Fire in the Sky (1993) Poster

James Garner: Frank Watters



  • Blake Davis : We got a proposition for ya'll. I want you to take a lie detector test. If you're telling the truth, it'll sure strengthen your cause.

    Mike Rogers : [looks at the others]  We'll think about it.

    Blake Davis : I got a good man right here in the state. I mean, you can take it today, tomorrow, anytime that ya'll feel...

    Mike Rogers : I said, we'll think about it!

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : Why don't we have a little talk, Mike. Outside.

    [they both go outside] 

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : Young Greg told us the truth about the cut on Dallis's hand. It wasn't a paper cut, was it? He had an altercation with Travis on the day of the disappearance. Isn't that true?

    Mike Rogers : I guess.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : I think you're startin' to get a pretty good feel for who I am, Rogers. I've been at this line of work for a long time. You know what's startin' to bug me? I think maybe you didn't kill your friend. But for the life of me, I can't figure why you're coverin' up.

  • Mike Rogers : [about Travis]  I searched the woods and... But he wasn't... There was nothing. They took him.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : You expect me to believe that a flying saucer came down and took your friend away to outer space?

    David Whitlock : That's the truth, mister. That's exactly what happened.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : Is it? Is it? According to your story, you never even went back to the clearing, so you don't know, do you?

    David Whitlock : I didn't have to go back. Mike Rogers says he wasn't there, and you can take it to the bank. And you know that, Blake. Why the heck aren't you speaking up for us? Why you letting this man talk to us like this?

  • Allan Dallis : Yeah, well. I think it's about time we got outta here, what do you boys think?

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : You're real broken up about your missing buddy, aren't you?

    Allan Dallis : Well, that's very perceptive. That's 'cause he's not my friend.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : I got that. Clearly.

    Allan Dallis : Did you? Good. Now, ya' done?

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : We'll tell you when.

  • Lieutenant Frank Watters : I've been on a case since you disappeared. Where you been the last five days?

    Travis Walton : I--I can't remember.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : Dr. Wilson over at the hospital tells me you went without food and water all that time. Was it worth it?

    Travis Walton : I don't know what you're talking about.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : You don't, huh? Well, I can see your memory isn't quite there yet. So, why don't you say we just give it a little more time, huh? I'm a patient man. I'm not going anywhere. You decide you got something to tell me, I can be reached through the sheriff's office.

  • Lieutenant Frank Watters : You're saying that you're no longer willing to cooperate?

    Mike Rogers : All we do is cooperate and all we get back from you is grief!

  • Blake Davis : Listen, fellas, I want you all to know that there's not a damn thing personal in this. Now where's your friend?

    Mike Rogers : Which one?

    Blake Davis : Come on, Mike.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : The one with the attitude.

    Mike Rogers : Well, if you mean Dallis, I don't know.

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