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  • A well respected Chicago surgeon Dr. Richard Kimble has found out that his wife, Helen, has been murdered ferociously in her own home. The police found Kimble and accused him of the murder. Then, Kimble (without Justifiable Reason) was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. However, on the way to prison, Kimble's transport crashed. Kimble escapes and is now on the run. Deputy Samuel Gerard from Chicago takes charge of the chase of Kimble. Meanwhile, Kimble takes up his own investigation to find who really killed his wife, and to lure Gerard and his team into it as well.

  • Dr. Richard Kimble is a well-known surgeon based out of Chicago who returns home from work one night to find his wife Helen was murdered. The killer, a one-armed man, manages to escape before police arrive. With a lack of evidence pointing to the one-armed man, Kimble is arrested and charged with murder. On his way to prison, the bus he is in crashes, giving him the opportunity to escape. Kimble decides to find out who the real killer was and why his wife was murdered. Meanwhile, a US Marshal named Samuel Gerard and his team are tasked with finding Kimble and arresting him. However, the further he is to catching Kimble, the more Gerard is convinced he is innocent.

  • Wrongfully accused of murdering his wife, Richard Kimble escapes from the law in an attempt to find her killer and clear his name. Pursuing him is a team of U.S. marshals led by Deputy Samuel Gerard, a determined detective who will not rest until Richard is captured. As Richard leads the team through a series of intricate chases, he discovers the secrets behind his wife's death and struggles to expose the killer before it is too late.

  • Wrongly convicted of murdering his wife, Dr. Richard Kimble escapes from a prison bus and tries to find out why she was killed and who the murderer really was. He is relentlessly pursued by Samuel Gerard, a U.S. Marshal, and is forced to keep out of contact from any friends or relatives. However, his determination and ingenuity soon produce results and he comes to the frightening realisation that he can trust no one.

  • Noted surgeon Richard Kimble is wrongfully accused, tried and convicted for the brutal murder of his wife. A failed escape attempt by other prisoners gives Kimble his opportunity to escape execution. The only option and purpose he has left is to discover who really murdered his wife and clear his name. On his trail is persistent US Marshal Samuel Gerard who slowly comes to believe that the original case might not be as clear cut as was first believed.

  • Dr. Richard Kimble, unjustly accused of murdering his wife, must find the real killer while being the target of a nationwide manhunt lead by a seasoned US Marshall.


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  • Flashes of the city skyline and fight between an unidentified man and Helen Kimble (Sela Ward). In the struggle, Helen is killed when her assailant shoots her with the pistol they keep in their bedroom and then crushes part of her head with a heavy piece of decorative stone. The police turn up and find Helen dead on the floor. Forensics is hard at work in the room, documenting the murder scene. A man walks through a room and Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford), a prominent Chicago vascular surgeon, stands up with scratches on his neck and is escorted out the door. A reporter stands outside, telling the camera what's happened. Kimble climbs into the back of a police car.

    Flashback to that evening and Kimble is mingling at a children's Research Aid Foundation fundraiser. Helen is surrounded by a group of men and Richard "rescues" her. Richard is in an interview room with Detective Kelly (Ron Dean). The scene flashes back to Kimble's car. Kimble's hand on his wife's cheek when he gets a call asking him to come into work. His wife says she'll wait up for him. Her voice echoes in the background as he sits in the interview room, another policeman walking into the room.

    Kimble remembers the surgery he assisted with that night, remarking that the patient was bleeding profusely, the reason he was called in to assist. The policeman interviews him and asks him if anything unusual happened, and about the fight about the guy with one arm, as well as who has keys to his house. They ask if he'd seen any suspicious people following him or if he'd gotten any unusual phone calls in recent weeks or months. Policemen discuss the evidence in the observation room. Back in the interrogation room, the policemen ask Kimble about his wife's wealth and who the sole beneficiary of his wife's life insurance the policemen suspect Kimble: Helen was very wealthy and he'll come out well. Kimble insists he's innocent and the police keep interrogating him about the appearance of the one-armed bandit. Their chief looks over the report and seeing that Kimble was the only witness and that his fingerprints were on the pistol used to shoot Helen, they decide to charge him with the murder. Kimble becomes more distraught and tells the detectives that he'd fought with Helen's killer and that the man had a mechanical arm. He yells for them to find him.

