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Although intact for cinema the UK video version was cut by 2 secs to remove some face blows and an ear-clap during the climactic fight scene. DVD versions feature the same cut print.
The original theatrical, home video and television prints had the 1984 Warner Bros. logo with the 1989 Time Warner Entertainment byline at the beginning, but however, Current prints instead using the 1998 Warner Bros. logo with the 2003 TimeWarner byline plastering over. Both prints have retained the 1992 closing Warner Bros. logo at the end of the film.
For the European Release, references to Taco Bell were changed to Pizza Hut. This includes dubbing, plus changing the logos during post-production. Taco Bell remains in the closing credits.
The UK released version still refers to Taco Bell and not Pizza Hut
In the TV version aired on TNT, all references to Taco Bell are removed, even from the middle of sentences, leaving some very jagged cuts in the dialog and rapid cuts from one shot to another.
The television version omits the refernce that Simon Phoenix makes to cannibal killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
The scene where Simon kills the guards in the cryo prison was also trimmed but this time because it was too graphic. Orginally the audience could see the guards being killed by the bullets.
The german TV Version, wich is rated "not under 12" is cut for violence (about 5 minutes). The Video and DVD releases (rated "not under 16") are uncut.
At one point in the film, a computer announces the reanimation of Jeffrey Dahmer. This scene was deleted from broadcast versions following Dahmer's death.
The TBS broadcast eliminates all references to Taco Bell, rendering several lines of dialog incomprehensible. Early in the movie, Sandra Bullock's character uses the word "asshole," but the TBS version replaces this with the word "eyesore." (She still gets fined for swearing, however!).
The TBS Superstation broadcasts omit the scene where Spartan eats a hamburger made of rat meat, possibly due to a major fast food chain being a sponsor of the broadcast.

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