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Talky, But Interesting Full Moon Effort
horror77778 September 2001
Though at times MANDROID can be talky and tame, it's worth sticking around if just for the awesome action-packed finale. MANDROID also features good acting, okay special effects and interesting back alleys of Romania. The whole plot of MANDROID is also pretty cool. And, as far as I know, pretty original. When we watch Full Moon Productions, we don't always expect much. But once in awhile, rather interesting Full Moon Productions are created. Films like PUPPET MASTER were okay. But films like MANDROID are a bit more interesting and better made. ***out of****It would have been a bit better if it wasn't too talky, but all in all a very enjoyable Full Moon effort.
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A mutant mad scientist, an armoured robot and... the invisible man!
Vomitron_G27 August 2011
With the aforementioned three main ingredients, how can one not have fun with this flick? 'Mandroid' pretty much is your typical Full Moon brand of low budget movie magic (from back in their early days, when they still had comfortable little budgets to play with). This also means it's the type of silly sci-fi/action/horror nonsense you get where you can't take things too seriously. By far not up there with Full Moon's classics like 'Puppet Master' and 'Subspecies' and far less horrific than their more straightforward horror releases like 'Shadowzone', 'Mandroid' still offers 80 minutes of undemanding entertainment thanks to being a simple yet crazy mixture of various genre elements juiced up with some fun special effects. Again, I'm referring to the three main ingredients mentioned in the summary line, also featuring a laughable plot a little out there, nodding to various old school B&W classic sci-fi flicks (mad scientists, amazing discoveries falling into the wrong hands, etc.) and shot entirely in Roumania. If the B-movie ways of 'Mandroid' should annoy you, then you're simply watching the wrong movie.
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What's better than a robot??
Brimley22 July 2000
Mandroid! Piloted by a human soul! Yes, YOU control Mandroid. No longer do you have to make sure your instructions aren't misinterpreted, since you control the robot himself! Mandroid is invincible! My favorite quote: "Mr. American scientist. End of the road!"
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logantoxic3 April 2013
This is one of the worst full moon films. It really is hard to hate movies that have such a low budget you feel sorry for the people who work on the film and the actors that have to say the lines in the script. But hey, when full moon keeps cranking out such junk, there tends to be uber junk and this is that film. Basically, two scientists build a android that they can control with a helmet and hand controls because they are working on super toxic mushrooms and need this mandroid to handle the mushrooms. One scientist is trying to save the world and the other wants to make mandroid into military units. A lot of talking and only a couple of sets to film on, it gets pretty boring until the end where you are rewarded with some decent action. There is a sequel to this film, and I have no idea why because Mandroid could not have been that popular, which is even worst. If you bought the full moon classics volume 2 set like I did, you probably are going to watch this and say to yourself, why do I do this to myself? the answer is "I can't control myself" This film is almost so bad its good type film but it gets a little too talky to make it not.

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A Self Indulged Herpe
Thy Davideth18 January 2018
Mandroid is about some deformed scientist and well that is how far my attention span went. This movie bored me to f***! The pacing is slow, the story (evidently!!!!) was stupid, the sci fi elements was lacking and above all the characterization was obnoxious. This movie blows floppy donkey d!ck.
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