    Kimble is in court listening to the opposition's opening statement, while flashing back to the scene of the crime. Dt. Kelly is in on the stand, and Kimble flashes back to when he entered the house after work. More questioning of another witness. Helen gasps for air as she manages to call 911. The opposing lawyer asks to play Helen's 911 emergency call, previously identified by Chicagos dispatcher. Helen says that there's someone still in her house, trying to kill her. While this is playing, Kimble comes up the stairs and the killer hangs up the call. Kimble remembers struggling with the man & tearing away one of his sleeves, revealing a prosthetic arm. Kimble is found guilty and remanded to Illinois State Penitentiary, where hell wait to be put to death.

    Convicts are chained up and a prison guard is calling out names for the roll call. The prisoners file out into an awaiting bus. The convicts are driven to the train station, another convict tries to free himself, while yet another convulses, foaming at the mouth. One of the officers approaches the man and is stabbed by the convict with a sharpened tooth brush. The jail warden shoots two prisoners with a shotgun. When another prisoner tries to overpower him, the bus driver is shot and the bus rolls down a hill, landing across a set of train tracks. The warden demands that Kimble help the injured officer. Kimble demands to be released from his shackles in return. The warden throws him the keys and Kimble frees his wrists. Another convict, Copeland, grabs the keys and unlocks his own shackles and runs out on Kimble when the doctor asks him for help getting the injured out. A train heads straight towards them, Kimble drags the injured convict out and frees himself in time to avoid the collision with the train. Kimble gets up from the wreckage, the train carriage on fire. Copeland rescues and frees him and tells Kimble not to follow him. Kimble is wounded and needs medical attention, following the river bank.

    Police cars turn up and Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) hops out of a car and approaches a cop, asking who's in charge. Sherriff Rawlins, the officer in charge, questions the jail warden about and Sam demands jurisdiction. Biggs (Daniel Robuck), one of Sams colleagues, finds the leg irons which bound Kimble's legs. Sam asks where the keys are and if the jailer wants "to change his bullshit story", showing him Kimbles mugshot. Sam immediately issues strict orders to everyone present to search every residence, business and hospital in the area with checkpoints set up at 15 miles from the crash site.

    Kimble comes to a clearing under a bridge and steals a workman's coveralls. Kimble walks along the footpath towards the local hospital. Poole informs Sam that a blood trial has been found south-west and Sam get them to follow the trail and fax Kimble's ID to every local hospital. Sam and his colleagues find a live survivor from the bus wreckage, the guard that was stabbed and thrown to safety before the wreck.

    Kimble goes to the local hospital and gets medical supplies to stitch his own wound. A policeman gets to the hospital and alerts the medical staff of Kimble's identity while Kimble stitches his would up and steals a patients clothes. A nurse comes in with the patient's breakfast, encouraging him to eat and notices his empty water jug, which Kimble drank. Kimble hides while she comes into the bathroom to fill the water jug back up and leaves, encouraging Mr. Johnson to, once again, eat. Kimble shaves his beard and combs his hair. Kimble then wolfs down Mr. Johnson's breakfast. He passes the same officer in the hallway, who quizzes Kimble about the escaped prisoners whereabouts.

    Kimble steals a nearby ambulance. Poole, Cosmo (Joe Pantoliano) and Sam goes over Kimble's file and Sam orders his staff to tap Kimble's friends phones, as well as his lawyers, and Biggs comes over and tells him that Kimble has been spotted and the ambulance is missing.

    Poole tells Sam that the ambulance has been spotted on State 53, and Sam hitches a ride in a helicopter in pursuit. Kimble stops the ambulance in a viaduct over a dam and escapes into a nearby drainage grating. In the tunnels, Sam separates himself from his team and slips while climbing down another tunnel. He loses his pistol which Kimble finds. While pointing the pistol at Sam, Kimble tells him he didn't kill his wife. Sam's curt response is "I don't care!" Kimble runs off while Sam pulls a spare pistol and continues after him. At a high drainage port, Kimble is trapped by Sam who orders him to drop the pistol and surrender. Kimble jumps, falling hundreds of feet into the river below. Sam is found by his team who immediately believe Kimble was killed in the fall. Sam refuses to believe it & tells them they have to find the body.

