A Family Torn Apart (TV Movie 1993) Poster

(1993 TV Movie)

Linda Kelsey: Maureen Hannigan


  • Brian : [after Daniel's arrest form intruding and destroying household]  Is Daniel alright?

    Maureen Hannigan : Is Daniel alright? Oh, thank you for that, Brian. Thank you for asking!

    Brian : No, that's not what I meant.

    Maureen Hannigan : [sighs and stands up]  I know what you meant. Thing are going to change around here. We're going to have to start cracking down on you.

    Brian : Why? What did I do?

    Maureen Hannigan : You know why.

    Brian : No, I don't, mom. what did I do?

    Maureen Hannigan : You know why!

    [Chris goes afraid and shuts the door] 

    Brian : No, mom, I really don't. What did I do?

    Maureen Hannigan : [shouts]  YOU KNOW WHY!

    Brian : I don't know!

  • [Daniel comes back after going out, he opens the front door, but it's locked from the inside] 

    Maureen Hannigan : [peek from the opening]  Where were you, Daniel?

    Daniel Hannigan : Out. Just let me in.

    [Maureen goes silent] 

    Daniel Hannigan : Come on, let me in! Please?

    [Maureen slams the door, she turns and sees Brian] 

    Maureen Hannigan : Don't open the door. Go back to bed.

    [Brian slowly does so] 

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