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It's cheesy, but remember, cheese is good too.
Skeletors_Hood6 August 2002
Ok, it's not an Oscar winner, but few films are. It is a campy flick, but it's not the wanna-poke-your-eyes-out-to-stop-the-pain campy, but rather in the realm of a guilty pleasure.

In agreement with an earlier post, this was not supposed to be a film that took itself seriously. Notably, the action was on par with any other martial arts movie being made, and the script had a bunch of smart-assy humor (which I must admit that I'm a big sucker for). It's meant to be a fun film, and that was the end result.

As far as a video game movie is concerned, it's not the worst ever made...Mario Bros is still the king, with Street Fighter in a close second, and Final Fantasy in third place. So you see, there are worst movies that have been made.

And folks, I'm not ashamed to admit that I have the DVD for this film in my collection.
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Cheese on Toast
Acolyte-219 August 2003
Oh, for crying out loud. This was a fun little movie with lots of good action in it that never takes itself too seriously. For what it was intended to be, it can't possibly rate this low. Was it honestly worse than "Highlander 2", with its big budget and big-name stars? Or "Glen or Glenda", a shining example of deep cinematic ineptitude? I don't think so!
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Gangs of Los Angeles fight with police for the city while the Shadow Lord fights for the other half of a long lost amulet.
die_buffy_die5 July 2006
Double Dragon is better then Super Mario Brothers. Then again, so is everything else. The movie was released in 1994, looks like it was made in 1989, and the fashion is circa 1980. Why is it people from the future dress like they're from the past? And why is it Alyssa Milano looks hefty? It was terrible, unsophisticated and bumpy.

That said, it gave me exactly what I wanted. Slapstick Sung-fu action and a few familiar faces. I enjoyed. You don't rent a movie like Double Dragon because you want an engaging plot. You rent it to relive your childhood hi-jinx.

Watch it and I guarantee you that you'll be downloading an emulator and playing it within a week.
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Were you expecting this film to take itself seriously?!
I really don't see what everyone's problem with this picture is! I believe that if any film bases itself on a computer game, then it stands to reason that is not going to take itself seriously for a split second! I played some of the DOUBLE DRAGON games for Nintendo when I was younger and they were pretty jokey themselves. This little picture has great fights, great action and most importantly of all, a great sense of humour. Robert Patrick camps it up wonderfully as bad guy Koga Shuko. A young Mark Dacascos (DRIVE, THE CROW: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, CRYING FREEMAN) kicks less butt than usual but is still enjoyable. Alyssa Milano is great as the sardonic revolutionary Marion, and both Dacascos and Scott Wolf as the Lee brothers (Dacascos is 'Home Lee' and Wolf is 'Ug Lee', geddit?) both have a fine line in sarcastic remarks. The car chase near the start with the 'Dragon Wagon' being pursued by Abobo's van is brilliant, especially with the use of computer graphics. Again, a classic example of good, mindless fun!
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Decent Cheesy Fun,With Some Fun Performances!
callanvass11 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is decent cheesy fun, with fun performances, however, Streetfighter is better!. Now don't get me wrong i did enjoy it, it's just it could have been a lot better, but again why the heck is this in the bottom 100!, it's enjoyable, cheesy fun if you know what to expect!. I really enjoyed the performances, however i thought the fight scenes could be a little better, and there were a few bland bits here and there, plus the ending kind of sucked. I loved Mark Dacascos and Scott Wolf, and thought they had great chemistry together, however Alyssa Milano was kind of wasted, and thought they could have used her talents better, plus Kristina Wagner was very bland as the Hench woman. This is decent cheesy fun, with some fun performances all around,worth the watch!. The Direction is decent. James Yukich does a decent job here, keeping it lively and colorful,good shots, and he kept the film at a good pace for the most part. The Acting while not anything brilliant is a lot of fun!. Mark Dacascos is great here, he is charming, funny, extremely likable,kicked that ass,is fantastic at martial arts, had awesome chemistry with Scott Wolf, and entertained the hell out of me! (Dacascos Rules!). Scott Wolf is excellent here, he had awesome chemistry with Dacascos, kicked that ass, and was fun to watch!. Robert Patrick is having a lot of fun hamming it up here as the main villain, and i had a fun time watching him! (Patrick rules!). Alyssa Milano is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!, and is fine with what she had to do, however i wished they used her more. Kristina Wagner is bland as the Hench woman. Julia Nickson-Soul is good in her short role. Overall worth the watch. **1/2 out of 5
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It's not as bad as all that!
Crystal Land (ShadowGal)15 August 2004
I feel bad to see that this movie got such an incredibly low rating. Granted, it was no masterpiece. Then again, I don't think it was supposed to be.