    Cosmo asks if they can go home, but Sam is so hell-bent on catching Kimble that he says no. Sam orders a search party of the dam, but Biggs says that hes dead, to which Sam says, Thatll make him easy to catch! Kimble swims to safety.

    There are people out on boats while Sam plans to put up camp. An officer says that only 1 in a million can survive that fall, but Sam doesn't care. Kimble runs through the woods, but stops out of breath and collapses. The police search the woods with hounds, but come up with nothing. Kimble hides under some leaves and dreams about Helen making love to him, his trying to save her life, as well as his lawyer and the killer.

    Kimble jolts awake . Sam and his colleagues board a plane. Kimble walks along the train tracks into a dark tunnel. Kimble goes into a bathroom and dyes his hair black. Kimble walks across a bridge where a woman offers him a lift, which he takes up.

    Sam walks into his office and his colleagues report that there's been a sighting of Kimble getting into a car in Whiting. Theyve spotted her car outside her house. Sam and Newman (Tom Wood) pretend to be drunk passers-by while other colleagues pretend to be service men. Sam and Newman enter a woman's house and find Copeland, who takes Newman hostage and demands to get outta here. Sam approaches Copeland from the other side and shoots him.

    Outside, Newman, who can no longer hear from the sound, is upset with Sam, who replies that he doesn't not bargain with criminals.

    A police car whizzes by Kimble on a bridge and Kimble calls Walter, his lawyer, on a telephone box. Walter asks Kimble of his whereabouts, telling him that he cant harbour a criminal. Kimble tells Walter that hes in St. Louis. Kimble hangs up.

    Sam is blamed for Copelands death. Poole and colleagues listen to the recording from Kimbles telephone call to Walter. They uncover that Kimble is back in Chicago from the sound of an El (elevated train) and a bell on the Wall Street Bridge.

    Dr. Charles Nichols (Jeroen Krabbe) exits the North Bank Club and enters his car, which the valet has taken around to the front, and Kimble approaches his car in the tunnel, that's around the corner, and asks Charlie for money, who offers to help out. A policeman tells Charlie to move on, as hes got a green light.

    Sam and his colleagues discuss why Kimble may have killed his wife, and Sam orders for them to interview all of Kimbles friends again. Sam tells them that he wants Kimble to relax and re-enter his life. Kimble rents a woman's basement.

    A bulletin is passed around while Det. Kelly informs them about Kimble and offers a bottle of 12-year-old whisky as a reward for putting the collar on this quack.

    Kimble goes to the Cook County Hospital and goes through the Myoelectric ward doors, through to the Prosthetics Lab, where a man is being fitted for a prosthetic arm. He passes through and goes to where the prosthetic limbs are kept and people are working on pieces. He then goes to the employee lockers and steals the ID badge of Desmondo Jose Ruiz, who is a maintenance engineer in the materials management sector.

    Sam interviews Charlie (Charles), Kimbles friend from medical school, about when he last saw Kimble. Charlie said he volunteered to help Kimble, but he refused, and then finished with, If you want help, gentlemen, you've come to the wrong man; Richard is innocent. Youll never find him; hes too smart. And said that Kimbles smarter than Charles himself.

    Kimble takes some wallet sized photos at a local photobooth while Sam interviews another medical colleague of Kimbles. Kimble rides the train and reads a report. Sam plays with Kimbles leg irons. Sams colleagues interview Dr. Kathy Wahlund (Jane Lynch), who starts off by proclaiming her belief that Kimbles innocent and say that shed help Kimble if he came to her, but that's not his style.

    Kimble reads a medical report on a man who has half of his arm missing and makes a note: Type of elbow joint?

    Sam stares at a picture in his office and goes up stairs where a man fell and examines the picture. Kimble covers Desmondos name and photo with his own photo, accompanied by an alias. Kimble falls asleep, with his hand over a book, called Atlas of Limb Prosthetics: Surgical, Prosthetic, and Rehabilitation Principles by American Academy of Orthopaedics and dreams of the scene of the crime: a voice over saying, When I came home, there was a man in my house! While a man walks through a wardrobe, Helens silk slip lies freely on a stair, Helens throwing rose petals around, and goes onto the bed. The intruder exits the wardrobe holding a gun with his gloved hand. Helen stands at her bathroom, and the man rounds the corner and attacks her. Kimble fights with him and his prosthetic limb is revealed. Helen whispers her husbands name as the wardrobe doors close. Kimble wakes with a start to find police cars outside the house and looks out the window. Kimble starts to panic as they beat the door down asking, Where is he?! Instead of finding Kimble, they arrest his landlords son (Lonnie Sima) for dealing drugs, saying you like stringing out 12-year-old girls, huh? Kimble is relieved.

