Groundhog Day (1993) Poster


Chris Elliott: Larry



  • [after Phil has driven the truck he has stolen off a cliff to kill both himself and Punxsutawney Phil] 

    Larry : He... might be okay.

    [the truck explodes in a fireball] 

    Larry : Well, no. Probably not now.

  • Rita : Why would anybody steal a groundhog?

    Larry : I can probably think of a couple of reasons... pervert.

  • [Waking after a night of reading poetry and only chaste sleep with Rita, Phil jumps out of bed, determined to show himself as a new and likable man. He gives a wad of cash to the Old Man beggar and shows up early for the photo shoot, carrying a tray of coffees just the way that Rita and Larry like them, and with Larry's favorite pastry] 

    Phil : Who wants coffee? Get it while it's hot!

    Rita : [surprised]  Oh! Thanks, Phil!

    Phil : [Handing Larry a lidded styrofoam container of coffee]  Larry? Skim milk, two sugar.

    Larry : [Also surprised]  Yeah. Thanks, Phil!

    Phil : Pastry?

    [Phil offers the tray to Rita, who looks enticed, but says:] 

    Rita : No. We're just setting up.

    Phil : Pastry, Larry? Take your pick.

    Larry : Well, thanks, Phil. Raspberry, great.

    Phil : Say, I was just talking with Buster Green, he's the head groundhog honcho. And he said, if we set up over here

    [he points his thumb over his shoulder] 

    Phil : , we might get a better shot. What do you think?

    [Rita is still surprised that Phil Connors is being so thoughtful and helpful] 

    Rita : Sounds good.

    Phil : Larry, what do you think?

    [It is obvious that Phil has never asked for Larry's opinion in his life, and Larry grins] 

    Larry : Yeah. Let's go for it.

    Rita : [Pleased]  Good work, Phil.

    Phil : Maybe we'll get lucky. Let me give you a hand with the heavy stuff.

    [Phil takes the backpack and news-camera] 

    Larry : Uh...

    Phil : No, no, you got your coffee.

    [They start to walk to the "better" spot] 

    Phil : We never talk, Larry. Do you have kids?

    [Rita stares in astonishment, then slowly follows them] 

  • [to Rita about Phil] 

    Larry : Did he actually call himself "the talent"?

  • [to Nancy, about being a photojournalist] 

    Larry : People just don't understand what is involved in this. This is an art-form! You know, I think that most people just think that I hold a camera and point at stuff, but there is a *heck* of a lot more to it than just that.

  • Phil : For your information, Hairdo, there is a major network interested in me.

    Larry : Yeah, that would be the Home Shopping Network.

  • Larry : [about Phil]  He's out of his gourd.

  • Phil : [Does a double take at Larry]  Wow! Looking *foxy* tonight man! Hey, is your troop gonna be selling cookies again this year?

    Larry : [Sarcastically]  Oh that's so funny Phil!

  • [repeated line] 

    Larry : Prima Donnas.

  • Phil : Can you keep a secret Larry? I'm probably leaving PBH. So this will be the last time we do the Groundhog festival together.

    Larry : I don't understand what's so wrong with the Groundhog festival. You know when I was in San Diego, I had to cover the swallows returning to Capistrano six years in a row.

    Phil : Someday someone's gonna' see me interviewing a groundhog and think I don't have a future.

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