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OK but unrealistic
daniel-mcgarry10 June 2009
I'm only writing a review to share the humorist Erma Bombeck's observation.

In one of her last columns before her passing, she mentioned that she and her husband had gone to see this movie.

As they were driving home, her husband asked "Well? Would you?" "Would I what?" she asked.

"Would you sleep with Robert Redford for a million dollars?" "It depends," she said.

Her husband was shocked. "DEPENDS?" he choked. "Depends on WHAT?" "Depends on whether he'd let me make monthly payments..." she replied.

I passed root beer through my nose when I read that - had to share.
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$1,000,000? For a night with Robert Redford? For real? Where do I sign up?!
Smells_Like_Cheese17 October 2005
Wow, I am a little surprised by the rating. Only 5.3? Come on, this was a good movie! Was it the best? No, but it's better than most I have seen. If you were offered a million dollars, could the strength of your relationship survive it? I really got into this movie, because I knew how it would damage the couple's life. I think that they did deeply love each other, but they mention how they were childhood sweethearts, and kind of rushed into marriage. So, the point is, they've probably never been able to question if they had feelings for anyone else.

Struggling financially is horrible. How far would you go to get some money? People will go the distance and sometimes take a front seat with the devil! "Indecent Proposal" goes all the way and shakes up human emotions. I really felt that this was a very good movie and should be watched. 5.3 is a little harsh, what was so bad about it?

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An interesting idea is condensed into a superficial and glossy affair that does nothing of value
bob the moo27 December 2005
David and Diana had been in love since college and married into a dream life where both are happy and able to pursue their dreams together. However they hit upon hard times when Diana's real estate work dries up and soon the pair decide that the only option available to them is a literal last throw of the dice with their last few thousand in Vegas. Despite an early winning streak they end up worse than they started. About to head off, Diana catches the eye of gambling billionaire John Gage who uses her as a lucky charm to win another million or so. Afterwards they get together to play some pool and Gage turns the conversation to the idea of what money can and can't buy – specifically offering the Murphy's a cool $1,000,000 for one night spent with Diana.

When this film came out, the basic concept was enough to give it lots of free advertising by getting the nation asking itself "what would I do?" and all the hype over that allowed the producers of the film to avoid people finding out that there really wasn't much worth seeing passed this question. It should have been so different though, because it could have been a classic morality tale that went deep within the characters to see what is there. However it doesn't really do this and instead we are left with a rather vacuous affair that is given plenty of gloss but is essentially lacking in interesting things to say. The tensions between David and Diana never get beyond the level of strops and it never even makes an attempt at moral debate.

The fact that the characters are so thin doesn't help either. David and Diana are basic but the real failing is in Gage; he should be a rather sinister figure who plays with people like he plays with his money but instead he is just a twinkling eye and a sly smile – in fact, he is Robert Redford. This is part of the problem because, although the material is weak, the cast cannot do anything to improve the situation. Redford is far too smooth and playboyish to really convince in the main role – he cannot tap into any darkness or complexity and his failing is just one of the film's failings. Moore doesn't help either with a basic role where she doesn't seem to understand what her character is supposed to be feeling and therefore cannot convince in many of her scenes. Meanwhile Harrelson puffs and blows on cue but adds little. The support cast features turns from Platt, Cassel, Connelly and Thornton but aside from being recognisable faces they don't add much. Lyne directs with typical glossy style but he has no clue how to get deeper into the characters and story so instead just throws in lots of exploitative but empty scenes in the hope of somehow emotionally engaging his audience.

Overall this is not an awful film but it is so superficial and hollow that it is just bland and glossy. It only is made worse when you think of the potential it had to be a complex and insightful modern morally piece. Those happy with the substance and complexity of a slushy music video will enjoy it but the majority will leave it wondering what all the fuss was about and how such an interesting concept was so completely fouled up.
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Something to learn from
anacunhal28 January 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Without doubt, the touchy theme makes this film worth watching.

However, your opinion of it will, very likely, be influenced by what your own reaction to the 1 million dollar proposal would have been if you were in the same situation.