    Kimble walks down a street, passed by an ambulance and enters the prosthetics lab, posing as the janitor. He goes to clean the blinds in the office, and makes a scuffle as he checks the hospitals database for his wife's killer. After he finally dwindles the results down from 112 to a mere 5 with certain keywords, he prints them off and stashes the paper away.

    Det. Kelly interrogates Kimbles landlady's son about Kimble being at his house and his whereabouts. A lot of children enter a ward and Dr. Anne Eastman is attending to them, among other staff. Kimble encounters them, not knowing where else to go. A boy lays on a bed saying that it hurts. Sam enters the basement in which Kimbles been living. Back at the hospital, Kimble looks on as the boy is having difficulty breathing and is examined by Al, who looks at his x-ray. Anne mistakes Kimble as a staff at the hospital and asks him to take the boy down to Observation Room 2, which he reluctantly does. He speaks to the boy and examines his x-ray, which Anne notices. Kimble asks for the boys name, which is Joel (Joel Robinson). Sam and a colleague go through Kimbles rubbish on his dining table in the basement and finds the blade Kimble was making the ID with. They find a piece of the ID, which says, C.C.H Cook County Hospital.

    In the staff elevator, Kimble changes Joels diagnoses on his hospital form, and instead of taking him to observation room two, he takes him to another ward, handing him off to a lady, who orders Joel to go to room 4 immediately.

    Anne goes by a reception desk and asks about Joel, who never came through there. Anne catches up with Kimble and asked how Joel ended up in surgery. She tells him to stay right there, ripping off his stolen hospital ID and runs to call security. Kimble doesn't stay put and leaves.

    Sam screeches to a holt at the hospital, but misses Kimble, who exits out the back. Sam questions Anne. Anne then informs Sam that Kimble saved Joels life before going home. Sam takes Kimbles ID badge apart. Cosmo tells Sam that he cant believe that Kimble had been staying there despite the hospital crawling with cops. A man with half an arm squeezes past them and they follow him into the prosthetics clinic, acting as if they're going to speak to the clerk.

    Kimble calls Matthew Zelick pretending to be someone else doing a follow up on his condition. Sam and his colleagues do their own search for the one-armed man. Kimble calls Clive Driscoll, who was arrested for armed robbery. Poole comes up with 47 records matching their search criteria and Sam orders Robert to cross check their matches for criminal records. The St. Patrick Day march is going on down the street.

    Kimble goes to the courthouse to find Clive Driscoll, at the same time as Sam. Once Kimble sees Clive, he realises that hes got the wrong man and makes his exit. One of the prison officers recognises him. Sam, whose climbing another staircase, sees Kimble and chases him down another staircase. Sam goes to see if its him and calls Kimbles name out, after which Kimble makes a run for it. A few flights down, Kimble sees another staircase and runs for it. Sam continues down the first staircase and comes to the bottom at the same time. Kimble comes across security, to whom he says, Officer, a man in a blue coat is waving a un and screaming at a woman. Kimble manages to make it out of the doors before they shut, closing Sam and Marshal Henry (Johnny Lee Davenport) inside. He manages to pry them open. Biggs stands on the roof of the building with a view down. He sees Kimble run East through the plaza and Sam follows. Kimble walks through the parade and steals a green hat, blending in. Kimble sheds his jacket and slips away from the parade.

    Journalists are interviewing Sam, who has no affirmative answers. The journalists asks Dt. Kelly if he thinks that Kimble is innocent, to which Det. Kelly responds that he is guilty, as he was convicted by the court of law.

    Kimble walks out of a shop with a new set of clothes.

