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  • Schmucker Hall/Old Dorm

    Old Dorm is the original campus building. The building of Old Dorm began in May 1831 and was completed in the summer of 1832. At the time of its completion it housed the campus steward, two lecture rooms, a room for the library, an assembly room, and ample dormitory accommodations for the students. Early the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg in the cupola on Old Dorm served as the lookout for the Union Army. For the remainder of the three day battle it served as the chief signal station of the Confederate Army. Old Dorm was a hospital for troops of both armies during, and after, the Battle. Today it houses a historical museum.


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  • June 30: Complete Cloud cover all day, partly cleared by 9 p.m. Wind was calm.

    July 1: The entire sky was covered with clouds all day, cumulo-stratus at 7a.m. and 2 p.m., cirro-stratus at 9 p.m. A very gentle warm southern breeze, (2 mph). Thermometer: 7 am - 72; 2 pm - 76; 9 pm - 74

    July 2: At 8 am, sky still covered (cumulo stratus). At 2pm, 3/10 clear. At 9 p.m. cirrus clouds. Wind same as preceeding day Thermometer: 7 am - 74; 2 pm - 81; 9 pm - 76

    July 3: At 8am, sky again completely covered with cumulo-stratus clouds, at 2pm, sky only 4/10 covered, but with cumulus or the thunderclouds of summer; at 9pm, 7/10 cumulus. Wind SSW, very gentle. Thunderstorm in neighborhood at 6 pm. The thunder seemed tame, after the artillery firing of the afternoon. Thermometer: 7am - 73; 2pm - 87; 9pm - 76

    July 4: Rain showers at 6 am, from 2:15 until 4 pm, and at 4 am on July 5 totaling 1.39 inches . Thermometer: 7 am - 69; 2 pm - 72; 9 pm - 70

    [Note: These temperatures were rather mild for this time in the summer.]

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  • Already more than four hours long the movie was recently released as a Director's Cut on Blu-ray that features approx. 17 minutes of extended plot footage that aren't really important for the movie. Nonetheless one can find a detailed comparison between both versions with pictures here. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It was originally intended for the film to end with Harrison, the first character to appear, surveying the battlefield as he did in the first scene but now finding it devastated and strewn with bodies. In the end it was decided the final scene should be Tom and Joshua Chamberlain discovering that they have both survived the battle and embracing, a film about the Civil War which pitted brother against brother ends with two brothers reunited. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The film accurately depicts Kemper's meeting with Lee where Kemper tells him that his wounds are thought to be mortal. However Kemper was actually mistaken and he would not only survive the war but become Governor of Virginia, eventually dying in 1895. Edit (Coming Soon)


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