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One of my favourite animal movies ever!
Alyssa8 May 2005
I was very young when I first watched this movie, and I love it just as much today as I did then. The main idea of "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey" is three pets, Shadow, a wise old golden retriever, Chance, a goofy, fun-loving American bulldog puppy, and Sassy, a hilarious Himalayan cat who are left in the care of their owners' friend that lives hundreds of miles away on a farm. After several days, the pets begin to worry. Thinking that their owners must be in some kind of trouble, they set out on their adventure home.Along the way they encounter many unexpected surprises but their determination and love for their owners helps them in finding their way. For me, this was an unforgettable story of love, courage and devotion that will inspire everyone who watches it. A must see for animal lovers! I give it a 10!
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Very Nice Family Movie
ccthemovieman-14 October 2006
Robert Hays and Kim Griest play normal human beings while Sally Field, Michael J. Fox and Ameche are voices of animals. All of them combined to make a nice family movie here, and a pretty successful one at the box office.

There are many funny lines given to Fox to read as the main character, the dog. Field also has a good lines as the cat while Ameche plays it straight as the mature Golden Retriever.

The only somewhat-bothersome character is the 13-year-old boy who is impatient and pouty at times, but he gets out that after awhile.

The scenery is nice, too, with photographers doing a fine job capturing the beauty of California's Sierra mountain range.

All in all, a very nice movie and highly-recommended for one of those 'family nights.'
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one of my top 10 favorites!
Denny10 July 1999
This movie is definitely on the list of my top 10 favorites. The voices for the animals are wonderful. Sally Field and Michael J. Fox are both brilliant as the sassy feline and the young inexperienced pooch, but the real standout is Don Ameche as the old, faithful golden retriever. This movie is a great family movie because it can be appreciated and loved by children as well as adults. Humorous and suspenseful, and guaranteed to make every animal lover cry! (happy tears!)
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The perfect family film
Kristine31 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Homeward Bound is a great family film, one of the last best used with talking animals. Still to this day I cannot resist watching this film, and I still laugh, keep my eyes glued to the screen and I cannot help but cry. I always have to have a major box of tissues next to me when I watch this movie. It has such a soul and is a great story with wonderful characters. All of us as children had pets who were like our best friends and they were just as loyal back and Homeward Bound shows us the love that animals could have for their owners.

Chance, an American Bulldog, explains that he is the pet of Jamie Burnford, but expresses no interest in his owner or having a "home". He shares his home with Shadow, an older Golden Retriever owned by Jamie's brother Peter, and Sassy, a Himalayan cat, owned by their sister Hope. Bob Seaver is marrying Laura Burnford, joining the family. Shortly after the wedding, the family goes on a trip to San Francisco, leaving the pets at a ranch belonging to Kate, a family friend. Kate later goes on a cattle drive, leaving the animals at the ranch to be looked after by one of her ranch hands. However, the animals think they have been abandoned, and Shadow begins to worry about Peter, so he decides to go find them. Sassy and a reluctant Chance follow. They head into the rocky, mountainous wilderness, with Shadow leading by instinct but of course the road is a bumpy one and it's not an easy journey coming back home.

I'm going to give a few spoilers here, so don't read on if you haven't seen this movie. There are some absolute great laughs, with Sally Field as Sassy you just couldn't go wrong. Her leading the vet security guard around was so cute and very funny. Plus when Chance is curious about a porcupine, Shadow and Sassy warn him to get away, but being a dog he can't help but wonder and BAM, "it bit me with it's butt!", he's stung with the needles, poor Chance, but what a funny scene! Then there are some very touching moments where Chance is learning how wonderful life could be having a home. The scene where Sassy is reunited with Chance and Shadow was wonderful. Then there are the tear jerker moments that are killer. Shadow falls into a muddy pit where he hurts his leg and can't get out, Chance tries to help him but Shadow thinks he's too old and can't move and says to Chance "I've taught you everything you needed to know, now all you need to learn is how to say good-bye", I'm actually tearing up as I'm writing it, seriously. Then Shadow makes a triumphant return into Peter's arms and seeing him act like a puppy was so wonderful. I adore this movie, the voices, the setting, the story, it's just a touching family movie that is perfect to watch. I have no complaints about this movie and could go on, but trust me when I say it's more than worth the watch.