    A helicopter flies by and Kimble continues with his list of suspects at a pub, but hangs up as it rings out. Kimble sees a cop getting into his car, so Kimble heads the other way. He goes around the back of a building and climbs the ladder to the roof, which he runs across. He spies on the cop, who's parked outside. Kimble breaks into the building, out of sight of the officer, and walks into a persons house, passing photos. He sees a photo of Sykes and remembers a tussle. He looks through a drawer and sees a prosthetic arm. Upon further investigation, he finds photos of Skykes and flashes back to throwing the killer down the stairs. He sees another of Sykes and Alec Lentz, who he also saw at the benefit.

    Kimble remembers approaching Alec Lentz at the benefit. He goes through a medical file and finds multiple forms from Devlin MacGregor Pharmaceuticals. Flashback to the board saying Childrens Research Aid Foundation. Devlin MacGregor a proud supporter of Good Paediatric Health Care. Theres a cruise sponsored by Devlin. Men are bargaining Kimble for buying a trip to Cancun no strings attached. He thinks back to the surgery where they were discussing drugs.

    Briggs reads a review about the St. Patricks Day Parade and Cosmo looks at CCTV footage of Kimble from the courthouse. Kimble calls Sam at his office, and Sam orders a location. Kimble reminds Sam of what they said in the tunnel. Sam confirms that doesn't care; Im not trying to solve a puzzle. Kimble confirms that he, in fact, is trying to solve a puzzle and he found a big piece. Kimble puts the phone down, but doesn't hang up, allowing Cosmo to get his location and send a car to Sykes house, where Kimbles fingerprints are all over the room, the main concentration being at the desk.

    Biggs sees Frederick Sykes coming back to his house. Sam tells Sykes that Kimble was there, whom Sykes denies knowing. Sykes asks him if Kimble is coming after him, seeing as hes got a prosthetic arm. He gives an alibi, working for Devlin MacGregor Pharmaceuticals. Sam asks Sykes how he lost the arm, to which he replies in the line duty. Cosmo notes that Sykes is dirty and Sam puts a tail on him. Sam hands a photo to Newman, asking him to find out who the guy is next to him, as well as everything about him.

    Charlie is at the Hilton Hotel and Towers and gets a note stating that there's an emergency. He excuses himself and heads to the phone, where he speaks to Kimble, who says that hes found who killed Helen, revealing that it was him they were after Devlin MacGregor and Lentz. Kimble reveals McGregor and Lentz motives, and Charlie informs his friend that Lentz is dead from a car accident the last summer. Kimble asks Charlie to call Bones at the hospital and tell him to give Kimble all the help he needs to prove that the drug causes cancer.

    Sam approaches Sam at the hotel to ask him some more requisitions and produces the photograph and tells him that Kimble broke into Sykes apartment. Charlie accuses Sam of getting pretty desperate. Sam asks if hes seen Kimble and then asks about who the other person in the photograph (Lentz) is, which Charles denies.

    Kimble stands underneath a bridge and walks towards the opening.

    Cosmo asks why Kimble would hunt a man with one arm who he says killed his wife, break into his house, call the cops and then split. Biggs blows the picture of Sykes and Lentz up, Lentz shirt reading Chicago Memorial Hospital. Sam said that Devlin MacGregor Pharmacuticals is a successful minder.

    Policemen are parked outside of Sykes house. Sykes receives a call from somebody. A man gets a liver sample, which originated from a patient on the RDU-90 drug study, down from a shelf. He gets another sample (the last one) from January 21st. Kimble calls him Bones and promises to get everything back to him, while putting it into an envelope.

    A fire truck comes down a street and Sykes loads himself up with a handgun. The firetruck turns down his street. Two firetrucks meet in the middle, just in front of the cops, who are wondering whats going on. Sykes uses the distraction to make a getaway in the opposite direction of the police.

    Newman and Biggs get a name to their mystery guy Alec Lentz, a pathologist and then find out that he already died. Kimble visits Kathy, who embraces him and asks him what hes doing there. Sykes goes to the Chicago Memorial Hospital. Kimble and Kathy look at the samples through the telescope. Theyre not the same tissue, yet they came from the same, very healthy liver.

    Skykes makes his way down the hallway of the Memorial Hospital. Newman and Biggs pay Bones Roosevelt a visit. Newman asks if hes come into contact with Kimble, to which Bones replies, I haven't seen Dr. Kimble. While Newman and Biggs speak with Bones, Sykes is revealed to be hiding in the shadows of Bones lab. Newman says that he thinks that Bones is lying to them.