I first saw this movie when I was fairly young, and I absolutely adored it. I had a crush on the brothers (the "Double Dragons" of the title), and I borderline-idolized the glow-in-the-dark punk kids. They were just so cool to me!

About a year ago or so--maybe two years ago--I watched this movie at about 2:00 in the morning during the summer, when there was nothing else to watch except infomercials or music videos. I was either 17 or 18. The movie wasn't as good as I'd remembered, but, to my very pleasant surprise, it wasn't nearly as bad as other people remembered it to be.

This is a good late-night movie, or nice if you're in the mood for something cheesy and nostalgic. I give it a 6 out of 10. A little above average--but I think that's just nostalgia. For most people viewing it, it's probably worth a 5.
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It's not as bad as they say... it's even worse!
mentalcritic29 August 2006
My first acquaintance with the Double Dragon feature film was through a collection of video captures hosted on the X-Entertainment web site. Even they could not prepare me for the purely abysmal experience that the film proper represents. Like so many video game films after it, Double Dragon takes a perfectly good idea for a video game and turns it into an abysmal feature film. The film itself has a few things in common with the video game: the title and a few character names. The game featured one or two players moving a character from the left of the screen to the right, punching and kicking seven bells out of anyone who dared to get in their way. Unfortunately, Greenleaf Productions and director James Yukich thought that by aiming the film at children too young to remember any of the video games, they might make some money. Fortunately, the adults who were old enough to have played the classic video games ignored the film as it deserved. We certainly would not want the powers that be in Hollywood getting the idea that we actually like this kind of crap, after all.

The first problem lies in the screen writing. What made the video games so compelling was that they made as little effort as possible to differentiate its setting from the reality of the player. The story, such as it was, was secondary to people beating each other senseless. In the feature film, the writers attempt to give the story of Double Dragon a background, a motivation, or a reality. They manage to get all three, that much is true, but they all come out the same way: incredibly silly. Making matters worse is some incredibly stupid costume design. I do not know who designed Alyssa Milano's attire for this flick, but I am just betting they spent much of the time when they first saw what they had made laughing at poor Alyssa. Whomever designed the makeup effects for the Abobo character should have been arrested for crimes against the viewer. I do not know exactly what they were trying to achieve with all the lumpage on his body, but whatever it is, they failed. Perhaps his best scene is when Milano is force-feeding him spinach in one of the weirdest interrogations on film.

Also looking to fire their agent is Robert Patrick, who was at the time struggling to capitalise on his burst of fame after Terminator 2. Perhaps his agent told him that films based upon video games were going to be the new big thing. What the agent forgot to mention was that while they were a new big thing, they were a new big thing in unintentional comedy. Preceded by one year with Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon set a new low in cinematic history that it took another five years to worsen in the form of Wing Commander. I have no doubt in my mind at all that when Patrick looks back at this film, he thinks to himself "this is the moment I took what was still a salvageable career, and flushed it down the can". His performance is utterly terrible here, so I am inclined to blame the level of pathetic that Double Dragon reaches upon the director. After all, he has shown already that he is more than capable of turning in a good performance with halfway decent direction. Not that a good performance from either would have saved this cinematic abortion.

Another problem for a film based upon a beat-em-up video game is that the fight scenes are terribly executed. The camera rarely sits still long enough to make out what is going on, the choreography is utterly terrible, and the actors chosen for the parts clearly have no idea what they are doing. Was it really that difficult to get some people who really know their martial arts for the task? Hell, let's farm the rights out to Golden Harvest, they at least know how to choreograph a halfway decent fight scene. Especially poor are the scenes with Abobo, where none of the superhuman strength the film goes to great pains to tell us he has is actually utilised. Much like Michael Beck in Xanadu, he is really there as window dressing. Part of the problem here is that the canonical character Abobo is meant to appear superhuman in size, and the film just goes too far in trying to maintain that illusion. It would be better to have left the character out of the story altogether than present us with the tumour-encrusted visage we get here.