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rogue_McGregor2 August 2005
I watch this movie all the time. I've watched it with family ages 3 to 87, and everyone in between; They all loved it. It really shows the true scenes a dog has, and the love and loyalty you get from a pet. Just beautiful.

It's great for thoes who love comedy movies, the tear-jerker movies, or even just pets.

The music is wonderful, the animals spectacular, the scenes truly thought out, and the characters perfect. What I liked about the characters is the true and nicely mixed personalities: Shadow (The oldest, a Golden Retriever) He's the wise one, filled with the wisdom and mindset of any dog, Chance (the American Bulldog puppy) is basically a puppy with a witty side, the comical character; And Sassy (The Hymilayan cat) She's the real cat who shows what a real cat will do for their owner, the real girly one.
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One of the most Heart-Warming Funny Lovable Films About Animals EVER!!
Spiderman32612811 January 2004
Maybe I'm a sap but this is the sweetest movies ever! I saw it for the first time when I was around 4 or 5, and I cried my eyes out. Between then and now (embarrassed at age 15) I have seen it over 25 times and have sobbed each and every one of them. Don't worry they're tears of happiness! And it's not all sap! There's a lot of humor and comedy in it too. Usually the whole talking animal thing can be a huge drag but in this movie it's not the case. My only word of advice: Even if you love this-Don't see the sequal...cornyness! I suggest everyone checks this out...you won't be sorry, no matter how old or young you are!
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For the whole family
rbverhoef29 December 2003
Two dogs named Chance (voice by Michael J. Fox) and Shadow (voice by Don Ameche) and a cat named Sassy (voice by Sally Field) are left behind when the family that owns them goes on vacation. They are not sure what happened and therefore they have to find the family. An incredible journey is what is next.

This is a movie for all ages but especially kids will love this. The animals, the beautiful nature, some nice and funny moments, a good heart and a happy ending, everything what a movie for the whole family needs. Of course the story is simple and some events are quite impossible, but with movies like this you are not suppose to ask too many questions and you must not be too critical.
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I loved it!
Monika-511 October 2000
What a fun movie! I enjoyed the locales, scenery, and just had a ball when I saw it several years ago in the theater. Now my family owns the video. Chance, Sassy, and Shadow are adorable animals and are voiced perfectly by Michael J. Fox, Sally Field and the beloved late actor Don Ameche. I also loved the family and felt they were played very realistically. I especially loved Robert Hays as the gentle stepfather who wants to do right by his new stepkids. If you're looking for good, clean, solid and funny family entertainment, you can't go wrong with Homeward Bound.
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A film you can watch when your feeling down. ''A story about courage adventure and friendship.''
Angel-Shadow26 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this film when i was around 6 or 7 years old and didn't really think it was anything particularly special. AS time went on i watched it a few more times and it started to grow on me as i started to understand the morals of the film, which i will come to later. For a while i left this film alone and didn't watch it for a while. When looking for an old classic film to watch a few weeks ago (now being 15), I dug out the VHS of homeward bound. After watching this i was left on a natural high that i couldn't really explain. The film gives an overwhelming sense of joy that you never really expect. The films nature of three completely different animals collaborating together to find their way home really sends a message home that no matter how different you are you can always find common ground, something that you all need. The way the personalities of the characters is chosen is truly fantastic. In that you have an old knowledgeable wise golden retriever, looking after or guiding 'chance' the fun loving if slightly clumsy young American bulldog, with sassy the clever, vulnerable but confident cat. The film follows these three friends or companions on a journey that is so realistically impossible it creates magic in that you start to believe that this journey can happen.

