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MPAA Rated R for violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • None but a brief reference to sex.

Violence & Gore

  • 8/10
  • Many characters are seen with severe injuries and wounds.
  • There are many gun fights, whenever someone is hit by a bullet, bloody mist is shown coming out of their body.
  • Three FBI agents are shot, with bloody bullet wounds as a result.
  • A pilot is shot in the head by his co-pilot (not very graphic, some blood on the window next to him).
  • There are shots of a plane filled with dead bodies covered in blood
  • A pilot is shot and falls 1000's of feet to his death from a plane (impact not shown).
  • A bad guy is shot but not killed, his accomplices throw him from a plane to get rid of him.
  • Plane crashes and everyone on board is injured to some extent including bloody wounds.
  • A man falls to his death from a mountain when hit by an avalanche of snow (impact not shown).
  • Two men slide down a snow covered mountain ridge, one man punches the other man in the face and then holds his face down into the snow as they continue to slide across the snow, subsequent shot of the man with long raking scars across his face from having it scraped along the ground.
  • Two teenage boys get shot at by the gang of bad guys (one is killed), first boy is shot several times with resultant bloody mist being emitted from his body and the snow being stained with blood; the second boy escapes but then gets stuck in a tree after parachuting off a cliff, he suffers some wounds.
  • A man is hit on the head with a gun. He is later seen with a bloody wound on his forehead.
  • A bad guy's leg is slashed with an ice pick. Some blood is seen spurting from the wound.
  • A bad guy beats a man brutally, many hard punches and kicks are thrown. He threatens the man with an army knife. The man then impales him on a stalactite. The stalactite is seen very, very briefly entering the bad guy's body. Some blood is very, very briefly dripping from the stalactite. The bad guy groans in pain before dying. The stalactite is then extremely briefly seen exiting. Not a bloody scene, but very brutal.
  • A man is shot. No bullet impacts are seen, but a moderate amount of blood.
  • A woman is shot in the back several times, the bullets are shown bloodily exiting her chest.
  • A man is brutally kicked and beaten by a bad guy in a prolonged and sadistic scene, there is a shot of the bad guy kicking the man in the face which sends his head jerking back and a spurt of blood from his mouth into the air in slow motion.
  • A bad guy stands on a man's hand while he is hanging on to the edge of a sheer cliff.
  • A man stabs a bad guy in the leg with a knife (blood pours briefly) and then shoots him in the chest with a shotgun and throws him off a mountain. There is sound of blood spurting but no actual blood or bullet impact is seen.
  • A bad guy is shot with a gun and with a flare, the flare causes a large wound and a lot of blood. He collapses into a frozen lake, and his dead body is shown floating under the ice.
  • Two men have a prolonged fight on top of an overturned helicopter, many punches and kicks are shown. Ultimately the helicopter crashes with the villain in it and explodes.


  • 6/10
  • 30 uses of fuck. 2 times motherfucker. Shit, bitch, goddamn and asshole are said few times.
  • Some racist remarks.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some occasional smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 8/10
  • Cliffhanger is a very violent action film where several characters are in a situation of sustained terror and threat.
  • The most intense scene is bloodless, showing a terrified woman slip from her safety line and fall to her death (we never see her land). This happens in the beginning and severely wounds the main male character.
  • Total: 35/50

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