Even as an unintentional comedy, Double Dragon is a failure. Sure, there are moments when the viewer is either going to laugh or cry, the moment when Marian force-feeds Abobo spinach being a prime candidate. However, these moments are too infrequent, and the film takes itself far too seriously otherwise, for this to be anything other than a mean-spirited laugh at the principal actors. Half of the dialogue sounds like it was ADRed by prepubescent children, and none of the actors save Robert Patrick look like they could punch their way out of a bag of potato chips. I can still remember when the advertising corps. made a big deal about this being a film based on a video game, back in the days before films based on video games had a reputation for being universally terrible. And I still wonder what the hell Alyssa Milano's costume designer was smoking. In at least half of the shots she is in, she looks like she is contemplating force-feeding spinach to her agent until he vomits up a lung.

For these reasons, I gave Double Dragon a one out of ten. Between watching this film again and being given a spinach enema, I would choose the spinach. You must be wicked hardcore if you can sit through this.
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Double the stupidity...
Frank Markland14 June 2006
Mark Dacascos and Scott Wolf star as Jimmy and Billy Lee, two brothers who join forces to keep a magic medallion out of the hands of a gang leader (Robert Patrick in an embarrassing performance) he already has the half of it and he'll do anything to get the other half. People often times wonder why Robert Patrick and Mark Dacascos never got that far in their careers. Well for those that are curious, here is your reason. Double Dragon is easily one of the worst video game adaptions and from what I remember about the video game, this isn't one that is all that hard to adapt. Indeed had this been done as an Indianna Jones style thriller with numerous martial arts fights, we might have had something. What the movie ends up being is a cheeseball adaption that fails to engage anyone over the age of 11. Although i'm not sure even if small children will enjoy something so stupid. It's a bad movie. Just plain bad.

* out of 4-(Bad)
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Dumb fun, but that's it
gladrius8 June 2004
I wasn't expecting the next Citizen Kane of this movie, but I was expecting a little more than I got. Double Dragon, the game, is about two of the baddest martial artists the gaming world has ever seen, but the Lee brothers in the movie are a pair of goofballs who don't kick any significant butt until like the last fifteen minutes of the movie. They actually spend most of the movie running away from the bad guys. There are one or two recognizable video game bad guys like Abobo and the lady with the whip, but other than them this movie has almost nothing to do with the game. As far as adaptations of Double Dragon I'd say this rates a little below the cartoon show in quality. You can have some dumb fun by watching this movie, but dumb's the operative word...
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Double Dragon, sounds more like a bad Chinese restaurant.....
bujinbudoka22 April 2006
Here's the thing, I'm an avid video gamer, and I'd be hard-pressed to find a Double Dragon game I didn't play. As a fan of the games I was very much looking forward to the movie.

Sadly I was very disappointed from scene one. It had nothing to do with the games, and even the horrible animated series was better than this crap.

Sure, they have the main characters from the game, Jimmy and Billy Lee, but they only had one character played by a real martial artist played poorly by Mark Dascascos of the ill-fated Crow TV series.

Basically the movie takes place in an apocalyptic wasteland which was Los Angeles and does pretty much everything it can to bring down any kind of honor the game itself maintained.

I vote it as possibly THE WORST VIDEO GAME MOVIE EVER....aside from Mortal Kombat: Annhilation. If you see this movie, run.

1 out of 10.
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Became a classic over time but I'd never count it as a Great Film.

Well fight fans I really must say that DOUBLE DRAGON was a favorite of mine. It may not have had the potential to be a great film but it is an enjoyable one. Truly, the movie becomes what the viewer makes of it. I for one consider it a must have for any fan of 80s martial arts. Even though the movie was produced in 1994, it still retains a sort of 80s feel. But all in all it is a great film to have in your Martial Arts DVD collection if you are lucky enough to find a copy. That is one of the reasons this critic considers the movie a treasure. This movie gets an 8/10 film wise but for entertainment and classic cinema it gets a 10/10.

-A true must have movie for a true martial arts movie fan!!!

Be sure to check for my comments on Street Fighter and Who am I?!!!!
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What a waste of a videogame franchise!
Trevor-1220 February 2001
It's obvious why the Super Mario Bros. live action movie bombed? The games themselves didn't have much of a storyline to begin with. The Super Mario games was about a fat italian midget plumber who suddenly becomes huge after eating magic mushrooms and had to rescue his princess from a monster who looks vaguely like Godzilla. Which is why they ditched the original plot and made a movie that is nothing like the material it's based on. However, the Double Dragon series, unlike Super Mario, has a believable storyline and settings that could had been converted very well into live action. Let's take a look.