The film doesn't condemn anybody. It just reveals the fragility of a relationship, despite the strong love that resides in it.

Does it really matters if this kind of indecent proposal is not a realistic scenario? The millionaire willing to give a million dollars to spend one night with someone else's gorgeous wife is a fantasy. The consequences are, however, real.

The film uses an extravagant trigger to create a convincing emotional crisis that many couples will recognize.

The message is that at the end, true love wins; an attitude that I would recommend to any loving pair, attained by jealousy and resentment.
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It is painful to see it under-rated!
rezaul_nsu2 March 2010
I easily forget movie names, but not this movie ever, as it might go to my instinct. Whenever I want to remember romantic movies, this movie comes to my mind after 'Casablanca'.

Anybody searching romantic and emotional movies should never miss 'Indecent Proposal'. The dialogues are written very beautifully, as this story is from a novel. The most positive side of this movie is that it creates romantic emotions to viewer's minds. The world is going towards artificial things and we are forgetting true love. This movie beautifully shows that true love is not purchasable and it should not be sacrificed for anything else.

Personally, I do not watch twice a movie because it seems to me that second time watching of a movie might lessen my first feeling of watching. But, it seems to me that I cannot help watching this movie twice!
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Where is James Mason when we need him
arichmondfwc5 February 2005
Adrian Lyne does what he does beautifully, whatever that is. The gorgeous look of his films hide a serious lack of depth and a rather Machiavellian knack for attracting us, the natives, with shiny pretty things. We fall for it every time, or almost, we couldn't swallow Lolita, oh no, he should have left Lolita alone and shouldn't have made that outrageous statement, remember? "James Mason was all wrong in Kubrick's version of the Nabokov novel" Do me a favor Mr. Lyne, stick to "Flashdance" and suffer all the way to the bank. Sorry, I lost myself for a moment. Where was I? Oh yes "Inidecent Proposal" Imagine that premise in the hands of someone with serious intentions. A young happy couple and the devil. The stranger who, incapable of bearing goodness and happiness, decides to destroy it. Aware of their needs, he presents a solution to their problems. He doesn't care for her, he cares about their destruction. Juicy stuff. But, although Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson are great as the perfect foil for the devil's designs, the devil is Robert Redford. Mr. Redford is a personal hero of mine, instead of resting in his laurels, Sundance, the environment, Ordinary People, Quiz Show and so on and so on. But, I heard him say in a Charlie Rose interview that he would like to play different characters, dangerous, dark but nobody offered him that kind of part. What about this one Bob? This was a part that could transform this pretty candy floss into a classic. It needed guts. Where was the darkness? I looked into Redford eyes and I saw Redford. I would have gone with him for much less than a million bucks because in spite of the fact that involved accepting an indecent proposal there was no danger, really. He allows himself to be Redford all the way. The indecency is in the title in the gimmick but not in the spirit. As a result none of the promises are fulfilled and we're left with a pretty inconsequential movie. Oh well, I hope Mr Lyne learned his lesson. One never bad mouths James Mason, okay?
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Not so good as I imagined
Lady_Targaryen1 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I heard so much about Indecent Proposal, and after watching it, I can say that it is not everything that I expected to be.

First,I thought it would have much more passion,drama and even mystery.

Second: I hated the end: it is totally unlikely. So Hollywood's style.

The character John Gage has too many contradictory actions: He bought Diana's and David's house,persues Diana in her work, and even goes after her in her citizenship's class,showing how obsessed with her, he is. Then,in the end, just because David was sad with his divorce with Diana,John decides to break with her,touched with David's action.

I mean, John already have destroyed Diana's and David's wedding,showing that he never cared about the fact that they were a couple, in love with each other. So, he breaking with Diana because he was sad with the situation, didn't matched at all.
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People In Love Remember The Things They Do To Each Other....
alexandraslate21 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
For me, one of the most memorable and poignant lines from a movie, is when David brings the divorce papers to Dede at the auction and just before he signs them he says to her, "I know now that people in love remember the things they do to each other. If they stay together, it's not because they forget, but because they forgive."

