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Lisa Jakub: Lydia Hillard



  • Lydie : Freeze, or you're gonna get it.

    Chris : In the balls.

    Lydie : Yeah.


    Lydie : She's got 'em?

    Chris : She's got everything.

    Daniel : [as Mrs. Doubtfire; in his own voice]  All right. Listen to me. I'm not... who you think I am.

    Chris : Yeah, no shit.

    Daniel : Watch your mouth, young man.

  • Lydie : [Chris and Lydie are stunned upon finding out their father is Mrs. Doubtfire]  Who did this?

    Daniel : Uncle Frank and Aunt Jack, and this is just a body suit, I didn't have any surgery.

  • [at the pool] 

    Mrs. Doubtfire : Not a single body that exists in nature, look at that.

    Lydie : [looks askance at Mrs. Doubtfire] 

    Mrs. Doubtfire : [in a threatening tone]  Lydie.

  • Lydie : [deleted scene]  Dad, why can't you just pretend?

    Daniel : To be what, honey?

    Lydie : Pretend to be Mrs. Doubtfire and pretend to be Pudgy the bird and all those other things. Why can't you and Mom just pretend to be happy?

    Daniel : We probably could.

    Lydie : And we'd still be a family.

    Daniel : Yeah we would be, but we'd be a pretend family, you know? It wouldn't be real. You'd know, you'd know we'd be acting. You can't act 24 hours a day, I'm not that good an actor, today proved that. No, life's more real and wonderful and acting is nice, it's a job.

    Lydie : It's your job to be our father.

    Daniel : No it's not a job, it's a joy being your father, I don't have to play the part of your father, I am your father, I may act like a fool, but I am your father, okay? Always, rain, shine, it's the one wonderful thing in my life.

  • [after seeing "Mrs. Doubtfire" peeing while standing up] 

    Chris : Lydia! We gotta call the cops! We gotta dial 911 now!

    Lydie : Why?

    Chris : [stammering]  Mrs. Doubtfire! He's a she! She's a he! He's a she-she.

    Lydie : What?

    Chris : He's half-man, half-woman.

    Lydie : [screams]  WHAT?

  • Mrs. Doubtfire : All right everybody, it's time to expand your minds, it's...

    [turns off the TV] 

    Mrs. Doubtfire : Homework time. Okay?

    Lydie : [turns the TV back on with the remote]  Yeah, but after Dick Van Dyke.

    Mrs. Doubtfire : [turns off the TV]  No. Now.

    Lydie : [impatiently]  No.

    [turns the TV back on] 

    Lydie : We always watch Dick Van Dyke.

    Mrs. Doubtfire : Really? Well, not anymore.

    [takes the remote control from Lydia and throws it in the air. It lands straight into the aquarium] 

    Mrs. Doubtfire : The only thing you'll be watching... is Deep CNN.

  • Lydie : I just want to apologize for being such a pain today.

    Mrs. Doubtfire : Oh, dear, it's all right.

    Lydie : No, I'm - I'm really sorry. It's just, I'm still kind of messed up about everything.

    Mrs. Doubtfire : We all are, sweetie.

    Lydie : What?

    Mrs. Doubtfire : I just mean I understand the pain you're all going through.

    Lydie : Yeah. Well, I also wanted to thank you.

    Mrs. Doubtfire : For what?

    Lydie : For making my mom so happy.

    Mrs. Doubtfire : Oh...


    Lydie : She hasn't been in this good a mood since... I can't even remember. It's been a long time.

  • Daniel : I got off early.

    Lydie : You mean you got fired?

    Daniel : No, I quit. For reasons of conscience.

    Lydie : Actors.

    Daniel : [to Chris]  Hey, dude! Congratulations on your twelfth birthday, all right! Got a surprise for you!

    Chris : Ooh, a stripper?

    Daniel : No, please!

    Chris : Two strippers?

    Daniel : Haw, boy!

  • Lydie : This is exploitation. It's not fair!

    Natalie : Shut up, Lydie.

  • Daniel Hillard : [Deleted scene]  We need to talk.

    Miranda Hillard : I can't talk to you dressed like that.

    Daniel Hillard : I'll change. May I come in?

    [as she lets him in] 

    Daniel Hillard : Thanks.

    Daniel Hillard : [Arguing]  Listen, I'm sorry, but you gotta understand something, okay? Listen to me, please...

    Miranda Hillard : You sat there while I served you tea.

    Daniel Hillard : Yeah...

    Miranda Hillard : You encouraged me to talk openly about our marriage. You, you took money to sneak around this house uninvited.

    Daniel Hillard : The money always came back, didn't it? It was a job that needed to be done because you sure as Hell didn't do it very well and I did it great. And you told me 100 times, as Mrs. Doubtfire, I was wonderful. And I would've done it as myself for nothing, but you wouldn't let me do it.

    Miranda Hillard : There are no excuses. I cannot forgive you ever.

    Daniel Hillard : I did it because I just wanted to be with the kids.

    Miranda Hillard : You lied to the kids.

    Daniel Hillard : I never lied to the kids, okay?

    Miranda Hillard : What do you mean?

    Daniel Hillard : They found out.

    Miranda Hillard : They knew?

    Daniel Hillard : Yes.

    Miranda Hillard : How dare you.

    Daniel Hillard : Oh, don't.

    Miranda Hillard : How dare you to encourage them to deceive me.

    Daniel Hillard : Don't you get it? You're the reason for the whole deceit 'cause you're trying to throw away years of being together. You're just trying to erase it like it doesn't exist. You're trying to destroy the fact that we're a family.

    Miranda Hillard : This family doesn't work.

    Daniel Hillard : Oh, it'd work if you'd let it work.

    Miranda Hillard : You're harmful to be in this family than it is for them to be in a divorced family. That they can adjust to.

    Daniel Hillard : No, they can't adjust to that. I'm their Father, they love me.

    Miranda Hillard : I'm their Mother, they love me.

    Lydia Hillard : I hate you both.

    Chris Hillard : Me, too.

    Miranda Hillard : Please leave, Daniel, please, please.

    Daniel Hillard : I'm going.

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