Double Dragon 1 (Arcade Version): In this game, Billy & Jimmy Lee are martial arts masters out to rescue their girlfriend/student Marian from a street gang known as the Black Warriors, led by the machine gun toting Big Boss Willy and his two right men, Abobo and Jeff. Not exactly Shakepearce material, but they could have add an extra dimension to the storyline and give background details about the characters. The game itself draw heavy inspirations from Enter the Dragon, especially at the names of some of the villains (Williams, Roper, Linda and Bolo).

Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge (Famicom Version): Taking place a year after the above, in this sequel, a terrorist group has killed Marian and now Billy and Jimmy are possesed by anger to avenge her death. This sequel is more inspired from a Japanese comic book series called Hokuto no Ken (AKA Fist of the North Star). The setting is that of a semi-apocalyptic New York (as if NYC wasn't bad enough already) and featuresa horde of supernatural villains such as Burnov (a fat man who's body dissappears after dying, leaving behind his mask and clothes), the Phantom Doubles and the Shadow Warrior at the end of the game. At the end, Marian is bought back from the dead and everyone lives happilly ever after or something like that.

Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stones (Famicom Version): Taking place two years after the events of Double Dragon 2, Billy & Jimmy returns home from a training mission only to meet an old fortune teller named Hiruko. Hiruko tells them that in order to proved their strength, they must go on a wild Goose chase to collect the three Rosetta Stones and solve the mystery at Egypt. They go to China, Japan and Egypt to collect the stones and they meet two unlikely allies: Chin Seimei from China and Yagyuu Ranzou from Japan. Upon going to Cleopatra's tomb, the heroes eventually realized that Hiruko took advantage of Billy and Jimmy so that she could steal the treasure at Cleopatra's tomb. Hiruko dies mysteriously and the heroes are force to fight Cleopatra's reanimated corpse. After Cleopatra is defeated, the heroes donates Cleopatra's treasure to charity and the powers of the stones is left in question. Although, it has a cheesy storyline, the game itself took place in exotic locations and the Dragons fights agaisnt several enemies such as punks, monks, ninjas and strongmen.

Return of Double Dragon - Sleeping Dragon has Awoken (or Super Double Dragon): Probably the best storyline in the series, too bad Technos forgot to program it into the game. The storyline is essentially a remake of the first game. A female cop named Marian Kelly is kidnapped by a drug cartel known as the Shadow Warriors. Billy and Jimmy engaged a war agaisnt the Shadow Warriors and it's leader, Duke, to rescue her. The storyline is very realistic (no post-apocalytip settings, no medals, no Rosetta Stones) and most of the characters has interesting backstories that are only explained in the manual. This would had been an ideal storyline to adapt into a movie, especially since it doesnt follow the previous games, but stay true to the original.

NOTE: Double Dragon V is excluded from the list since it's not a true Double Dragon game and was made by Tradewest and not Technos Japan. Same thing with Battletoads & Double Dragon. Plus both games sucks.

Sadly, Paul Dini and Jim Yukich decided to ditch the storyline behind all the games and made some cheesy Power Rangers-ripoff about two idiots played by Scott Wolf and Mark Dascacos trying to save the world from some evil businessman named Koga Shuko by trying to find some cheesy medal called the Double Dragon. They team up with the film's good gang called the Power Corps, a group of hippies and clowns led by a tomboyish Alyssa Milano, and they get chased by several gangs including Clowns, mailmens and zombie basketball players. Eventually, Scott and Mark gets the medal, which allows them to change into their "Game" suits (they still don't look anything like the real deal) and they beat Shuko up. Eventually, Shuko is arrested and the main characters dies a horrible and painful death after Bo Abobo crashes their Dragon Wagon (not really, but I wished it was true).

A really horrible movie that insults fans of the Double Dragon series. What could had been a decent martial arts flick turn out to be a total train wreck that was made to torture little kids. I watched this movie when I was younger and I hated it. Avoid it like the plague.
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No Summary.
voshybaby23 June 2012
Movie critics hold up Double Dragon (DD) as a beacon of what-not-to-do when it comes to motion pictures, but I'm going to explain exactly why they're wrong, and DD is a bastion of film-making legend.

Overall: Along with a couple B-list celebrity cameos and a helluva lot of tongue- in-cheek comedy, DD delivers many a humorous scenario with lovable, over the top characters. A product of its time, an overtly obvious wit and subtle charm accompany a glorious 90's soundtrack.

The Future: While the predictions of the 1994 movie fall far short of how the future actually played out, this time capsule offers an excellent view of what would happen if LA Street Gangs got a hold of virtual-reality technology integrated into their leviathan-esque vehicles.

