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sujoydas-8149910 June 2016
One of the Best Movies of Madhuri and Salman.

Thakur Ranvir Singh Chaudhary (Anupam Kher) is a rich and influential man of his town. He doted on his only sister Radha, but after her marriage to a man who was much below their status, he could never forgive her. After Radha's death, the responsibility of looking after the children, Vijay, Bittu & Gudiya falls on his shoulders. He hires the services Soniya, masquerading as an old governess Savitri Devi (Madhuri Dixit) to take care of the younger two. Young and dashing Vijay (Salman Khan) falls in love with Soniya in the dancing school where both are dance instructors. Thakur, a confirmed bachelor, is also drawn towards Savitri Devi; Naseeb Kumar (Kader Khan), a good friend of Chaudhary, helps him to win the love of Savitri......

Acting by both leads is excellent...Madhuri excels as Sonia Khanna and Savitri Devi...Salman Khan,Anupam Kher are also good in this movie...The songs by Nadeem Shravan are memorable...Direction is fine...Overall a great flick,and makes you rewatch it again and again!!!

Not to be missed!!!
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Fun But Not Memorable
GypsiB27 September 2017
Sonia (Madhuri Dixit) is in need of money to support her ill mother. She disguises herself as Savitri, an older governess, and is hired by Chaudhary (Anupam Kher) for his young niece and nephew. His older nephew (Vijay, played by Salman Khan) meets her as herself and is immediately love-struck, little knowing she is also the governess. Chaudhary eventually falls in love with "Savitri" and Sonia finds herself in an interesting situation.

This romantic comedy has an uneven plot, being quite good in the beginning, then turning too silly. The songs, with the exception of the title song, are average. The dancing/choreography is a bit below average. The cast is good, and Dixit and Khan have good chemistry together. Kher, as always, gives a great performance. Dixit does a nice job balancing her two roles, but Khan is just average in this film. Overall, it's fun to watch, but not memorable.
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Underrated film of Madhuri and Salman
amitsachdev6 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Its a story about an uncle Chaudhary Ranbir Singh (Anupam Kher) and how strict he is. He is the head of a village. He has to look after his sister's children. Vijay is the eldest with another brother and sister. Chaudary Ranbir Singh hates his nephews & niece as they are really naughty. Sonia (Madhuri dixit) is from a poor family and has to earn to pay for her mother's ailment. She goes to Ranbir's house as an old lady as governess for his nephew and niece. In evening time Sonia works as a dance instructor where Vijay too works and as in any other love story, they fall in love. There develops a odd triangle between Vijay, Sonia (actual & old woman) and Ranbir. Naseeb Kumar (Kader Khan) has no importance in the movie, except for the fact, that he is the best friend of Ranbir. Black Eye (Shakti Kapoor) and his partner want permission from Ranbir to start their company which is actually is related to drugs. In the end, after some regular fight scenes, the hero thrashes the villains and Ranbir comes to know that Sonia is the same old woman and starts being nice to his nephews and niece.
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silvan-desouza6 October 2009
This is a film that released in 1993 before HAHK that was a big hit In Between SAAJAN(1991) and HAHK(1994) Salman gave a series of flops this was one of them

Surprisingly the film is directed by SAAJAN director Lawrence D'souza and also stars Salman and Madhuri for the 2nd time together

The film is a typical nonsense comedy that were a part of 90's

The story is okay but the treatment is too slapstick and headache provoking

There are several stupid scenes throughout

The climax takes the cake

Shakti kapoor's track is the worst part and also the entire Madhuri acting like an old lady

Direction is bad, This ranks amongst Lawrence's bad films on par with AARZOO and Indian BABU Music is okay

Amongst actors Salman overdoes his part like he normally does in comedies Madhuri is good in her part Anupam Kher is good too while Kader Khan is as usual Shakti Kapoor is crap
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