD of Aladdin. The extras... well, there are three. One that takes you directly to any of the songs in the film(which, sadly, serves to underline just how few there are... and the DVD of Aladdin actually had other recordings of the songs featured, as well as deleted/unused songs). One that will have Aladdin describe how people wish in different parts of the world, divided into brief clips. And lastly, a feature that will allow you three wishes granted by Jafar... that one is actually decent enough. All in all, I'm not sure there's terribly much lost from not watching this. I recommend it to fans of Disney, Aladdin, and/or those who want to see more of Jafar... and it helps to not be terribly picky. 5/10
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Exciting sequel!!!!!
sethn1724 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Disney entered the direct-to-video arena for the very first time in 1994 with "The Return of Jafar," the sequel to the 1992 theatrical animated release "Aladdin." In it, we thought in our last movie that Jafar would be gone forever!!!!! But NOOOO, Jafar has returned once again, and he wanted revenge!!!!!

This time, Jafar became an evil genie. This was an awesome film, and I especially liked the ending scene where, as the lamp melted, the Jafar Genie was all flashing like static and stuff!!!!! Now THAT was awesome!!!!!

And so, after that, all went back to normal. I liked this movie; it was fun and exciting, and don't forget: that short, fat bad guy was caught in the tree, wondering why he didn't get his third wish!!!!! LOL

If you liked "Aladdin," then you'll LOVE "The Return of Jafar!!!!!"

10 stars
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Before Disney Released Cheap, Slip-Shod Straight-to-Video Animated Sequels, They Made Good (yes, GOOD) Straight-to-Video Sequels...
MovieAddict201618 April 2003
Before cheap "Disney-straight-to-video" sequel rip-offs, like "Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure" and "101 Dalmations 2," Disney actually made worthwhile straight-to-video sequels, and "The Return of Jafar" is proof of that.

This is the continuing story of Aladdin, his monkey Baboo, and Carpet, the flying carpet. He has since moved into the castle and is still having a romance with Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan. The film opens with Aladdin stealing from a thief named Abis Mal (voiced by "Seinfeld's" Jason Alexander), and giving the jewels to the poor (ala Robin Hood).

An angry Abis Mal retreats to the desert, where he accidentally releases genie Jafar, who seeks revenge on Aladdin. With the help of the thief, Jafar plots revenge.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Aladdin has taken Iago the Parrot (Gilbert Gottfried), Jafar's ex-confidante, under his wing (so to speak). And the Blue Genie (this time voiced by Dan "Homer Simpson" Castellanetta, instead of Robin Williams) shows up after touring the world, singing "There's nothing in the world quite like a friend!" and dancing around.

"The Return of Jafar" seems more like a worthy sequel to 1992's box office smash "Aladdin," and it isn't like other countless straight-to-video sequels that are pure, unadulterated crap.

The animation is a bit more bland than it was in the first, but the characters are all voiced by the same actors (save the Blue Genie--who sounds like Williams anyway), and the story is not entirely stupid. It's actually pretty fun, and seems like those old legends you hear of in ancient tales.

And such as in the original, this film is filled with sly references to modern-day things. The first had spoofs/imitations of Woody Allen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, slicer/dicer ads, and much, much more. This film uses a lot of objects that weren't even invented at the time, such as a pool table (wasn't that in this flick?) and the Genie uses other references to modern-day inventions when he comes back from visiting the world.

"Aladdin" was one of the best of 1992, and this is more than just a worthy sequel, but a worthy continuation of the story (to be concluded in the mess-of-a-sequel "Aladdin and the King of Thieves," which is one to miss).

3.5/5 stars -

John Ulmer
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To trust or not to trust Iago: that's the question!
ElMaruecan821 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"The Return of Jafar" had almost fooled me when I was 12. My Dad brought us the VHS from some local Spanish bazaar when the original was still a fresh memory as well as an instant favorite. Yet "Aladdin" was bought in a format that featured the same mediocre image quality so while something seemed off with the sequel's animation, it didn't tip me off.

Obviously "Return of Jafar" was an attempt to capitalize on the first opus' popularity and Disney's instinct didn't fail as it was one of the most profitable Made-to-Video projects. And how could it fail anyway? "Aladdin" was immensely popular for its mesmerizing animation, Robin Williams' performance as the Genie and its memorable songs. So any sequel was an offer no fan would refuse. Even my brother and I "yaayed" like Flanders' kids when we got the film.

Needless to say that the feeling didn't last. Immediately I felt something odd in the sight of Iago smiling in the poster. Wasn't he the villain's sidekick? They couldn't even make the poster right as it spoils what should have been an interesting twist. Then the beginning had Aladdin in his "street-rat" outfit again fighting a bunch of thieves whose leader plays like an Oriental version of Smee. Not sure I liked it, not sure I even cheered for Al when he victoriously threw the golden coins to beggars.