Other: Also the portrayal of the right-wing stance on gang culture is phenomenal. Use of puns by gang members added to the realism, and therefore the viewer's immersion.

Double Dragon: The double dragon medallion is a symbol of the duality of the soul, the struggle each man and woman must cope with from the day they are born: the duality of being an invincible, unstoppable ghost; or not.

Combat: The fighting style is unique and original, and many scenes require the fighters to improvise with any object they find around. For example, one scene shows a protagonist fighting an enemy with a broom, showing the person has immense versatility as a warrior. One protagonist, Annoying Italian Guy #1, is so moving with his power and speed that I would go so far as to call his fighting style "Poetry of the Fist". Random Asian Henchman #2's incredible ability to take multiple kicks to the face was a nice touch as well.

Cross-dimensional similarities: The realism between the fictional Power Corp bears striking similarities to Al Qaeda, in that they are both called terrorists at one point or another, and they are both phallic entities of almost incredulous enormity. A good amount of dialogue is puns that reference other movies and indulge in intertextuality.

Dialogue: The only way to describe the dialogue and punchlines in this movie, would be: brave. Seriously, these writers must need wheelbarrows to carry their 200-pound man-berries in.

SFX: This movie was incredibly eye-catching from the get-go, but what kept my attention was the time that was clearly spent on the special effects. So compelling was the detail and smoothness it flowed with that I was almost moved to tears.

Final thoughts: This movie is a masterpiece - an emotional, action- packed, thought-provoking thrill ride that no self-respecting human being should miss. People will be watching, enjoying, and writing essays about this film for years to come.

A+ and 10/10, would see again and recommend to friends.
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Its a PG movie from 1994!
Travis Oden2 May 2009
To all of you moronic people who refuse to leave decent movies alone- Double Dragon was a PG movie. It wasn't meant for the adult viewer in particular. I watched this movie when I was a kid, after it came out on video and I thought it was spectacular. I still think it's a decent movie. If any one of you losers can name a singular movie from 1994 that was directed towards children that was still packed with action that was better than this then you're a freaking bum. I can probably guarantee that most of you butt heads, that's right I called you butt heads, hated any martial arts style movie that ever came out. Bruce Lee's movies were of a worse quality than this movie and I love Bruce Lee's movies. The point is you can't be a narrow-minded nitwit if you're going to watch movies. I can name a handful of movies or more that everyone and their mother absolutely loved, but I and the majority of the people around me thought were boring and pointless, but I never tore down the movie to other people I just told them that I personally didn't enjoy it. But I guess that's lost on Americans, the rest of the world enjoys something and you guys come along and muck it up.
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An insult to fans.
MsFarEast16 February 2006
This film clearly insults fans of the classic NES side-scrolling beat em' up. I can imagine the seared minds of those who loved their classic game when exiting out of the theater. And how right I am. Not only is the film a disgrace to the games, it also shows that Hollywood is only interested in $ signs rather than the material. For starters, the production values (WHATEVER THAT IS) are laughably bad, the acting is akin to that of a lobotomized inmate in an asylum, and to top it off, the horrendously awful fight choreography and special effects. Who, and I mean WHO can't forget the disgusting portrayal of Abobo, the coolest and meanest brute in the games. That name struck fear and terror in the hearts of those who played the games.

The greatest joke played on the fans is the plot. It is clearly a direct contradiction to the games where the focus was on the brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee out to rescue Marian from the clutches of the Shadow Warriros. Here they fight against a nameless gang led by a totally cheesy and lame villain who's very weak for the brothers. It was supposed to be set in a post-apocalyptic version of New York!!! Why must Hollywood insist on having the film take unnecessary liberties when making video game movies? I can't recommend this travesty to anyone. It is bad I tell you, BAD!!! Stay far away from this piece of trash.
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I Keep Watching, But Don't Know Why!
George Clarke25 November 2014
One of my favourite childhood games gets the typical nineties Hollywood makeover and only just entertains for all the wrong reasons!

Set in the future, well, if our year of 2007 really turned out like this, in the city of New Angeles. With vehicles powered by burning rubbish, police curfews, buildings held up by jacks, and lots of colourful clothes and bad jeans, we enter the god awful world of James Yukich's Double Dragon.

In a nutshell - Embarrassing acting from most cast members, all but Dacascos, Wolf and Nickson, that only adds to the unintentional humour, terrible make-up, costumes and direction. Its only saving grace is its two gorgeous leading men who give us some decent fight scenes and a number of funny enough one liners!