This movie explores what can happen to even the most rock-solid couples when they allow money to make them do things they would never dream of doing otherwise. Somehow, when you're dealing with a monetary figure the size of $1,000,000 it's easy to forget that what you're actually doing to get that money is absolutely no different than what the girls on Sunset Boulevard are doing. For a much lower price yes, but it's still the exact same thing. In the movie, their love in the end was strong enough to overcome the damage they'd caused each other by doing this heinous thing, but I don't know that your average couple in real life could overcome it. What they'd done would always be between them.

Powerful performances by Moore and Redford, but the best and most surprising performance comes from Woody Harrelson. I didn't know he had it in him to show such a broad range of emotion. Quite a departure from his bartender role at Cheers! I absolutely love the movie's very appropriate theme song, "No Ordinary Love" by Sade.

Great movie for everyone, but is an especially important message to be obtained for those in love.
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Pure subversive brilliance ...
ElMaruecan8218 August 2013
What would you do if a billionaire were consenting to pay you one million dollars (or more) for one night with your wife? This is the titular "Indecent Proposal", on which millions of viewers, men and women, have been debating for years, placing themselves in the same tricky situation than David (Woody Harrelson) and Diana (Demi Moore), the ill-fated couple who met the devilishly sexy John Gage (Robert Redford) in Las Vegas.

I remember when I was younger; there was a guy in my neighborhood who told me that in every woman, there was a potential prostitute. To confront him to his own contradictions, I carefully asked him whether that statement also applied to his family. The cynical macho nodded but felt the need to reformulate his thought, he meant that there was no woman in the world who wouldn't sleep with a man if she needed something, that's "potential prostitution" and I must confess I was almost convinced. And "Indecent Proposal" is all the more interesting because it confronts this option not to a woman, but a couple. The husband is part of the game and that's the strike of genius some distracted critics failed to grasp.

Think about it: did Jack Engelheard, the author of the original novel of the same name, take for granted that a single woman wouldn't have thought twice before accepting the deal? I bet he did and I happen to think the same. Refusing wouldn't be honorable but stupid, and I'm sure many women would agree with me. We're speaking of one million dollars for a sumptuous night, and not with the ugliest man in the world. I bet when today's women visualize the myth of the Charming Prince, they rather picture Robert Redford (or Brad Pitt) as a billionaire than the nameless Princes of Disney classics. We'd all need money to achieve our dreams and selling one's soul for one night with one handsome rich guy and one million dollars isn't too high a price.

But the film is cleverly provocative because it already admits the venal nature of women, which provoked the anger of feminists. But I'd love to see them in Diana's heels. The question isn't whether they would have accepted the night for one million, but how about two or ten, how high could John Gage raise the stakes before they'd say yes? That was the point and we got it, money can buy a body, but how about love? It all comes to David. And that's the subtlety the angry mob of feminists missed just like the intellectually eminent critics: the film also highlights the very hypocrisy of men who brand any woman who sleeps with other men as 'broad' or 'whore', by confronting them to the same situation. And I would have loved to ask the question to my macho friend, what if he was in David's place? Wouldn't there be, after all, in every husband or boyfriend, a "potential pimp"?

To answer that, watching the film isn't even necessary, it's all part of cinematic pop-culture, and we all have an opinion on the subject. In fact, if Adrian Lyne's film had one merit, it was to feature one of the most memorable premises of Cinema's history and handle it with a believable mix of realism and romanticism. It is crucial within the context of the film, because the theme is so sleazy it had to be washed up by a poignant love story. And on that level, the chemistry between Harrelson and Moore worked and built our empathy toward this couple of sweethearts, watching the ashes of their fantasy dreams gone with the wind of the 90's crisis. In many other films, that the husband is an architect and the wife a real estate agent would only be details, but they're pivotal factd in "Indecent Proposal".

