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  • Sylvester Stallone asked the director and is quoted as saying - "it was explained to me by the writer is you hold two seashells like chopsticks, pull gently and scrape whats left with the third". Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A lot of this is according to what was cut out from the movie and seen in the novelization and comic book adaptation or not even filmed in the movie. In the Wasteland battle 2 of the 6 cryocons are killed as 4 are seen near the end. Just before Lenina Huxley and John Spartan call out to them John Spartan takes out the one with beard and long hair.

    Jesse Ventura's character is assumed to die slowly in the novelization from a gun shot in the head in the Wasteland but in the comic book adaptation he leaves 3 of the thugs behind and teams up with 3 of the new recruits. John Spartan kills that thug played by Jesse Ventura.

    Maybe if this movie had an expanded universe this could be resolved like prequel, midquel, interquel or even sequel stories. It appears as there are scenes cut out of the movie that John Spartan with Lenina Huxley, Edgar Friendly and his armed followers drive off Simon Phoenix's gang as Lenina Huxley knocks out one of the henchmen of Simon Phoenix and shoots the other dead. Also cut out but to shorten running time Simon Phoenix shoots and kills Zachary Lamb the veteran officer who had John Spartan defrosted. This is the member of Simon Phoenix's gang played by Jesse "The Body" Ventura who does the work for Simon Phoenix in killing Mayor/Gov Raymond Cocteau in a cut out scene at the cryo-prison fights John Spartan just as John Spartan kills new recruits to Simon Phoenix's gang. It is said that John Spartan defeats Jesse Ventura's character with a running tackle. Maybe books or comics that are like side stories if they happened could resolve their fates as there could've been side stories that extend roles of minor characters. Many assume that all of them are dead in the very end and was assumed that the 2 others near the end were in the cryo-prison on the lower levels awaiting the new recruits and are blown up on John Spartan's way out of the cryo-prison building. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In a draft set in 2042 Jesse Ventura's character was killed in the Wasteland battle and is assumed that Denis Leary's character kills Jesse Ventura's character in a gun fight and than he's seen laying dead. In the novelization it's assumed that Jesse Ventura's character was shot in the forehead in the underground battle and survives and dies later on from a bullet wound like he dies slowly from a bullet in the head. In the according to the final draft and the comic book adaption Jesse Ventura's character vanishes when Simon Phoenix sends him to kill John Spartan and later on he teams up with 3 new recruits and John Spartan kills all 4 of those thugs. There's cut footage shown in a commercial during the biography of Sylvester Stallone around the time the film was released with John Spartan fighting the thug played by The Body. So yes he does die. Maybe if this movie had side stories whether they were books or comics or short stories this could be answered yes or no. It is assumed that Jesse Ventura's character was blown up in the cryo-prison building like blown up on the lower levels. As the Jesse Ventura fight is cut out it appears that Lenina Huxley and John Spartan drive off that thug played by Jesse Ventura with another goon as Lenina Huxley knocks out one and shoots another dead. It is a fact that in a cut out scene John Spartan fights that goon to Simon Phoenix played by Jesse "The Body" Ventura as killing new recruits to Simon Phoenix's gang. It's unknown whether or not John Spartan defeating Jesse Ventura's character kills him. They don't show The Body at the cryo-prison but it's assumed that Jesse Ventura's character is one of those blown away (somewhere else in the building) after John Spartan blew up the cryo-prison. People are clearly assuming that Jesse Ventura's character with that henchman who kicked the chair out of the way after killing Raymond Cocteau is another one of those blown up in the cryo-prison. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • One scene has been altered in order to obtain the BBFC 15 rating: the "infamous" double ear-clap scene. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's true. Due to the absence of Taco Bell in Europe all scenes showing the logo got exchanged with the one from Pizza Hut. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Dr. Cocteau put the knowledge into Simon Phoenix so he would have the knowledge and skills to escape prison, navigate the city and the technology to be able to assassinate Edgar Friendly and the rest of his "Scraps" in order to prevent a possible rebellion. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There had not been a murder in 16 years and due to the new society of "peace, loving and understanding" Dr. Raymond Cocteau created, the San Angeles Police Department, had no training in dealing with violent criminals. Lieutenant Huxley and Zachary Lamb believed John Spartan was their best chance at catching Simon Phoenix and Chief George Earl reluctantly agreed to have Spartan revived from suspended animation to capture his nemesis, with limited parole and reinstated to active duty. However, Earl believed Spartan was no better than Phoenix, due to his violence-prone methods of law enforcement and gave Spartan only one chance or he'd be put back in suspended animation to carry out the rest of his 70 year sentence. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • John Spartan had a reputation as "The Demolition Man", because he was famous for destroying property during cases. When apprehending Simon Phoenix at the beginning of the film, Spartan presses him for the location of the hostages. Phoenix refuses to give up the information and subsequently sets fire to the building they were in. The entire building is destroyed and afterwards, Spartan's Captain begins to reprimand him for destroying yet another piece of property. Spartan denies his involvement in the destruction, citing that Phoenix had the place rigged to blow. The Captain scoffed at this and assumed Spartan was to blame for the destruction. When the firefighters find the charred remains of the dead hostages, Simon Phoenix said "I told him where the hostages were, he said he didn't care!". So it's likely Simon Phoenix testified to this, and given John Spartan's reputation for destruction, a jury likely believed him responsible and tried him as guilty. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • As part of Simon Phoenix's rehabilitation programming, Dr. Cocteau implanted a conditioning that prevented Simon Phoenix from killing him. However, later in the film, Cocteau allows Phoenix to thaw out some of his fellow gang-members and decided not to put the conditioning into them. A massive oversight on his part, as Phoenix orders one of his men to execute Cocteau. Edit (Coming Soon)

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