In my opinion - Hollywood, oh Hollywood... For many years you have astounded us with your inability to chose directors that know what they are doing, that suit the project in action, or generally just can't stop ruining great things! Taking a documentary film maker and handing him one of the ultimate and most popular games of that time, should have been the first sign to the studio fat cats that this was going to be as much of a success as the previous years, Super Mario Bros.

Haunted by that typical mid nineties costume department that helped make a lot of then films look naff, there is pretty much nothing in this 90 minutes of madness that stays true to the game. Every extra looks ridiculous and is annoying as hell, with most of it playing out like some bastard child from a Power Rangers episode!

Is there anything good in Double Dragon I hear you ask? Well, yes if I'm honest. Both its leading men are absolutely gorgeous and perfect leading men material for such a film. They probably act the best out of everyone, and Scott manages to hold his own in the fight scenes alongside the always incredible Mark Dacascos. It is only a shame though that Hollywood executives thought this would be the best film to introduce Mark as a leading man, instead of his classic Crying Freeman which went unreleased in the US for many years!

Double Dragon has its moments. It just makes me so angry to see such a great thing wasted, and another case of what could have been if it was in the right hands. In one scene, the spinach feeding scene, the actor in terrible make-up states, 'I'm not acting...'

Never a truer word said.
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A great movie for 5-10 yr old karate fans, very TMNT like
Thomasjod17 November 2013
You have to take this movie for what it is, a mid 90's video game era and Ninja obsessed culture movie. Many people rate this movie bad because they are up tight adults. In reality, this movie is great for kids who like martial arts, etc.. It's a good movie for kids who want to watch Martial Arts style movies but without all the bad language and sex. Somehow that gets bad ratings from the morons of today.

The futuristic imaginary city, "good gangs", and villain aspects are so good. Cheeky one liners and cars with flames. My sons loved it. It's very much a power ranger and TMNT feel. It's so 90's and this movie had great casting.
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I totally disagree
tydus_good_9011 February 2007
As my title says i totally disagree.Have you noticed that the Double Dragon Animated Series is nothing like the arcade games?I guess with the movie they were trying a different concept.So what if its not like the arcade games it's still a good movie.Just because its not like the arcade games means it sucks.Many people will enjoy this movie as i have.I don,t understand why people hate this movie because it's nothing like the arcade games.Be more exposed for god's sake learn to go with the flow.

Whats wrong with the medallions,i think its cool joining them together to transform.It might be a little dorky but what the heck the animated series uses magical swords...which can talk...but at least in the movie they added some realism like no talking magical for those who thinks this movie stinks i give you a thumbs down on you.For those who haven't watched this movie go on ahead download it buy it or whatever just sit back relax and enjoy it.
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Absolute piffle.
Baphomet-425 February 1999
Rarely do I comment on poor films, but I feel that as a movie lover, it is not unreasonable to feel outraged when you wait for three years for a movie based on a gaming classic and your patience is met with "Double Dragon", a pathetically acted, woefully directed, sopoforic waste of time and money. Avoid.
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Hoover Ain't Got Nothing on this one
st_alphonse25 June 2001
Hoover (the original inventor of the vacuum cleaner) better watch their hiney. This flick can literally suck the paint off your car.

Cliches stitched together by yet more cliches seems to be the order of the day. If the awful acting isn't enough to get you, the cinematography is even worse. Then there's continuity, well actually there isnt', but apparently nobody noticed and everybody goes home and lives happily ever after.

I'm sure that nepotism isn't dead, but lives on in the studios where this marvelous waste of perfectly good celluloid was made.

Great movie to watch while stoned.
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Funny for kids but not for adults
jimmiebre5 February 2003
Double Dragons is a show about two brothers who inherit a medallion that has magical powers but has been split in half so a man of evil can't find both pieces. He gets a hold to one and will do anything to get his hands on the other. The brothers go through all kinds of shanagins to keep the evil man from getting his hands on their half and to get their hands on his half. Once they get it they have to find out how it works. This is harmless kid funny movie with a lot of action and even has a moral story in it that they have to work together to make it all work.
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Double Dragon
Phil Hubbs14 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Its really quite amazing to see how campy the 90's could actually be. Its also mind-blowing to see just what movies actually got full cinematic releases back then. Case in point, 'Double Dragon', easily one of the most 90-iest 90's movies ever made.

