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A good Sci-Fi thriller.
tgannon3 March 1999
This futuristic adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock's classic Lifeboat packs intense action and thrilling suspense into a human drama of courage and heroism. Lifepod features a top-notch cast including Academy Award nominee Robert Loggia and Emmy nominee Ron Silver in the dual roak of star and director. Alone Lifepod drifts helplessly through space light years from the nearest support station. With scarce food water oxygen and communications, nine survivors on this ill-equipped spacecraft fight for their lives. Deadly meteors and asteroids threaten from outside, but the real enemy will come from within. In the dangerously damaged confines of the lifepod, it's come down to survival of the fittest. Supplies are dwindeling, tensions are mounting, and people are dying. Suspicions grow that one of them is responsible for their disastrous predicament. Trapped with a killer, a new battle for survival begins.
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quite good and thrilling sci-fi story
konadv11 August 2000
The story is rather formula: take a bunch of different people and lock them up somewhere, put them in some sort of danger and see what happens (for instance: Night of the living dead, Das Boot, Pitch Black). Nothing new here. But the story unfolds rather nicely, with a neat twist towards the end. The acting is quite good and the atmosphere is tense, dense and thrilling. Major dissapointment are the special f/x, which look like the remains from a 50's cheap sci-fil flick. They add a touch of uncredibility to the all thing. Another letdown is the obligatory happy ending, which seems very out of place here. All in all this is a pretty good movie, which could (and should) have been much better - technically speaking.
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Walle-29 March 1999
Ever heard of Alfred Hitchcock´s Lifeboat from 1944? This is the same story only in space. It all begins with a sabotage on big passenger spaceship. It blows up and there are only like 10 survivors who luckily (?) got on the lifepod. And there more trouble begins. They are not able to contact the "starfleet" so they have no one to rescue them. But the most terrifying thing is that they find out that the person who sabotage the passenger ship is someone of them on the lifepod. But who is it? Very thrilling, guaranteed to make you sweat a whole lot. The grade: 9/10
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A nifty sci-fi version of Hitchcock's classic thriller "Lifeboat"
Woodyanders21 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Christmas Eve in 2168 A.D. A motley assortment of nine people are trapped on board a creaky, rusty, antiquated lifepod after the luxury space liner they were on blows up. One of the nine individuals is the deadly saboteur responsible for destroying the ship. Moreover, after a few days they soon begin to run low on both food and water. Ron Silver's strong, capable direction wrings plenty of sweaty and claustrophobic tension from the smart, inspired and compelling script by M. Jay Roach and Pen Densham. The uniformly excellent acting from a bang-up cast rates as another significant asset: Robert Loggia as a gruff, jerky, overbearing business executive, CCH Pounder as the feisty pilot, Adam Storke as an edgy convict, Jessica Tuck as a sassy, snoopy reporter, Silver as an astute blind man, Kelli Williams as a scrappy young woman, Stan Shaw as a tough cook with a broken leg, Lisa Waltz as a distraught woman with a sickly baby, and especially Ed Gale as a fiercely dutiful dwarf "toolie" with a mechanical arm all give fine and convincing performances. The bleakly serious tone, Robert Steadman's sharp cinematography, the nifty special effects, and Mark Mancina's spare, spooky score are up to par as well. A solid, suspenseful and engrossing little winner.
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Dopey, silly, campy, cheap, and dumb.
Matt Kracht17 September 2011
I watched this because I figured Robert Loggia and CCH Pounder were pretty cool and could elevate almost anything to a watchable level. Ron Silver is a recognizable name, but I've never really been a big fan of his. The plot sounded pretty decent -- essentially, just a scifi remake of an Hitchcock bit of wartime propaganda by way of Steinbeck.

What I didn't realize was that this was very low budget and given to some really amusing melodrama, with the requisite whooping alarms, shaking camera, and people yelling and panicking. Some of the characters were interesting, and the acting was generally pretty good, but it was really quite full of clichés, such as the fiery revolutionary, the penny-pinching bureaucrat, the feisty pilot, the grief-stricken mother, etc. It's not so much that I hate film archetypes; rather, these weren't really given all that much time to develop into real people and capture your interest. They had somewhat interesting backgrounds that hinted at a familiar, somewhat derivative scifi universe where evil corporations and authoritarian politicians have caused each of the passengers to have at least some degree of motive for sabotaging their ship. Yet we never learn anything about any of the characters beyond which allows him or her to become a red herring. I'm sure that the actors did their best, given the rather two-dimensional writing, but it's somewhat unfortunate that they weren't given more to work with.

If you're a fan of CCH Pounder (and I know that this talented actress must have more fans than just me), you'll be disappointed to know that she doesn't have a prominent role in this movie despite being one of the stars. Robert Loggia has a meatier role, and Ron Silver cast himself in a more supporting role. I really liked Ed Gale's character, a cybernetic mechanic, but his character, too, suffered from a lack of depth.