    Kathy asks Kimble if he thinks that Lentz is the bad guy, which Kimble confirms. Kathy discovers that Lentz died August 21st, and half of the samples that he approved were signed for the day he died. She concludes that someone else with access must have been manipulating them. Kimble leaves to see a friend.

    Sam is getting a headache as Cosmo reveals that Bones didn't say where Kimble was going; Briggs just picked up the tissue samples for a drug study. Newman says, over the phone, that the release was approved by Dr. Charles Nichols, who was Lentz boss. Cosmo says that he was covering for Kimble, and Sam orders the CPD to go there instantly, to tear the place inside out. Sam asks Henry to go find Dr. Nichols.

    Sykes, at a phone box says that he couldn't find him; if he was in the hospital, he would've found him. Sykes asks the person on the other end what hes required to do now. Sykes then spots Kimble walking his way and stopping on the corner. Kimble walks the other way and Sykes follows him.

    Sam pins the picture of Sykes and Lentz to a board while Cosmo reads off an article about Lentz and his accident. One of Sams colleagues comes to him saying that when he cross-checked Sykes telephone records, there were no calls to Kimble. But upon cross-checking Kimbles phone records, one came up. Kimble called Sykes at 7:30pm on the night of Helens murder from his car phone. Sam checks Kimbles arrest records and cross-checked the call. Poole notifies Sam that Sykes has left his house.

    Kimbles on a train and looking at the guy opposite him, where he thinks. The guy gets up to leave. Sykes meets up with Kimble and approaches him with the shotgun, commanding him to move to the door. Sykes announces that the upcoming stop is his and the train inspector interrupts. Kimble pulls the emergency brake and gets into a fight with him, knocking him unconscious, and grabs the gun off of him, cuffing him to the handrail. He escapes the train. Police litre the platform, but Kimbles exited. He gets a newspaper.

    Sam and Cosmo are called to the station. Kimble passes a presentation, but stops just beside it. The police also exit the station platform. It is revealed that Charlies at the presentation, and is seated while another person presents him. The police are nearing the event.

    Sam gets a report over the radio that Kimble was seen entering Hilton Tower Mall on the lower level. Sam makes a U-turn for the Hilton Tower Mall, telling Cosmo that he knows where Kimbles going. Cosmo calls Briggs and Newman. The presenter calls Charles. Kimble goes up an elevator. Sam arrives to meet Newman and Biggs. Sams told to stay the hell out, but he wont, entering the mall. Kimble walks through a hallway into the function. Newmans got eyes on the floor. Charlie makes his presentation for the drug while Kimble watches on. Charlie notices Kimble and stutters. Kimble confronts Charlie in front of everyone and Charlie goes off the stage to meet him, but Kimble accuses him of switching the samples and pathology reports after Lentz died. He asks Charlie if he killed Lentz, too. The presenter calls the meeting to a close. Charlie beats Kimble up. Kimble hangs Charlie off the edge of the balcony and asked, Why Helen?

    Sam and his colleagues infiltrate the building, searching for Kimble, who throws Charlie down the stairs. The police in the helicopter tell Kimble to stay where he is with his hands in the air, but he makes a run for it, heading towards the north end of the roof. Sam corners Kimble, but he still runs. Charlie comes out of left field and attacks Kimble, breaking a skylight, which they fall through onto an elevator, both unconscious. Sam and Cosmo follows the elevator.

    awakens and exits the elevator on the 5th floor (the laundry room), followed by Kimble. Sam and Cosmo soon follow, a cat and mouse chase ensuing. Charlie knocks Cosmo out with an iron weight and Kimble knocks him out with an iron bar when Charlie goes to shoot Sam. Sam points a gun at Kimble, who drops the iron bar, and puts the gun down. Sam confirms to Kimble that he knows about Sykes and Charlie, and how they killed his wife.

    The movie ends with Sam, Poole, Newman and Biggs leading Kimble out of the hotel into the cop car, Sykes being arrested, Cosmo being lead out on a stretcher The press form outside of the hotel and questions Det. Kelly. Sykes is arrested. Sam releases Kimble from his handcuffs and Kimble says, I thought you didn't care. Sam replies, jokingly, I don't. Dont tell anybody, okay? Newman, Poole and Biggs get into another squad car and drive off away from the prying eyes of the media.

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