K so just in case anyone wasn't in the know, this movie is based on the hugely popular scrolling beat 'em up videogame 'Double Dragon' released in 1987. Double Dragon was basically the game that kick-started a wave of martial arts inspired fighting games throughout the 80's. Interestingly this videogame adaptation was made two years before the dumpster fire that was 'Street Fighter'. But both movies were released in late 94, 'Double Dragon' coming first in November. I'm guessing the studio knew they had a piece of crap on their hands and possibly thought to release it during the height of the beat 'em up craze with 'Street Fighter' (?).

So what do we have here? Well its pretty much the standard 90's fantasy plot mixed in with lots of hokey oriental mysticism. Thousands of years ago in ancient China an army of shadow warriors lay siege to a city. In order to save his people the King sacrificed himself to create a powerful medallion. Said medallion gave its owner immeasurable powers over the body and soul. This power was so strong that the King (presumably before he died) split the medallion in two; one half giving power over the soul, the other the body. Naturally both halves have since been apart and hidden from each other.

No clue who the shadow warriors are or were. No clue why they were attacking this Chinese city. No idea how the King made this medallion by sacrificing himself. Why would the medallion be so powerful? Was the King a wizard or something? Did the medallion save his city and people? Why am I asking these questions? Well I guess because it all seems kinda important to the plot and its a huge chunk of exposition.

In the present (then) futuristic day of 2007 a nasty villain called Victor Guisman (inexplicably changing his name to Koga Shuko later on) is after the medallion so he can rule New Angeles (Los Angeles). He finds one half (on a bad set made to look like a Chinese village) but of course the other half is owned by the Lee brothers. The Lee brothers are of course based on the two main characters you can play in the videogame (Billy and Jimmy). Unfortunately they couldn't even get that right as they cast Scott Wolf and Mark Dacascos. Now whilst I agree Wolf has the boyish looks and Dacascos has the martial arts skills, they most definitely can't pass as brothers. Putting all things aside, you have to remember this movie is terrible. That's the only reasonable excuse. But they did get their individual red and blue outfits right, so there's that...I guess.

Billy and Jimmy also have a guardian (adopted mother) that just happens to be an Asian lady with martial arts skills. Lucky that innit, image how crap things would have turned out if their adopted mother was a boring white woman who worked as a bank clerk. Satori Imada (Julia Nickson) is essentially the stereotypically wise mystical Asian character, thing is she isn't particularly mystical in this.

As for the villain we have the glorious Robert Patrick hamming it up...gloriously. The character of Victor Guisman/Koga Shuko was created for this movie but added into the 1995 Neo Geo videogame. For some reason this character has hair like Vanilla Ice, an obviously dyed goatee, eyeliner, and dresses like an evil oriental sorcerer of some kind (the usual obligatory dress code). His sidekicks are Linda Lash (Kristina Wagner) who is based off the whip wielding female fighters in the videogame. And finally Huey (Jeff Imada) and Lewis (Al Leong) who are your bog standard Asian martial arts henchmen (but not based on any game characters). I believe the duos names are a nod to the actual Huey Lewis for some reason. At one point Shuko asks 'Huey, Lewis, any news?'. A reference to Huey Lewis and the News.

Lets not forget Bo Abobo (Nils Allen Stewart) who is also another videogame character. This villain in the game was a huge roided up meatbag, obviously this being pre-The Rock there weren't that many guys as big back then. But Stewart is initially a good similarity. Alas they fudge this character right up by mutating him into some ginormous hemorrhoid. He then proceeds to do literally nothing for the rest of the movie.

So being a movie set in the future, and made in the 90's, there's only one direction this could possibly go. Yes that's right, its a dystopian, post apocalyptic, flooded hellhole that's overrun with various punk gangs and skateboarding vigilante groups. A massive earthquake destroyed half of California yadda yadda yadda. Its remarkable how cities seem to crumble into wastelands filled with gangs when natural disasters happen. Why did half of the youth decide to join scummy street gangs after the quake? How would that make your life any better? And where do they get all their gear from?? Is there a big leather, spikes and chains store in the area? The most utterly bizarre thing about these gangs is the fact some of them dress in postal uniforms, mime makeup, clown outfits, and posh grammar school-esque uniforms.

Then you have the Power Corps vigilante gang that...well I'm not sure what they actually do but they're all kids. Do they fight back against the baddie street gangs? Do they fight back against the police and their curfew? Not really sure but what I do know is their attire is totally tubular dude...not! Seriously this gang is the most 90's thing about this entire movie, its unbelievably cringeworthy. A large gang of kids of various ages in a large secret base filled with arcades, skateboard ramps, electronic equipment, some weird green water...hell its just an adventure playground covered in graffiti. And their leader is Marian (Alyssa Milano) from the videogame, only this time she's a badass with cropped bleached blonde hair and dressed in rainbow coloured clothes. Seriously I think the director forgot this was a kids flick at certain points. Like the shot of Milano's ass in tight cut-off jeans whilst she's on all fours crawling into a vent.