Indeed, I don't mind deja-vu in sequels but this one was played for sensations that don't belong to either the comedy or thrills department: why should I be glad to see the hero acting like a hero? It was like a carbon copy of Aladdin without the coolness and complexity, and the first sign that characterization wouldn't be the film's strongest suit. That they managed to make Jasmine annoying was one thing but to make Aladdin boring was the straw that broke the camel's back (no pun intended).

Now, the plot. Iago manages to get himself off the lamp while Jafar lands on the hands of Abis Mal, the Iago part is rather problematic while Jafar deserves a more positive paragraph. But yes it's Iago who, of all the characters, is given a spotlight. Gilbert Gottfried's voice makes the dentist's drill sound like a lullaby and the bird just has the sidekick label all over his feathers so I guess the only reason to give him the benefit of the doubt is because... who else?

What could Aladdin possibly do? Abu can't talk because he's an animal (Disney logic). Neither does the carpet. The only left option is the Genie, but let' face it, after the first film, we get rapidly tired of the old "look-how-funny-and-unpredictable-I-am" shtick; yes, he's fun and can make many impersonations, but what can you say when even his friends can't stand him (I didn't even know at that time about the voices replacements, I saw the French version). Anyway, for some reason, seeing Genie trapped in that globe didn't bother me much.

So it all comes down the film being saved by the villains... and I liked Jafar, I liked him a lot, he was his usual suave self but his eagerness to be set free by his dumb witted master was fun to a limit... his plan doesn't make much sense once you think about it, making Abis Mal rich and asking to be free would have made him the evil counterpart of Genie. Instead, he just toys with his master's wishes and tricks Aladdin with the help of Iago, because a Genie can't kill... but "you'd be surprised what you can live through" (pretty cool arc quote actually).

Now does the returning character save the film? Yes and no. The ending is well done and intense at parts but the whole set-up suffers from the weak characterization of Aladdin and Jasmine. It takes forever for Aladdin to tell that he trusts Iago simply because the film falls in the Idiot plot as he never mentions that Iago saved his life. And Jasmine, such a drama queen! She burst into tears like a high-school girl without a boy for the prom because Aladdin lies to her again. Since when was it such a hot topic? And he had every reason to hide it in the first film, so gimme a break!

The emotional outcome is depressingly flat, and there's no continuity in terms of personalities! we have that dreadfully cliché "say nothing" with the index put on the mouth, the way Aladdin and Jasmine's trust toward Iago gets suddenly inflated once he's with the good guys ("what did you want to tell us, Iago?") and don't get me started on Iago being cuddled by Jasmine (and smiling!). I think the film depressed me as a kid and it did it so much I ended up noticing the flawed animation hidden behind the crappy VHS pixels.To make a long story short, I recorded over the film shortly after... and I didn't see the original for almost ten years. Talk about ruining a legacy.

So to sum it up, I didn't like it the first time. Then I became a movie buff and read that it was made directly for video with deliberately cheap animation as a cash flow thing and a pilot for the TV series, a series I watched only because I had the biggest crush on Jasmine. Still knowing that didn't improve the experience. Even as a pilot, it's not that good... and the whole thing with Arabs throwing knives at any disturbance is getting pretty tiresome too.

But to end on a positive note, here are three not so redeeming qualities: it's still better than many direct-to-video sequels made years laters, Jasmine is still extremely beautiful despite a not so flattering animation (and boy, do I hate that jaw-awkward smile from Aladdin!) and the villain is quite good... a pity they had to kill him off and prevent the series from what could have been a great antagonist... and here's how you conclude a film with a spoiler!
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It's enjoyable, but not great that's for sure.
jonconnormustlive-4629813 February 2018
Aladdin: The Return of Jafar Iago the bird wants to befriend our heroes from the first film, distrust makes it hard for them to forgive him. When the powerful genie Jafar returns to seek revenge they must band together to stop him.

Return of Jafar is a fun short movie that will definitely keep youngsters entertained for a while. There some good entertaining action scenes, and a couple of funny moments.

The bad parts are largely due to weaker animation, there are a couple very noticeable goofs that should have been caught and fixed before release. Also Robin Williams does not return to voice Genie, Dan Castlanetta (most known for voicing Homer Simpson) takes his place. Castlanetta's voice work isn't too bad, but the material lacks the great laughs we were hoping for.

You may remember there was also a Toon Disney Channel show called Aladdin which featured Castlanetta as Genie. I feel this movie was made to be a part of that series.

