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Bluray Review: Zombie High, The Dungeonmaster/Eliminators

The gang at Scream Factory has done an excellent job bringing some of Empire Pictures’ earlier films to the masses with new blurays that for the most part, offer some good transfers and a hefty amount of new supplemental material for fans of those ’80s gems. They’ve also looked into long lost genre films from that era, bringing some of the horror films that time has for one way or another forgotten about. For the most part, it’s a refreshing feeling to rediscover those films and sometimes, like in the case of Zombie High, you kind of wish they would have stayed lost.

If you’re in need of a large dose of ’80s genre craziness, this week sees both the bad: Zombie High And the good: The Dungeonmaster/Eliminators. We took a look at both releases and are here to give you fright fanatics a heads up
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‘Grindhouse 8: Mandroid’ Review

Stars: Brian Cousins, Jane Caldwell, Michael Della Femina, Robert Symonds, Curt Lowens, Patrik Ersgård, Mircea Albulescu | Written by Earl Kenton, Jackson Barr | Directed by Jack Ersgard

Originally planned as an Empire Pictures film back in 1986, Mandroid was lensed in 1993 as the first in a two-part series (the second being Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight) by Swedish director Jack Ersgard based on a script by long-term Full Moon collaborators Jackson Barr, who also wrote Subspecies, Trancers II and Seedpeople amongst many others, and Earl Kenton, who would go on to pen the sequel and a number of movies for Charles Band’s erotica imprint Surrender Cinema.

The film tells the story of the titular Mandroid, a humanoid robot invented by Russian scientist Dr. Karl Zimmer and his partner Drago, which follows the motions of a man in a special control suit. Planning to sell his invention, and the superconn crystal which powers it,
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Three New Sexy Creature Features Rising at Full Moon

Charles Band sent out an email alerting the world that Full Moon Entertainment is gearing up with three new monster movies featuring damsels in distress: a sequel, a zombie flick, and in what will come as a shock to no one, a new film revolving around a quartet of pint-sized fiends.

In what I can only consider to be a sequel I never thought would ever come into existence, Full Moon will soon begin work on Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt. Really? Of all the movies in their library to make a sequel to they chose an obscure, incoherent, David DeCoteau-directed, T&A sci-fi horror movie from 1999?

"Our killer horny eyeball is back as a replica size hypnotic monster that terrorizes 5 hot chicks as they set up a Halloween haunt in an old mansion!"

I don't know about this one. It just won't be the same without Jacqueline Lovell
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