Indeed, after the bursting of the US housing bubble, there was no offer for Diana and no demand for David. Inevitably, their descent into poverty guide their hopes toward Las Vegas, an interesting setting where two worlds coexist: people who need money and can't afford losing, and those who've got enough to lose one million a night without even caring. The film even succeeds to make a brilliant social commentary, behind the appearance of a cheap soft-porn flick; it subtly denounces the pervert aspects of liberalism, where free trade is synonym of salvation at the expenses of principles, totally worthless when money is at stakes. And the world sunk into liberal lows so eagerly it ended up giving a price to anything, and people have been so effectively brainwashed by greed and lust they would look now, at the half-full glass. Isn't there one word to say 'crisis' and 'opportunity' in Chinese?

I live in a country where many beautiful girls, students or salaried, go out with mature men, because they buy them things they can't afford. Basically, they use their charm as an asset to overcome material problems. It's certainly what lured my macho friend into his certitude. But when you take the plot to a larger scope, you realize it's less the selling-your- body dilemma than the eternal selling-the-soul-to-the-devil story, doing something morally wrong for a pay-off. Movies are made to provide some interesting 'what if' situations? What if we lived the same day again and again? What if we hadn't existed? "Indecent Proposal" is the ultimate 'what if' asker because this time, we can respond to the plot and relate to the protagonists, even more because we live in a similar economic context, and the world is crazy enough to feature such characters as John Gage. And Redford finds the perfect tone for his character: subtly obnoxious but always charming, one hell of a tempter!

And I guess part of the fascination doesn't come from our relief not to be in David and Diana's shoes but from our regret. And that, my friends, is pure subversive brilliance!
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Would you pay for her?
PredragReviews9 May 2016
What would you do if you and your partner, who you loved dearly were in some financial difficulty and in order to alleviate your difficult circumstances a stranger offered you one million for one night with you? What would you and your partner do? Would you immediately dismiss the proposal, regarding it as preposterous? Would you accept basing your argument on it being only a one-night stand and therefore meaningless? Would you do it for the much-needed money? Or would you refuse saying that money cannot buy love and that such an act would reduce you to the likes of a prostitute?

Confused? Well that is exactly the complex story this film weaves excellently. With a thought-provoking script that manages to challenge our every day perceptions of love and money and the depths we'd go to achieve them, along with some seriously moving moments guaranteed to shed a few tears from the female members of the audience and even managing to throw in a few comic moments this film is something special. A moral dilemma and it's repercussions on relationships and lives is played out with strong performances from the leads. Gripping, heartbreaking, entertaining and thought provoking, this offers a lot more than much of the 'fluff' produced today.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.
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surprised by the low rating
bm-3529 April 2006
I watched the movie for the first time, on TV. It's not a great film, but it certainly didn't deserve the 5.3 low rating. Something's going on here, and I think it's because most reviewers here are male, and we are threatened by the prospect of losing our wives to a Robert Reford look like billionaire, because we know for a fact we wouldn't stand a chance, even without the million bucks.

With divorce rate at 50% as it now, i am not even married but I suspect when a billionaire ( with a heart nonetheless ) came calling, my wife would leave me in a heartbeat.

sorry but everything does come with a price tag, even your marriage.
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Explores what love really means
baumer12 August 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Warning, may be some spoilers

Indecent Proposal is a film that knows exactly how someone feels when it comes to jealousy. There is a great line in the film after Demi Moore comes back from her encounter with gazillionaire Robert Redford. Her husband, played perfectly by Woody Harlesson, is asking her questions that don't need to be answered. Because if they are, it will put a damper in their marriage. But he persists and finally Demi shouts out to him, " If I tell you he wasn't any good then I'm a liar. If I tell you that he was then I'm a whore. " What a brilliantly written line and it is one that lends a perfect ear to what the film is about in most senses. Jealousy is a powerful emotion but being broke and in love is just as powerful on the other end of the scale.