I don't want to sound like a soft tissue grabber when it comes to films i assure you i am quite the opposite, but the most uplifting part of this film is without a doubt shadows return, when shadow desperately tries to escape and chance and sassy, painfully are told by him to leave. When both animals return to their beloved owners there is a silence until shadow limps over the horizon to the awe of all. There is a fine line between heartwarming and corny rubbish but this film is pure magic even at the age of 15. This film may not be Lord of the rings but for Disney to produce such a fantastic film using animals and for it to uplift myself in the way it does even at this age it deserves 10/10.
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This movie rules!
Steph Gillanders19 February 2004
Homeward Bound is a beautiful film. Y'know the part where Shadow falls down the ditch... thingy, I *cried*, considering I was only six, I cried! it takes a lot to make me cry! The dogs and the cat are excellently trained. A nice family movie, *not* for completely hardened non-fluffy people or animal-haters but could for soft-as-crap a.k.a. people like me.

A good film overall, 10/10!
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Very well made! Recommended for all!
Sean A. Owens8 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is definitely one of the greatest Disney movies ever made. It's a real pleaser to anyone. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry, and it'll put you into suspense.

Basically, what Homeward Bound is about is three household pets who are sent to live on a farm while their owners go on vacation. They don't know what is going on, and desperately wanting to go home, they escape from the farm and try to find their way home through the wilderness.

This is one of the last movies that Don Ameche starred in. He provided the voice of Shadow, the old, wise and friendly golden retriever. Also starring in this movie was Sally Field providing the voice of Sassy, the Himalayan cat. But seriously, what this movie is all about is Chance! Voiced by Michael J. Fox (my all-time favorite actor), Chance is basically all you'd expect from a dog, lovable, playful, energetic and goofy, and every time I crack up when watching this movie, it's because of Chance; it's like the comedy never ends!

This movie is also very sad at times. It sometimes reminds people of the times they've been alone or when they lose their pets.

One scene that always puts me in suspense is the scene where the trio is trying to escape from the pound; I especially feel shocked at the part where Chance gets his collar caught in the fence and almost doesn't make it. The movie had other suspenseful moments, but none to me seem more suspenseful than that one.

Overall, it's a wonderful family movie. If you enjoyed this movie, you'll probably enjoy the sequel too. I give this movie a solid 9 out of 10!
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A beautiful movie, with excellent acting.
Barricade_Girl14 April 2005
As a kid I thought this movie was great. It had animals, it had beautiful music, and it had my favorite actor: Michael J. Fox. Now, I still love this movie, for different reasons. It has well trained animals that are put through various stunts and scenes that look excellent on camera. It has beautiful, well-written musical that fits the scenes perfectly, with rousing fast-paced melodies and the heart wrenching main theme, that still makes me cry. Even when people hum it. And it has my favorite actor, Michael J. Fox.

Based on a book, this is the story of three house pets, an intelligent, overly-trusting and considerably paternal lab by the name of Shadow, a witty and vain - but still smart - cat with a fear of water named Sassy and a street-smart ridiculously curious and slightly neurotic bulldog, Chance. The three are taken to a friend's farm when their family goes away. Dismayed and worried, the pets break out and plan a trip across the Sierra mountains for the trip of their lives. A truly incredible journey. So what, maybe home IS just over that mountain. But what if it isn't?