So as you might expect there are tonnes (and I mean tonnes) of fast, not so witty, quips and mugging into the camera by virtually all involved. All the action centres around vapid childish martial arts sequences that just looked bad even back in 1994. You can see no contact is being made, the sound effects are way too much, everybody is over acting when getting struck etc...Its legitimately embarrassing to watch at times. Other actions sequences focus on vehicles which are just as bad because its all very slow and basic. It makes no sense why the vehicles are the way they are (seemingly no petrol but running on anything you can stick into furnace-like tank). And how would a common street gang get a hold of a massive Humvee-like 4x4? Oh and they stuck metal teeth on the front grill, because that's hella intimidating right...right??

The speed boat chase sequence is the epitome of how naff this really is. Billy and Jimmy find a speed boat and escape on the river. The bad guys just happen to be all suited up in all black wetsuits with a couple jet-skis ready and waiting to take pursuit. I think the only positive thing I can say about the movie (and this sequence) are the nice looking matte paintings dotted throughout. These images of a ruined LA alongside live action shots do genuinely look quite good. I quite liked the idea of these large metal struts that hold buildings in place, because of aftershocks. And the special effects on Shuko in his shadow form (when activating his half of the medallion) were very effective. The creeping living shadow on the ground was a nicely realised idea.

I think the question here is, should we have expected more from this kids movie? Well at the time videogame adaptations were just starting to flood the market so to speak. 'Street Fighter', 'Mortal Kombat', 'Resident Evil', 'Tomb Raider' were all to come, looming on the horizon. Sure we had already suffered 'Super Mario Bros.' but that was merely seen as a one off mistake, a blip on the upcoming genre. So yes I think its fair to say we were expecting more at the time and looking back they should have done much better. Clearly this should have been an adult movie, I think an over the top violent adult flick could have gotten away with more here. As it stands a dopey kids movie was always gonna be tough because you're simply restricting yourself so much.

The plot is weak as hell, cookie cutter stuff. The characters are basic bland stereotypes. There is absolutely no risk involved in anything (no one dies). WAY too many kid actors, also the background extras are hilarious to watch. Just focus on the odd one in crowd scenes and watch them 'act'. The costumes are a literal joke. The weapons all look plastic. The pop culture dates the movie terribly (George Hamilton as a newcaster, digs at Madonna etc...). Dreadful looking early CGI sequences are dreadfully ghastly. Oh and the actual arcade cabinet of Double Dragon is clearly seen in the movie...ugh!!! In short this movie is a pantomime of crap. Its not 'so bad its good', its just bad.

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Well, that was awful
Eric Stevenson6 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The only reason I'm giving this such a low rating might be because it really is worse than the Mario Bros. movie. At least that movie had interesting visuals. This movie is awful and it makes me realize how bad video game adaptations can be. The worst part has to be the character Abobo. Even though I have never played the arcade game before, I know how cool this character is. He reappears as an awful special effect and looks just plain stupid. He's beaten easily. He later looks at a beautiful woman and sees himself as being ugly. I guess this, motivates him to be a good guy?

When he comes back, he still doesn't do any fighting. His character was mostly pointless. I have played this amazing flash game called "Abobo's Big Adventure" which shows the character much better represented. He's force fed spinach which makes him fart. It's as dumb as it sounds. Most of this film is completely pointless. There's a subplot where the characters try to steal the other half of a medallion. You could literally take those ten minutes out and nothing would change at all. Did they really think they could get the medallion half while the villain was right there to easily see them? The costumes in this film are downright tacky. There's a postal worker who just jumps off a building into mud. What? The effects are awful as it features the villain using his shadow powers with awful CGI.

There's a scene where the brothers crash into a sign and their boat is blown to pieces in a firey explosion. They then appear just fine, but how? There's a scanner that outright says they're dead. What's going on? The villain is eventually defeated by turning on lights. Yeah. He drains all the lights in the city and then he's defeated by them being turned back on? He uses the medallion's power to turn into two blue people. What am I even watching? The acting is awful too. You should at least watch the "Killer Tomatoes" movies for intentionally being dumb. Go back to "Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie" for a video game movie that's actually good. *
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