What is so great about this film is that is makes us all question what we would do in that exact same situation. Would you let your wife sleep with a man for one million dollars? Could you look at it and say that it was only one night and you can deal with it? Would you say that your marriage is strong enough to overcome something so meaningless? And that is the key issue right there. Is it really that meaningless? If you are married and in love ( if you are together in a monogamous relationship), is there ever a time when sex is meaningless enough to overlook, even if all of your financial problems are solved in the aftermath?

Indecent Proposal is a great film in almost every sense. The actors are great, especially Oliver Platt who has a cameo as their lawyer and he gets all the laughs. The direction is great as it never gets anywhere close to pornographic, and it lets the audience decide for themselves what happened on that fateful night. When you look at the whole concept of the film, you know it could get cheesy if handled poorly and irresponcibly. But it never does. It stays on course and delivers the goods. I highly recommend this film and I think it is good to watch it with someone that you love. It will invoke some very interesting conversations after words. But don't watch it with them if you are afraid of the answers that you might get. That, to me is good film making. Something that leaves you discussing it long after it is over. Indecent Proposal does that.
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One big disappointment.
triple816 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers

Not good. The movie differed completely from the book(Not that the book was exactly a classic but it really was very good.)

I guess Demi Moore was OK. Actually, I don't really remember to much about her performance one way or the other. However the big disappointment wasn't with Ms. Moore.

WHY did whoever did the rewrite decide to suddenly make the millionaire have a heart? (I'm referring to him as "the millionaire" because he also had a different name in the movie then the book version-just another change.)

People who didn't read the book obviously won't know anything's different but in the BOOK version this guy is much more ruthless as well as complex overall. He is also fascinating. The fact that such a big change was made in the movie alters the whole plot. It was almost like seeing a completely different movie.

I know MANY movies vary widely from the books. But I also thought Redford's character was a bit of a wimp. This ISN'T Redford's fault(He's a great actor and could have played ruthless well) but without those qualities he becomes just another dazzled man in love hence the story becomes just another cliché love story involving 1 woman and 2 men. That wasn't really the point of the book.

This could have been a lot better. Even if I hadn't read the book version I wouldn't have liked this all that much, but changing so much around definitely takes it, for me, a few points down.
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Good movie
kevjoemartin-2916811 July 2018
Don't know why America is so hung up on sex Acting prudish when sexualy hiding so much Heck I would sleep with him for a million dollars no problem and I am a married man. Obviously I'm European .
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grtaylornottsuk28 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Indecent Proposal is not the worst film I've ever seen. However, it is my most hated film.

Indecent Proposal could have been a very thought provoking look at the struggle of love, fidelity and morality when money is offered, but in the far from expert hands of Adrian Lyne it's become a biased look at prostitution that's shot like an ice cream commercial.

Adrian Lyne is known for making films that involve some type of male to female dilemma: 9 1/2 weeks, Fatal Attraction et al. But, as in the two mentioned films, he always seems to take the male point of view. Woody Harrelson's character is the central character in this film. After Demi Moore sleeps with Robert Redford who does the film focus on? Him. We see his despair, his pain, not hers. She seems to take to prostitution like a duck to orange sauce. So what is Lyne saying? Is he saying its harder to become a pimp than to become a prostitute? That's the impression I'm getting.

Look at Demi's character before and after her night with Robert Redford. In all the scenes before she seems awkward and certainly not happy. In all the scenes after she seems to glow with confidence and contentment. What is Lyne saying here? Is it that money DOES buy happiness?

Also, the casting is an expert exercise in marketing. The concept of sleeping with Robert Redford for a million dollars is definitely one of the things that drew many women to this film. I think many women would do it for their taxi fair home and no complaints. Demi and Woody are also gorgeous enough to make it work. Imagine if the couple were black, Hispanic or any minority group and the rich man was some slobbish red neck - the film take on a much darker tone altogether.

I can understand why so many women liked this film, but the chauvinistic nature of this film is staring you right in the face. I'd suggest people watch the film again bearing in mind the points that I've made.
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Beautiful realistic love story
ranat8524 January 2016
How can people give a low rating to this movie!! It's engaging, it's interesting and it's moving!

If you like romantic movies, you will love this one!

