The Piano (1993) Poster


Harvey Keitel: George Baines



  • George Baines : Ada, I'm unhappy. 'Cause I want you. 'Cause my mind has seized on you and can think of nothing else. This is why I've suffered. I am sick with longing. I don't eat, I don't sleep. So, if you have come with no feeling for me, then go. Go. Go. Get out. Leave!

  • George Baines : I have given the piano back to you. I've had enough. The arrangement is making you a whore, and me, wretched. I want you to care for me. But you can't. It's yours, leave. Go on, go.

  • George Baines : What happened? Tell me. Tell me! Where is she? Shh. Quiet down! Quiet down. Where is she?

    Flora : He chopped it off.

    George Baines : What did she tell him? What did she tell him? I'm going to crush his skull.

    Flora : Nooo! No, no! He'll chop her up!

  • George Baines : I want to lie together without clothes on.

  • George Baines : I'd like to make a swap.

    Stewart : What for?

    George Baines : The piano.

  • George Baines : [to Ada]  Ada, wait. Wait. Do you know how to bargain? There's a way you can have your piano back. Do you want it back? Do you want it back? You see, I'd like us to make a deal. There's things I'd... like to do while you play. If you let me, you can earn it back. What do you think? One visit for every key.

  • Stewart : What do you think?

    George Baines : She looks tired.

    Stewart : She's stunted, thats one thing.

  • George Baines : [to Ada]  Lift your skirt. Life it higher. Higher. Higher! Lift it higher.

  • George Baines : [to Ada]  Undo your dress. I want to see your arms. Play. Two keys.

  • [repeated line] 

    George Baines : Lovely.

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