Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) Poster

Anne Haney: Mrs. Sellner



  • Mrs. Sellner : Oh, by the way. Do you have any special skills?

    Daniel : Oh, yes, I do. I do voices.

    Mrs. Sellner : What do you mean, you do voices?

    Daniel : [German accent]  Well, I do voices.

    Daniel : [as evangelist]  Yes!

    Daniel : [as martian]  We've come to this planet looking for intelligent life. Oops, we made a mistake.

    Daniel : [as Russian immigrant]  Happy to be in America. Don't ask for a green card.

    Daniel : [as monster]  I want you in the worst way.

    Daniel : [as Groucho Marx]  Well this is certainly a rough meeting and it's not going very well for me, I'll tell you that.

    [as Chico Marx] 

    Daniel : Hey boss, give her a chance. She's gonna loosen up any moment.

    Daniel : [as Sean Connery]  Look at me right now, Moneypenny, I want to undo that bow and get to know you.

    Daniel : [as a used-car salesman]  I'll be crazy to make a deal with you!

    Daniel : [as Ronald Reagan]  Nancy and I are still looking for the other half of my head.

    Daniel : [as Walter Brennan]  This is it! Yes, I'm doing it! I'm sitting on a gold mine!

    Daniel : [as Humphrey Bogart]  Don't make me smack you, sweetheart. I'll do it.

    Daniel : [normal voice]  I do a great impression of a hot dog.

    [leans back straight, trying to keep a straight face] 

    Mrs. Sellner : Mr. Hillard, do you consider yourself humorous?

    Daniel : I used to. There was a time when I found myself funny, but today you have proven me wrong. Thank you.

  • [after Daniel has lost his mask] 

    Mrs. Sellner, The Social Worker : Can I give you a hand?

    Mrs. Doubtfire : Oh, no, dear, I don't need a hand.

    Daniel : [in his own Daniel]  I need a face.

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