I give it 9 stars as its one of those movies that I won't forget.

It's not a silly romantic movie, on the contrary. It's about love, marriage, jealousy and fidelity. Definitely a favorite for the romantic souls.

Demi more gave a beautiful performance. Well done!

It's starts with humor and lightness and then the plot starts with an interesting twist.
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Formula Film Making At Its Most Uninspired
gftbiloxi15 May 2005
Demi and Woody are married, but they're poor. They meet Robert Redford, and he's REALLY rich. He takes a fancy to Demi, and since he's a gambling man he makes the couple an "indecent proposal:" one million dollars for a night with the little woman.

At this point you need watch no more of the film because you can put the details together in your sleep. Of course Demi is going to accept the offer. If she doesn't there's no first half of the movie. Of course it will affect Demi and Woody's marriage. If it doesn't there's no second half of the movie. And of course everything will turn out okay by the time the credits roll. If it doesn't, there's no happy ending for the sake of box office.

The absolute best thing you can say about INDECENT PROPOSAL is that Demi Moore looks good in a black dress. As for the rest... The script is incompetent, the direction amateurish, the performances negligible. I suspect Redford, Moore, and Harrelson blush and change the subject every time the film is mentioned. Do them--and more importantly yourself--a favor. Unless some one offers you a million... Miss It!

Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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Money can't buy love. Or a decent script apparently.
hall89511 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Mind-numbingly boring, utterly predictable and in the end simply laughable. That pretty much sums up the disaster that is Indecent Proposal. Starting with a decent premise the whole thing just unravels and becomes a complete mess. Basically the story boils down to the question, "would you let your wife sleep with another man for one million dollars?" Here of course the answer is yes because otherwise we wouldn't have a movie. Quite frankly, we'd have been better off if we didn't have a movie.

Our married (and financially troubled) couple are played by Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore. They go to Vegas to get rich. Yeah, that'll work. Anyhow, a billionaire, played by Robert Redford, takes a liking to the wife and makes the million dollar offer. For one night with the wife he will give them financial security. The aftermath of that one night is what the movie is really all about. Unfortunately nothing in that aftermath is the least bit entertaining. The script is so predictable you can say the characters' lines before they do. The performances leave much to be desired. Harrelson would be better off sticking to comedies as this attempt at serious acting completely misses the mark. Anguish is not something he seems capable of portraying. And it is quite safe to say that Demi Moore will never have to clear space in her home for any Academy Awards. Why is she a movie star again? In a part that should be full of emotion she conveys none. Only Redford escapes mostly unscathed. He's appropriately slimy yet suave and clearly the best actor of the bunch. But he can't save this film. Awful script, lousy acting, plodding pace, zero entertainment...Indecent Proposal is downright awful.
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The power of money over the desperate
cashbacher29 August 2019
When this movie came out, there were many people that derided the plot device of a man offering a married couple a million dollars for a night with the wife. Their claim was that it was immoral and truly indecent. That is too bad, for it misses the real messages of the movie. First and foremost, this movie is about the power that money gives the rich over those that are down on their luck and are desperate. They are willing to grasp at any chance they have to right their errant financial ship. Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson play Diana and David Murphy, a married couple that go to Las Vegas with their last stake in the hope that they will win big enough to pay themselves out of their financial hole. When this doesn't work, John Gage (Robert Redford) offers them a million dollars for a night of passion with Diana. After a reality gut-check, the couple agrees to the proposal. Tensions mount between the couple afterwards and the course of their relationship sours. It becomes a test of what they believe about each other and how they will weather the emotional consequences of selling out. In the end, the movie becomes a complicated love story. Mao Zedong famously said, "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." What this movie illustrates is that all power grows out of the pile of cash available. When people are down and desperate, the person that can offer massive amounts of money has the power. After all, there must be a way for those seeking power to pay for the guns and ammunition.
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Very Romantic.....Very Touching
Don Juan-323 August 1999
Indecent proposal, is not an ordinary story about two lovers who face some problems in their life, but it reflects how deep love can make the young couple (Demi Moore & Woody Harrelson) overcome any obstacle in their life.

