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Midnight 2:Sex, Death & Videotape
Scarecrow-8813 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A sequel shot on video from director John Russo has a psychopath, Abraham(Matthew Jason Walsh taking the place of John Amplas from the first film), the only survivor of those backwoods Satanist killers from the first film, is hunting victims across Pittsburgh luring females to their doom through the use of a camcorder and his charms(..although, the targets must be pretty desperate to fall for this guy who'd give most chicks the creeps). In the same methods used by his family in the first film, he bounds his victims to a wooden chair in a confined room(..in this film, the basement of a house he's renting), torturing them to death. Rebecca(Jo Norcia), a pal of Jane(Lori Scarlett) who we see strangled by the film's killer while having sex, decides to risk her life by baiting Abraham, so that a detective, assisting her in the disappearance case of Jane, can ensnare him. But, what Rebecca doesn't realize is that when Abraham studies a potential victim, he keeps tabs on her, and finds that she is spending free time with the detective, concocting a murderous scheme of his own.

Extremely low budget feature loses the creepy aesthetic that made the original Midnight so interesting. Perhaps it's the decision to shoot on video that does this film in because the effects used in the sequel are limited, and there's no doubt that Savini's work in the previous Midnight are unmatched in quality. Russo has his killer talking, talking, talking the audience to boredom. Instead of actually performing the torturous methods he has prepared for his victims, he embellishes through dialogue to them how he'll harm them. The film consists of a hell of a lot of footage from the previous film, perhaps in a move to pad this even to 70 or so minutes. I found it incredibly tedious as Abraham can't shut up, with Russo, as writer, having his psycho embracing his audience with the inner-workings of a wickedly sick mind, breathlessly chatting away about his "career" and the pleasures that derive from it. He also dotes on perhaps losing the urge to kill if he could find someone to love. I found lead Walsh rather unconvincing and not the least bit chilling, frightening or effective as the killer. He gave off nothing that would send shivers down my spine. Maybe it's his incessant talking for a great deal of the running time, looking at us the audience with a constant grin, that left me wanting to eject the disc to call it a day. I dunno. The acting, from local Pittsburgh theater types I guess, doesn't knock your socks off, and Rebecca's laughable attempts to escape(..where she runs to trying to either hide or get away)induces groaning. This film has been pretty obscure, a hard-to-find film many fans of the first have been seeking after. I hope it's worth the wait for you, because it left me rather underwhelmed to say the least.
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More Badness From Russo
Michael_Elliott12 April 2012
Midnight 2 (1993)

* (out of 4)

The sequel no one really wanted features Abraham, the sole survivor from the first movie, now working it up in Pittsburgh where he goes around with his video camera picking up women only to murder them later. He ends up picking off the wrong woman especially when her friends begins to work with a detective to bring the crazy killer down. I found MIDNIGHT to be one of the worst movies I've seen from the 80's slasher craze and this sequel really isn't any better but I'd give this one a little more credit for at least having some bad moments that at least keep you entertained because of how bad they are. It's clear that once again director-writer-producer John Russo is working with a very small budget and this here can be blamed for some of the bad stuff. Many times the actors mess up their lines but they just keep on acting, clearly not being able for too many takes. This here adds a few small laughs but the real killer is the screenplay itself. I'm not sure why Russo would deliver a stalk 'n slash type of film but instead of any stalking or slashing he just shows the serial killer constantly talking. If he's not talking directly to the camera then he's talking to the female lead just over and over again. People don't come to horror movies to listen to boring dialogue. There are a couple minor death scenes, one sex scene with some nudity and just a lot of talking. At just 66-minutes without the credits, this thing doesn't take too long to go through and the campy moments make for some laughs but there's really nothing working with this thing.
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John Russo's Midnight 2
Captain_Couth6 March 2009
Midnight 2 (1993) follows the exploits of Abraham the lone family member to appear from the first film (except in the film clips from part one that's shown throughout the movie). He has a bulk video camera and he likes to videotape people, especially women. But old Abraham likes to do more than make home movies of women he meets in the park. He has an old habit that wont go away. This time is documenting his exploits on camera, continuing the family tradition. What does Abraham like to do in his spare time? What happened to the rest of the family? How much footage from part one is incorporating in this film? Find out by watching Midnight 2.

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