In the end, this is actually pretty enjoyable as far as mainstream scifi movies go. I would have preferred to have seen more characterization, a faster pace, and a bigger budget (the special effects were quite laughable, unfortunately), but, for a TV movie, I suppose it could have been much worse. There were a few good lines, some good actors, and a decent-enough ending, but everything was so derivative and clichéd that I felt as though I'd seen it all before a hundred times. An extra ten minutes of dialogue and characterization would have probably helped.

It's truly unfortunate that Ron Silver died, but I'm still not a fan.
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one of the best! sci-fi movies ever!
kingtrekkie14 July 2001
Lifepod is without a doubt by far one of the best science fiction movies of all time it has some of the best acting i've ever seen fantastic! story great cast great special effects and an amazing! plot this movie is a must see for all sci-fi fans a movie this good! should have been up on the big screen long ago.
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board-511 August 2009
Ron Silver directed this unfortunately for television film which has some entertaining value that mostly cause the basic script,story line,and acting,I have to say this film was not bad at all,this is a remake,but as stand alone film this is very watchable.

Ron Silver also plays a role in this modern version of an old movie,and he plays really good he's character.

Just that would be good to don't see the(television)sign next to the title,but this film is enough familiar to be entertaining,against our heroes sometimes should be more human,but we know they are rather honest,if we are the same While this film still has the problems of television movies,I rather recommend this like Shrooms.

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Could have been better
MovieKen5 April 2007
I just watched this last night, which was just a few days after I saw the original Hitchcock film that it was based on, called Lifeboat. I wanted to see this movie because I was pretty impressed by the original film, and I almost always enjoy sci-fi movies. After having watched Lifepod, though, I'd suggest sticking to the original. It's not that Lifepod is all that bad, but it really isn't all that good, either. Overall, I gave it 5/10 stars because that's about what it deserves. There are plenty of films that are worse, and plenty that are better. Lifepod does some things well, and it does some things poorly.

For what it's worth, I wasn't surprised by anything that happened in the movie, but you may be. I guess it all depends on if you are able to pick up on the clues. You'll know right off if you can.

Honestly, I'm not sure this really should count as a remake. It's more like a new film based on the same material. Everything that the Hitchcock movie did well, this one either didn't do at all, or it did it very poorly. On the other hand, Lifeboat didn't rely on lots of action or highly tense scenes, but Lifepod did. I guess what this means is that if you liked Lifeboat, you probably wouldn't like Lifepod. And vice-versa.

One last thing, neither film is appropriate for the younger kids. They would be bored with Lifeboat, and they would be spooked by the violence and tension in Lifepod.
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A Who-Dun-it in Space
david-sarkies22 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I actually think that this is a telemovie - that is a movie made specifically for television, though this is not really a problem - some of the best movies don't ever make it to the big screen (especially in Australia). Some feel that if a movie isn't a movie from the cinema then it must not be any good. The reason for this is that the companies send movies to the cinemas because they think that they will be good, but in the long run many of them flop.

Lifepod is a suspense movie set in space. A luxury liner from Venus explodes when somebody releases a very dangerous mining tool in the reactor, and only one pod escapes. The quality of the pod is very bad as the corporation that maintained the liner believed that they were not needed. Now the seven occupants must get along with each other with minimum food, little chance of rescue, and a saboteur.

This movie becomes more of a who done it as we have seven people and one of them is a saboteur. There is a violent criminal, journalist, tech-op, company director, hot headed woman miner come rebel, and a blind man. Not only do need a suspect, but a reason as to why it happened. We instantly believe, through what we are told, that the rebels are responsible for destroying the ship, but are they? One problem is that we know very little about what it is like at this time, so a small write up would have been nice at the beginning of the movie.

What this movie explores is the paranoia that builds up with the people all crowded together in the pod with a murderer on board. Suspicions instantly fall towards the obvious, while the real perpetrator is continuing to ply his trade. He is very intelligent and trusting, but the way they found out is pretty lame. I will not say any more lest this movie appear on TV again. I liked it.
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sinks faster than the"Titanic"
disdressed1231 October 2006
i tried to sit through this bomb not too long ago.what a disaster .the acting was atrocious.there were some absolutely pathetic action scenes that fell flat as a lead balloon.this was mainly due to the fact that the reactions of the actors just didn't ring true.supposedly a modern reworking of the Hitchcock original "Lifeboat".i think Hictcock would be spinning circles in his grave at the very thought of it.from what i was able to suffer through,there is nothing compelling in this boasts a few semi big names,but they put no effort into their characters.but,you know,to be fair,it was nobody's fault really.i mean,i'm pretty sure the script blew up in the first explosion. is possible that this thing ends up improving as it goes along.but for me,i'm not willing to spend at least three days to find unless you have at least a three day weekend on the horizon,avoid this stinker/ 1/10
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