The plot is simple and the film as a whole just doesn't feel like it strives for much. Still, the young'uns will probably like it.
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Anyone who thinks this movie is crap IS crap
jandder17 June 2000
This is an excellent movie with cute songs and more good acting and voices. Despite the fact that Robin Williams does not do the voice of the Genie, it is still a cute movie and good to show your children. Also, it teaches some good morals about friendship and love and should not be criticized. Just because it is not a stupid horror movie or some stupid movie like Snowwhite does not mean it is not an excellent movie to most people and children.
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Pure Disney excellence
Catherine_Grace_Zeh25 November 2005
THE RETURN OF JAFAR, in my opinion, is pure Disney excellence. If you ask me, Jafar (voice of Jonathan Freeman) was even more diabolical than in the predecessor. To me, Aladdin (voice of Scott Weinger) and Princess Jasmine (voice of Linda Larkin) did an excellent job singing together. However, if you ask me, the Genie (voice of Dan Castellaneta) gave the funniest performance of everyone who acted in this film, despite the fact that Robin Williams wasn't in this. I really enjoyed the music, especially "Forget About Love." Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say everyone involved in this film did very well. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this film that's Pure Disney excellence to all of you who haven't seen it. You're in for a good time, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, kick back with a friend, and watch it.
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What is wrong with this movie... absolutely nothing
gothemuppets19 March 2005
Now come on this is a great movie. I don't know what people mean when they say the acting was bad. Jonathon Freeman, Gilbert Gottfried, Jason Alexander, Dan Castellaneta and even Jim Cummings all did great jobs here. The songs were great. As much as I hate Iago being a "good guy" it was still a great movie. It was nothing like Aladdin but who cares? Not me and nobody should judge it because of Aladdin the first. I didn't care about the animation because it was good enough. You could still tell what was going on. You should all stop complaining and realize that this is a great movie. Some parts were rushed and some parts were pointless but they do make up for it. It was better than The King Of Thieves because the animation gets even worse. The Return Of Jafar is a great movie for all Aladdin fans .
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A very good sequel. Not the greatest, but it's worth it!
Ww38buschwacker14 July 2002
It just disappoints me how many bad comments people are making about this movie. Sure, some of the animation is crappy, but hey, try to look on the brighter side of it people! This movie isn't THAT bad! It's actually one of my favorite sequels, and not to mention Disney's very FIRST sequel. It should be treated with more respect, same with Aladdin and the King of Thieves (excellent movie!)
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Return of Jafar wins against Aladdin by landslide
mystic_maa17 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Though Aladdin was a GREAT movie, I think Return of Jafar won my approval over it by .5. I love the tension in the movie and the power. Jafar possesses is like his own ultimatum. There's enough tension in there that you feel like you're being squeezed. It's awesome. And I love Jafar so his 'winning' is like a plus. Abis Mal is so stupid though that there's enough comedy relief too; it's good. And all the characters are already introduced. My favorite part in the movie is when Abis Mal wishes for things that Jafar takes literally (and on purpose, which what makes it so hilarious) and finally Abis Mal realizes he'll never get what he wants until Jafar gets what HE wants. I think it's just a great movie and anyone who liked Aladdin will like it's sequel.
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compare to the first , it's a meh movie
Ahmed-ASG28 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
yeeeaaap , just another disastrous sequel , seems it's not just a Hollywood thing after all.

don't get me wrong, the movie by itself is very entertaining, Disney's magic definitely shows in this movie no doubt, but ,,, and it's a big but (no pun intended) it's not the animation quality you expect from Disney, it didn't take long to see that, it actually happens in the first seconds of the movie.

Finally, I would love to say those "Arabs" does not look like any Arab I met in my life and I'm Arabian, sooooo,,, where did you get that from Disney?
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Jafar and Iago steal the show.
Animany9419 August 2017
I have mixed feelings about The Return of Jafar. I will start off by saying that it is a giant drop from the star-quality of the original, but Jafar and Iago are well made.

Whenever Jafar is on screen it is good, because you really get to feel his menacing plans being made. The scenes including him AND Iago are also engaging, because, really, this is movie is Iago's story.

That leads me to my issues with this sequel which I have listed here descending from biggest to smallest:

Both Aladdin and Jasmin are boring characters in this installment. I think there were two moments I liked, but that was it.

Genie was not funny in this one. Dan Castellaneta playing Robin Williams is not working.

The music was forgettable and sometimes annoying. Do not let Gilbert Gottfried sing, please.

The animation was still colourful, but too cartoonish and flat most of the time. What can you expect from a direct-to-video TV-series pilot? The darker moments were decent, though.

My conclusion is that it is completely inferior to the original and the weakest of the two direct-to-video sequels. Watch "Aladdin and the King of Thieves" and you will get a far better sequel. And to its credit, it is not the worst in the series of either pointless or directly insulting sequels to our favorite Disney movies.
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