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D.B. Sweeney: Travis Walton



  • Mike Rogers : You think I'm gonna let a flake like you marry my little sister?

    Travis Walton : A flake from Snowflake. How poetic, I like that.

    Mike Rogers : Yeah, that's just my point.

    Travis Walton : What's your point?

    Mike Rogers : You're a dreamer, and you're not ready for marriage.

    Travis Walton : Not if I gotta turn into you, Mike.

  • Mike Rogers : Yeah, who is this?

    Operator : I have a collect call from Travis Walton. Will you accept the charges?

    Katie Rogers : You know, just hang up the phone.

    Mike Rogers : I'll accept it.

    Operator : Go ahead, sir.

    Travis Walton : Mike!

    Mike Rogers : Travis?

    Travis Walton : Help me!

  • Travis Walton : [slightly hoarse]  Space suits.

  • Lieutenant Frank Watters : I've been on a case since you disappeared. Where you been the last five days?

    Travis Walton : I--I can't remember.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : Dr. Wilson over at the hospital tells me you went without food and water all that time. Was it worth it?

    Travis Walton : I don't know what you're talking about.

    Lieutenant Frank Watters : You don't, huh? Well, I can see your memory isn't quite there yet. So, why don't you say we just give it a little more time, huh? I'm a patient man. I'm not going anywhere. You decide you got something to tell me, I can be reached through the sheriff's office.

  • [last lines] 

    Mike Rogers : [after revisiting the spot of Travis' disappearance]  Let's get going. You gotta go to work. And I'd like go get the hell outta here before they come back.

    Travis Walton : They won't be back... I don't think they like me.

  • Travis Walton : I been doing a lot of thinking about what happened. Hell, it was all my fault, Mike. I never should have gotten out of the truck.

    Mike Rogers : Don't be ridiculous. What happened happened. We can't change that.

    Travis Walton : And whatever you did, it's okay. Understand? It's cool.

    Mike Rogers : [agrees with him]  Same goes for you.

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