And we are not just talking about any ordinary obstacle here, we are talking about a millionaire (Robert Redford) that takes advantage of the couple's money problem and offers Woody Harrelson a million dollars if he lets him spend one night with his wife.

What will happen next....................!!!!! This movie is one you should never miss, go ahead and rent it now.

I like this movie very very much, and I just couldn't stop my tears from running down at the final scene of the movie.
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Great Premise But...
Theo Robertson16 December 2005
INDECENT PROPOSAL is a great example of a great premise for a movie - Would you allow your wife to sleep with a complete stranger for one million dollars ? and it's not too difficult to understand why this movie was so talked about on its initial release . Well would you ?

The one problem that the movie suffers from is that Robert Redford was cast as John Gage , the middle aged billionaire who desires the company of Demi Moore's character Diane Murphy . Robert Redford who aged in his mid fifties looks about ten years younger and who still female fans to this day . One can't help thinking that Adrian Lyne would have been far better off exploiting the premise further by casting a much more physically repulsive actor as Gage . Some defenders may claim that Redford equals good box office and certainly this movie did superbly as far as world wide receipt's go , but it's a movie whose main selling point must be the simple central idea and would have perhaps ended up a much better film . It's interesting to note that when women in their late 30s to early 50s answer the question " Would you ? " they usually end up replying " Robert Redford ! I'd go to bed with him for free " .

INDECENT PROPOSAL isn't a great movie despite the great premise and I found Lyne's directing style a bit too 1980s with a couple of scenes that are a bit too pop video for my liking but despite not being the greatest actors in the history of cinema both Moore and Woody Harrelson do enough to make the audience feel for their characters who find themselves in a dilemma . Yeah maybe it's Hollywood trash but it's engaging Hollywood trash
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penisandtesticles11 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the biggest pieces of crap I have ever had to watch. I mean, seriously. How would anybody else feel if they were in Woody Harrelson's shoes and your wife was even CONSIDERING it would be a good idea to sleep with the other guy even for a million bucks. After all, she was the one talking about it in bed and saying how it would be good for them since he can build his house or whatever with that money. Woody never fully agreed to it until she talked him into it. How CAN you trust her? Who the hell would actually even consider that if they were married? I don't care how desperate they were. That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life. Then, he flips out on her. Apparently, he had no right to mistrust her, other than the fact that his wife just slept with another dude who is extremely rich and handsome. Oh and wait, then he's supposed to apologize to HER after she files for the divorce so she can be with the guy she slept with. Of course Woody has no right to say anything to her or mistrust her especially after she still has Roy Hobb's card in her wallet. Then, at the end of the movie, she's apparently so in love with Woody still and misses him so much, that she was not going to leave Hobbs until he made some ridiculously stupid story up to try to hint to her to leave, and she bleeping thanks Hobbs???? Are you bleeping kidding me? Was she under contract as his sex slave or something?? I mean what the bleep?? Oh and wait it gets better. She bleeping kisses him passionately before she gets out of the car. Yea, she's not a whore. Oh, thank you for letting me go, let me go make out with you one last time for good ole' sake. Smooch smooch, smooch even though I'm still married to a guy I left for a rich guy. I have never seen such a piece of crap in my life. How the hell are we supposed to feel good after that horrible ending? What was this movie supposed to represent? NOTHING CAME OUT OF THIS! This was the most pointless movie I have ever seen in my life. Two pathetic desperate people. If I were Woody, I would tell her to go drown herself in that body of water they were near. Apparently, he had no self respect. What the hell was Roy Hobbs thinking by taking this horrible role. I feel like puking after watching this. This movie was so bad, it was seriously laughable. I want those two hours of my life back that I wasted watching this piece of ****.
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Shameful waste of talent
1of116 June 1999
Obviously, a number of agents didn't see beyond dollar signs when they signed up their clients for this 117-minute *omage* to the courtesan complex.

