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Oh my goodness, this is good!
au_law200114 January 2005
This is a beautiful story between a normal person and a goddess, this is a classic. I first saw this on AXN, the animation looks just like You're Under Arrest. But as I watched it, I found it interesting, and I wanted to see more of it. It starts out with Keichi Morisato, who decides to order some lunch, but accidentally dials the Goddess-help-hotline but when he tries to tell them it was a mistake, and all of a sudden Belldandy comes out of nowhere! This is a wonderful show and worthwhile to see for anyone, and a memorable role and this is one is the most recognizable of Kikuko Inoue, who voiced the older sister of Akane in Ranma 1/2, the Boss of MGS 3 and Rosemary of MGS 2, and Kikuchi Masami, the voice of Tenchi, and Aya Kisakawa, the voice of Yuki Sohma. Recommended to all anime fans and non-anime fans.
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Oh My Goddess is very addicting and it is a great gift for girlfriends. A must see!
keichi2 December 1999
Oh My Goddess is very addicting and it is a great gift for girlfriends. A must see! I was addicted to the movie set and I gave this to a friend and she likes it! This should be the top 10 best-animated films. This movie set (5) has comedy and romance that any other movie I have seen. I see how the main characters, Keiichi and Belldandy, really captured your heart. I really like how it started yet the ending can't be forgotten. With other characters, such as Skuld and Urd, makes the saga more interesting. I would also say that it captures the same style from the Manga (comic books) that is very funny and romantic. Just look at the intro and you get into it. I can't wait for the movie.
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Near Perfect
RHW500021 November 1999
I am a hard core fan and connoisseur of animation. I've been this way all of my life as far back as I can remember. Groomed on Walt Disney, after seeing their 1974 animated version of ROBIN HOOD, I thought there no equal. Who could match the depth of this cartoon? After seeing Disney's PINOCCHIO, I completely surrendered to Disney and declared them the best ever. Warner Brothers, though, hilarious cartoon shorts served as a good change of pace from Disney's more conservative style, and Hanna-Barbera fascinated me with the likes of Scooby, Yogi, and Huckleberry Hound. Those cartoons I felt were the extent of animation. It could not get any better, more inventive, more well-produced than that. When I first saw Don Bluth's SECRET OF NIMH, I felt I had finally met the last worthy adversary to compete with my love for Disney, Warners, and HB...in 1997, I found out I had a whole lot to learn about animation. Even in the wake of the revival of animation in the mid ninties (Simpsons, Captain Planet, Rugrats, Doug, etc.) to late ninties (Cow and Chicken, South Park, etc.), the most original cartoons were not made in the United States. I found out in 1997 that they were made in Japan, and this is the series that convinced me of that fact. Aa! Megamisama(or Ah! My Goddess! or Oh! My Goddess!)is the best animated story I have seen in this decade. Never have I seen a story so fluid, and so effortlessly told. Unlike Disney, you cannot see any formula.

It is an original self-standing adventure that will draw you into a world that United States cartoon watchers are not familiar with seeing in a cartoon. Belldandy, Keichi, and the other characters electrify the screen with personality. These characters do not live as the cliched images we are so use to seeing in the USA. They are introduced and rounded out as new animated personas undigested by American pop culture--they show off their sexual urges for starters; when was the last time you saw that on an American cartoon? As for the story, I will only tell you this: its a story of a how a goddess forever changes the life of a lonely down on his luck college student after he calls to order take-out. Please check this one out. You will not regret it. :)
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a typical romantic comedy
Jessica Carvalho25 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Famous with the name''Oh My Goddess! '' instead of ''Aa! Megamisama!'', this anime was based in Norse mythology, where the Norns are three dísirs by the names of Urd (the past), Verdandi (the being) and Skuld (what is to come). I personally prefer the manga series then the OVAS, but both of them are very good. What annoys me as hell is the way Belldandy always let people take advantage of her...she is so lovely and sweet, and at the same so fragile and sensitive. My favorite goddess is Urd, for sure! She is sexy and very confident.

The varying anime series feature the main characters and are based on the same basic plot line as the original manga.

Keiichi Morisato, one day, called the Goddess services by accident when he was ordering something to eat. Belldandy, the goddess who answered his call, tells him that he can wish anything that he wants. But Keiichi thinks that everything she is saying to him is a prank, and then wishes for Belldandy to stay with him forever. Belldandy makes his wish come true, and from now on she will live with him, to his surprise. The story shows their relationship growing, as well as new characters, like Belldandy's sisters Urd and Skuld, who are going to live in Earth with them.(They two were missing Belldandy a lot!)
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Unforgettable love story
Jenearly Ang9 February 2005
I found this 'Oh My Goddess!' VHS today while trying to find my 'Rat Race' VHS. I seriously thought I had recorded over it. Back then when I thought I recorded over it, I was very devastated.

I remembered that I absolutely loved this animation, but I thought I just loved it because I was in sixth grade and that I enjoyed just about anything. It's been almost a decade since I last saw it, so I thought I'd rewatch it.

The sound quality was horrible, but after a half an hour, it didn't bother me anymore. The story captured me, and so did the animation. I mean, here's a good saying: 'nice guys finish last.' Not only do they finish last, but they get the prize winning. It's such a feel-good anime, and I know that just about anybody would enjoy it. However; if you find goodie-two-shoe type of girls annoying, then this isn't the animation for you. Though, she may seem like a goodie-two-shoe, but everything is explained at the end. Like why she did what she did and so on... Very good animation.

