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Movies With Inseparable Songs

Kirsten Howard Nov 15, 2018

A movie can assimilate a song quite easily, and our brains are trained to keep them married...

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“Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today.” “It's coooold out there every day…”

What comes to mind when you see that picture up there? Bill Murray, time loops and themes of growth or redemption? Maybe, but in all likelihood "I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher kicks off, too. Part of that very song might be automatically playing in your brain right now, as clear as if it was floating along the airwaves and through a speaker next to you, wherever you are. When Harold Ramis’ timeless romantic comedy Groundhog Day was released in 1993, "I Got You Babe" joined a very select group of songs that are quite difficult to separate from the
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Infinity War Writer Teases How Thanos Could Be Defeated In Avengers 4

In the new artbook Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Movie, writer Christopher Markus reflects on his process for devising the story of the McU megahit. But while he may not think that he’s saying anything about next year’s Avengers 4, fans are already coming up with theories around his potentially telling comments, and perhaps with good reason, too.

The quote in question sees the scribe discussing the challenge of creating the necessary obstacles for a villain as powerful as Thanos:

“[The Infinity Stones have] been misused by people who didn’t understand their true power. And now that the real master of them, Thanos , has shown up we can see what they actually do. The problem is, as you can imagine, as you gain control over these things, your story just goes haywire because why are there any stakes for the man who can control time, space, reality, your mind,
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Avengers 4 Writer Teases That Thanos Could Do The Snap Again

Ever since Thanos wiped out half of the universe’s population in Avengers: Infinity War, the fans have been mobilized in concocting a range of methods in which Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might undo this genocide in Avengers 4, and one idea that the internet simply refuses to leave alone is time travel.

Sure enough, the body of evidence to suggest this route just keeps on growing, the latest example being an excerpt from the new artbook Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Movie. While reflecting on the difficulties of creating a sense of tension and uncertainty around a villain who can basically do anything, writer Christopher Markus made a couple of potentially telling observations, saying:

“[The Infinity Stones have] been misused by people who didn’t understand their true power. And now that the real master of them, Thanos, has shown up we can see what they actually do. The problem is,
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31 Scene-Stealing Animals in Movies and TV (Photos)

  • The Wrap
31 Scene-Stealing Animals in Movies and TV (Photos)
Even when a the focus of a film or TV show is on its star humans, cameos and small parts by animals often grab attention away from headlining actors. Click through to see our list of scene stealing animals:

Billy Crystal‘s character in the 1991 comedy “City Slickers” adopts a calf and names him Norman.

Once Punxsatawny Phil poked his head above ground, all hell broke loose — at least in one of the seemingly infinite amount of days Bill Murray endured in the 1993 comedy “Groundhog Day.”

The appearance of the cat in the season finale of HBO crime drama “The Night Of” was one of the most tweeted about things the night it aired.

Digby, the king charles cavalier spaniel in 2015’s “The Interview” proved to be both precious and integral to the film’s climactic end.

Yes, there’s an actual goat in the college hazing drama “Goat.” Without spoiling it,
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Tommy Mottola Inks First-Look Deal With eOne, Sets ‘Harlem High’ At Freeform

  • Deadline
Tommy Mottola Inks First-Look Deal With eOne, Sets ‘Harlem High’ At Freeform
Tommy Mottola is making a major move in television. The veteran music executive and producer has signed a multi-year, first-look deal with eOne to develop and executive produce scripted and unscripted TV programming via his Mottola Media Company. He already has sold his first project under the deal, scripted series Harlem High, which has been set up for development at Freeform with Will Smith, James Lassiter and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment also producing.

Under the eOne pact, Mottola has brought in Talpa Media USA’s Jennifer Danska as Evp at Mmc. eOne will serve as the studio and control worldwide rights for all projects produced by the partnership. Additionally, Mottola will serve as a consultant for eOne’s music and live entertainment business.

“Tommy is a zeitgeist force in the global music industry as well as Latino and urban entertainment and far beyond. His ability to identify pop-culture
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Stan Against Evil: The Best Horror and Monster Movie Easter Eggs

Daniel Kurland Oct 24, 2018

As Stan Against Evil Season 3 gets ready for more demon-stopping madness, we take a look at the many horror references hidden within!

Stan Against Evil isn’t just a show that fits into horror; it’s a show that’s obsessed with and passionate about the genre. Dana Gould, the show’s creator, is one of the biggest horror fanatics that you’ll come across and that knowledge and love of the genre gets channeled into every single episode of the series.

Stan Against Evil’s unique point-of-view allows the series to tackle these classic horror tropes and still bring something new to the table. The show’s third season is set to debut on Halloween night and the new year has already hinted that it will pay homage to popular horror texts like The X-Files, Kolchak the Night Stalker, Godzilla, and even Twilight.

But, before the
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First Happy Death Day 2U Trailer Will Be Here This Weekend

Paramount and Platinum Dunes originally wanted to release a new Friday the 13th back in October of 2017, but the spooky corridor ultimately belonged to another horror title: Happy Death Day.