I suggest Homeward Bound for people that like the three amazing actors providing the voices for the lead animal characters, and for anyone else that ... yeah, everyone go watch it.
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swetpi27 January 2005
This movie was awesome...it made me laugh, it make a bawl, and most of all it has talking animals in it!! this movie should be seen by all kinds of people! it is one of my favorite movies, and i just love it so much that i just had to comment on it!!!it rox! it is so heart felt and a wonderful storyline that makes up a great and heartfelt movie!my favorite character is shadow. this is because i think that he is the most interesting and charming. i used to have a golden retriever just like shadow, i miss him so much!!! he was my best friend and i knew that when he died, he would be in a happier place, but i miss him with all of my heart!! this movie is the best i love it and everyone should! Love your pets no matter what they do, cherish them forever!!!
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Heartwarming Adventure of Hope and Survival
thursdays31 May 2004
This is the wonderful remake of the 1963 Disney feature "The Incredible Journey" and rivals its predecessor in warmth and beauty. Both are based on a true story.

A family needs to relocate for a brief period, but cannot take along their 3 pets; a cat and two dogs. Left in good hands on a farm, the animals feel abandoned by their masters, determined to find them. The 3 pets 'escape' only to endure many challenges. Upon hearing what happened, the family begins a desperate search for their beloved pets.

Of course, all ends well. This film does more than give a mushy account of a pet/master reunion; there are serious 'situations' dealt with honestly and with feeling. A stepfather at last is accepted by the children of his new wife. The ultimate triumph of this movie is the plea to NEVER LOSE HOPE!*****
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My All-Time Favorite Movie
queenalucy23 February 2001
It surprises me how much I love this movie despite the fact that I don't really like dogs. Fox, Field, and Ameche do a wonderful job with the voices of Chance, Sassy and Shadow, and the acting by the animals themselves is just amazing.

I have seen this movie 72 times already (I know that sounds scary, but it's true!), and every time the ending scenes still get me. I highly recommend it to people of all ages and especially to animal lovers. It is indeed my all-time favorite movie!
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One of the best animal movies.
rooboy8415 July 2002
I've seen this about 2 or 3 times and haven't regretted it. Homeward bound is not just a typical animal movie. Its unique, fun and bursting with adventure. The things that make it a fun movie are the animals (obvious)who are wonderfully trained. A very good effort.

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Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
Jackson Booth-Millard20 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Remakes are a very dubious thing to do, but this one from Disney, based on its own 1963 original, based on an aspiring true story, is actually quite good. Basically Chance the dog (voiced by Michael J. Fox), Shadow the dog (voiced by Don Ameche) and Sassy the cat (voiced by Sally Field) are left behind by their family, and when they are delayed, the pets begin a perilous journey through forest, across mountain, countryside and rivers, in order to get back to their owners. Danger is bound nearly every step of the way, whether it is from rushing water, giant cats, uneven floors, they pull through and manage to get back to their family for the happy ending. Also starring Airplane's Robert Hays as Bob Seaver, Kim Greist as Laura Burnford-Seaver, Benj Thall as Peter Burnford, Veronica Lauren as Hope Burnford and Kevin Chevalia as Jamie Seaver. Having seen the original myself, I would say it is very, very slightly better, but with the addition of the animals having voices, it gives them more personality, and it certainly makes for fun viewing for all the family. Worth watching!
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Very well done.
thousandisland26 March 2001
Great voices, lots of adventure and clever dialogue make this a very good movie. The addition of "character" to the three lead animals gives the story a lot more depth and meaning, particularly the relationship between the older fellow, Shadow, and the young hellraiser, Chance. The earlier versions of this film were unable to give the animals any real personality or motive, which is done perfectly here. Sally Field is lovable in anything, but really shines in this film as the proud feline, Sassy. Great contrast between cat and dog perspectives on life, and just the right amount of spirit and warm fuzzies to make the plot and resolution excellent. There's even an uplifting score and beautiful mountain scenery. Definitely perfect for an evening alone or with the kids. Hats off to Disney.
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An adorable film about 2 dogs and a cat trying to find their way home
lisafordeay16 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Homeward Bound is a 1993 film that is a remake of the 1963 film of the same name and tells the story of 2 dogs named Chance and Shadow alongside a persian cat called Sassy who's owners are happily married and decide to go off on a honeymoon,leaving the three animals to stay where they are. Of course Shadow doesn't want to go anywhere else and so he decides to go off on an adventure to find his owner. Chance and Sassy also agree and they go off in their little cute heartwarming adventure together. The last time I seen this movie was when I was a kid and it was a pleasure to pick it up for a bargain on Sunday in HMV. The story is really nice and I like the part where Sassy goes missing and the two dogs mess around with a leopard and the part near the end where Shadow falls down a wrecked train railing and Chance won't leave without him.