Sure, the film could have been alright, had the $1 million been left out of it. Seriously. The amount of the check doesn't matter,prostitution is still prostitution and no amount of "love conquers all" can change the fact that no marriage vows ever meant to imply "for richer for poorer, for pimping as in fidelity". Picture the story otherwise, though: 2 kids, flat broke, borderline "desperate" and completely stupid. They collide with wealthy business man. Kids' marriage is strained by imperfect times and the fact that the husband is something of a loser. Enter Mr. Tuxedo, oozing charm and stability -- a virtual magnet for the ticking biological clock -- and with him the wife's temptation, tensions, suspense. Whom will she choose? Maybe, under those conditions, I could actually care. As-is, frankly, Redford's selfish and manipulative playboy winds up the sympathetic character. A woman who will sell herself is just about what a guy deserves who will pimp out his wife. The indecent proposition makes the husband a TOTAL loser, deficient in every positive male characteristic, and makes the wife a cheap strumpet seduced by money rather than confused by another potential love, a woman devoid of moral center and self-respect.

All the impressive talent (acting, directing, cinematography) wasted on this film -- and it was an impressive amount -- couldn't save it from its splashy-but-too-trashy $1 million pitch line. If I see this turkey at one more bridal shower, I'm going to roast it! (Or maybe cross it with Titanic and pitch the tape in the ocean!)
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A pretty engaging story with a moral message attached to it.
OllieSuave-0074 October 2015
Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson star as couple David and Diana Murphy, who are financially in trouble and in danger of losing their dream home. While on a trip to Las Vegas, they meet billionaire John Gage (Robert Redford), who offers them 1 million dollars in exchange for a one-night stand with Diana.

This film was actually pretty good I thought - it kept me engaged and kept me wondering how the unpredictable plot would unfold at the end. The plot offers a moral message of the limits money can buy, and the old cliché that money really couldn't buy love. The acting also wasn't bad. Harrelson gave a thoughtful performance of a husband in financial and relationship troubles who strives to overcome his woes and pick up the pieces to move forward; Redford gave an eloquent portrayal of the invincible, but heartfelt billionaire; and Moore exhibited complexity and vulnerability in her character as she faces the choices she has to make between the two men.

I have to admit the movie is mind-boggling at certain points, I mean, the thought of seeing a marriage torn apart of an out-of-this-world proposal, and the implications that resulted from it. And, there are some failed attempts at humor, at the expense of Oliver Platt's character. But overall, the movie has something we can all learn from and is, again, a pretty engaging story.

Grade B
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Don't Sell this one short until you Understand the reasoning.....
RobertEspositoTVGuide27 January 2006
Keeping personal views out of comments are what objectively reviewing a film is all about. I have to say this film is one that can pull at heart strings if you can immerse yourself in the emotion of what is actually happening. The film's premise is Love versus Money. The plot of the film is set to slowly pull you into the characters' who are presented with the temptation of the choice. Woody Harrelson really pulls off a serious character in this one. Having taken the deal from John Gage (Robert Redford) to give away his wife for one night in return for a Million dollars, Harrelson realizes too late that the choice he has made would damage the relationship beyond repair. Let me say this, watching Harrelson run to the closed door once he realizes what he has done is a powerful scene if you can put yourself in the situation. As the movie progresses it does a wonderful job of making the viewer have a hard time hating Redford's character. At times the viewer is convinced that Moore's character belongs with Redford. The movie then switches to Harrelson's character that is devastated and living on his own coping with the loss. As Moore's Character is seduced by Redford, Harrelson slips slowly into depression. Once again, the movie gives the viewer a chance to experience many different emotions. John Barry's Concerto playing throughout this movie really adds to the somber mood. A wonderful placement of this music as the characters slowly move towards the movie's end. Some good acting by all here is evident. Do not sell this movie short because on the outside it seems to be choppy. It was meant to put the viewer in all situations the characters are in. I recommend this one to anyone who is a hopeless romantic.

Best Scene: There are many…One that comes to mind is Harrelson's character reflecting on the relationship with Moore as he sits alone in his empty apartment with his dog by his side.
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