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bazdol4 April 2000
Dreadful plot but plenty of soft core sex with girls romping around in white tank tops and denim shorts. They have been pressed into service at a luxury fantasy brothel and made to commit all sorts of sexual kinkiness, against their will (of course). There is an excellent Roman orgy scene and a tolerable S&M sequence.

It is one of the workhorses of late night Cinemax and I am suckered into watching it whenever it comes on, which is every couple of months or so.
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Desert is NO dessert
movieman_kev24 November 2003
A stripper (missy Browning) and her aspiring actress friend (Carrie Janisse) pick up a hitch-hiker, before the cops come and take them to a white slavery warehouse in this soft-core flick. Not good by any stretch of the imagination, but I did learn a few things from it. 1) Desert mirages make you see sex 2) Women in prison fight non-stop, but women in warehouse rooms just show ill will 3) White slavery still NEVADA!! 4) well ok, no 4.. that's all. skip it..

where i saw it: showtime-on-demand
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Not a good film, but a classic nonetheless.....It gets a D-.
Smooth B3 January 2003
Why did I give a D- to a film I call a "classic"? It's more personal than anything. This film was released when I first began watching Skinemax movies for more than just the sex. It's one of the first Skinemax movies I remember seeing that was deemed a "Skinemax movie." However, time hasn't been so kind to this film.

Two friends hit the desert in an old Chrysler LeBaron looking for fun and adventure in Las Vegas. Heather, played by Carrie Janisse (the tall, skinny blonde) and Maggie, played by Missy Browning (the busty brunette) are our principal characters. Eventually they pick up a hitchhiker on the desert road, and eventually, like clockwork, Heather sleeps with the guy. The next day, the girls get kidnapped by guys in black shades posing as state troopers. The next thing you know, they're in some pseudo-prison for women where the standard issue uniform is a white tank top and cutoff denim shorts. Maggie really fills out her tank seems that she's the only girl who does.

In short, the girls here get injected with something that makes them complete nymphomaniacs, capable of fulfilling any man's fantasy, no matter how weird or wild it may be. There are a few in this movie....a desert scene, a cowboy and indian girl scene, a bondage scene, even an orgy scene with girls dressed in togas. They got everything in here....except a plotline. I don't think the writers ever came up with one. This film could have been called "Sexual Anthology" or "Tales from Tank Top Prison" or something like that. Just keep showing different sex scenes in different situations. The story is plain awful and is one reason this film gets a low grade. Luckily, this film is quite short, timing in at under 75 minutes.

Women: D+ (The women didn't look all that great. Only Missy Browning was anything to write home about. I'm a sucker for big boobs.)

Sex: D- (The sex scenes were inventive in terms of their scenery and concepts, but the sex itself wasn't all that great. The scenes were in slow motion most of the time and painfully short. Even the uncut version is like this, so don't bother looking there either.)

Story: F (There was no story. Really. I'm not kidding.)

Overall D- (It comes down to a scene where Maggie was daydreaming in the desert. A mystery guy pops up out of nowhere and Maggie rips off her clothes and gets on top of him. That scene alone keeps this film from getting an F. As bad as this movie is, I still have a soft spot for it....for what reason, I have no idea.)
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Not on the "to rent" list
ryansfav19 December 1999
This movie is definitely not for anyone that wants plot along with their erotic movies. What this movie lacks in plot, it makes up in visuals as the actresses in this movie are great eye-candy. If you're looking for a movie that'll make you think, don't look for it here.
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Brings back memories of my high school days
ChrisGenn13 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Early 90's soft core classic. Very thin story but plenty of gorgeous scenery to feast your eyes on. Here's a quick run-down..

Heather is a young actress struggling in the L.A. scene, so she heads for the bright lights of Las Vegas in search of greener pastures and brings along her friend Maggie. On the way to Vegas, they stop at a gas station and meet a hitch-hiker named Nick. Maggie coldly denies his request for a ride but Heather convinces her to bring him along to Vegas. Soon after, their convertible Chrysler LeBaron overheats and leaves the three of them stranded all night on the side of the desert road.

The next morning, what appears to be a local patrol car pulls up and two men dressed as state troopers offer to drive the ladies to the nearest gas station. They are instead abducted and while Nick sees the trouble he's too far away to save them in time. They are taken to a remote complex that looks like a modest hotel on the outside but the inside is a dim, prison facility where all the inmates are young, attractive females. Each woman is then taken one at a time to an infirmary where they are injected with a drug that puts them into a state of complete hypnosis which essentially renders them as sex slaves. Everything that happens next I'll leave to your imagination.

Overall a rather peculiar film, but the eye candy element is enough to keep you coming back for more. Missy Browning is the real stand-out with a gorgeous face, long curly brown hair and a buxom figure to boot.

So if you're not in the mood for complicated story lines, and just want to admire some nice imagery, then give this one a shot.
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Ripped up tank tops never looked so good
peterpants6619 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
All out, non stop, swinging boobs with no bra's to hold them back, welcome everyone- to late night Cinemax! This movie was on ALL the time and it probably caused about a billion erections. It's about two babes (one with huge boobs, one with small boobs) who decide to leave their crappy jobs behind and seek adventure. What happens next is no surprise, their abducted by crazy guys with sunglasses, brought to an upscale brothel and given mind altering substances. This movie had woman of all shapes an sizes, and i'm sure if it was on today people would dismiss it as being G rated, but back in those glorious nineteen nineties this was all we needed! A bunch of woman walking around scantily clad or naked, and eventually engaging in a long winded/overly artistic/overly simulated sex act. It didn't prepare me for what i was up against when i started dating woman for real, but it made you think about sex in a weird and somewhat clean way compared to the stuff you can get absolutely FREE online today. Truly a golden era.
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Don't miss Missy!
MPower21 August 1999
Missy Browning - who plays Maggie the stripper (the brunette) - is incredible! She makes this otherwise lousy movie well worth watching. There's other visual talent in the movie, for sure, but Missy is in a league of her own! (Can you say "physical perfection"?!?!?)
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