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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense science fiction terror

Sex & Nudity

  • Close up shots of Ellie Sattler's butt in shorts most of the time.
  • Some very mild sexual references and flirting between characters.
  • A computer's wallpaper has a woman wearing a zebra bikini lying in a bed.
  • A throwaway joke occurs when a man asks if the things featuring on a ride are 'auto-erotic', when he actually means 'animatronic'.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is dragged inside a cage and killed by a raptor. He screams in agony and we see his pained face.
  • A live bull is lowered into a raptor pen by a harness and viciously devoured by the creatures (off-screen). When the harness is pulled back out, some diluted blood is visible for a few seconds. This may be upsetting for some viewers.
  • The bloody leg of a goat is seen after the animal is presumably eaten by a T-Rex.
  • A T-Rex attacks children.
  • A T-Rex knocks a man unconscious, and we see him with a bloody leg injury.
  • A T-Rex picks a man up off a toilet and we see the body being writhed around in its mouth.
  • A Dilophosaurus spits venom into a man's eyes which blinds him. The man gets into his car where the dinosaur mauls him to death, the car is shown shaking from the outside.
  • A T-Rex dispatches a small dinosaur, and begins eating it. some flesh is shown dangling from its mouth.
  • A boy is electrocuted by a fence and falls from a great height. He appears to be dead but is revived.
  • A man's severed arm is found and it is implied that he is dead. Very graphic.
  • A Velociraptor tackles a man and we see it biting his face briefly. We hear the man screaming in pain off-screen and it is implied he is killed brutally by it. Most of the event is covered by plant foliage. Intense.
  • A battle between velociraptors and a T-Rex ensues. The raptors bite it but the T-Rex proceeds to kill them both.


  • 2 uses of "s***", along with a half dozen other profanities. Several uses of "Damn" and "Hell", and 1 use each of "son of a b***", "Goddamn", and "Jesus". "Oh my God" is uttered over a dozen times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man smokes constantly throughout the film. Other characters drink occasionally.
  • Alcohol is shown and occasionally consumed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The second half of the film is comparatively intense and contains several sequences in which many of the main characters are in danger - mainly from dinosaurs in the park.
  • A scene, about an hour in, where the T-Rex escapes from the habitat includes one on-screen death and an unseen major leg injury. Children are in danger in the scene but come to no major harm.
  • A scene in the final 30 minutes of the film includes two children who are trapped in a kitchen with raptors hunting them.
  • Several of the dinosaurs are scary looking and frightening, especially the Velociraptor's and the Dilophosaurus' appearance.
  • People are killed by dinosaurs in very gruesome manners, very intense and somewhat disturbing.
  • Three of four "jump" scenes that will likely scare young kids.

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