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  • A New York City film director, working on his latest movie in Los Angeles, begins to reflect the actions in his movie and real-life, especially when he begins an affair with the lead actress.

  • Eddie Israel is a moviemaker. He is beginning the shooting of "The mother of mirrors", starring Francis Burns and Sarah Jennings. "The mother of mirrors" is the story of the last night of a couple falling into decay. Eddie is very demanding with the actors, and the heavy atmosphere of the film acts upon the daily life of the protagonists.

  • While shooting a movie in Los Angeles about the abused wife Sarah Jennings that has converted to Christian and her husband Francis Burns that misses their orgies, the New Yorker director Eddie Israel pushes his lead actor and actress to the edge affecting their real lives. Eddie has one brief affair with Sarah but he feels also affected by his work and confesses the truth about his many infidelities to his wife Mad Israel (Nancy Ferrara), blurring fiction and reality and destroying his marriage.


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  • After a farewell dinner with his family in New York City, motion picture director Eddie Israel (Harvey Keitel) travels to Hollywood, California, to rehearse with actors Sarah Jennings (Madonna) and Francis "Frank" Burns (James Russo) on 'Mother of Mirrors', a film depicting the tumultuous marriage between a once successful breadwinner named "Russell," (played by Frank) and his newly religious wife, "Claire," (played by Sarah) who begins to reject their heavy drug habits and unconventional sex life.

    As tension mounts between the characters onscreen, Eddie begins an affair with Sarah and encourages Frank to use his struggle with drug addiction to better immerse himself in the role. While filming a difficult rape scene, Sarah reveals that Frank used his method acting approach to justify an attempted assault off-screen.

    One day, Eddie's adoring wife, Madlyn (Nancy Ferrara), unexpectedly arrives on location with their young son, Tommy. Madlyn quickly notices that Eddie is distracted, but is forced to return home when her father dies of a heart attack. Eddie remains in Los Angeles to complete a scene, using increasingly abusive methods to push Sarah into delivering a strong performance. Afterward, Eddie catches a red-eye flight in time to attend his father-in-law's funeral.

    In New York, Eddie confesses to a long-time string of infidelities, and Madlyn scorns him for the poor example he has set for their son. Distraught, Eddie returns to Los Angeles and overdoses on drugs and alcohol (his fate is unknown).

    Meanwhile in the final scene, Frank becomes consumed by his character's rage and drunkenly shoots Sarah in the head... killing her.

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