You have to be the biggest cynic not to love this movie and its now one of my all time favourite movies. It was as a kid and it is now at the age of 23.
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You're never too old
miles-husoy19 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
My sister had a VHS copy years and years ago, but our mom got rid of it feeling we had outgrown it. Maybe in adolescence, she was right. Fast forward to 10+ years later and I decide to check a DVD copy out of the library just for old times' sake for no real reason. Prior to now (I'm a 27-year-old single man), I have discovered lots of movies I was too young to see circa 1993...A Clockwork Orange, Reservoir Dogs, The Terminator, Road Trip...OK, that movie didn't come out 'til 2000 and it's not an absolute classic like the first three, but you get the idea! I popped the movie into my player this evening to see if the movie held up. And wouldn't you know it...it does! In fact, I cried so much at the end, my ears are still moist half an hour after it ended.

Truth be told, however, the first few minutes are pretty stupid, but it does show Chance and Sassy's resentment to one another, which is important to the story. The real magic comes when the three animals (especially Chance) realize what home and family really means when their child owners leave them on a farm. That's when they decide to make their escape and from there, it's an adventure that may be dangerous, but in the words of Sassy, "I laugh at danger." The most touching scenes are Sassy finding her way back to Chance and Shadow after she was rescued from being drowned and Shadow finding the lost Molly in the woods. The touching musical score from Bruce Broughton is also a major factor.

I'd like to note I work with pets sometimes, so I know how it would feel if one of them (or even all of them) just disappeared. My family's favourite cat died of old age in July 2011. As you can imagine, I was heartbroken, but at that time, I was sharing a house with a middle-aged couple who had two shihtzus, so before I went out to do my errands that day, I made sure to say hello to the two little dogs because although one of my family pets was gone, I had two other ones who could be a beacon of hope for me.

No matter how old you are or what your tastes are or if you generally can't stand anything that comes from Disney, you seriously must see this film and you'll feel redeemed that way. And as piece of advice: don't be afraid to let a song or a movie or a TV show turn on the waterworks for you; it means you have a soul.
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A fine animal movie
bts198426 November 2010
This is a remake of the 1963 oldie 'The Incredibly Journey'. Surprisingly the plot is almost identical. The biggest difference is that this version is more movie-like and has far more humor. Another big difference is that the animals talk here, which is good because they only talk by telepathy. If they talked and moved their lips like people or like animals do in cartoons, it would be phony and ridiculous. I hate it when they do that.

The older version resembles a documentary, humor is not a priority and the animals don't talk. That's just the way they are: simply animals and not human-like. More than a remake, this more recent version is a more likable and amusing film although clearly based on the old one.

For those who are fond of good animal movies, I dare to say that this is an instant classic. It's very hard to find an animal film of good taste like this nowadays.

This charming motion picture is heartwarming, touching, fun and contains lots of adventure, enjoyable characters and a classic soundtrack. The Sierra mountains are astonishing, being the result rich and wonderful landscapes, so beautiful that it's like a dream.

As for the pets (3 great animal actors voiced by human actors who do a pretty good vocal job), Sassy and Chance are a comic relief. Shadow is wise and caring. Shadow possesses all the qualities a Golden Retriever is supposed to have, which makes him a favorite (and besides, I adore Golden Retrievers). The human characters, more precisely the family, are likable characters too and well performed by the actors.

This film was followed by a sequel which is okay but lacks what makes the first one such an appreciated classic.

Title in Portugal: 'Regresso a Casa'.
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