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Don't mind the rating - great movie!
Moorsoldat12 June 2004
It's an imaginative story about an hypotetic last cosmonaut on the MIR and it goes like that:

It's the year 1990: The communistic regime in the Sovietunion breaks down and enters free-market-system. Everybody in the communistic countries is aware of the changes and sees forward with hope for more luxury on one hand and fear to loose authority on the other. But not quite everybody is aware of the changes - there's one man, and he's stranded in the earths orbit, on the MIR. Dependant on the informations brought to him by the authorities on earth he stays unaware.

The authorities of the Kosmodrom (soviet launching site complex) face the new capitalistic leaders who let them know, that there's not enough money to support the MIR further on, not even to bring the last cosmonaut back.

So they make a cruel decision. Not to take the last cosmonaut home, but to save the money for the transitrocket.

A great comedy with excellent parodies on the political world of the early 90ties. Dominique Horwitz as the cosmonaut does a great play - and very amiable character.
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