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Fun in the Sung...dynasty...
sangepengyou28 May 2006
Long ago in old China family matriarch, Madame Chow, sets about the task of marrying off her troublesome children, the ne'er-do-well Chow Tung and his gambling addict sister, Gut (Sandra Ng). The marriage arrangement based on an old promise seems like it might hold the solution to the greedy Gut's money problems, but when the prospective groom's financial situation doesn't live up to Gut's expectations she sends him packing after humiliating him and nearly giving her mother a stroke. The shunned groom then sets off to reclaim his lost honor with aid from a cursed hag, Jinx, even as Tung & Gut scheme to get back into their mother's good graces.

Meanwhile, the father of the town beauty, Snow White (Rosamund Kwan), also seeks to marry her off. Unhappy with her prospects, she goes on the lam looking for excitement and is smitten by traveling magician Leslie Cheung. Snow White decides to trick her father into letting her marry the man of her choice. But complications arise when Tung decides he should be the one to make Snow White his bride.

Filled with the usual anachronisms, a touch of gender-bender humor, mistaken identities, lots of silliness, singing and kung fu, it's yet another lunar New Year comedy. Still, with Sandra Ng, Rosamund Kwan and a tricky Leslie Cheung in the cast there are more than a few laughs to go around.
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Silliness in its glory.
OllieSuave-0073 January 2015
This is a film in Hong Kong's All's Well Ends Well series of unrelated movies, where, in ancient China, family matriarch Madame Chow (Ricky Hui) wants to marry off her troublesome children, the aggressive Chow Tung (Sam Hui) and his gambling addict sister, Gut (Sandra Ng).

Throughout the course of the movie, slapstick and goofy humor, silly music and outrageous innuendos highlight the loose plot, where Chow Tung and Gut try to solve their own issues and save their ailing mother. Thrown in the mix is the cursed haggard looking woman named Jinx (Teresa Mo), who has her eyes on Tung, and town beauty Snow White (Rosamund Kwan), also seeks to get married to a magician (Leslie Cheung).

It's a film not to be taken too seriously and I thought some of the goofiness does tend to go overboard. It's good for some laughs and the colorful costumes and cinematography are nice to look at, though.

Grade C+
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