Blumhouse and Christopher Landon’s sleeper hit took inspiration from movies like Groundhog Day and Scream and wrapped them all up in a very entertaining package – even if the final product proved to be a bit too familiar for some. Still, Happy Death Day crushed it at the box office, bringing in over $100 million on a production budget of just $4.8 million. And now, we’re getting a sequel in the form of Happy Death Day 2U, arriving on February 14th, 2019.

Not only that, but we’ll be able to get our first look at the pic this weekend, as the teaser trailer will be attached to Blumhouse’s Halloween, which creeps into theaters tomorrow. From what we understand, the preview
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The Good Place Season 3 Episode 3: The Snowplow

On a superb The Good Place, Michael and Janet try to snowplow the brainy bunch to success while Eleanor learns something about herself.

This The Good Place review contains spoilers.

The Good Place Season 3 Episode 3

Since Battlestar Galactica’s stunning season 2 finale back in 2006, time jumps have been a useful tool for TV dramas looking to shake things up. Battlestar Galactica’s spiritual successor (and concurrently airing peer for the most part), Lost, pulled off a bravura time jump in its equally stunning season 3 finale. Mad Men made it its business to rapidly travel forward in time between each season. Breaking Bad executed a months long time jump in the span of one “Crystal Blue Persuasion” scored montage. The Walking Dead, now in its darkest creative hour, even opted for a time jump of its own this season to help put the sins of the show’s past behind it.
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20 Forgettable ’90s Comedies Only True Fans Remember

Widely considered a wonderful decade for the movie industry, during the ‘90s movie theaters were raking in money hand over fist. On top of how incredibly profitable the movie industry was at the time, many high-quality films came out during the ‘90s that the masses became smitten with. As a result, there are loads of memorable films that came out in that period.

The '90s were also a decade in which many film directors from outside the system became famous, figures like Kevin Smith, Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, and Spike Lee all became important. Considering so many stellar filmmakers worked to make hit films during those years, it should come as no surprise that many quality films were released that sadly flew under the radar. In fact, there are far too many movies from the decade that are championed by very few people but deserve more attention than that.
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The Last Horror Blog: 'Happy Death Day' Sequel Gets Titled, 'Train to Busan' Remake on Its Way

Happy Death Day 2 U nails down release date – Happy Death Day (above) was a surprise horror hit last year and now it’s getting a sequel. You’ll be able to relive the excitement of horror’s version of Groundhog Day on Valentine’s Day 2019. Stars Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard return for the sequel, which picks up right where the first film ended. Director Christopher Landon is also back. In an interview earlier this year, Rothe said: "The sequel, the way he described it to me, elevates the movie from being a horror movie – and I wouldn’t even say it’s just a horror movie because it’s a horror, comedy, rom-com drama – into a Back to the Future type of genre film where the sequel joins us right...
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2018 Broadway fall season preview of musicals: Which will be remembered by the Tony Awards?

A new Broadway season is gearing up, and there are currently three productions of musicals (all new) set to open this fall. Could we be seeing any of them contend at next year’s Tony Awards? Below, we recap the plot of each musical as well as the awards history of its author, cast and creative types and the opening and (where applicable) closing dates.

King Kong” (previews begin October 5; opens November 8)

In this musical adaptation of Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack’s classic 1933 film of the same name, an ambitious young actress and a maverick filmmaker voyage from the bustling streets of 1930s New York to an uncharted island to capture the greatest wonder the world has ever seen. At the center of this 21st-century reimagining: a 2,000-pound, 20-story gorilla, and the woman who risks everything to help him.

With a book by Tony-winning playwright Jack Thorne
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The Happy Death Day Sequel Will Be Called Happy Death Day 2U and We Have a Release Date

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse are currently in production on the sequel to their hit horror film Happy Death Day. Today we’ve learned that the sequel will be called Happy Death Day 2U and it will be released on February 14th, 2019.

I walked into Happy Death Day thinking it was going to be a piece of crap film, but to my surprise it actually ended up being very entertaining. It was like a horror version of Groundhog Day and I actually enjoyed the movie a lot and I wouldn’t mind seeing how the story continues with a sequel.

Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard will be back to reprise their roles from the first movie and the original director Christopher Landon is also back at the helm.

There’s no information on the story for the sequel, but the first film centered on a character named Tree Gelbman, “a blissfully
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‘Happy Death Day’ Sequel Is Now Called ‘Happy Death Day 2U’, Hitting Theaters on Valentine’s Day

  • Slash Film
‘Happy Death Day’ Sequel Is Now Called ‘Happy Death Day 2U’, Hitting Theaters on Valentine’s Day
The Happy Death Day sequel is coming, and it officially has the best name ever. The follow-up to Blumhouse’s horror riff on Groundhog Day is officially called Happy Death Day 2U. What’s not to love? Happy Death Day 2U will find its way to theaters in time for Valentine’s Day in 2019, so grab the hand of the one you […]

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Happy Death Day 2 Gets a Title and a Release Date

Kirsten Howard Sep 26, 2018

Blumhouse has a Valentine's Day gift for us, with the sequel to Happy Death Day slashing its way into our hearts in February...