OK yes, it's true, this is a cute-sy chick flick, and if you like love stories, then this is an anime for you.
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Light, groovy, and... tragic
Andrei Pavlov27 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Personally witnessed the 5-parts variant of this anime and every part gave me groovy experience (we've got a 2-DVDs release - running time is 154 minutes - with 5 parts in total, which have a good "connection" between them). The story, the animation, the music, the Japanese actors' voices, the characters' development, the additional features of the DVDs, the comedy, and the drama were all to my liking. It is no "Ninja Scroll", but it is definitely not worse - quite different but also very atmospheric.

The humour in this feature comes very unexpectedly (like those "bugs") but when it comes, it is so childishly spontaneous. And "when sorrows come, they come not single spies but in battalions" - the drama here rivals the best Shakespearean tragedies.

Also a few occasional scenes are extremely stylish. For instance: 1) the scene in the first part where Belldandy uses her magic - great timing and great music; 2) the scene in the second part where Urd appears (jumping out of the TV-set) - the change in colour is brilliant; 3) the scene in the fourth part where the ancient tree is shown - wonderful animation and fantastic church organ music piece; ...well, this list can be continued.

The only thing I did not realize is: why is it written on the official DVD release here that it is not recommended for people younger than 18 years old? Our release has no MA (meaning sex/bloody violence/hentai) material at all. It's a serial that can be easily enjoyed by the whole family without making anybody uncomfortable.

The antipode of this serial is "Urotsukidoji". But that's another story.

Guess it's quite clear that it is 10/10, great and easy-going. Thank you for attention.
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A first for me.
Johndaniel431 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
One of my first for anime movies, other then the OVA. I've seen others since then, but that is the first and will always be the first in my heart. The movie is good on par with total almost disneyesque beauty. (possible Spoiler) I liked the movie, and the ending left it open for a sequel, but other then that I liked it... especially how it pertains to the last movie of the OVA. He (He being K1) proved that he totally loved Bell and it worked because Skuld actually totally understood that. Notice that the comics aren't at all a portrayal of the movie in so shape, and Skuld totally hates K1. The whole concept of other realities has always been a hobby and when I first saw this movie it totally was cute, then came along Tenchi Muyo. Another one of those superpower movies, but with less heart and more action.
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Ah! My Lightness!
James Terrell21 June 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I have just watched this series for the second time, and many of the impressions I had when I watched it for the first time seven years ago have been reinforced.

One of those impressions is that _Aa! Megamisama!_ is a fabulously produced piece of work. The animation is superb for an OVA, the voice acting is good, and the beginning and ending credit songs are imaginative.

Now for the bad news . . .

The main problem with this series is that it is too short: four 30-minute episodes and a 45-minute one. As a result, it spends most of its time setting up the story and introducing the characters; the third goddess, Skuld, does not make an appearance until episode #3. In fact, the entire series plays more like a prologue than a complete story. This is fine if more series are to follow, but the only follow-up so far is the movie (correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the "Mini Goddess" series is a direct sequel to this).

Another shortcoming was the general tone of the series, a tone which is excessively light and airy. No, I don't think that all anime has to be dark and serious. But I would have liked something that didn't look as if it were aimed at ten- to twelve-year-olds. I think it's good that such anime exists (for those too young for _Akira_), but since AnimEigo, the series's American distributor, seems to be marketing this to adults as well as children, I would expect something more substantial. Adding to this problem is the simplicity of the smaller plots of the individual episodes, as well as of the larger plot of the series in general. The smaller plots generally involve some immediate problem which gets solved at the end of the episode. While this approach works well with TV series anime, the viewer who commits himself to watching an OVA wants more of an ongoing story and less of a sitcom-style plot. As a result of these issues, _Aa! Megamisama!_, IMHO, becomes that dreaded term "a piece of fluff," though a well made piece of fluff.

--POSSIBLE SPOILER-- One thing I found interesting in this series was the theme of commitment, symbolized in the ring that Keiichi buys Belldandy and in the ending credits song. The entire series becomes something of a celebration of purity and virtuosity, undoubtedly influenced by the fact that Keiichi's love interest is a goddess who cannot be sullied. This wholesomeness is something often missing from anime, though it makes me wonder if the target audience for _Aa! Megamisama!_ is much younger than I am.

I don't dislike this series. In fact, it was a welcome change from the usual stuff. I plan to watch the movie, and would watch a sequel series if one ever came out. I have never read the manga, so maybe I'm missing something. At any rate, it's worth watching for the animation alone.
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A must watch for anime fans!
spuds0113 July 2001
This is a wonderful story with very interesting characters topped off by some awesome animation. The english dub even has some well done voice acting to boot.

If you consider yourself a fan of anime this is required watching.
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A great introduction to the world of Anime.
survive0123 March 2001
This series is a classic among Otaku (serious anime fans). It has a great plot and hilarious dialogue. The artwork is also top quality. I would reccommend this as an introduction for anyone unfamiliar with anime because it is a rather short series and is a good representative of what anime is all about.
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Great Anime Fun
jabroni82628 June 2000
The Oh My Goddess series is my favorite anime story of all time. The animation is absolutely gorgeous. The music is nice and catchy. The love story will put tears in your eyes(not guaranteed). The ending is a pleasant surprise that puts everything together. If you don't like anime, you'll still like Oh My Goddess. This stuff is great, fun entertainment for people of all ages.
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Wow...I mean...WoW!
Washu8 September 1999
Every guy's dream (and nightmare). This series appears to be aimed at young, adolescent men, and is one of the best animated series ever to leave the Land of the Rising Sun. If you see it at a video store, I'd highly recommend it. And it's more fun if there's a group of you. ;-)
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Story of lost love and finding it!
Taran-49 April 1999
I love this movie!! Has a very concise plot and the most awesome soundtrack and artwork I've ever seen!! Definitely one of my top animes. I've seen hundreds but this one tops them all. Go buy/rent it!! I vote 10.
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