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Sex & Nudity

  • A shirtless teen boy is shown at a picnic. He puts on his shirt after a few minutes.
  • A teen girl is constantly referred to as being sexually promiscuous in a variety of ways. It is stated she "has a reputation with some of the boys", is "easy", a "slut" and a "wh*re".

Violence & Gore

  • The plot focuses around the murder of two people. Because of this, the murder and some of the details of the murder are mentioned often, sometimes flippantly.
  • The opening scene shows a teenager throw a bloody axe into a river. We see his hand and the axe handle covered in copious amounts of blood.
  • Police officers find one of the parents' body. We see a close up of the body's head with blood, and the blood stained washer and dryer in the room.
  • There is a bloody handprint on the door, which lead the police to a body lying in the grass. We see no gore on the body.
  • An adult drags a child to another room by his arms after he angers his parents by misbehaving. The child is not hurt and it is later stated that the parents regretted punishing their children.
  • A character throws a stack of wood at another character. Nobody is harmed.
  • Two teens are seen rolling around in the aisles of a bus. They grab hair and throw each other around. We see a close up of one of the two as he punches off-screen, with the implication that he's striking at his opponent.
  • A teen boy is grabbed by his shirt and backhanded, with verbal explanation that this has happened prior and will happen again.
  • During a game of volleyball, an adult strikes the ball into the face of a youth. It is verbally stated that it was an accident, but it is implied to have been intentional. We later see the child holding his face, but there is no blood or bruising.
  • While breaking into a house, a teen boy decides to destroy things. He throws two glass bottles and then attacks the furniture with a fireplace poker.
  • We see scenes from George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" on the television. We see the first zombie attacking someone, though the screen switches points of view and never explicitly shows any violence.
  • After sneaking out on a date, a teenaged boy is accosted by his parents. His father grabs him by the collar, but does not do any other physical damage.
  • We are shown twice the murderer standing, the right side of his hair, face and upper torso covered in blood. We also see him covered in the same blood as he looks at himself in the mirror and runs through the forest.
  • -- There are also several scenes of violence that are mentioned or implied, but not shown: --
  • It is said that a teenager pulled a knife on somebody.
  • A character admits that one of the boys threatened to kill their parents; it is mentioned again later: "I could kill him, you know; just like that".
  • A small child says his father "beat him up with a board". It is handled lightly, as he's speaking to another small child.
  • A character admits to being abused, but explicitly states it was not violent.
  • A mother complains about her child always fighting.
  • We see bruising on a young teen, but do not see what caused it.
  • It is mentioned that somebody threw up.


  • Mild uses of the words h*ll and d*mn.
  • Somebody asks if somebody else is trying to "scr*w them", meaning cause them trouble. He says the same thing later, within the same context.
  • A teen girl is referred to as a "wh*re", with the proper context that she's sexually promiscuous.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • An almost legal teenager is shown smoking in some of his scenes. It is later mentioned that he'd been lying about smoking at a younger age.
  • The parents share some wine.
  • An adult gives an underage youth a cigarette to calm him down.
  • A teen girl lights up a cigarette. Her date, a teen boy, asks to try one for the first time. He then later requests that his gaurdian is not informed of his smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The murders of the parents and the opening scene depicting the murderer running away may be considered frightening for younger children.
  • The children are in the center of the investigation of their parents murder. The interrogation scenes and some of the scenes of them mourning and coping may be intense or frightening to younger viewers.
  • There are scenes of abuse against a minor (detailed in "violence") that many may find disturbing.
  • There is a scene between a minor and adult involving yelling.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The final scene depicts the murder in it's entirety: A teen boy raises a knife to strike his mother. We see it falling towards the camera, but we do not see the impact. We then see the boy, now covered in blood, raise an axe to his father; once again, we do not see the impact. The boy goes back to his mother, who is stumbling around. She falls down the stairs and he steps after her, with us seeing a close up of the blood on his shoes and him dragging the stained axe. We then see the attacker in full view as he stands beside his mother's partially bloody corpse.

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