The Blumhouse empire of horror movies has another franchise on its hands, with confirmation of a Happy Death Day sequel coming earlier this year.

Christopher Landon, the man behind the first movie, is writing and directing the second. Whether he repeats the Groundhog Day-esque horror approach of the first remains to be seen, but Landon has hinted before that he may explain what caused the time loop in the first place. His star Jessica Rothe will also be returning as Tree, the popular student who had a bad day over and over again in the original film.

The upcoming genre sequel now has a title, a release date and a secretive synopsis. Variety confirms it'll be called Happy Death Day 2U, and be
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Happy Death Day 2 Gets Official Title And Release Date

Though Paramount and Platinum Dunes had originally set Friday the 13th for release in October of 2017, the spooky corridor ultimately belonged to another horror title: Happy Death Day.

Blumhouse and Christopher Landon’s sleeper hit pulled the best bits from films like Groundhog Day and Scream and wrapped them all up in a very entertaining package – even if the final product proved to be a bit too familiar for some. Still, Happy Death Day exceeded all expectations at the box office, bringing in over $100 million on a production budget of just $4.8 million. Not bad, right?

That’s an impressive turnaround in and of itself, and to no surprise, it means that we’re now getting a sequel. Yes, Happy Death Day 2 is on the way and today, Blumhouse handed the project both an official title and release date. For starters, they revealed that from here on out, it’ll
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Universal Reveals ‘Happy Death Day’ Sequel Title

  • Variety
Universal Reveals ‘Happy Death Day’ Sequel Title
Blumhouse and Universal Pictures are throwing another slasher birthday rager following the success of 2017’s “Happy Death Day.”

The film’s original lead, Jessica Rothe, will return in the newly titled “Happy Death Day 2U” when it hits on the previously announced date of Valentine’s Day 2019.

Christopher Landon is back as writer and director with Jason Blum producing. Angela Mancuso, John Baldecchi, and Samson Mucke (“Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”) serve as executive producers.

Plot details are under wraps, though a synopsis said Rothe will discover that “dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.”

The first followed young co-ed Tree (Rothe) who awakens from a one-night stand and slinks off into a daylong birthday celebration, only to be brutally murdered at a party that evening. Instead of the afterlife, however, she reawakens once again the stranger’s bed and is forced to
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‘Happy Death Day 2U’: Universal Sets 2019 Sequel Release Date

  • Deadline
Universal has set a February 14, 2019 wide release date for Happy Death Day 2U, the title of the sequel to the 2017 horror hit from Blumhouse. The studio had staked out the date previously for a Blumhouse horror project and now has made it official.

The original Happy Death Day raked in close to $123 million worldwide. As Deadline scooped, production got underway in May on the sequel, with lead Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard back along with original director Christopher Landon who also wrote the screenplay this time around.

In the first movie, Rothe’s sorority girl Tree Gelbman relives the day of her murder in Groundhog Day style. She ultimately tries to beat the time loop by discovering her killer’s identity. Broussard plays Carter, the guy she keeps waking up alongside. In the sequel, Tree will discover that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.
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‘Happy Death Day 2U’ Gets a Valentine’s Day Release

‘Happy Death Day 2U’ Gets a Valentine’s Day Release
Tree is back from the dead again (and again and again and again and again and again and again) in Happy Death Day 2U, a sequel to last year’s Groundhog Day-style slasher film Happy Death Day, which Universal Pictures just announced will release on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019. Breakout star Jessica Rothe will be returning as main character Tree […]
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Film Review: 3ft Ball and Souls (2017) by Yoshio Kato

Time loop films have been a recurring theme in international cinema, with “Groundhog Day” probably being the most famous. In Japan, a prominent sample of this subgenre is the anime “Higurashi: When They Cry” which was also adapted as a live action movie. And I am mentioning this, since Yoshio Kato seems to have been influenced by anime, as “3ft Ball and Souls” also bears some resemblance to “Gantz”, although the essence of the movie is quite different from the aforementioned titles. Let us take things from the beginning, though.

The story begins in a secluded cabin, where Happa, a middle-aged man is sitting along a 3-feet firework ball. Soon, two other people arrive, a young man nicknamed Baby Doll and a middle-aged woman named Tsubasa. It is soon revealed that all three are members of an internet suicide chat room named “Life Club” and are here to commit suicide,
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The 7 Best Movies Coming to Netflix in September 2018

  • Indiewire
September marks the start of awards season, and it’s no secret that Netflix is itching to crash Hollywood’s most exclusive party (and maybe even leave with a few golden souvenirs at the end of the night). And it seems like this is the year the streaming giant is going to make that happen, as the company has finally started to meet Hollywood in the middle and play the game by the industry’s rules — at least when it suits them. One strategy the company has learned from the more traditional movie studios: Hold all of your best stuff until after Labor Day, and then drown people in quality until New Year’s Eve.

Not only has Netflix been the talk of the Telluride and Venice film festivals, with Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” being hailed as a dazzling masterpiece, the slate of movies debuting on the service in September is an embarrassment of riches.
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